The Democrats’ latest attack on Brett Kavanaugh just crossed a line no one thought possible

Democrats hate people of faith.

And they really hate Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr.

Now, one TV host just crossed the line with an attack on Kavanaugh and Barr’s faith that is unlike anything you have ever seen.

HBO “comedian” Bill Maher is the host of Real Time and one of the most obnoxious liberals on all of television.

His show consists of the standard liberal fare of mocking conservatives and Donald Trump at every turn.

But on his latest episode, Maher ventured into obscene territory when he slammed Attorney General William Barr and Brett Kavanaugh’s Catholic faith as the equivalent of a “cult” that wanted the government to regulate people’s sex lives.

Fox News reports:

HBO host Bill Maher went on a long diatribe in which he appeared to air his grievances with his childhood faith of Catholicism, suggesting that public officials like Attorney General William Barr and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sought power so they could regulate people’s sex lives.

Barr’s faith, Maher said, was the reason an apparently “smart, normal” Republican turned out to be so weird. “I’ll tell you what happened — In 1950, he was born into a strange cult and he’s never been able to leave. It’s called Catholicism.”

Maher started his criticism with Barr whom he said was “just the latest in a long lines of Republican, Catholic moralizers.”

He suggested that Barr and Kavanaugh had an unhealthy obsession with sex and sought, as other Catholics allegedly did, to invade people’s private lives.

The left is increasingly being defined by its hostility to Christianity.

Fewer and fewer Democrats attend Church or believe in God.

And the American institutions that support the left such as Hollywood, the media, and academia openly mock Christian believers.

That’s why HBO will pay Bill Maher millions to serve its liberal audience with massive helpings of anti-Christian bigotry.


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66 Responses

  1. Alan Doud says:

    As I recall Mauher upset an hispanic guest by criticising mariachi music. I remember when Kenedy a democrat also a catholic gave cause for concern to some folks. They were worried the pope would influence him. I lived in Chicago where many democrats are Irish and hispanic catholics. And now comedian suggest that republicans are catholic and catholicism is a cult. Only partly right by one definition all religion believing in deities is a cult. However part of the definition references weird religions practice as also a cult.

    • BILLY says:


  2. Saved says:

    I was in a cult in my early 20’s, the Brother Julius cult here in New England. He died some years ago but still has a following. His spiel and appeal was that he was the bad person who turned perfect, and was Christ in a different era and manner. I was in the cult for two years, totally brainwashed, the people were nice, kind of overly enraptured with Julius’s words. After awhile my family was aware that I had changed. I had devoted my life to Brother Julius, whose real name was Schacknow. My family rescued me through taking me hostage in a sense, and they hired an interventionist to help the deprogramming. It took a few months to see that I had changed for the worst. Brother Julius condemned the relatives, the news, the institutions, meanwhile the men who were married had to submit their labor to his business County Wide, where I worked. After I left the cult I learned Brother Julius was sleeping with the men’s wives and daughters. It was subtle brainwashing, so you people who have idolized Trump as your savior don’t realize he has seduced you with his lies, promises, attacks against the FBI and CIA, and against all Democrats. He is like Brother Julius as he also led us in various chants against enemies and to him, as our supposed God. I hope this note means something to people who don’t believe the real news, don’t listen to friends and relatives anymore and idolize a man who has been about greed his entire life, it’s like you are worshipping the golden calf in the Bible.

    • Chris says:

      Still drinking the koolaid….. lol

    • oscar says:

      Sounds like at one time you were with the Jimmy Jones cult,guess you missed the drinking of the Fruit punch, too bad!!!

    • sluggo says:

      That’s the difference between you liberal democrats, and conservative, American patriots, “Saved”. NONE of us think President Trump is God, or our “savior” , in any kind of religious way. We DO think that, had he NOT come along when he did, that the lying, murderous Hillary would have continued the racist, America hating, Kenyan born muslim obama’s agenda to totally destroy OUR culture and OUR country.

      Sounds to me like your “deprogramming” isn’t quite finished…you’re still a weak minded, lying liberal democrat confused about the America WE love and want to preserve, and the communist Utopia that is always promised by communist charlatans like “Brother Julius” and all the other phony, liberal democrats.

  3. James C Green says:

    That man is disgusting to the max. I would never even consider watching the imbecile! How HBO can keep him on is bizarre!

  4. Will says:

    He should be tossed (should’ve been tossed a long time ago), but there’s one thing that will keep him safe: white liberal privilege.

  5. Bud Savoie says:

    I’m at a loss to understand why HBO would allow this kind of offensive garbage go unchecked. It’s not only Catholics who are offended at this bigotry, and HBO will certainly lose a chunk of its viewership. I wonder how large that viewership is?

  6. Robert Glade says:

    No he should not be fired because we have freedom of speech in this Nation, but lest he repent, he will burn in hell, which, trust me, is a much worse fate.

    • John says:

      Robert : Thank you. You stated a very good argument that had me go “oops”. Your point about free speech is correct and it is a matter of law (U.S. Constitution). Being offended does not overrule the law of free speech. There are limits, but thinking about where and how to set the limits is hard. With the “N word”, it is offensive, yet some people are allowed to use it and some are not. I prefer consistency with equal application of law. Some find the words male and female offensive and want them banned, yet in biology, they are standard, neutral, and necessary words. Ban them ? I think things like the “F word” and “MF word” are nearly universally offensive and should be, at least, frowned upon if not banned, yet, it seems that some people can’t speak without using them. Slander is considered offensive speech properly banned and is banned by written law. There is a lot of political speech I find offensive, especially lies. So, where and how are the limits to free speech to be set ?

  7. Anna Breen says:

    so sorry that one could stoop so low to attack one”s christiananity. Yes I am catholic & proud of it. God still loves you, regardless how you feel. God Bless you & God Bless America.

  8. Vasu Murti says:

    Here in the United States, it wasn’t that long ago that pro-lifers were discriminated against on the basis of their religious identity.

    UC Berkeley law professor John T. Noonan, Jr., a Catholic, describes the discrimination pro-lifers faced from fellow Christians as well as from mainstream secular American society in his 1979 book, A Private Choice: Abortion in America in the Seventies.

    In her essay “Life and Peace,” Juli Loesch wrote that when she spoke out against abortion at an antinuclear gathering, she:

    “…tried to present a meticulous *secular* case against abortion. I marshalled all the scientific evidence… I followed it up with the most basic principle found in every human ethical system… do not do to others what you would not like done to you.

    “This was rewarded by a brief silence, which was broken by a single question:

    ‘Are you a Catholic?… Well, then. You’re imposing your religious beliefs…’

    “And, therefore, I suppose, I lose.”

    Pro-life literature similarly relates that in the late 1970s, Bill Moyer, a Christian minister, who after Walter Cronkite is perhaps the most trusted name in television journalism, was doing a special on abortion for Public Television. He spoke about a shrill minority trying to impose their views on the rest of our pluralistic society — a secular democracy. Behind him loomed a statue of Jesus and a Catholic church, but it could just as easily have been a born again church or a fundamentalist church.

    In 1986, on USENET, John Morrow, a student at Rutgers University, was making secular arguments on behalf of the unborn, like, “Would you kill someone in a coma if you knew within nine months he or she would be awake?”

    When it was revealed that John Morrow was a *Christian*, Russ Cage, one of John’s most visible pro-choice opponents on USENET said, “The truth is out! John is a Christian!” as if John Morrow’s religious identity somehow discredited his views.

    In the late 1980s, on the police drama Cagney & Lacey, the character of Christine Cagney (played by actress Sharon Gless) expresses her opposition to abortion as a Catholic. At the end of the episode, the police detectives discover a woman that died from self-abortion, and Christine Cagney realizes whatever one’s own personal religious beliefs might be, abortion must be kept legal at all costs, because without access to safe, legal abortion, women die.

    (Whether legal or illegal, the unborn children always die in abortion.)

    The abortion issue was repeatedly framed NOT as a secular and nonsectarian civil rights issue — the possible rights of the unborn — which applies to all of mankind — including atheists and agnostics — but dismissed as someone’s “religious belief.”

    Now that pro-lifers in the United States have some political power, they’re dismissing animal rights as someone else’s “religious belief.”

    Animal rights are a nonsectarian civil rights issue that applies to all of mankind — including atheists and agnostics. Pro-lifers are intellectually dishonest when they frame the issue of animal rights as someone else’s “religious belief” which they think doesn’t apply to them… they fail to realize many people see opposition to abortion as someone else’s “religious belief,” too!

    Juli Loesch in her essay from the ’70s, “Life and Peace” made a secular case against abortion at an antinuclear gathering, and rather than respond to her argument, they focused solely on her religious identity, as if to discredit her.

    Similarly, I can cite data from John Robbins, Jeremy Rifkin, PETA, the Worldwatch Institute, etc. but rather than respond to the facts and figures being presented, I’m questioned about my religious identity: do we “work” for our salvation, do we worship in churches or temples, do we refer to sinners as “dogs” or with half a dozen different animal words, etc.?

    Animal rights should not be solely aligned with a particular political party. Neither should they be tied to a particular religion.

    As I told Dr. Richard Schwartz (author, Judaism and Vegetarianism) via email in 1997: arguing as some Christians do that animal rights and vegetarianism are solely “Jewish” concerns is like saying, “It’s only wrong to own a slave if you’re a Quaker.”

    No. Suffering and injustice concern us all. Like the abolition of slavery or the emancipation of women, animal rights and vegetarianism are moral absolutes and apply to everyone, including atheists and agnostics.

    Richard agreed with me that churches should have animal issues at the top of their agenda as well.

    Adolf Hitler thought Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries were mere “Jewish science” and thus not applicable to gentiles. This is the mentality of meat-eating Christians towards vegetarianism, which they regard as a sectarian (like circumcision) dietary restriction (like “keeping kosher”), rather than as a universal ethic for all mankind (like abstaining from cannibalism).

    Meat-eating Christians relegating animal rights and vegetarianism solely to Judaism are thus as bigoted as Hitler.

    The sad irony here is a lot of liberals see abortion as sectarian, too! They dismiss it as a “Catholic issue” or a fundamentalist Christian issue or say if you’re not born again, you don’t have to be pro-life.

    If vegetarianism were solely about “fit” or following a peculiar set of “dietary laws” why would pro-lifers be offended by pro-choice vegetarians and vegans?

    They’re offended because THEY KNOW vegetarianism involves the animals’ right to life, and thus these pro-choicers appear to value animal life over human life under some circumstances.

    And issues like animal experimentation, circuses, and fur have nothing to do with diet, eating, nor food, but DO involve the animals’ right to life.

    Sometimes being lighthearted gets the point across to Christians that vegetarianism is not about “dietary laws” but about the animals’ right to life, like Steve Martin in the ’70s asking, “How many polyesters did you have to kill to make that suit?”

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Shelley, Susan B. Anthony, etc. were all vegetarian, and none of them were Jewish.

    At the end of 2007, shortly before moving to Israel, Pete Cohon of Veggie Jews in San Francisco said to me, “PETA’s not Jewish.”

    When I told Jim Frey of Berkeley Pro-Life that animal issues are secular and nonsectarian and thus applicable to *everyone* including atheists and agnostics, he said, “Well, just like with abortion.”

    Pro-lifers must not play a sectarian game with animal activists. Saying, ” *Your* religion says it’s wrong to kill animals, mine doesn’t…” is pointless when someone from a differing denomination could just as easily say, “Your religion says it’s wrong to kill the unborn, mine doesn’t.” There are pro-choice Protestant denominations, like the United Church of Christ.

    As an animal advocate and a secularist, I’ve never understood the attempts of pro-life Christians to unsuccessfully deflect the issues of animal rights and vegetarianism by depicting them solely as someone else’s “religious belief” which they think doesn’t apply to them.

    A lot of people look at abortion that way, too, you know!

    Claiming, “Your religion says it’s wrong to kill animals — mine doesn’t…” is pointless when someone from another denomination could just as easily say, “Your religion says it’s wrong to kill the unborn — mine doesn’t…”

    On the other hand, perhaps pro-life Christians *do* see the abortion issue as sectarian.

    My friend Ruth once told me when she was doing sidewalk counseling outside an abortion clinic with a couple of other Christians, these Christians were saying to her:

    “We only want to prevent *Christian* women from having abortions…”

    “I guess that leaves me to minister to the pagan!” said Ruth lightheartedly.

    • Colleen says:

      Animal lives are not equivalent to human life

    • Dave says:

      I have been pro life for years and have never run into anyone who does not believe in animal rights in their proper perspective. Animals have the right to be treated humanly. Yet you elevate animals to the human level. That in itself is grotesque at best. There is nothing wrong with using animals while making sure your treat them with kindness. Kindness does not mean you do not kill an animal only that when you do so you do it more like the Jews did when killing their sacrifice. They slit it’s throat in a way that bleeds them out so they just simply go to sleep. If you ever saw this done you would see the sheep, goats or cows don’t even flinch when the knife is applied. So that is in a humane way.

      I have never seen an animal rights person such as yourself give a logical explanation as to why you raise an animal to the level of humanness, so I would be surprised if this answer actually made you think. You animal rights people have already gone off the deep end so logic never works with you.

  9. enubus says:

    Don’t fire the asshole, keep him on air making a complete fool of himself and the same for the rank guests. Besides, HBO is a leftist organization that put him on after ABC fired him for attacking our military. This guy is a joke. His anger has to do with his Catholic Father and Jewish mother.

  10. Robert Ratto says:

    What Mahner said is common of the far left. This attach has been used by the left down through the history of this country. John F. Kennedy was put down because he was Catholic. Romney because he was Mormon. When you supply a liberal with facts they revert to name calling and accusations. I have worked with people who try to make themselves look betterby tearing down another person. I won’t associate with people like that nor will I ever vote or support that person. This has no place in our government and the perpetrators should be removed from office. As far asmahner is concern, his is a poor entertainer that I won’t waste my listening to, (he has no creditability in any thing he says)

  11. Linda says:

    Maher is a complete fool. The statement is ridiculous and it sound more like something Dems would do. They are the party of totalitarian control wanna bes.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Linda, you are so right he is lib nut and demogog. The dog and pony show that the dems was like bad little kids but it was a failed coup on this great nation and was and is treason. They are all power hungry that do nothing for our country. They even fivht among them selves
      God help us if they get control. They should be spanked and sent to bead with no supper the BRATS.

  12. Tim Kelly says:

    Well, when I hear or see the name “Bill Maher” anywhere I just keep looking for something interesting to learn from. He is a like a catfish, a bottom feeding, scum-sucking scavenger. He’s not entertaining. Not at all intelligent. For the life of me I cannot see what the attraction is. All he seems to do is trash-talk religion, and laugh at his on jokes.

  13. Libertarian58 says:

    The notion that “organized religion” has used sex to control peoples’ lives should be apparent to anyone, but using it as a personal attack on someone is inexcusable. But, if we believe in “free speech” then even the ugly stuff needs to be allowed.

  14. DJT says:

    Maher is not funny. Should he be fired? Nah, euthanized would be much better….at least for me.

  15. Terry L says:

    As any knows it was stated repeatedly by the founders of this nation that the bill of rights states the “God given inalienable rights of mankind that no man can take away”.

    So it is only natural that those wanting to ABOLISH those rights, freedoms, and sovereignty of this nation are upset about any form of morals that hold those rights as something that no one can take away even if they con most of the people into supporting the removal of said rights.

    The three biggest ones that get in the way of ABOLISHING the US constitution and establishing a tyrannical government are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.

    1) Freedom of speech allows people to openly discuss their objections to this tyrannical globalization of the US.

    2) Freedom of religion allows people to raise their children with the beliefs the founders held about lying, having respect for live and the other immoralities being pushed as acceptable that are the doorway to this tyranny. (we hear at least on politician every time they want to abolish these spouting “but that how it is in other nation x” as an excuse to do it here as well)

    3) The right to keep and bear arms it last defense against tyranny when all else fails and has been exercised several times to do just that one prime example was the battle of Athens in 1946 where a corrupt official actually seized the ballot boxes so he could guarantee his win in the election to continue his tyranny and violations of the US constitution to line his own pockets that the people had been seeking and not getting Federal help over since at least 1933.

    Thus those wanting to impose the dictatorial tyranny we see in other nations have problems imposing there agenda and go on rants such as this against those who oppose their tyranny.

  16. NavyPO says:

    The Demoncrat Party is a left wing hate group!

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Navy PO I agree with you. Hate never wins only right wins.

    • oscar says:

      Sounds like at one time you were with the Jimmy Jones cult,guess you missed the drinking of the Fruit punch, too bad!!!

      Maher and most of the dems are one thingGARBAGE!!

  17. Wakyn Ferris says:

    Maher speaks of religion controlling how people think (in his view) and yet the very foundation of the left is to control what and how we think, what and what not we can own, what we have to give away, and taxes going sky high to pay for all the ridiculous programs now and in the future for the entitled. We can stand up and vote again and buy four more years of sanity and hope another come along that maintains a sense of reality and a whole lot of common sense.
    Something in a DIMWITS mind that may not be politically correct or doable. Maher is like most of the DIMWITS, not even a brain to play with!!

  18. bill nomaher says:

    As long as he is on HBO I will NOT watch HBO. Allowing religious bigotry is as bad as discriminating against people because of skin color

  19. Mary says:


    • Cheryle says:

      I feel compelled to correct you about the amount of uranium the Russians were given by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Russia receives 20% of America’s uranium, not 82%. The 51 billion that Obama gave to Iran was there own money. He’s just the one that returned it to Iran. So now they have all that money to finance terrorist organizations like Al Quada and Hamas. Way to go Hillary and Barack!!!!

      • Cheryle says:

        It may have been 25%, but still, it was not 82%. Just to let you know, I am a conservative Republican, so please don’t reply back accusing me of being a wacko DemocRAT.

      • Keren says:

        The money that they were given back was not all theirs! Iran is a hostile murderous barbaric regime that has tramp;led on our flag, and our way of life, and Obama slipped them an extra 1.7 billion in the middle of the night, put cash on a plane and brought directly to the Iranians. Guess who got the Uranium that Russia bought from us???? The IRANIANS, sold to them by Russia. Now Iran is building missile plants in Syria, and Venezuela….. Guess why they need missiles in Venezuela? Does the Cuban missile crisis right a bell????

      • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

        Cheryle, It was 82 percent it in the federal reg. Commy crooked helery and obama maid millions off the deal.
        Semper FI

  20. Bill says:

    He is an idiot entertaining idiots. Kind of like a monkey playing with and throwing it’s own feces. Can’t take him too seriously.

  21. Cecelia Henderson says:

    What’s really strange about late night TV is that there is so much comic material in the Democratic Party right now and they use none of it. You want to talk about sex, slavery, hypocrites, lies, mistakes, blunders and stupidity, the Democratic Party serves it up every day and these comedians, and I use the term loosely, don’t use any of the material. You have AOC sticking her foot in her mouth, for “sick” you have the Muslim women making holocaust statements that make you ill, a little fat Committee Chair that wants to arrest the AG for keeping the Law, and you have a slew of candidates that are making insane promises that would sink America financially in a month. All this material and Maher sits there and criticizes two men’s Christian Faith. I gave up on late night when Leno left. These people just aren’t funny.

  22. Paul says:

    People like that have their own holiday, it’s on April 1st, only a fool says that there is no Good. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess before the Lord our God .

  23. Mary says:

    Bill Maher needs to go hid under a rock. I have never watch him and for some reason the main fake news thinks he is so great. God will hold you accountable for your ravings about two honest people of this country. Now days the ninth circuit judges are playing politics and that needs to stop now or they need to be un benched. No judge should align themselves with either political party. They should do away with both parties and let a person run on his own . That is exactly what president Trump wanted to do but knew his best chances was with the Republican party since the DEMOCRATS HAD THEIR NOSES SO FAR UP THE CLINTONS BEHINNIES. THEY ARE THE WORSE TWO MURDERING PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.

  24. Rich says:

    Maher is living proof of what happens when a female monkey’s egg is fertilized by a Demented-Dem-Sperm. ???? Maybe there is a good reason for abortions?

    A more serious problem for Demented-Dems is “who” will they source their Research from when they finally see what Maher has done to their Grey Matter?

  25. GS says:

    I used to watch the late-night comedians, But that has stopped because I do not even think they are funny anymore because the only thing they can talk about is what they do not like about President Trump And the things they say are not really funny. It is embarrassing what they have to say

    • Terry L says:

      When Hollywood went from making entertainment to being a political propaganda factory everything they turn out has no longer been funny. They have even started remaking classic movies that were entertaining just to inject PC ideology into them even when it completely reverses the moral of the story if it had one. (for example changing a story where the kind business owner was seeking a worthy heir to take over to that of some demented nutcase that only created the business because he was just rebelling against his father etc.)

  26. Philip Chapman says:

    if you want to act like a communist move to a communist county……

  27. Adair Arlen says:

    Bill Maher and his ilk are pathetic, certainly not entertaining in any way and I cannot think why they are being paid to appear on television. They and their ideas are beneath contempt and I don’t waste time and eyesight watching them and their disgusting comments.

    • Bill says:

      He is there to reinforce the moronic ideals adopted by liberal progressives. These vacuum heads people know they are expected to laugh at him, so they do. Not because he is funny. Liberals are incapable of independent thought they need an occasional nudge from their globalist masters.

  28. sluggo says:

    If I heard, or read, that Bill Maher was brutally murdered by an Aides infected crack head, hit by a bus, or was diagnosed with “John McCain Disease”, it wouldn’t bother me at all. The man is a pathological liar, bigot, and an arrogant ass-bag. The world would be a better place without him.

  29. Earl says:

    99% of comedy in this day and age is not comedy. Maher is a pig liberal.

  30. Rev. Dr. Ronald L. Sims says:

    Bill Maher is about as funny as watching a quadriplegic turtle trying to walk with the aid of rubber crutches.
    I am not a judge of humans, that is God’s Realm (see Matthew 7: 1-2), but I am able to discern what is comedy and what is just plain disgusting, and Bill Maher’ supposed comedy is just plain disgusting, in my opinion.

  31. Loran says:

    I cannot ascribe to his firing. He has a First amendment right just as we conservatives do. If we start saying things like they should be silenced or fired, then we are just as bad as they are. The only rational way of getting people like him silenced is for people to stop watching programs like his. Unfortunately. there are just way too many liberals out there who agree with him at this time. So I suggest just ignoring the things liberals say. We all know that telling a lie over and over has the tendency to become the truth. However, God has promised that the TRUTH will come out always. So I believe that these liberals making fun of peoples faith is actually making fun of God Himself. Do you think he will remember that?

    • Terry L says:

      All evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

      That is what ignoring those like this guy would be us doing nothing.

      People ignored the politicians in Rwanda when they went on rants about those they blamed for everything because people knew it was just nonsense and the law PROTECTED their rights.

      The result was they eventually gained enough support in their military to murder thousands.

      Today we see the same rants coming from certain politicians who are actually calling for the deaths of millions of Americans based on WHO they voted for what RIGHTS the exercise or what religion they are. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat history. Unfortunately they tend to drag the rest of us along with them.

  32. Eileen Ross says:

    Bill Maher’s mother is Jewish, that makes him Jewish. And that explains his obnoxious behavior and huge nose which continues to grow.

    • michael lowenstein says:

      Totally irrelevant and obnoxious anti-Semitic comment. You must be a liberal democrat to make such a nonsense comment.

      • Will de Seve says:

        I think Eileen meant a Pinocchio type comment. I don’t think she meant it to be an anti-Semitic slur. Anyway…I hope I’m right!

      • William Winder says:

        Michael, Mr. Maher is a liberal and an a-theist. We don’t make a habit of slandering our own. A-theism and Anti-Semitism are not the same thing. A comment as blatantly anti-Semitic as Eileen Ross’s would only come from a far right, white, Christian conservative (surely, you remember the chant of the Tiki Torch mob in Charlottesville…”Jews will not replace us”). Honestly, let’s place the blame where it belongs.

    • Keren says:

      We have enough problems dealing with the Left, we don’t need another bigot to further insult using antisemitism to make a point. BIg noses??? That describes just about every group of people from the entire world. Obnoxious???? Seriously, I’ve seen more obnoxious behavior by “other” people who are not Jewish. Jews make up such a small minority of the worlds populatrion, so what is your point? Are we now going to demonize Jews like the Muslims and Christians and Catholics do??? How about the antisemitism of Poland, Hungary and France, Saudi Arabia, and the entire Arab world. What about deciding what percentage of Maher’s DNA is from His mother? His father is Irish Catholic…… According to you, he’s probably an Alcoholic like so many are from Ireland, right? Your remark is ridiculous.

  33. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The left and the and the Devilcrap party wants to remove Judge Kavanaugh from the bench as he is the only justice standing in the way of implementing their communist agenda.

  34. Karin says:

    What has happened to American News Agencies. They have all become PRAVDA, Tokyo Rose, and the anti American group of jerks.

    • Scott27 says:

      No Karin, only state-run Fox and the likes of Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh and a few others.

      • sluggo says:

        A recent survey showed Fox News was ONLY 52 percent anti Trump…but that’s far better than the others with 99.9 percent anti Trump.

      • samswede says:

        Fox happens to be the ONLY station that makes any attempt for balance. Even the so called Republicans on CNN and MSNBC have the word “former” in front or are Never Trumpers. I don’t think CNN even pretends to be a “news” channel any longer. If they did, they could get sued for fraud.

        • Kirk Allgeier says:

          Mr. Maher better Watch him self, so far any one that spoke agents God died not that long after. Look at the titanic. Even God can’t sink this ship. John Lennon. Where even more popular then God. And there’s meney more people spoke against God. Well when you speak against his people , he don’t like that either. Maher may not die, but God can make his life miserable. None stands higher or more powerful then the great and powerful omnipotent God I am. He’s the potter where the clay. Whether Maher or any outher atheists like or not

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