The Democrats’ latest attack on Brett Kavanaugh just crossed a line no one thought possible

Democrats hate people of faith.

And they really hate Brett Kavanaugh and William Barr.

Now, one TV host just crossed the line with an attack on Kavanaugh and Barr’s faith that is unlike anything you have ever seen.

HBO “comedian” Bill Maher is the host of Real Time and one of the most obnoxious liberals on all of television.

His show consists of the standard liberal fare of mocking conservatives and Donald Trump at every turn.

But on his latest episode, Maher ventured into obscene territory when he slammed Attorney General William Barr and Brett Kavanaugh’s Catholic faith as the equivalent of a “cult” that wanted the government to regulate people’s sex lives.

Fox News reports:

HBO host Bill Maher went on a long diatribe in which he appeared to air his grievances with his childhood faith of Catholicism, suggesting that public officials like Attorney General William Barr and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sought power so they could regulate people’s sex lives.

Barr’s faith, Maher said, was the reason an apparently “smart, normal” Republican turned out to be so weird. “I’ll tell you what happened — In 1950, he was born into a strange cult and he’s never been able to leave. It’s called Catholicism.”

Maher started his criticism with Barr whom he said was “just the latest in a long lines of Republican, Catholic moralizers.”

He suggested that Barr and Kavanaugh had an unhealthy obsession with sex and sought, as other Catholics allegedly did, to invade people’s private lives.

The left is increasingly being defined by its hostility to Christianity.

Fewer and fewer Democrats attend Church or believe in God.

And the American institutions that support the left such as Hollywood, the media, and academia openly mock Christian believers.

That’s why HBO will pay Bill Maher millions to serve its liberal audience with massive helpings of anti-Christian bigotry.

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71 Responses

  1. motormouth says:

    No, he is just plain stupid. Hell is waiting for him. May God Bless him for being a idiot.

  2. motormouth says:

    Bill Mauher you are a poor excuse for a human being. Maybe God will forgive you so that Hell won’t be your home. Is Hell what you want? May God Bless you and your evil ways.

  3. Kent says:

    Pure & simple Bill is an azz hole. a bottom feeding opportunist who feeds on others to get ratings.
    Easy way to get rid of him..He comes on TV, turn him OFF.

  4. Roy Zitzman says:

    Saved, you are still Brain washed, you are one of those people who will always get brain washed, just an addictive person, my suggestion get your head out of your behind and open your eyes,

  5. Ghost says:

    I guess you didn’t drink enough of Demoncratic Jim Jones Kool Aid, but you did end up with some serious brain damage.

  6. BILLY says:


  7. John says:

    Robert : Thank you. You stated a very good argument that had me go “oops”. Your point about free speech is correct and it is a matter of law (U.S. Constitution). Being offended does not overrule the law of free speech. There are limits, but thinking about where and how to set the limits is hard. With the “N word”, it is offensive, yet some people are allowed to use it and some are not. I prefer consistency with equal application of law. Some find the words male and female offensive and want them banned, yet in biology, they are standard, neutral, and necessary words. Ban them ? I think things like the “F word” and “MF word” are nearly universally offensive and should be, at least, frowned upon if not banned, yet, it seems that some people can’t speak without using them. Slander is considered offensive speech properly banned and is banned by written law. There is a lot of political speech I find offensive, especially lies. So, where and how are the limits to free speech to be set ?

  8. Alan Doud says:

    As I recall Mauher upset an hispanic guest by criticising mariachi music. I remember when Kenedy a democrat also a catholic gave cause for concern to some folks. They were worried the pope would influence him. I lived in Chicago where many democrats are Irish and hispanic catholics. And now comedian suggest that republicans are catholic and catholicism is a cult. Only partly right by one definition all religion believing in deities is a cult. However part of the definition references weird religions practice as also a cult.

  9. sluggo says:

    That’s the difference between you liberal democrats, and conservative, American patriots, “Saved”. NONE of us think President Trump is God, or our “savior” , in any kind of religious way. We DO think that, had he NOT come along when he did, that the lying, murderous Hillary would have continued the racist, America hating, Kenyan born muslim obama’s agenda to totally destroy OUR culture and OUR country.

    Sounds to me like your “deprogramming” isn’t quite finished…you’re still a weak minded, lying liberal democrat confused about the America WE love and want to preserve, and the communist Utopia that is always promised by communist charlatans like “Brother Julius” and all the other phony, liberal democrats.

  10. Dave says:

    I have been pro life for years and have never run into anyone who does not believe in animal rights in their proper perspective. Animals have the right to be treated humanly. Yet you elevate animals to the human level. That in itself is grotesque at best. There is nothing wrong with using animals while making sure your treat them with kindness. Kindness does not mean you do not kill an animal only that when you do so you do it more like the Jews did when killing their sacrifice. They slit it’s throat in a way that bleeds them out so they just simply go to sleep. If you ever saw this done you would see the sheep, goats or cows don’t even flinch when the knife is applied. So that is in a humane way.

    I have never seen an animal rights person such as yourself give a logical explanation as to why you raise an animal to the level of humanness, so I would be surprised if this answer actually made you think. You animal rights people have already gone off the deep end so logic never works with you.

  11. oscar says:

    Sounds like at one time you were with the Jimmy Jones cult,guess you missed the drinking of the Fruit punch, too bad!!!

    Maher and most of the dems are one thingGARBAGE!!

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