The Deep State was just caught red-handed attempting to sabotage Trump

It is no secret the Deep State has infiltrated every agency of government and wishes to stop President Trump’s agenda.

But they were just caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

And now this FBI agent could be facing jail time.

The Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s actions in 2016 came out and despite the Deep State trying to downplay its findings, there were massive bombshells that threw into question several FBI agents’ true motives.

Fox News Reports:

FBI agent Peter Strzok texted a fellow bureau official in August 2016 that “we’ll stop” Donald Trump from becoming president, the Justice Department inspector general reportedly reveals in his highly anticipated report on the Hillary Clinton email case.

The Washington Post reported that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report includes an August 2016 text message exchange between Strzok and then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page about Trump’s chance of being elected president.

“[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok.

“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

Between former FBI Director James Comey and lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, it is safe to say that members of the federal government are playing politics and actively sabotaging the Trump administration.

And in an interview President Trump stated about Comey:

“What he did was a terrible thing to the people. What he did was so bad in terms of our Constitution, in terms of the well-being of our country. What he did was horrible. Should he be locked up? Let somebody make the determination.”

They thought that Hillary Clinton would win and their corruption would never be found out.

There are still many good agents at the FBI who protect our country and catch real criminals, but the American public is becoming more distrustful of those at the top.

Obama appointees have politicized government institutions to undermine Trump’s presidency.

In order to drain the swamp, we must flush out the traitors working in our government agencies.

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76 Responses

  1. Robert Ewing says:

    Hillary Lost because she is a liar, a criminal, and a traitor.

  2. Alan Gooch says:

    Polls are not accurate.They are slanted to reflect what the poller wants.I never believe a poll anymore because they all have an agenda. Obama,was elected and was the largest mistake America has made in 200 plus years. People hoped it would be a race uniter and it turned out the opposite. Obama,hated Americans and America and every action he made as President showed it.

  3. david James allen says:

    We need to demand full accountability to any News media that doing business on American Air Waves ,Cable, Radio, that willingly and purposely reports falsehood with the intent to Incite or Manipulate the American Citizens rights to expect responsible reporting of THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH leveling fines, file libel suits, suspensions or revoking their FCC Lics. we demand the agencies that govern and lic. start enforcing This our country, and as many American Citizens that have died defending our right to free elections. 25 million was spent on investigating supposed Russian meddling to influence the last election, all enemies even then ones WITHIN ! first order of business in an over through is to take control of the media how many times in the last couple weeks have you heard Pulaski and the media complete lie of something the President said,, How many times have you ever heard the President lie about something Pulaski said. who made it her job to watchdog every thing the President says

  4. david James allen says:

    we need to start referring to the media outlets that are operating in this country as they are when they are so obviously working for One political faction reporting deceit one another they are the propaganda machine for the faction that controls them. Freedom of the press means freedom from political pressures and controls to report the news honestly and fairly, The American Press has a moral obligation to the American citizens to report the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, I cant remember being able to sit through 5 mins. without being straight lied to on any of the media claiming American News Credentials . a free press is vital to our democracy Pelosi, Sanders, Biden, Warren all know that, whats that say about their respect for our country and us.

  5. Joe younger says:

    Dude, your just “pie in the sky” rambling now…KGB took out the Kennedys (well JFK, and Bobby anyway!!!) because of what they done to the Soviets in the Cuban Missile Crisis…Ted Kennedy was never going to win election because of his involvement in Chappaquidic…by the time the American people” forgot about that the ass hole died of brain cancer (good riddance, to him and McCain)…the FBI became corrupt when George Bush, Jr. used it to promote his WMD agenda against Iraq, more specifically Saddaam Hussein…the failed American experiment President used it accordingly to promote his agenda…Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to win the election, and so by doing so, the DS got exposed…!!!

  6. Joe younger says:

    It is my belief, now that the only recourse for the American People to get Justice done, is through public outcry!…if enough of the electorate (that’s you and I) were to swamped our congressional leaders there might be enough pressure put on them to respond…with the Democrats taking over the House Oversight Committees it will be slight chance of any of those things being done…But, if enough Republican Congressional Leaders were to exercise their position to keep these issues before the American people, we just might get something done…that being said MSM has no interest in what the American people have to say…*shrugs* wait and see!!!

  7. Joe younger says:

    Yeah…we lost that opportunity with the midterm elections…the Oversight Committees were to timid to do their jobs…now that the Democrats have taken the House we have very little hope that they will investigate any of those “phony distractions” of the American people (those are Adam Schiffs words, not mine!!!)

  8. Joe younger says:

    She was exonerated by the FBI not once but twice for mishandling Nationally compromising information, and she still lost the election of 2016…

  9. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton was GUARANTEED over half of the delegates from the Electoral College…77 from the West Coast, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and DC….and she still lost the election of 2016…

  10. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton was supplied the questions to at least one of the 3 Presidential debates that were televised by CNN…and she still lost the 2016 election…

  11. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton was endorsed by an out going failed “American Experiment” president with an approval rating of 57%…and don’t she still lost the 2016 election…

  12. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton was polled to beat Donald Trump by every major Polling sites by 3 to 5 points…and she still lost the election in 2016…

  13. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton had 30Plus years of Political experience…Donald Trump had zero…and she still lost the 2016 election…

  14. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton “rigged” the Democratic primaries against her only opposition using SuperPac nominating…and she still lost the 2016 election…

  15. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton was endorsed by EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CITY IN THE USA…Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, etc….and she still lost the election of 2016

  16. Joe younger says:

    Hillary Clinton had 36,000 political canvases Nation wide, going town to town, door to door…Donald Trump had scarcely 1200…and she still lost the election of 2016…

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