The Deep State is on red alert after Trump gave Trey Gowdy the one order they fear

During his time in Congress, there was nobody the Left feared more than Trey Gowdy.

He constantly put them on blast with questions they are terrified to answer.

And now the Deep State is on red alert after Trump gave Gowdy the one order they fear.

Trey Gowdy is one of the toughest fighters that was ever in Congress.

He is the main figure who led the fight against Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi investigation.

And now Trump has tapped him as outside counsel in the fight against Democrat impeachment efforts.

Breitbart News reports:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has reportedly signed on to serve as outside counsel to President Donald Trump as part of his efforts to fight the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

An unnamed administration official confirmed the move to the Associated Press on Tuesday evening.

Gowdy, who retired from Congress last year, represented South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District for eight years.

The former lawmaker served as House Oversight Committee chairman and oversaw the investigation into former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and the events surrounding the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya. Since leaving Washington, D.C., Gowdy joined the law firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough and signed on as a Fox News Channel contributor.

The development came after the White House sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) confirming it will not cooperate with the impeachment probe, branding it “illegitimate” and “unconstitutional.”

Gowdy’s duties will largely be on the inside, with him not serving as the main public face.

But his new position will give him status to speak with the media, where he will be able to torch the Democrat Party much like Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani regularly does.

This is what the Deep State should fear above all.

They are so fearful of Giuliani that the Joe Biden campaign sent demands to major media outlets telling them not to host him on their shows.

Getting the truth across with such a hostile press is becoming more difficult than ever.

But Gowdy is unafraid to fight to make the truth known.


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224 Responses

  1. For a long time investigation, Trey Gowdy didn’t do nothing about Benghazi criminal case

  2. Renee Palmer says:

    where the F do they dig up these idiot’s anyway? aoc ( D ), was at a town hall and this maniac
    woman jumps up and has a thing about climate change … then she went BONKERS and said ” WE NEED TO EAT THE BABIES !! its on you tube !! this is the B S donkeycrates mind-control people to act, say, do …… because i believe it’s BRAINWASHING , it;s too much rv, radio, social media, people who refuse to THINK for THEMSELVES, will turn to the donkeycrates, which WE know are actually A$$E$ !!

  3. Gayle Clay says:

    No, Trump is counting on everyone being able to read the transcripts. If that is too difficult for the Democrats, at least the people of this country can read them, and know first hand that there was absolutely nothing wrong in the conversation. Schiff, the lier had to make up a completely fabricated transcript and read it on television because there was nothing wrong in the conversation. They have NOTHING! They are feeding u all a line of BS with this impeachment inquiry which wasn’t even voted on by the house. It’s another piece of bait for the dumb people who just haven’t given Trump a chance.

    • The Real M says:

      Gayle Clay, Yes and it’s the first time in history a political party is attempting to impeach the American President BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!
      This is not Constitutional which, they will find out soon enough! This cloak and dagger, closed door stuff is hurting them with the American people and will at the ballot boxes as well There are rumblings growing within the Dem party, people have enough savvy to realize this is just wrong! All people have a right to access the meetings because they are not discussing classified info according to people who are on the committee!

  4. Renee Palmer says:

    i’m commenting on what was said between RONNEY BOWSER … commenting to RIGHTWINGERS
    ARE evil
    Ronney, that was a Kudo Moment … that was my smile moment..
    as far as the RightWinger .. maybe what is needed are Shock Treatments !! then, just maybe he can see the truth, maybe not ….. a Brain Washed donkeycrate is just AN A$$ !! in this case ( and there be more, i usually will not respond, not worth my time ) ” it’s better to be silent, and thought a fool, than open your mouth, and remove ALL doubt ” isn’t there enough HATE going around ? why continue ? HATE, is WORLD WIDE. what next ? spred more, to planets , beyond us ? WE hear it, on the radio, tv, social media, school, on and on ……. this must be a Huge MIGRAINE, SOFA time !!
    so terribly sad, for ALL of us.. Don’t WE deserve better, for ourselves, each other… WE ARE

  5. The Redhawk says:


    • BEVERLY says:


  6. Alaska Woman says:

    Gowdy used party money to pay off a staffer that he assaulted — $150,000.

    • The Real M says:

      Alaska Woman, Where can I find proof of your allegations against Trey Gowdy?
      He is sure a good attorney and the wrong person to commit libel and slander against! Trolls are just not bright and they never learn that is until reality and consequences slap them in the face!

      • ih8reps says:

        Real meathead
        You get slapped in the face everyday for 3 years now and you still can’t deal with reality the only trolls are the ones defending that ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER. YOU’LL NEVER LEARN CAUSE YOUR NONE TO BRIGHT.

        • The Real M says:

          Ih8reps, You are the most immature, minor league, shallow, “show off” I have seen in a very long time!
          Do you think even the Dems enjoy your feeble attempts to get under our skin? No, they just want you to grow up! 🙂
          Troll, I won’t be reading any more of your pathetic low IQ comments!

    • PO'd says:

      AKLady is that you?

      The spread of falsehoods will not damage the GOP, it’s candidates, the President or change the hearts and minds of the ever growing chorus against the bullsh** peddling left.
      The electorate is more secretive and fired up to win in 2020 then believed possible in 2016.

      Step aside before you are run over by this juggernaut.

    • The Redhawk says:

      AKLADY back again as deranged as always .. HEY HOOKER what are you smoking now ??? Seasoned Alaska Caribou frozen DUNG???

      • The Real M says:

        The Redhawk, I replied to Alaska Woman’s comment with her allegation that Trey Gowdy assaulted a staffer and used party money to settle a lawsuit of $150K. I researched that accusation online and the only thing I found was some dingbat fired staffer accused Gowdy AND the committee of being biased against HRC during the Benghazi hearings. What? Seriously? I asked her where I could find proof of her charge but have heard not a word from her!
        No doubt it is more Dem lies and allegations, they never end! Alaska Woman has been taking lessons from Adam “Schit” on lying, fake news and accusations! She needs to find a better teacher as his credibility is shot to hades between the Muller investigation and now the Ukraine SHAM SCAM HOAX!

      • ih8reps says:

        Can’t wait to see you eat Fresh CROW.

        • Drew says:

          In reply to what a Democrat said about eating baby’s they not a real meal so less us all get a good meal and eat a Democrat insted forgot they already runt they like a chicken left out in open for a week

    • Tim Kurstedt says:

      Anyone can say anything, what proof do you have? That’s what I thought.

  7. RightWingersAreEvil says:

    How do you white trash conservatives like a few liberal, or moderate and sensible views starting to invade YOUR favorite discussion sites, places where you spawn more conspiracy theories, back a traitor scam artist Trump, and say your hateful, often racist crap. Trump is going down, and not downtown.

    • CHERYL MCCARTY says:


      • RightWingersAreEvil says:

        Cheryl the Nazi who loves serial sexual assaulters. How could you?

        • Kathe Gilbert says:

          Did you forget about Bill Clinton? He certainly fit the bill for Serial Sexual Assaulters and that is the Truth. You just hide your head in the sand, you would not accept the Truth of the Corruption of the Democrats in Obama’s Administration as well and Congress as the Corruption of the RINOS in Obama’s Administration and Congress. You deny what Biden himself has said he did, can’t get any more Truth when it comes from his mouth. You are a ignorant person, period.

          • RightWingersAreEvil says:

            Bill Clinton was bad too, I am not defending him although Trump is pure evil, in all ways, bragging, raping, bad friends like the NYC mob and Epstein, Cohen and Manafort and Giuliani, constantly insulting, whining, lying, seeking vengeance, cheating on all three wives even after they gave birth, ripping off employees, banks and in his many scams like Trump U. You need to apologize Kathe for not criticizing the Mobster-in-Chief.

    • The Real M says:

      RightWingersAreEvil, Oh, we love having you idiots here, the more the merrier! You see, we, Republicans, are immune to you and what you represent, the dregs of our society!

      • Payriot says:


        • The Real M says:

          Patriot, You are in need of some new material troll. What you are parroting is all worn out and used up as you are! See your handlers in the morning, don’t wait until the next scheduled meeting!
          And, wipe your nose, while you are at it dry behind your ears, peewee! You have a long way to go to reach the” big time” punk…………..The End

        • 2WarAbnVet says:

          “When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable buildups, as fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of antifascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them.” – Communist Party Directive, 1943

          • The Real M says:

            2WarAbnVet, Oh yeah, buddy!
            So sad the “line worker” Dems don’t understand where their “pied piper” party leaders have taken them, and they dutifully followed, straight to the communist party.
            They call us all sorts of names for supporting DJT but how great he at least loves the Constitution, America and her citizens plus our American sovernity and way of life!

      • Justice for Trump says:

        You are the baby little Emma. You know nothing except evil, and you worship Satan in hell and his son, Donald Trump.

    • Elton K. Bowman says:

      Dipstick, I would tell you what I really think. But they would kick me off the site. Just remember, my day is coming and you really are not going to enjoy what will happen.

    • Ken Marx says:

      RightWingersAreEvil. Do you have a purpose other than to spread manure? That’s a full load and you know it.

      • Barbara says:

        I am pure evil. I am anti abortion / murder, anti Obama care / murder, pro religion choice, anti drug gangs, anti rape, pro self defense – gun. pro freedom of speech. After a through investigation pro death penalty. I am anti chain migration, anchor babies.
        YEP I am evil.

        • The Real M says:

          Barbara, Yeaaaaaaaa, applause, applause, applause! You are my kind of evil! 🙂

        • Mark Spencer says:

          Only in the demoncrats brain, or make that their single brain cell. It is rather lonely inside the demoncrat’s skull. Fortunately there’s tens or probabably hundreds of millions of us deplorables are are just as evil as you are. The demoncrats have an upside down view of the world. They are the ones that the Scriptures warn about when it says, “Woe to them that call evil good and good evil.”

    • H Lee says:

      There are always plenty of liberal views such as yours where the “invader” (you ) is not intelligent enough to realize how dumb they ( you ) are. Foolish accusations, where there is no evidence to support and usually plenty of evidence to disprove, are constant from the dung flingers ( you ) who make baseless and slanderous accusations such as calling Trump a “traitor scam artist”. Such nefarious comments only describe the accuser ( you ) and do nothing damaging to Trump. There are plenty of biden, obama, hillary , worshipers ( you ) and other democrats who are virtue-less and these trashy people ( you ) are expected to throw trash.

    • H Lee says:

      Right wingers are evil: The moderate and sensible views are welcome. They have something to offer. The liberals such as yourself are also welcome. You demonstrate to and remind the public your virtue-less, prejudiced, racist, petty, brainwashed, shallow, nefarious, hate mongering, name calling, fact less, nasty, antifa type, trash throwing, typical democrat attitude.

    • Trisha Holmeide says:

      It’s obvious from your own words you are projecting your own vile traits and behaviors onto the president and those Americans who support him. You have nothing positive to offer nor anything worthwhile to contribute to a rational debate and can only lean on posturing with dirty….and misguided accusations and diatribe. If you ever have anything to discuss rationally as generations of past Americans have done rather than resort to violence or attempting to undermine the entire constitution and the legitimacy of Trump’s election with an immoral and illegal attempted coup feel free to sit down and we shall talk–until then we have to assume you are without enough brains or love for our country to be worth talking with.

    • Roy Zitzman says:

      You can only Wish, get a real life so you can see what your dem friends are doing, oh forgot no handouts for you if Trump stays.

    • Sonjia says:

      You sound like a racist to me. “White Trash”, indeed. God is still in control. God bless President Trump and Melania and God bless America.

    • Bob says:

      move along….nothing to see here…….

    • Ronney D Bower says:

      Thank you sir,
      At least we’re not brain dead. I am very racist, and freely admit so. When was the last time you spoke the truth. Oops sorry ya gotta be smart enough to understand the truth first.

    • PO'd says:

      13 months out and the trolls are back.

      Face it lefties of the world, we are changing not just America, but the world for the better. MAGA/KAG

    • The Redhawk says:

      OH CHERYL you FREAKEN IDIOT…Chnging name does never CURE you being STUPID FOR LIFE !! lIVE WITH IT !!!

      • The Real M says:

        Redhawk, I guess you have noticed this exact comment was submitted by Justice for Trump, RightwingersAreEvil and Joe the Electrician! I have been saying for two or more years we have few trolls writing under many names. This major boo-boo is further evidence!
        AND the Dems think they are the intelligent party! Well, balderdash! We are more intelligent when we are sleeping than the Dems are when they are fully awake! 🙂

    • james connolly says:

      right wingers are evil
      How come everyone who differs from you is White trash

      • The Real M says:

        James Connolly’s, Maybe we should refer to this troll who writes under many different names as, “commie trash”, that’s a good fit!
        I wonder if this nitwit actually believes all Republicans are white? I guess it would be sick to find out how many minorities are conservative Republicans! Let me just inform it……

        Hey commie trash troll RightwingersAreEvil, a huge number of minorities are Republican, we are honored to have them and respect them very much! If you ever watched Trump rallies you could see for yourself! They would also tell you white Republicans are not racist!

        • Mark Spencer says:

          What the c;lown apparently is unaware of is that the demoncrats are the racist. Time after time, when the civil rights begam an issue, it was the demoncrats that voted against it. When Lincoln’ (who was a Republican BTW) wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, it was the demoncrats who were opposed to it. When the Civil War ended, it was the demoncrats who tried, and to an extent succeeded, tried to keep the freed slaves on the plantation. The Dixiecrats were very much doing what they could do to fight the civil rights movement. Demoncrat president after demoncrat president, with maybe the exception of JFK and maybe Carter did what they could to keep the blacks in a lower plne than the whites. LBJ was recorded calling them the N word and stated that they needed to do to keep the Ns under the demoncrat control and keep them on the plantation. It’s the demoncrats (both white and black) tell the blacks that the demoncrat party is their savior, yet they willnot allow them to go to better schools or get a better education. Isn’t it interesting the big inner cities where the black population live in economic depressed area, which if you didn’t know better, you’d swear that you’re actually in a third world country and those big cities are controlled by the demoncrats. The hero of the black people, Martin Luther King, was a Republican!!!! I am not sure about Rosa Parks. I believe the abolitionists and those who were working the underground railway were republicans. SOOOOO, maybe the above person should change his name to “LeftwingersAreEvil” cause boy are they ever and how!

          • The Real M says:

            Mark Spencer, Of course, you are correct! As I have stated many times, what we have on these sites is, for the most part, a few trolls writing under many names. We really should ignore them, they are just doing their jobs as disrupters, agitators and attempts to make us lose confidence and give up!
            Knowing that, I have spurts of letting the trolls know they are not dealing with a bunch of rookies, we are seasoned veterans!
            OOOOH RAAAAH! 🙂

    • Beverly says:

      We shall see who is going down. The Dems are making a hugge mistake if they try to toss Trump. The Dems arae cowards and work behind closed doors. Biden was just connected with a Romanine. No wonder Biden couldnt ever win his races. He is a crook and not too bright. Biden is no different than the rests of the Dems, trying to cover this up. Dems are about Control, power and money.

    • ih8reps says:

      Right wing
      Your so correct and your right about going down on BUBA.

  8. Justice for Trump says:

    How do you white trash conservatives like a few liberal, or moderate and sensible views starting to invade YOUR favorite discussion sites, places where you spawn more conspiracy theories, back a traitor scam artist Trump, and say your hateful, often racist crap. Trump is going down, and not downtown.

    • The Real M says:

      Justice for Trump, Wow! You just wrote the exact same comment under three different troll names (that I have noticed so far), Justice forTrump, RightWingersAreEvil and Joe the Electrician! Where is your little pea brain or are you stoned, drunk or just gone off the rails? Uh, why do you bother to deny we have few trolls with many pen names!
      Oh, I hope everybody sees this!

      • Justice for Trump says:

        Just three Emma, I’ll keep you guessing but I am seeing more and more people on here that know Trump is sick like you. I did the three as a joke to see if some idiot would answer 2 or three times. Bingo

        • The Real M says:

          Justice for Trump, Liar liar pants on fire! You are a real piece of work!
          You are such a typical Democrat liar! Caught in a lie and telling more lies to cover up the original lie! You are trying to distract from the truth by taking personal shots at me!
          Hey, whatever trips your trigger but, for the record…..that was a unusually pathetic attempt to cover up your being outed as one troll with many names! 🙂
          Bad, Really, Bad! 🙂 AMATEUR!

        • Gayle Clay says:

          Justice for Trump here is one for the idiot who believes Trump is sick. Do some real research and don’t just keep passing on the same ol same ol Democrats should have come up with some new derogatory names for Trump by now. Check out Tom Finton, and his Justice files if u really want to educate yourself on the Democrats and how low they are compared to Trump. Then get back on here and tell us all what u think.

  9. Joe the Electrician says:

    How do you white trash conservatives like a few liberal, or moderate and sensible views starting to invade YOUR favorite discussion sites, places where you spawn more conspiracy theories, back a traitor scam artist Trump, and say your hateful, often racist crap. Trump is going down, and not downtown.

    • Roy says:

      Holy Crap, talk about Racist, every time you open your mouth it’s Racist, be be a brother to Ocasio, every one is Racist except you , you Jack A – – ,

    • Gayle Clay says:

      I would much rather be called a white trash conservative than ever be called a liberal, uneducated democrat. Too lazy to educate yourselves (or too dumb) on what is reality and what is fiction. I mean come on….what kind of idiot has child rapists in jail and turns them loose on the public???? After 3,4,5,6, times?? Who does that???

  10. Alaska Woman says:

    The :Deep State” is fiction. It does not exist.
    However, it makes a good threat to scare the poorly informed with.

    • The Real M says:

      Alaska Woman and Bender, You two get a room for gosh sake, you are making us all really want to regurgitate all over you both!
      BLEAH! :-(>

    • H Lee says:

      Are you scared? You should be! You are poorly informed. If you do not understand what is meant by the “deep state” then you should not be commenting.

    • Roy Zitzman says:

      Again another one that only listen but refuses to open eyes and see where the real truth is Miss Alaska.

  11. Bender says:

    More of cadet bone spurs men arrested. Best people. Seems his whole anti corruption team was corrupt. Rethuglicans are willing to give control of USA to foreign countries so they can have control of Washington. All the lawyers are going to be on this case soon rethuglicans helping the economy one lawyer at a time.

    • Randall says:

      Bender , Trey Gowdy is a good honest man ! Just look who’s giving our country away , ya demoncrates open boarders , sound familiar ! Protest anything and everything. Stoping America dead in it’s track’s and why, because your obsession with Trump ? Didn’t want lower taxes , are you paying More. Stoping ISIS , and their hate for anyone who don’t believe their way, destroy everything paintings, statue’s , historical documents still sound familiar yes demoncrates are just like ISIS terrorist , seeing is believing. My God is watching in Jesus name I pray amen.

      • Bender says:

        But yet it’s rethuglicans getting arrested. Your god into adultry also? Your god believes in caging children?

        • Trisha Holmeide says:

          You are referring to both Bill Clinton and Obama, of course for they were guilty as charged…

        • Roy says:

          Because your Dems cover up so much you never know where truth is, lazy Dems , give it all away. Oh Russia Collusion paid by Dems . Oh wait don’t go there that was a while ago. Push it under the rug, Right?

          • Mark Spencer says:

            Roy, the dem dunce above asks if God is for this or that evil, The sinple answer is NO HE ISN’T. Unfortunately this world is occupied by humans and humans do this. He allows it, but He does not condone it and will punish it, severly unless repented of. Why does He allow it? It’s something called a free will. He allows us a free will to choose to do good or evil.

            You are right about the demoncrats liking to sweep anything that’s bad due to their own activities under the rug, but here’s the thing, you can only sweep so much under the rug before it starts showing up as lumps and bumps. And, my friend, the demoncrat rug is terribly lumpy and bumpy. Some of those lumps and bumps are so big that one needs a ladder to get over them. People can’t be fooled by what the demoncrats do, unless they are willing to be so blind as not to see.

        • The Real M says:

          Bender, Your ignorance is showing, again! It is totally obvious you know nothing about the Christian faith or God’s word. I am not going to fool with trying to explain anything about it to your closed mind and tunnel vision! Bibles and churches are literally everywhere, get yourself educated in faith based religion before it is too late!

  12. Renee Palmer says:

    Mark Spencer,
    gheez ……… what is BRIAN smoking, what a jerk, i can see where his mind is / oer was ! how can you tell an idiot, that he may be able to benefit from
    S H O C K T R E A T M E N T S or a bad dose of the fake news, well then this may be his problem ……. rake away his radio, tv, or social media for a few week’s……. this may be his improvement, can’t hurt ….. well it can if you can’t take the truth..

  13. Renee Palmer says:

    Mark Spencer,
    i just don’t read all the comments, so normally, i may NOT respond …… In this case
    while i was laughing my a$$ off : – ) about YOUR reply too Dr. J.D …. you are sooooo Right on and KUDOS !!

  14. Renee Palmer says:

    hahahahahaaaaaa, ah, yeah, sure : – ) who came up with that ? must be a donkey.
    who’s still an A$$ !! this is a fallacy, and i’d want to do the C O U N T I N G !!

  15. Renee Palmer says:

    WHERE, did Most of these REPLYERS come from? NO ONE is More for this JOB than Trey Gowdy, well maybe Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes .. AH, YES leave it to the ENEPT DONKEY’S to bring up Rudy Guilaini, who is a great supporter of the GREATEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY !! if one has eyes to see, ear’s to hear, then everyone should KNOW what the DESPICABLE, PINOCCHIO – NOSED, SMUG, ARROGANT DONKEYCRATES are up to.. the useless, over paid, donkey’s have NOTHING TO DO
    B U T what they want !! BIG surprise to those who habe been BRAINWASHED to belive ONE in congress THEY can do anything they want …….. like ILLEGALS, being
    paid for bt the Tax – Payers, Sanctuary Cities, POO, and Needles, ALL over and those who are in congress Don’t Care,, they had OVER 20 Year’s to build the WALL, i guess that’s called F U ……..Those who keep getting Re-Elected, is the Shame of the Voter ! the donkey;s want to get rid of the Electoral College, Your Guns, Your Right, and MOSTLY
    President Trump!! I’M Waiting ( Since Everything they Try, Just bites them in the A$$ !
    then there is The Constitution, The Bill Of ( NO ) Rights , This Country, well, i could go on………… B U T A DONKEY Is Still AN A$$ !!

    • Joe the Electrician says:

      Renee, you aren’t funny, you are clueless about current events and history, go back, you picked three devils besides Trump., Jordan, Nunes and Gowdy, all cowards and thugs.

      • The Real M says:

        Joe the Electrician, Well well well, another Dem troll on here calling people names. Got any proof to back up those charges, NO,, of course not!
        Oh silly me, the job of trolls is to lie, distract, accuse, bully, try to discourage people, I could go on but, why……..trolls don’t have a high enough IQ to know when to stop. Trolls are lowlife losers with empty useless lives……just saying!

        • ih8reps says:

          Always on and on about ignoring TROLLS and yet here you are all over these sites everywhere everyday all we are is professional TROLLS fishing for SUCKERS and we’re reeling them in quicker then we can throw them back in to bite again but hey you got the IQ of a fish so come on bite the bait again SUCKER.

  16. Katie says:

    Gowdy was a whole lot of bluster during the Benghazi hearingsand ended up doing nothing about it. Nothing!!!

  17. Justice for Trump says:

    The deep state is now Russia and the corporations but the mobsters Giuliani and Trump are going down. Remember after Mueller was assigned to investigate the Trump campaign he said, “I’m fu—–. Now both mobsters Giuliani and Trump are going to a sex party together, without Jeff Epstein this time.

    • ABC says:

      Much of this Ukrainian phone call was to also HELP RUSSIA, to deny it interfered in the 2016 election and to get sanctions removed from Russia. Much of the decision to betray our allies, the Kurds and to have them slaughtered, is allowing Turkey and RUSSIA to take over about 1/3rd of Syria. Trump is Putin’s puppet and has been since before he took the oath of office.

    • Jerry says:

      You watch MSNBC and all the other lamestream media outlets too much!

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Rudy and Don will have to make out in the corner with each other, no woman on the planet could possibly be that desperate.

    • The Real M says:

      Justice f or Trump , You are flipping crazy and a flipping liar!
      But, you are so sweet, you little puke face!

      • Justice for Trump says:

        Hey little boy, you can’t handle the truth that Trump is a moron, a crook, a monster mobster, a serial sexual assaulter, a draft dodger, a scam artist, a traitor, you know if you are honest you cannot disagree with any of those comments,

        • The Real M says:

          Justice for Trump, Oh cuntraire little puke face. YOU LIE!
          I heard DJT is taking names and gathering evidence to file lawsuits against any and all who are committing libel and slander against him! He is much more educated in legal matters, has an army of lawyers and a hell of a lot more money than you have! You lying Dems had better be thinking about all that while you are spouting off! Spouting lies is expensive!

          • Justice for Trump says:

            Trump is so treacherous and treasonous maybe we should be concerned but in reality I work for a government agency monitoring the people who would commit hate crimes and there are many on here, not you probably, but just see how much work I have on just this site.

          • The Real M says:

            Justice for Trump, Yeah right! I’ll bet you have pigs that fly also! You are such a liar and would be in a world of trouble for revealing that kind of information about your job!
            You are just a common garden variety troll whose job iit is to “blow smoke” up our pant legs!
            What a hilarious attempt to threaten conservatives!
            Note: Next comment write using one of your othrr troll names like RightWingersAreEvil or Joe the Electrician, etc. 🙂

          • ih8reps says:

            Hey SUCKER our defence will be to read TRUMPZILLA tweets in court now there’s proof of slander.
            Your not a lawyer remember your a SUCKER so STFU.

          • The Real M says:

            Ih8reps, I am sure I am old enough to be your grandparent and would like for you to address me accordingly that is unless you write and say vulgar and profane things to your grandparents. IF YOU ARE DISRESPECTFUL TO THEM, JUST DON’T READ MY COMMENTS OR WRITE ANY MORE TO ME
            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • ih8reps says:

        Take the bait SUCKER.

        • The Real M says:

          ih8reps, Okay, child, everyone has seen and knows you are here!
          Take your toys and play outside, adults are communicating…….. 🙂

  18. so call right. The only Deep state is Trump and the so call right. Maybe you like just how his lies feel so good. And Trey Gowdy??? He can not change the law. They are a reason why he got voted out of office or decided not to run. He will not win.

    • reality check says:

      You nailed it Fred. The Dems are not worried, and Trey cannot change the facts, the paperwork out there. He could not nail Hillary, and he did try his best. And the “Deep State” is an unproven conspiracy the ignorant people wish to believe . . . . which provides the EXCUSE for how the radical right wingers now in control of the GOP . . . do not represent the majority will of the people.

      • The Real M says:

        Fred Amirault and reality check, You two should get a room now! You are enough to gag a maggot!
        BLEAH. :-(>

        • Justice for Trump says:

          You’re the MAGGOT Hat wearing little M, M for maggot.

          • The Real M says:

            Justice for Trump, You are so sweet to say that! I can’t tell you what a compliment it is when trolls attempt to insult me! So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

          • Patriot says:

            Just the simple act of responding to justice proves he hit a nerve claiming it didn’t just reaffirms my assessment.

        • ih8reps says:

          When your breath smells like S### you attract fly’s flys lay eggs that turn into maggot’s that’s why your puking maggot’s.
          As for your use of emojis do you want a coloring book I can get you one .

          • The Real M says:

            Ih8reps, I know without a doubt you had help composing your attempt to insult me! No matter, I’m not insulted! 🙂
            I will let you know if I want a coloring book. That would not be until I can’t make myself read another comment from black hearted, mean, angry, unhappy, delusional Dems who hate President Trump for no apparent good reason!

            If you weren’t such a angry and unhappy person you would enjoy smiley faces! I’ll work on your happiness!
            🙂 🙂 🙂 : -) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. ABC says:

    Fox News Poll: Record support for Trump impeachment
    10-9-19. A new high of 51 percent wants Trump impeached and removed from office, another 4 percent want him impeached but not removed, and 40 percent oppose impeachment altogether. In July, 42 percent favored impeachment and removal, while 5 percent said impeach but don’t remove him, and 45 percent opposed impeachment. Support for impeachment of Nixon did not reach 50% until 2 weeks before his resignation.
    By a 66-25 percent margin, voters say it is generally inappropriate for Trump to ask foreign leaders to investigate political rivals.

    • Pat says:

      Please share what poll you got that info from. We all know how trustworthy polls are. Have you forgotten how wrong the polls were in 2016?

      • Pat says:

        You say it was from FOX, but you do know their owners are staunch Democrats, don’t you?

        • ABC says:

          excuses, whining and rationalizations. Besides, Fox News came out in many ways to tell the truth about Trump even when the owner was Murdoch, a radical republican. Lord, you guys don’t take responsibility and are constantly denying evidence. You are the flat earthers of today.

      • ABC says:

        Have you forgotten how accurate the polls were in 2018? Pat, you are pathetic and either lazy or being dishonest. Go to Google and put in “Fox News poll” and you will find that at Fox’s news site. That is where I copied this information. What is bothersome is how Trumpers champion polls when it says things they like, and then, like you – – denounce polls that say things they do not like.

        • Breaker 19 says:

          There are two things you never want to believe. One is polls and the other is a politician. Both can be manipulated to get the results you want.
          It all depends on how you ask the question, and whether the people polled are for or against what you are polling about.
          If you poll more Democrats than Republicans, you will get a larger figure poll number against Trump. If you poll more Republicans, you will get a higher number for Trump. I have participated in several polls. Not once did they ask if I was Democrat or Republican.
          If you take an equal number you would probably get 50% for and 50% against, no matter what you asked them. Polls are garbage.
          No poll in the 2016 election was correct. No polls in the 2020 election will be correct either unless they pick more of one side than the other and that is the way it happens to turn out. Forget about the polls, they are worthless.

      • Patriot says:

        True he is incorrect the true poll you can believe is the one from your favorite news channel Fox Poll shows 58% in favor of impeachment sorry to correct abc but we all know you can only trust Fox News.

      • ih9reps says:

        Actually he’s correct polls had Hillary winning majority vote TRUMPZILLA got the electoral vote Yes he won so get over it already that’s so yesterday mistakes happen 2020 will be a big wake up for you.

    • Diana Talmadge says:

      The transcript was released. “Nuf said.

    • Trumpster says:

      Yea.yea just like the polls said Hillary was going to win by a land slide. You democrats will go down in 2020.

    • Hedy says:

      You lying Bastards.

    • Katie says:

      Of course that poll has been relevealed to consist of heavily polled DEMOCRATSand INDEPENDANTS!!

    • KATH says:

      that poll that says 51 percent is democract poll there the ones that voted impeach trump. there disgraceful for ourcountry. this president has done and still doing for our country to be proud. democract just sit on there asses and slam trump and try to destroy him and our country. this democract party is communist. we have had enough of there crap. take there pay checks away from them they dont deserve our tax money in there paycheck, trump sue them all.

      • sad times comming says:

        Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and only appear to be uneducated foolish uninformed.
        Then to openly post that way and remove all doubt.
        As a matter of fact all right wingers could benifit from this advise.

    • Keith says:

      Did you also read that more dems were surveyed than repubs if they are going to poll it needs to be a equal number to be fair

  20. Trey Gowdy is a personable, selfless, engaging and honorable man that is a treasured friend to all who know him and who served the people of his district well and proudly.

    The only people who will fear Trey Gowdy are those who seek to achieve an illegal or unfair personal or financial advantage over their fellow man. Trey Gowdy is among many other things first and foremost, a consummate scholar of the law, which is the foundation for how we fairly interact with each other.

    Those who seek to pervert the law to their own nefarious advantage will find Trey Gowdy to be among their worst and most formidable enemies, as it should be. So if you don’t want to run afoul of Trey Gowdy – play by the rules!

    • Justice for Trump says:

      Gowdy thought 7 investigations of Benghazi weren’t enough but one of Russia invading our country was too money. He is another right wing thug, like most Republicans in office. is there anyone more disgraceful than Devin Nunes?

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        I don’t see how. He subverted or tried his best, to be Trump’s lackey and spokesperson until the Democrats took over the House. But I will give a backhanded compliment to Devin, he didn’t mean to, but did a great job explaining to donors the nature of the crime of foreign interference into our campaigns being illegal. When donors asked him why it was a crime to get Russia (etc.) involved into our elections . . . . Devin told them (recorded) that it is A CRIME TO GET ANY FOREIGN GOVERNMENT OR OFFICIAL INVOLVED IN OUR ELECTIONS. Devin went on to say that even if his family country of Portugal was involved helping in our election, it would be ILLEGAL.

        Do you hear Devin Nunes speaking up against what Trump did with the Ukraine or what he publicly asked China to do also?!?!? Devin puts the party over loyalty to country.

        • Trumpster says:

          Yea the lying theaving liberals are going down in 2020.

        • Katie says:

          Gavin was talking about what Hitlary Clinton did.
          Our country has a signed agreemen with Ukraine that each countrytwill help the other whhen it comes to cooperating in investigations where crimes of ANY kind are comitted in that N country. THAT is what Trump was requesting READ the TRASCRIPT for Gods’ sake!!

        • Breaker 19 says:

          Devin puts the party above loyalty? Do you know a Democrat that don’t. That’s the problem right now. Not one Democrat in Congress is doing anything for the people and this country. Haven’t been since Trump was elected. Their whole agenda is get rid of Trump, stop him from doing what we elected him to do. That’s the most important thing in the world to the Democrats. They know that they have no one who can beat him in the 2020 election. That’s what all this impeachment garbage is. Get rid of Trump or he will be reelected. There is no way they can impeach him. They know that. That’s why they will not take a vote in the house . They know it will lose, and everybody then will know who is for or against it. They think this might hurt their chances of re-election, and that’s all that is important to them. Why do you think they have not taken a vote and impeached him already? Because he has done nothing to impeach him for and they know it. It would show the American people and the World ex actually what they are trying to do. I think they already know.

          • Justice for Trump says:

            The Democrats signed 130 bills that were sent to the Senate. But another evil Republican won’t bring any to a vote Mr. 19IQ

        • Gayle Clay says:

          So who asked the Ukraine to get involved in our elections??? Absolutely no one!!! To investigate corruption is a legitimate request of one President to another head of country. That is if he, himself, is doing his job. Unlike Obama and his greedy Democrats. He certainly didn’t look into any corruption going on ….he was in on it all.

      • I didn’t opine on Devin Nunes, I commented on Trey Gowdy and his dogged persistence in following the law without regard to party or politics. For what it’s worth to you, it doesn’t elevate your argument when you disparage those you talk about by name calling – it diminishes it.

        Those who have followed Trey Gowdy’s questions and comments when he was in committee and measured them without bias, discovered that If you gave sworn testimony before him that did not comport with the facts, it made no difference whether you were liberal or conservative, you got the horns.

        So as I suggested in my first comment, if you don’t want to be the recipient of Trey Gowdy’s ire – just follow the law.

        • ih8reps says:

          John S
          If and that’s a big IF Trey is all you talk about such a strong advocate for justice then chump is in big trouble let’s wait and see his true colors.

      • Jerry says:

        So, you’ve never heard of hiLIARy , Obummer, peLOUSY, Scummer, Shifty Schiff, Jerry Noodler, Maxine WaterontheBrain, and all the other DemonRats?

      • Tony says:

        Truth really gets to you it appears. Democrats “by any means necessary” obstructed the Benghazi investigation, while RINO republicans sat on their hands. Those days are gone.

    • Payriot says:

      From what you just stated chumpster is in grave danger because as you stated he has integrity he’s selfless, honorable, consummate scholar of the law.
      Seeing that chumpster has run afoul of the law in so many instances he’s in big trouble.
      Or it could be he is going to be no different then BOZO BARR willing to put his whole career in Jeopardy to protect the biggest criminal to ever be POTUS.
      My bet is on the latter assessment

      • My fellow American, by your comments I deduce that you are a thoughtful person so you can appreciate the beauty of following the law. Among the many benefits of doing so is that the truth will become known where it previously wasn’t and materialize without regard to party or politics. So as I inferred, only those who violate the law have anything to fear from Trey Gowdy, regardless of their position or place in this country.

  21. Armando B Bernal says:

    The “DUMBOCRATES” demise is closer than we think, Mr. Gowdy is a brilliant force and has been for some time, he will finally be allowed to dig deep into the Dumbocrates shady dealings from the past. This appointment should finally “drain the swamp” of all of the dirty infestations, nothing but filthy RATS !!!

    • Payriot says:

      You must be more carefull on the radical right they hate Mexicans you know all brown people your color makes it so you will never ever get in the club or be accepted amongst their kind.
      During WW2 there was even German Jews look how that ended for them some people just refuse to believe in history.

  22. sad times comming says:

    Desperate men “Crooks” will try anything to save their A##.
    Trey the BOZO IS NOTHING LESS THEN BOZO BARR just another attempt for someone to assist in the cover-up of injustice.
    Free tickets and popcorn for everyone to watch the circus clowns play games under the big ORANGE tent of CHEETO MAN.
    Come One Come All Let The Show Begin.

    • kath says:

      you got it wrong the circus is your democract liberal communist party. there a disgrace to our president and our country. there getting paid to do doing for our country. so put that in your dumb brain and enjoy the popcorn and your circus party. trump is draing the swamp and thats your demorats party.

    • Mark Spencer says:

      Your name says it all, for the American people if a demoncrat gets into office. It certainly will be sad times.

      As for what posted, it definitely sounds very much like what the demoncrats have been doing. They certainly are desperate and they are pulling all the stops to save their backsides. Thing is, their ship is sinking and time will tell how many rats will be jumping off before it goes down.

      • Sad times comming says:

        KATH mark
        I’m really so sorry I hurt your delicate wittle feelings but that’s what happens when the truth is spoken.
        So you will see who chumpster truly is let’s just say HITLER will always be known as a girl scout compared to him.

  23. Don Juan says:

    Trey Gowdy is a no nonsense type of guy. He is very intelligent and he knows his craft very well. Having him in Trump’s legal team will be a big plus for Trump. I hope he and all of Trump’s legal team will nail each and every corrupt Democrat to the wall. The wall in prison!

    • sad times comming says:

      Donny boy
      Too bad one of his legal team members is already in jail or have you already forgotten Giuliani was arrested yesterday Trey is pretty damn stupid to risk his career for the biggest crook ever damn stupid indeed.

      • Tony says:

        Giuliani was not arrested and the two, most likely clients, that were arrested have no connection to president Trump. Trey knows what he is into, and it won’t fare well for criminals.

  24. sad times comming says:

    There’s one fact so clear to see Religion is the Weapon of choice all across the World.
    Please tell me any civilization that has not used it to persecute and murder innocentt people.
    People so often claim their good GODLY believers and yet they want to break probably the most sacred commandment “Thou Shalt Not Ki##” 100% of retardicans want to do that very thing they call for the murder of those that don’t believe as they do everyday.
    This MONSTER today has created a new wave of HATRED not seen for over 50 years.
    Radical Right Religious Ideology Will Destroy Humanity Just As It Has In The Past.

    • TexanForever says:

      The Soviet Union’s and commie Chinese’s REJECTION OF RELIGION, as a weapon, has killed far more people. Islam is a different matter because it’s a way of life, not a religion. Don’t get the two confused.

      And Christianity does not advocate killing non-Christians.

      • sad times comming says:

        You could not be more incorrect just read all these posts because it’s clear to read into the posts of so many look at one in particular 82nd airborne he’s one of yours everyone of his posts call for the murder of non-believers that’s a fact just like all the facts that prove your supreem leader is a traitor to America.
        Stop denying true facts save America from Putin and communism IMPEACH THE ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER NOW.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Sad times is correct, but for more than just the postings of one person, the 82nd airborne serviceman. I have seen and called out numerous calls for violence on these postings, and many calls for a civil war or killing such people like AOC,the Squad, Mueller of even RINOs.

          Texan for life, where did you get the ignorant idea that Islam is not a religion? Islam is one of the major religions in the world – – have you not heard of the Koran or Quran? Much of Islam is built upon the Torah (we call the Old Testament) and the New Testament. While I do not agree with Islam for me, your labeling Islam “not a religion” is not only incorrect, but borders on Islamphobia, so you can deny it the rights we have established in America for religious freedom.

      • Mark Spencer says:

        Actually, Islam is both, a religion and a way of life. The reason it’s a way of life is because it’s a self-preservation situation. Those muslim clerics would not hesitate a second to kill anybosy who don’t follow their teaching. It is barely wore than the demoncrats in only the demoncrats haven’t been able to make it a policy and law that if you don’t do and think like them, you’re dead. Give them time and the reins of power long enough and they will.

        Also, Christians don’t force people to do what they say. That point should be obvious with all of the leftist liberals mocking us and our Lord, which again also sets us off from the muslims, because if even you draw a picture that doesn’t seem to honor their so-called prophet, you’re dead or beaten bad enough to wish you were. No doubt Sal man Rushdie named his book correctly, at the expense of having a price on his head, when called it;Satanic Verses.”

        • sad times comming says:

          So the Aztec Incas Native Americans were all K##### by Democrats funny how there were no Democrats at that time but there sure was Christian’s.
          Sorry but I made my point again

          • Mark Spencer says:

            Sad times coming, do you ever bother to do research before you write and insert foot in your mouth? The Aztecs were doing a lot of the killing,as were the Incas. The people were taking hearts out of their captive enemies, while they were still alive. Using the captured people’s heads for a soccer ball, well a form of a game like soccer. As for the Native Americans, I am part Cherokee and the native Americnas were slaughtering each other before the white man came on the scene. So, no there were no democrats then. Those that were white and had killed and tortured the indigenous people were roman catholics, not evangelical Christians. Not the same thing. It was the demoncrats who took the Cherokee lands from them, in Georgia, and forced marched them to Oklahoma. It was the first demoncrat president ever, Andrew Jackson, who did this very thing. The Cherokee lost most of their young and elderly, because of him. When they Cherokee made it to Oklahoma, the Principle Chief stated that the Cherokee had lost their past and their future because off the death of the young and the elderly. Jackson didn’t do this for the cause of religion, but because of GREED, just like Hillary the Hun does what she does, not for religion, but for GREED>

      • Trump's going to jail says:

        Too bad your ignoring what comes out of that monsters mouth and he proclaims to be Christian .
        He incited violence against brown people it doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger it matters who provoked the violence and that lies squarely on TRUMPZILLA shoulders.

  25. sad times comming says:

    There’s one fact so clear to see Religion is the Weapon of choice all across the World.
    Please tell me any civilization that has not used it to persecute and murder innocentt people.
    People so often claim their good GODLY believers and yet they want to break probably the most sacred commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” 100% of retardicans want to do that very thing they call for the murder of those that don’t believe as they do everyday.
    This MONSTER today has created a new wave of HATRED not seen for over 50 years.
    Radical Right Religious Ideology Will Destroy Humanity Just As It Has In The Past.

    • Pat says:

      You need some serious psychiatric help to deal with your severe TDS. 99% of what you write is bs.

    • Mark Spencer says:

      You know, I can name at least one. We The People have not fought each other over religion, nor if memory serves against any other nation, for that matter. If you were taught true American History, as I was. not the leftist liberasl version of American History, you would have learned one reason the Pilgrims and the Puritans came to this country was to escape frome tyrannical rule and for freedom of religion. That is also the reason that Freedom of Religion shows up on our Constitution, which you demoncrats hate and want to do away with.

      • Tony says:

        Spot on Mark. Sadly the Godless have no moral compass and their “by any means necessary” mantra is just that. Lie, cheat, steal, slander, etc… all justified by the goal.
        They don’t believe in a creator that will hole them to account, but the creator knows them.

        • ih8reps says:

          Where was your creator when the Jews got slaughtered and don’t even try to tell me we must suffer first to get to know him that alone is hypocrisy.

          • The Real M says:

            Ih8reps, I am not Jewish but, I must respond to your total ignorance of Christian faith.
            Like it or not, admit it or not, all of us have the same creator! God is the creator of all (all as in everything and everyone)! He is the one true and living heavenly Father!
            I apologize if I have insulted you but, your comment is so telling that you have no knowledge of the word of God, the Bible.
            If you are an atheist, you have no reason to fear. meeting with a pastor, a priest or a rabbi to explain the Lord’s ways to you so you will be able to have educated conversations with believers.

      • Patriot says:

        And yet so many of you call for a truly tyrannical royal family form of government ruled no less by Trumpian power.
        And yet the god fearing radical Religious right that supports Trumpian power rule has no morals, empathy, or respect for people of different views, like LBGQT rights, let those amongst us without sin cast the first stone.
        If you truly believe in a higher power or God judgement is God’s right not your’s.
        I never said or anyone Democrat on this site said such a thing all I’m saying is the chumpster has stirred up and exposed the hatred and racism that is deeply ingrained in the Christian radical right you all support this POS to the extant of calling for civil war and openly attacking Mexicans sorry that fact offends you but you can’t ever deny what happened in El Paso Tx.
        If you had any morals, empathy or love for human life you would never vote for chumpster there are alternative candidates running against him on the radical right pick anyone of them just spare the world of this ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER.

        • The Real M says:

          Patriot, What a crock of sbit! You just may be the most hate filled misinformed angry miserable unhappy case of TDS I have ever read! Your hatred for President Trump has metastasized into a warped and weird obsession ! You are really creepy!
          YUK! :-(>

        • Mark Spencer says:

          Patriot, have you ever read the Bible? Both the Old and New Testament tells us those of the LGBQT’s mindset is wrong. When God created man, he saw that man needed a helpmate and took one of the man’s rib and created a woman. Later, it says that a man shall leave his mother and be joined to his wife to become one flesh. He also told the man to multiply snd subdue the Earth, not to destroy it, but to be a steward of the creatures and resources. A wife was known to be a woman, not another male or two women joining together. God did not create man to have sex with another man, nor a woman to have sex with another woman. Two of the same sex can’t procreate as a man and wife are capable of. God also stated that if a man is found lying with another man as with a woman, both of them were to be taken out and stoned to death. God called it an abomination! In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul, in the very first chapter of Romans talks about where a woman leaves the natural use of her body to be with another woman, and also the man abandoning the natural use of the woman, man with man performing acts that are unnatural and receiving the penalty for doing this. Also in other epistles, Paul talks about those who practise certain things will not be allowed to enter Heaven, among those prohibited practices, include sodomy and homosexuality. Those who are pro-gay coined a nonsense name for those of us who do not condone homosexuality, because God has stated it is wrong, as homophobes. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Those of us who are against the gay agenda, do not have an irrational fear of it, but we don’t condone it, because our Lord says it’s an abomination that can keep those who practice it out of Heaven. Those who claim to be Christians and scream out that God hates fags, are just as bad. God does not hate fags, anymore than He hates liars, gossipers, drunkards, thieves, etc. To God no sin is worse than the other, But He does hate all sin. So, while He loves the gay person, He hates their sin. Jesus died on the cross to pay for that sin as well as for all sin, but, like the woman who was brought to Him, who had been caught in adultery, after He told the accusers, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” and one by one the accusers slunk away, He asked the woman, “Where are your accusers, are there any who accuse you?” when she stated that there were none, He then said, “Neither do I accuse you. Go and SIN NO MORE.” The idea is God will forgive the homosexual, just like any other sinner, but He expects that person to turn away from that sin and do it no more.

          Maybe some Christians appear to not be concerned about the homosexuals, and that is possibly true, but they are as guilty for disobeying the second great commandment about loving your neighbor as yourself, but when Christians are speaking out against homosexuality, it’s not out of hate or fear, it’s out of concern for their immortal soul. Hell is not a place to be taken lightly or to joke about, or even to or to be blase about. It is a place to be avoided at all cost, which cost was paid by Christ on the cross, and it’s the Christians’ responsibility to turn people away from a lifestyle that could destroy a person’s immortal soul in hell. You may smirk at this and say whatever, buit make no mistake, no matter what you believe, you will stand before the One Perfect Judge, who can’t be bribed, intimidated, plea bargained with, or anything else, and His judgement is true and irrevocable. It would be best to get your life in order before you stand before Him, cause there ain’t any do overs or excuses period.

          • The Real M says:

            Mark Spencer, That was beautiful, I feel as if I have been to church!
            Of course, I believe every word in the Bible, as it states the Bible is the written word of God, change not one word, add not one word, leave out not one word, to do so is a mortal sin and puts the person in danger of hell’s fire!
            Thank you for taking the time to share your message. All we can do as Christians is plant seeds and pray they grow! I am sorry to say I get “out of sorts” sometimes dealing with trolls and let my flesh make me write words I have to repent for.
            How great we have a Father God who loves us no matter what if, we have received Him as Lord and Savior and repent of our sins!

            To people who no nothing about God and his word, the Bible, we sound pretty hoakie . I look at it in this way, I don’t care, because the Bible also tells us if we are ashamed of Jesus , He will be ashamed of us when we come before God! I can’t bear the thought of that and hope no one reading this can.

          • ih8reps says:

            Mark S
            I don’t need no stinking Bible all I need is historical scientific facts, no God came to save the Jews, hundreds of stone structures all around the world built with stones of massive size and weight I guess your trying to tell me a bunch of people gathered around held hands and prayed and just like magic those stones fell into an exact space and alignment,
            To this day we can’t even come close to doing what stone age people built thousands of years ago, maybe they’re just so much more Superior to us.
            Don’t even tell me he wants us to suffer in order to know him that alone is ludachrist.
            I’m not trying to denounce or make you denounce your faith problem is you can’t name not even one miracle that can’t be scientifically proven.
            I already know your going to mention procreation just like science that’s biology everything can be proven, how do you or can you disprove billions of years of facts and claim it all happened in six days.
            Billions of years of ancient life forms which can be proven existed that all happened also in just one day.
            Unlike most of you I was not born last night, so get over it TRUMPZILLA will be proven to be just like all evil men to have walked this planet HITLER, PUTIN, KIM FROM KOREA JUST TO NAME A FEW.
            Just the fact that these people are here now and have lived in the past is proof that no God exist.

          • The Real M says:

            Ih8reps, You need a miracle, I’ll give you more than you ask:

            Jesus was crucified and died on the cross ( for all our sins so that whosoever believed in him will have life everlasting)

            after three days Jesus rose from the dead and for a time walked among the people, probably to prove he was alive

            After a time Jesus ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of God until the time, known only to God, Jesus will return to call all Christian’s, living and dead to join him to spend eternity in heaven.

            And all Christians said. HALLILUIA!

          • Mark Spencer says:

            You know, ih8reps, you are one sad individual. In spite of all your vitriol, God loves you very much and Jesus Christ, who is very God and who created everything (John chapter 1), died on the cross for you, even if you were the only one that needed it.

            The anger and hatred just pours off of you in your writing and you must have had a pretty lousy childhood, or are you still a child? All of the suffering you talk about is not because God did it, but because he allowed it, not because He took pleasure in seeing it happen, because He did not and does not, but He allows it because of man’s free will choice to do this evil. You want proof that He didn’t want things to happen this way? He sent His only begotten Don, to take our place to receive the punishment for what we deserve for all of the wrong that man has done to man. God could have just as easily destroyed all of the people who did the evil, but then who would be left? For everyone of us has done evil. The Scriptures say that there isn’t one single human that does good and all of what we think of a good and righteous works are nothing but a bunch of filthy rags, and were not talking about just dirty rags, but think of foul stinking dirty diaper rags.

            I have to assume all that venom you exhibit is because may be you were brought up in a home where this was the norm. Maybe in a demo but we didn’t crat household where such anger was espoused. Many of us who are conservative may have had similar feelings when Slick Willie and Obummer were in the Oval Office (I can’t bring myself to saying president. In fact, I always called Obummer “PUCSOO” which meant Person UnConstitionally Sitting in the Oval Office.), but we didn’t spout off all of that hatred against them or against those who were celebrating their victories. We dug in, gritted our teeth and kept working and living with it, something your kind should have been mature enough to have done, but as I have said before and will say again, democrats are sore losers, whiney crybabies, and very immature.

            As for your questions about how those large blocks of stone came together and such, well there us a hypothesis that prior to the Flood, there were giants in the land, the offspring of the intermingling of the seed of the Sons of God and the daughters of men. These were called the Nephilim and they were mighty beings that may very well have built these edifice. Are you thinking extraterrestrials having done it? Not likely.

            If you are one that believes everything came about because of evolution, I must say that you have far greater faith than I do, because to believe everything came about by chance, happenstance, and billions of years, takes a faith of unbelievable magnitude. I, on the other hand, can easily see evidence of In Telligent design and a Creator’s touch everywhere. The fact that of nine planets in this solar system, the Earth is the only one that has all of the necessities needed to support life, that we are just the right distance from the sun, etc. To look up in the night sky, on a winter;s evening and see the constellation Orion and see the belt stars of Orion in a perfect alignment, indicates a divine hand involved. I challenge you to take a black sheet of paper and take a pinch of salt or sugar and throw it on the paper and get three grains in such of an arrangement. More and more scientists are coming to their senses that evolution is a failed theory. Even the discovery of fining dinosaur bones that still has soft tissue attached and inside the bones is proving that maybe the dinosaurs aren’t as old as they thought.

            I don’t know if you’ve ever bothered to crack open a Bible or not, but I challenge you to do so and read it not with an attitude, but carefully read it, try to see where it’s so wrong. Many people have tried and they found out that their world view changed sigNnificantly and have begun to believe what the Word sys is true.

          • Mark Spencer says:

            Correction. That should have read, “His only begotten Son.”

        • Gayle Clay says:

          I for one say that Islam is not a religion! I don’t care what any one else calls it, but the Muslims call it a religion to hide behind. They are allowed by laws to practice what they preach(which is no religion I’ve ever heard of) EVER HEARD OF! I don’t believe the Christian Muslims think of it as a religion either…espically when genocide was performed on them in the name of that so called religion. NO, ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION!!! IT IS AN AGENDA TO CONTROL THE WORLD! Nothing more!

        • Gayle Clay says:

          But u are saying the Democrats have empathy and love for human life???? Are u crazy???? The Democrats demand abortions of babies right up to delivery day and then when the baby is lying on the table alone to die!!! That is a fact buster, so don’t spew your fake morality out at others!

    • Charli says:

      Sorry for your miss-perception, People kill & oftimes to avoid taking ownership & consequence target someone & or something else, including our God, who foretold & forewarned of these times, it is documented; notwithstanding prevention of such heinousness… it’s an incredible read & learning experience should anyone actually be interested in Facts not oxymoronic opinions & rhetoric. We are in these dark times because we lethargicly let go of His precious Gift of Freedom & instruction thiBook ( our times are written in the Book of Isaiah & what our God has done & continue to do if WE let Him… check it out. Note: that He has never given up on any of us as he exampled in His Gift of a Reprieve to America in 2016.
      Now the question that begs to be asked, if your not too caught up in the d help ark-side’s puppetry’s daily diversionary tactics against you, what are YOU doing to preserve this Reprieve for you &nAmerica’s Future & her Freedoms?

      • Patriot says:

        I’m voting Democrat to save America from the Antichrist chumpster I love and intend to protect my family from a tyrannical racist pig.
        Some day in the future if you have family they just might ask you what the hell were you thinking, why didn’t you stop that monster when you had a chance.
        Same thing people used to ask the German people why did you not stop HITLER when you had the chance.

      • ih8reps says:

        Voting against the reincarnation of HITLER TRUMPZILLA THAT IS MY REPRIEVE FOR AMERICA.

        • The Real M says:

          Ih8reps, I am sorry for you, you are a really unhappy, angry person with darkness in your heart!
          Can you explain how you developed such a hatred of President Trump? In what ways, list and explain, what he has done other than raise the quality of life of American citizens, which should have made everyone happy?.

  26. Daniel says:

    Trey’s the MAN !!! If the dems would only go legal, and take a vote. But since they won’t makes me think they’re all doing something illegal!!! If they don’t take a vote it is illegal…

    • reality check says:

      No Daniel, they are pulling yet another B.S.r response. The House changes the rules years ago since the Clinton impeachment, and a vote like you think they “need” – – they do not. They gave full house powers to an impeachment inquiry years ago. Did you notice today, Trump got shut down in trying to suppress providing his financial information? Trump is just using delaying tactics, which COULD get him yet another charge for impeachment – – obstructing the House in its oversight capacity.

      • sad times comming says:

        reality check
        Funny how it was the retardicans were the ones to change the rules thinking they could use it in the future funny how policy can come back and bite you in the A##

        • reality check says:

          Absolutely, sad times coming! And many of the things the GOP is doing right now will come back to bite them when the Democrats regain control of the Senate and presidency. Moscow Mitch had cut down many of the laws and “gentleman’s agreements of respectful behavior in the Senate, and so will not protect the minority as it used to happen. Karma can back and bite one badly. What is amazing, is how they do not seem to understand that all the people and groups that Trump has attacked, all the allies we have publicly verbally abused . . . . that will come back to have consequences also. Trumpers are fools, for nasty, venomous behavior has consequences too!

          • Pat says:

            I believe ANTIFA is a liberal group, as are all the others that use rioting and/or bodily injury (aka “nasty, venomous behavior”) against those who are Republicans/Trump supporters. Look in your own backyard before accusing others.

          • KATH says:

            in your dreams they all going to be indicted andin jail for there disgraceful crap they have been pu tting out before trump became president. your party will be getting right up were the sunshines.

  27. Gary Brooks says:

    Remember BENGHAZI ! GOD bless the AMERICAN PATRIOT !!! Vote for our freedom in 2020 !

    • ABC says:

      Yes, good point Gary!!! Trey and his keystone cops tried their best to get something on Hillary, and unlike Trump, she testified and took on all the Republicans in their efforts to dig up false dirt. Hillary kicked their asses and they could not come up with even one charge against her.

      Now if Trump is so innocent, as he CLAIMS to be, then why does he not come out with all the requested information and considering showing up and testifying and clearing this whole mess up? What is the matter, are you going to CLAIM (Like Trump’s lies” he is afraid because of stacked hearing? The Truth tends to win out, but it is clear Trump does not want the truth.

      • TexanForever says:

        Where have you been? … Trump just declassified EVERYTHING and the ill-informed Dems are running like scalded apes. The next two weeks should be fun. The leftist MSM propaganda machine is running at full blast and many snowflakes are still buying into it. … But many are starting to wise up.

        • ABC says:

          NO . . . . . no you are listening to right wing BS. There is at least 30 minutes to that very call that is missing and signified by THREE ellipses in the transcripts. Trump is refusing to give Congress the documents subpoenaed, and refusing to allow witness to be called. He had threatened the whistle blowers and called them “spied” which is untrue;.

          But the next two weeks WILL be fun . . . but perhaps not for Trumpers. 51% in a Fox poll support Trump to be BOTH impeached AND removed. You will see that number growing.

      • Charli1 says:

        ABC, you & your like-minded need to do more homework, heinous Hillary did not kick anyone’s ass but her own & her foot is still there… her saga, as is that of her fellow imploders, is far from over; while the Dem’s judicial System tipped the scales to favour the dark-sides imploding puppetry against Americans, our God’s Accountability & Consequence being no respecter of Persons Lurks Privily for that precise moment, & you can take to the bank!
        Further, you seem to forget you are in this same Great Country, America that Hillary, Obama, Soros, Illimarti, amongst Others & Other Elected like-minded Dems, were imploding America as part of a larger, more heinous World Agenda…
        Take a moment if you dare, to reflect & discern Your President’s choice of Priorities given time is of the essence;
        1a) You, & repairing America’s heinous Breach, or,
        1b) succumb, to the daily, Treasonist diversions You suggest… keeping in mind the final Act to America’s fall to a One World Government/ Control would be playing out as we speak & you can seriously bet your children’s Lives this New World Order of the dark-side WILL NOT be mirrored after America’s, & know the first Order of that day will be YOUR LOSS of FREEDOM, & having been precluded by the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment, the rest will be a cake-walk. Are you sure America, this is the Future you want?

        2. Continuing to bask in the Dem’s heinous diversions is to ignore these Foretold, Forwarned Times & the progression of this one World Agenda… so ask Yourselves 3 questions:
        2.1 Who, given time is of the essence, besides President Trump, his Team & real Americans with our God, are working daily repairing America’s heinous Breaches to protect & preserve Yours & America’s Freedoms with a Sustainable Economic Future?
        2.2. What has been achieved to date?
        2.3. Who is it the ever-threatening, heinous World Leaders of 2019 Fear the most?
        2.4. What has been the Dems daily priority since 2016? &
        2,4,1 What have they contributed to America’s Recovery since 2016?

        3. Given what you know & is Documented about America’s imploders, What if, in 2016 had our God not intervened in answer to a country-wide Prayer Request and Gifted America a Reprieve?


      Go ahead hide your reply button fact is when your so called left rises up and attacks people get bumps and or bruises but they go home to live another day.

  28. Paula C. Martinez says:

    LOVE IT! Love Trey, he is an honest man and goes after the truth. I was sorry to see him get out of congress, but so happy he is back fighting for the America we love and cherish and the American people. Our President couldn’t have made a better choice. Love God, our Country, and our President, God Bless them all.

  29. Janis says:

    So once again, the Biden campaign goes out to their purse carriers (the MSM) and tells them who they should not have on their shows. It has now come to the point that these alleged “news outlets” are merely arms of the Dem party and should no longer cloak themselves in the First Amendment. MSM lapdogs like CNN and MSNBC, the NY Times and WaPo go out there and put themselves out as “journalists”, when in reality they are basically Halloween costume wearers.

  30. Jan Jessicca Searcy says:

    200% agree Gowdy is a good man. Hire anyone else too who will call the crooks out and put them on BLAST.
    Must fight back.

  31. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    You can’t get more credible than Gowdy…

    • Scott27 says:

      I think you omitted the critical part of that statement. Should be more UN-credible. Seven… seven investigations into Benghazi and he was never able to find anything credible to convict on anything.

      • Lynnie says:

        And the DEMOCRATS are the ones who caused it to be that many. Turn about is fair play.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          B.S. Lynnie. One thing that is weakest about republicans (and they have their strengths too), is that they blame every single loss either on someone else or on some stupid conspiracy “fraud.” While you claim Dems don’t face facts on the election loss of 2016 (and Dems lost it by not getting out the votes), it is time for you to accept your losses. You got trounced in 2018 election. The republicans tried SEVEN times to nail Hillary into Bengazi – – and she showed up and did one 12-hour day of grilling by Try and a panel of other republicans, and Hillary defeated them all – – it was clear she was smarter than the whole panel. There was over 6 years of the Ken Starr investigation (remember “Whitewater” Bull?) and Clinton impeachment, and Bengazi investigations, and you never made one thing stick.

          Give it up, quit being sorry losers and move on with your lives. Here’s an idea, investigate B O T H the Bidens and Trump group, and if either or both is found guilty, then fully support letting the chips fall where they may. Let the guilty reap what they have sewn!

          • Mark Spencer says:

            Gee, Dr. J.D. Ain’t that exactly what the demoncrats are doing? Blaming us deplorables and such? Let’s face it, the demoncrats are sore losers and whiny
            cry babies. They can’t stand for people to have a differing opinion than they do, That’s why they hate Christians, because we choose to heed and obey what our Lord tells us, not what the leftist liberals tell us. They hate the conservatives, because conservatives what a small government and let the people make their own ways, instead of wanting a big government that tells people how to live, what to eat, what to say, etc. Yes, the demoncrats have for We The People to think their own thoughts, practice our ammendment rights of Free Speech, Freedom to Worship or not worship, The Right to have guns for our own protection. That’s why the demoncrats have foisted upon the American people political correctness, which comes from the pit of hell and is aimed at destroying us. That’s why they push all of this LGBQT agenda on us, why they are for having even pre-kindergarten kids to be taught about it’s okay if you want to change your sex or that homosexuality is okay, etc. You can’t seriously tell me one thing that the demoncrats stand for that is moral, wholesome and good. So when the American people tell them to shove it, they scream and holler and file legal actions against anybody who doesn’t agree with their agenda. CRY BABY DICTATORS!

  32. Leo Baker says:

    Trey Gowdy is the one person, while in congress, that I trusted to do the right thing. He is intelligent and honest. The Deep State is well organized and will do anything to bring this country into a dictatorship. If you are or were a high powered Democrat, you are part of that criminal organization. However, there are many sheep in wolf clothing that are hoping to pick up the crumbs. Remember, USA is not mentioned in the end times, it will no longer be a great power when the end comes.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    I wish that we had more like him. What this country needs now is more honest men that will stand up to the “press” David Brinkley and Chet Huntley would be horrified to see what NBC has become. Elizabeth

  34. Rich says:

    Now Gowdy will be able to operate like an attorney should be able to operate, unhindered by being in Congress. Demented-Dems will be sweating bullets.


    • ABC says:

      hahahahahahha . . .. the Dems are not worried at all!!!! We trust the evidence already collected on Trump and the other evidence soon to come out, with a fair hearing, will come out. Bring it on – – – Trey was incapable nailing Hillary, and he will not do any better even if helping Trump. Trump is not relying on the evidence, since he admitted to making the phone call and provided the transcripts to Congress which showed he was guilty of a crime. Trump is counting that the GOP has no integrity and will cover up his crimes like his former attorney used to do.

      • Mark Spencer says:

        ABC, have you been staying too long at the purple Kool-Aid punch bowl, again? What evidence, what crime? Yes, Trump did talk with the Ukrainian president, which is what a president is supposed to do for any and all world leaders, to help establish a rapport and such. Trump did release the transcript and THERE WAS NO WRONG DOING FOUND!!!!!! He did ask to investigate the wrong that the Biden’s did, while Biden was Vice President, BUT HE DID NOT MAKE IT QUID PRO QUO, unlike Biden who openly bragged about threatening the then Ukrainian president of withholding money and military aid unless they fired the prosecutor who was investigating the activities of Biden’s questionable and probably illegal activities with the one Ukrainian oil company. Why isn’t there a major out cry and investigation into THIS crime? Or the various illegal activities of the Clintons, especially Hillary the Hun’s? Why? It’s because they are the darlings of the demoncrat party and the MSM, where they can’t do any wrong in their eyes. Yer for 3 years the American people has been forced to tolerate witch hunt after witch hunt for many supposed crimes by Trump, ALL WHICH HAS BEEN FOUND OUT TO BE FALSE FLAG ISSUES. Even the so-called whistle blower, who was not on the phone call that Trump had made, but only has hear say information, provided by, no doubt demoncrats, is a demoncrat their self and has ties to Obuumer and HtH, and other crooked demoncrat leaders. I am certainly not a lawyer or such, but I do know that hear say evidence is no evidence in a court of law. The supposed crime that Schiff supposedly has is not a crime by Trump, but his own crimes to We The People.

        It’s amazing how many demoncrat flunkies have been posting on this particular blog. Is it possible that they realize the ax is about to fall and the head it cuts off is the stinking demoncrat party? May it drop soon and be very sharp!

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Mark, there are none so blind as people like you who refuse to see. Thankfully the American people are coming to see. To quote from the recent Fox poll: “By a 66-25 percent margin, voters say it is generally inappropriate for Trump to ask foreign leaders to investigate political rivals.” Actually, it is ILLEGAL.

          #1. after Ukrainian president Zelensky expressed the desire for more Javelin missles, Trump immediately stated that “I would like a favor though . . .” and one of his “favors” was to investigate a political rival. Standard of the law does not include “pressure” but only to SOLICIT . . . which Trump clearly did.

          #2. There is evidence that has surfaced (text messages, paperwork) that this favor was clearly believed by the Ukraine AND U.S. officials to be “Quid Pro Quo” or extortion.

          #3. The Mueller Report showed strong evidence that Trump was involved with TEN (10) clearly outlined acts of Obstruction of Justice. One thing made clear is that Trump would have been indicted, IF he was not president. The same holds true for Trump’s illegal activities with his lawyer, Cohen. Cohen is already in prison for those offenses, conducted “at the direction of Trump.”

          Mark, you are just repeating right wing talking points. The Democrats are not posting for fears and best be careful or the axe could fall right on your own party. We hope you will wake up and realize what we have seen CLEARLY for a long time – – Trump is a conman and has been playing and manipulating his followers. If you don’t, the damage to America could even be greater.

          • Mark Spencer says:

            Dr. J.D. Do youdeny Biden’s bragging admission of openly declaring Quid Pro Quo to the former Urkrainian president regarding the prosecutor who was investigating Biden’s on, while Biden was vice president? How come that’s not something worthy to be investigated and a reason to force Biden out of the running? Oh, yeah, he’s a demoncrat and can’t do no wrong, right? If there was a quid Pro Quo, in Trump’s call, it had to be inferred and more likely a hopeful wish on some demoncrat’s part. Gee, what if we had a republican whistle blower come forward and say things that Obummer or Hillary the Hun had said to a nation’s leader, which seemed inappropriate and illegal? Would there be any investigation, what so ever, especially when in light the whistle blower had not been listening in and only received hear say information from another Republican, what would happen you think? I know what would happen. All the demoncrats would circle the wagons and not allow any investigation or anything else, like hat’s happening now, to go on and the supposed whistle blower would either be thrown into jail or quietly killed. Double standards is always in play when the demoncrats are involved. You are so quick with your criticisms about Trump, but how about all that massive dirty laundry from your former presidents, president want to be, and the many other demoncratic leaders, like Pelosi, the gang of four, etc. Strangely all we hear is crickets chirping. Best to clean up your own house before you criticize another’s. As Jesus said, “You are concerned about the mote in your brother’s eye, when you have a 2×4 in your own. Take care of the 2×4 in your own eye, then you’ll be better able to remove the mote in yor brothers.” Too bad the demoncrats have a thing against the Lord Jesus Christ, because they sure could learn a few things from Him.

      • Gayle Clay says:

        No, Trump is counting on everyone being able to read the transcripts. If that is too difficult for the Democrats, at least the people of this country can read them, and know first hand that there was absolutely nothing wrong in the conversation. Schiff, the lier had to make up a completely fabricated transcript and read it on television because there was nothing wrong in the conversation. They have NOTHING! They are feeding u all a line of BS with this impeachment inquiry which wasn’t even voted on by the house. It’s another piece of bait for the dumb people who just haven’t given Trump a chance.

  35. Mark Spencer says:

    Sic ’em Trey! Tear them up and send them running like the cursed cur they are!

  36. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    Look out there’s a new sheriff in town go get em Trey

    • ABC says:

      He is not the Sherif, and only fools would think he can get anyone since he has failed so much in the past. Why did Trey quit and leave?

  37. Brian says:

    Trey Gowdy is the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB!!

    • LOL says:

      You left a word out, Brian. Should have said “Trey Gowdy is the BEST PERSON FOR THE BLOW JOB!!”

      • Mark Spencer says:

        LOL, that’s funny, it’s you demoncrats who are pro-gay. Even the last disaster of a president we had, had been documented that he, at least in his early life, had been doing such things to other guys, and since he was celebrating the God awful SCOTUS ruling of allowing gay “marriage” one begins to wonder about him.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      LOL and you are the best man for the whack job.

  38. Mike says:

    I hope he does what everyone thinks he should do.There is a new One everyday on how they will clean up the mess that Obama started.How about all the petitions that were signed to remove the four horsemen.Guess What.Nothing done.Why should anyone think this will be different???When it comes down to power.They are all cut from the same cloth.

  39. Steve says:

    Gowdy should have the power to arrest seditious & treasonous criminals of the left to GITMO , under military justice ! The only way to stop all their continuous crimes against America & Trump . And Confiscate their trillions of assets they have stolen from the U.S. taxpayer funds they have used FOR our NWO enemies !

    • LOL says:

      I see, Steve . . . . you are one who buys all that right wingnut propaganda despite all the evidence to the contrary. What would be smart, given the past, is that you start preparing the excuses for when you LOSE YET AGAIN . . . . and you have to blames someone or something else. How about, the Deep State paired up with the Loch Ness montster and Big Foot and George Soros, and ended up “pulling a fast one on you again?”

  40. I’m Thrilled!! Trey Gowdy is the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB!!

  41. Elton K. Bowman Jr. says:

    I am thrilled that Trey Gowdy has been hired onto Trump’s legal team. But the truth is the democrats are fast tracking the impeachment process for several reasons. True, the democrats want to impeach Trump and Pence, but that is not the real reason. The democrats, CIA, FBI and many others (better known as the DEEP STATE) are sweating, as they fear Attorney general Barr and prosecutor Durham (?) are getting too close to the truth and all those involved are praying the democrats can take control and squash all the evidence.

  42. a fool says:

    Wonderful! Now, we can put our be loved AMERICA back on the Right Path!

  43. hondo1046 says:

    I am excited to see that we brought in some Offensive help. It is hard to understand how Americans have accepted the garbage of the mainstream media, but it seems as if they do. We need to be able to get to the people who watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, etc. (the other 50%)

    I trust Trey Gowdy to manage how the AG Barr, Durham and Horowitz investigations get communicated and to help America understand what these folks are doing to our country,

    No one does it better than Trey Gowdy.

    Good Luck Trey

  44. CAPN JACK says:

    ***** 5 stars Mr. Trump. You couldn’t have picked a better man. Truth be told, the dems are up to their ass in do do now. Trey will get to the bottom of this “witch hunt” and expose those responsible and you can believe they will hang by their finger nails. {or other body parts} There will be a hot time in the old town tonight. If you want to play games, remember the best defense is a good offense and that is what we will see..
    GO TRUMP 2020

  45. Dianne says:

    As long has Gods in control, victory already won

    • Wes Jones says:

      But what happened in the Holocost? True, the Jews got their Homeland back – the only piece of ground in the region without oil under it – but at what cost? The problem here in USA is God is, in my opinion, is allowing too much free will.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        So what is your solution, Wes, to take away some of man’s free will???!!!! Ha! We were given the power of free will, and God expects us to use it use it in the right ways. That means, that even Trumpers can wake up and start looking at facts instead of fake conspiracies, and see the lifetime of evidence on Trump . . . and that he is a conman who has NO respect for the rules and others.
        Look at how Trump has betrayed the Kurds when once he promised a few months ago to stand by the Kurds. Trump, by his own words convicted himself on that Ukrainian call, and then went out and publicly asked for China’s help to dig up dirt on Biden’s – – thus committing yet another crime. God is not taking away our free will — so we must learn to use it properly.

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