The Deep State is on red alert after Trump gave Trey Gowdy the one order they fear

During his time in Congress, there was nobody the Left feared more than Trey Gowdy.

He constantly put them on blast with questions they are terrified to answer.

And now the Deep State is on red alert after Trump gave Gowdy the one order they fear.

Trey Gowdy is one of the toughest fighters that was ever in Congress.

He is the main figure who led the fight against Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi investigation.

And now Trump has tapped him as outside counsel in the fight against Democrat impeachment efforts.

Breitbart News reports:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has reportedly signed on to serve as outside counsel to President Donald Trump as part of his efforts to fight the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

An unnamed administration official confirmed the move to the Associated Press on Tuesday evening.

Gowdy, who retired from Congress last year, represented South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District for eight years.

The former lawmaker served as House Oversight Committee chairman and oversaw the investigation into former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and the events surrounding the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya. Since leaving Washington, D.C., Gowdy joined the law firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough and signed on as a Fox News Channel contributor.

The development came after the White House sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) confirming it will not cooperate with the impeachment probe, branding it “illegitimate” and “unconstitutional.”

Gowdy’s duties will largely be on the inside, with him not serving as the main public face.

But his new position will give him status to speak with the media, where he will be able to torch the Democrat Party much like Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani regularly does.

This is what the Deep State should fear above all.

They are so fearful of Giuliani that the Joe Biden campaign sent demands to major media outlets telling them not to host him on their shows.

Getting the truth across with such a hostile press is becoming more difficult than ever.

But Gowdy is unafraid to fight to make the truth known.

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225 Responses

  1. EME says:

    Joe- You are the one who needs to educate yourself; stop listening to CNN, stop reading the NYT and try to use the brain that God gave you. The election was legal.
    Clinton LOST fair and square.
    Trump is the president and is garnering more support every day for the things he has accomplished despite the Democrats’ opposition.
    POTUS Trump is strengthening our borders.
    He is bringing wayward companies and JOBS home where they belong.
    He is not intimidated by the Democrats and their machinations.
    He is calling out Democrat officials for their neglect of their home districts.
    He is rebuilding our armed forces and pulling us out of foreign wars.
    He is, through diplomatic channels, uncovering some of the gross corruption of previous administrations.
    He WILL drain the swamp in D.C.
    I don’t understand how you can still support the Democrats when all they have done for the past three years is ignore their constituents to pursue the pipedream of impeachment. A quarter million homeless, rampant wild fires, rolling blackouts, a health emergency evolving in the cities- and that is just California!!!
    Just think for yourself, use your head. Don’ let the Democrat mind control rule you. You can’t be that foolish or naive. LOOK AT THE FACTS. The facts are the truth and the truth will set you free.

  2. EME says:

    That’s what the Democrats are doing by opening the borders to anyone who wants to come here. Sure you have a few with legitimate reasons for leaving their native land, but the majority are worthless sponges, felons who should be incarcerated or people like Omar who are actively working to undermine our government and way of life. With open borders we are not a cohesive nation, just a continent full of enclaves who hate each other, some of whom will turn and kill their neighbors so they can say they served their god or the public good or some other insane reason. Look at what Turkey is doing to the Kurds or any of the Mid East nations’ attitude toward Israel; that is what will happen here if the Democrats
    gain control of this country. I, for one, don’t want that to happen; I SUPPORT POTUS TRUMP.

  3. Tim Kurstedt says:

    Anyone can say anything, what proof do you have? That’s what I thought.

  4. Drew says:

    In reply to what a Democrat said about eating baby’s they not a real meal so less us all get a good meal and eat a Democrat insted forgot they already runt they like a chicken left out in open for a week

  5. Mark Spencer says:

    Correction. That should have read, “His only begotten Son.”

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