The Deep State FBI is in hot water after the last person expected revealed this anti-Trump secret

Deep State agents at the FBI will do anything to push anti-Trump agendas.

Just look at what they did to people like General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone.

And now the Deep State FBI is in hot water after the last person expected revealed his anti-Trump secret.

If the FBI wants to punish somebody, they will do anything to achieve that.

So with the FBI becoming completely weaponized by the Left, they have consistently gone after figures on the Right, either to shut them up, send a message, or create a fake narrative that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

In their most infamous case, the FBI was able to force General Michael Flynn out of his position in Trump’s White House by charging him with lying to the FBI.

That charge was able to stick because the FBI used confusingly worded questions to trick Flynn into lying, and despite what he “lied” about having nothing to do with law-breaking, they were able to place serious charges on him to remove him from Trump’s White House.

But the FBI’s most recent high profile case doesn’t even involve pro-Trump figures at all.

During the height of protests against government-imposed lockdowns, the FBI announced charges against a group of so-called “Boogaloo bois” who are accused of planning to kidnap Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Those arrested have a long history of anti-Trump statements, yet the so-called “mainstream” media claimed that Trump was who motivated them.

But in recent weeks it has come out that the entire situation was planned, supplied, and pushed from the inside by government informants.

And in the latest shocking development, it has come out that the FBI is now telling informants they have to testify in the case to lie.

According to the attorney of a man facing charges in the plot, an FBI agent recently told an informant to lie and delete text messages showing the agency’s involvement in furthering the conspiracy.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Attorney Michael Hills, who represents defendant Brandon Caserta, made the accusations Friday in a court filing, asking Judge Robert Jonker of the Western District of Michigan to order the government to produce all communications between Special Agents Impola Henrik and Jayson Chambers and the informant of the Wolverine Watchmen militia group, known as ‘Dan.’”

Images provided show agent Impola telling “Dan” to “be sure to delete these” in reference to messages discussing the plot.

Another agent also told “Dan” to accuse somebody else in the group of being a federal agent.

“Copy. Best thing to do is deny and accuse somebody else like Trent,” the message allegedly said.

“These text messages indicate the F.B.I. was pushing their paid agent to actively recruit people into an overt act in furtherance of a conspiracy,” Hills wrote in the filing.

So they will prosecute General Flynn for “lying” to the FBI, while the FBI will tell other people to lie to further their agenda.

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