The bank accounts of Donald Trump supporters are at risk after this scary announcement

All hell is breaking loose.

The backlash against COVID restrictions grows every day.

And now the bank accounts of Donald Trump supporters are at risk after this scary announcement.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared martial law and suspended democracy by invoking the Emergencies Act.

The government also announced it would begin freezing and seizing bank accounts of any Canadian who either participated in the Freedom Convoy or supported the trucker’s protest.

But the Canadian government isn’t just stopping with truckers.

Justin Trudeau’s Justice Minister announced that anyone in Canada who supported Donald Trump could see their bank account seized.

What began as “15 days to slow the spread” turned into “if you oppose the government, the police will arrest you and steal all of your money.”

Leftists like Justin Trudeau blabber constantly about how they are supposedly defending democracy from autocratic forces unleashed by Donald Trump.

That is a gigantic lie.

The Left looks to censor speech online and cancel anyone who opposes their identity politics dogma.

Now the leftists coalesced around the idea that protesting the government is grounds for arrest and financial ruin.

That is the true definition of totalitarianism and autocracy.

When the lockdowns began, critics worried that the government would exploit the pandemic to seize unlimited power.

In Canada, provinces are dropping the vaccine mandates and other restrictions as the Freedom Convoy protests swelled.

But not the national government.

Prime Minister Trudeau refused to bend.

Instead, he imposed a Communist China-style crackdown on the protests.

Trudeau seized police powers and directed banks to financially cripple anyone who opposed his COVID measures.

Any sane leader would have ended the COVID mandates, as polls show nearly two-thirds of Canadians believe it is time to drop the restrictions and move on with normal life.

But after a phone call with Joe Biden, Trudeau began ordering police to take harsh measures to end the protest.

Now Canada is living under martial law.

Democracy is dead.

And many Trump supporters worry that these anti-democratic ideas and values will migrate down from Canada to the Left in this country.

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