Ted Nugent destroyed Little Marco Rubio’s gun control scheme with one Facebook post

Democrats are outright calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

But sadly it’s often RINOs like Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) who end up eroding Americans’ gun rights.

But conservative rock and roll icon Ted Nugent just wrecked Senator Rubio’s new anti-gun scheme with one social media post.

On the first day of the new Congress, Senator Rubio introduced so-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation legislation.

Under this scheme, government agents could seize the firearms of American citizens even if they haven’t been arrested or convicted of anything.

Self-proclaimed “pro-gun” Republicans are parroting talking points pushed by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, claiming the Red Flag scheme will stop those hell-bent on committing violence.

But the scary truth about his Red Flag bill is that nearly anyone could label a law-abiding gun owner as “dangerous” – turning due process on its head.

As Ted Nugent sarcastically pointed out:

“Oh sure! Everybody knows that big brother government can be trusted to determine which of us can be trusted. Maybe Hillary or Eric holder or James Comey could be in charge of such decision making. Sleep comfortably at night America the devil is in charge.”

After the Parkland tragedy, anti-gun politicians scrambled to call for gun control.

But lack of gun control wasn’t the problem.

The problem was law enforcement didn’t do their job.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel already had the tools to stop the madman that opened fire at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.

Even the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association called for the removal of Sheriff Israel.

Under current law, truly dangerous people can be arrested or at a minimum interviewed by law enforcement, who can then move to arrest if they deem it’s needed.

And the BSO and FBI received dozens of tips that should have led to an interview.

But they didn’t bother.

Now Senator Rubio and gun-grabber politicians are using this case as an excuse to attack the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.


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107 Responses

  1. Unfortunate that these people cant be forced to change their party affiliation when they do things like this, c’mon RNC!

  2. David F. Lanphere Sr. says:

    To my mind, RINOs are more disgusting than the democrat progressives, because they are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. We expect the democrat progressives to be the evil Satan worshipers they are, but the RINOs are pretending to be God Fearing Conservatives, while they worship BAAL in their basements.

  3. Remind anyone of a particular time in history? Still people out there who believe it cant happen again!

  4. Jason E Hundley says:

    I hope, Trump declares martial law,so we can get to killing these punks!

    • gbar says:

      Oops ! You are now on the list to be visited. You must think you have free speech. You are a
      dangerous person to the Commie goals in America.

      It just might be time to punish the commieguard in Amerika !

      “just doing my job mam” “didn’t really want to kill your husband / daddy but I’m a paycheck whore”
      “the constitution really means nothing to me”. “Just a piece of paper to wipe my ass with”.
      “Like I said mam, just doing my job”.

  5. Right on J, amazing how many people think all that’s made up by us “gun buts. Course, when you’re not taught history, I guess you can make up your own.

  6. J says:

    Here is a dose of the REAL facts the dems don’t want you to know about. You can look these up for your own edification after reading this information.

    After disarming their citizens, enemies and rivals (like the demonazzis and RINOs ARE attempting to do now) these infamous leaders made every effort to bring the rest of their subservient peons in line.

    Emperor Hirohito of Japan had, by best estimates, 6 MILLION unarmed people killed in order to maintain total control.
    Benito Mussolini had 400,000 unarmed people killed under his regime to maintain control.
    Adolf Hitler exterminated 6 MILLION Jews, 10 MILLION Soviets and approximately 3 MILLION others during his effort to create the master race. All of these people were UNARMED!
    Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union had between 40 to 62 MILLION of his own umarmed people killed during his reign. That doesn’t include those who were sent to Siberian work camps and died.
    Mao Tse Tung of Communist China had, at best estimates, 45 MILLION unarmed Chinese citizens exterminated under his regime.
    Idi Amin of Uganda had between 80 & 300 THOUSAND of his umarmed subjects exterminated during his reign of terror.
    Only 80 miles south of the United States, Fidel Castro had 40 THOUSAND umarmed subjects exterminated during his time.
    These are just a few examples of the great(?) leaders in the last century that have disarmed their people for their safety and well being. There are many more who were just as bad and all under the guise of “common sense gun control.”

    This is exactly the same thing the RINOs and demoscum have been attempting to do since enacting the gun control act of 1968. The act is almost word for word the same as what Hitler enacted before implementing his extermination plan. Compare the two and see. Year after year they have chipped away at your constitutional rights with more and more restrictive gun laws These people are so desperate to control the citizens of this country, will say anything to fool you into believing this is what’s best.

    The second amendment was created and instituted as part of our inalienable rights to keep from being taken over by a repressive government. If you choose to ignore these facts and let our elected officials enact more laws and slowly take away your rights, history will repeat itself and we will be the victims. Get out and vote this scum out of office.

  7. Little Marco, is Done he may as well resign NOW.

  8. krymson says:

    Article the Fourth [Amendment II]

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Any law passed to reduce or prohibit any law-abiding citizen’s right to firearms ownership is in direct violation to The Constitution. Remember, an unarmed citizenry is often referred to as “subjects”!

  9. Phil in TX says:

    Ted is 100% correct. Once given this power, no government entity will give it up unless forced to do so by overwhelming armed force. Count on it.

    Phil in TX

  10. John Flowers says:

    Ted is a hero of mine! I don’t like his music, but I sure as hell like where he stands on gun control! Rubio is a two-faced RINO and you should expect him to do things to curry favor with the DemoRATS. How many 60 year old’s will they have to kill to take their weapons away? How many 40 year old’s? Watch out brother, big government will nail your hide to the wall for a quarter, They’ll kill you to take your guns!

    • Gene Hollon says:

      DIM-O-CRATS are disgustingly “DIM WITTED”. B U T – RHINOS are
      ridiculous ROUGES .

    • TOM says:


      There is no such law called GIMMIE GIMMIE. But there is a Due Process Law and
      Ex Post Facto Laws.


      If the FED’s or State want your property (FIREARMS) they prove you are nuts, for the RED FLAG law. If they do prove you are nuts, then they have to pay you for your property (FIREARMS) or you can give to family members or sell tkem IF they cannot prove you are nuts, then you can sue each officer and the one who sent them, for a few million dollars. The officers can say they were ordered to do it, but Ignorance of the LAW is not excuse, as per the LAW.

      Thus, under Nuremberg Principle IV, “defense of superior orders” is not a defense for war crimes, although it might be a mitigating factor that could influence a sentencing authority to lessen the penalty. Nuremberg Principle IV states:

      Nuremberg principles

      Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefor and liab…

      Some Laws being broken by the FEDS AND STATES.

      2402. Hobbs Act — Generally

      2402. Hobbs Act — Generally



      “Rakoff and Goldstein have proved that a practical book can also be scholarly. They have gathered together a gro…

      Police civil liability under section 1983: When do police officers act under color of law?

      Police civil liability under section 1983: When do police officers act u…

      When law enforcement personnel are sued in civil court pursuant to Title 42 of the United States Code, Section 1…

      (a) PROHIBITION ON CONFISCATION OF FIREARMS – No officer or employee of the United States (including any member of the uniformed services), or person operating pursuant to or under color of Federal law, or receiving Federal funds, or under control of any Federal official, or providing services to such an officer, employee, or other person, while acting in support of relief from a major disaster or emergency, may:

      Guide to the Constitution

      Guide to the Constitution

      The Heritage Guide to the Constitution is intended to provide a brief and accurate explanation of each clause of…

      18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law | US Law …
      18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights | US Law | LII / Legal …
      Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law | CRT | Department of Justice
      Federal Civil Rights Statutes — FBI

      42 U.S.C. § 1983 – Conservapedia
      42 U.S.C. § 1983, popularly known as “Section 1983,” is a federal law that allows lawsuits for violations of constitutional rights.
      Amendment II – The United States Constitution

      Fourth Amendment – U.S. Constitution – FindLaw
      Fifth Amendment | Constitution | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

  11. MRSGUNNUT10 says:

    Damn , and I thought Rubio was smarter than that. He did sound a lot smarter when he was first Elected. Wonder what happened?? Either way , I think the Anti-Gun Bill he just brought up to be voted on, just killed his chance to be re-elected ever again. Bye bye ” Castro Junior ” , you have had a short Political Run – hang on to what you may have left. TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet. & Systems Analyst, Retired.

    • Racecar says:

      I agree ! Rubio is a RINO. It comes out after each of his elections, The last big Democrat bill he pushed was when he was in the gang of eight. I don’t trust him he is a back stabber You can not have a law that allows you to be guilty just because some one other then a court of law says you are guilty. In this country you are not guilty until proven guilty. At least that was what it use to be according to our constitution !!!

  12. Pure Patriot says:

    Nice. I posted and you want to stomp my first amendment? Gfy

  13. frank says:

    hey rubio, go back across the border with the rest of the bottom feeding scum pigs like you.

  14. Robert says:

    Does anyone remember Germany outlawed guns from the public, then amassed the army to kill anyone who threatened them sound familiar???

    • CC says:

      No, I came near the end of ’44, but my Dad told me about it all…So much NOT in my history books…in HS or college!! It is TRUE that the Nazis confiscated guns from its citizenry, then came the radios…I pray that America is NOT on that road, one that the Rats & RINOs are pushing us to!!

    • gandolf says:

      “For the first time in history a country has complete gun registration. The streets will be safer and the police more efficient” Adolf Hitler 1935.

      • Phyllis says:

        It was said years ago that those who commit the greatest numbers of murders are governments, after they take away citizens right to defend themselves. That has been proven through out history.

  15. Robert F Ahrens says:

    Rubio is nothing more than a kiss ass POS. When will the people who vote these Mashucagas in learn? This country is overrun with dumb-asses.

  16. Murphy says:

    Feed rubio to the alligators!!!

  17. Karin says:

    Here is a copy of the bill. You all might want to read it. It is a summary only.
    Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act

    Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Jack Reed (D-RI), Angus King (I – ME), and Susan Collins (R – ME)

    The tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was the result of multiple system failures, requiring a multifaceted approach to prevent future mass shootings.

    Congress must work to create a more effective system to prevent gun violence before it happens.
    Law enforcement or family members who have identified the dangerous and threatening behavior of an individual currently have limited options to remove firearms from that individual’s possession, or ensure they cannot purchase firearms.
    We tell people if “you see something, say something.” This bill ensures that we do something.
    Congress must pass legislation encouraging states to enact laws to provide law enforcement or family members the option of obtaining a court order to prevent firearm purchases and possession by individuals who pose a significant threat to themselves or others while providing due process protections.
    Such laws have been enacted in several states, including Florida and Rhode Island. Other states, including Maine, are currently considering such proposals.

    • The Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act:
    • Creates an Extreme Risk Protection Order Grant Program at the Department of Justice
    • Makes states enacting qualifying laws eligible for funding to help implement such laws, as well as priority consideration for Bureau of Justice Assistance discretionary grants.
    • Requires that a qualifying state law be in compliance with the minimum requirements described in the act, including: Providing a process where a law enforcement officer or family member of an individual can petition for – and after notice and hearing, a court can grant an Extreme Risk Protection Order if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that such individual poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself/herself or others by possessing or purchasing a firearm.
    • The duration of such order may not exceed 12 months but may be renewed upon a showing of clear and convincing evidence it remains warranted.
    • Respondent has the right to request a hearing to vacate an order or renewal.
    • Providing a process where a Temporary Ex Parte Extreme Risk Protection Order can be issued if a court finds probable cause to believe that an individual poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself or herself or others in the near future by possessing or purchasing a firearm.
    • Establishing a felony criminal offense for knowingly making a false statement relating to an Extreme Risk Protection Order regarding a material matter.
    • Requiring clear processes and instructions for the surrender of a respondent’s firearms should an extreme Risk Protection Order be issued, as well as clear processes and instructions for the swift return of such firearms upon expiration or successful motion to vacate an order.
    • Requiring that an issuance of an Extreme Risk Protection Order be reported to the appropriate federal, state, and tribal databases.

    • gandolf says:

      Total nonsense. The police were called to Cruz’s house over 30 times. People reported Cruz to the FBI because of what he was posting. He should have been put on the NICS SYSTEM list so he couldn’t purchase a gun. THE NATIONAL INSTANT CHECK SYSTEM is run by the FBI who do an instant background check and issue a yes or no on the sale in the gun store or gun show. The Demwit call for a national background check is just moronic. Since 2004 the FBI has been doing the background checks.

      • Gene Hollon says:

        gandolf,- The FAKE NEWS has hoodwinked the uninformed public about ASSAULT WEAPONS AND BACKGROUND CHECKS. Deliberately ,they INCORRECTLY classify TENS OF MILLIONS of SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapons as “ASSAULT WEAPONS” ALSO—
        They FAIL to report FBI statements that in a recent year , 76000 applicants LIED on the form for their BACKGROUND CHECK.
        THAT IS A FELONY. The DEALERS reported these cases to D O J . They referred 4700 to BATF for prosecution. — ONLY –44—were
        prosecuted. “SO MUCH FOR BACKGROUND CHECKS.”

        • Robert Polans says:

          I don’t think most civilians including the fbi know what an assault rifle really is. You pull the trigger once and the whole magazine empties. It’s just been military issue.

  18. Steveur says:

    Ted, Airborne, never take the word of the RINO’s …never the Leftists and it will be a cold day, for the Left to win, we will take the hill with a flag, “ONLY FROM OUR COLD HANDS! 101st Veteran. Liberals are park lawn dog waste.

  19. Let me explain “Errors Of Gun Control. Thank God that our fore fathers had the insight to allow us to have guns. Why – As you look around the world there have several countries who turned their form of government into dictators. How were they able to do this – they took the guns away from the general population and as a result they were not able to stop it. So don’t give me any crap that we don’t need guns.

  20. Buddy says:

    Looks like Little Rubio just lost his job

  21. scooch says:

    IS ‘marco’ an ocasio-cortez In ‘drag’ ?

  22. marleen davis says:

    how did so many A holes get into power with their contrary wants and beliefs that their constituents never asked for? did they buy big nerve balls as soon as they won their jobs or is it just fun avd a lot more profitable for them to do as they want dismissing their voters? digusting p.o.s,’s campaign promises obviously mean nothing to these slime balls–only to our PRESIDENT !

    • Ronald Rubery says:

      Because of stupid American voters, that’s how. Too many Americans have their heads up their asses.

    • Cliff says:

      RAMPANT PROVEN VOTER FRAUD… ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTING, and “indoctrinated” college brats that are “allowed” to vote (only if they vote the way their COMMUNIST “professors” tell them to)

  23. Starman says:

    Marco is a treasionist traitor pig to America.!!!! He sold us out to the NWO for money an power!!!!! People need to quit drinking the coolaid the demorats an rinorats have been telling us!!!!! They have been lying to us they want to take our freedoms away so we are at their mercy!!!!! They want to take our guns away so we cant protect our selves. They are trying to take the 2nd amendment away an now they are trying to take free speech away. If they take one amendment away they will try to take away the whole constitution !!!!! We need to not drink the coolaid!!!!! History repeats its self. Please we need to protect our freedoms!!!!! Cause you dont know what you got untill its gone.

    • Starman says:

      Thank you MR TED Nugent for staning up for the constitution an the 2nd amendment . The VETS. Who are serving an who died for America. We are disrospecting. Their sacrifices they made for us by drinking the coolaid these treasionist traitor. Pigs. The rinorats an the demorats. So!!!!!! If we dont wake up. There will be no America !!!! They. Sold us out to the NWO!!!!! These rats dont care about. America !!!!!!!

  24. Leo Draegert says:

    Hey Ted I am a nobody, and I am glad you can speak out about the second amendment. I was wondering what you thought about the ban on the bump stock that President Trump did? I am not to sure that he might not just sell the second amendment down the river also. I thought it was a great training tool for the young! Do we need it no, but we might some day.

    • John Bloxson Jr. says:

      The Whole Red Flag Bull Manure is an attack on Due Process and there are two major promises. Number One an an9tip can bring a seizure of an innocent persons Guns . Two with the Red flag rules you are guilty until proven innocent The Red Flag laws make a mockery of innocent until proven guilty. Red Flag Laws attack the First, Second and Forth Amendments of the Constitution this is an Assualt on the Constitution of the United States of America!

    • Walter Groover says:

      Leo, you are an AMERICAN,ergo you ARE SOMEBODY. Do not sell yourself short……

  25. dlmstl says:

    Dem’s and Rino’s love to keep abortion, immigration and gun control as ‘wedge issues’. That’s why they never get around to addressing real solutions. POTUS Barry had total control for two years, ignored immigration and went full bore on ObamaCare.

  26. Debby says:

    FF went down at that School.Just had a drill.all these shootings happen right after our own government has Drills.Thats the plan. Impeach two Muslims just put in Congress. Also ocostia they are terrorist.

  27. Robert J. Gargasz says:

    Bubble boy globalist NWO Marco is swimming in the wrong pool!

    But at least now he’s out of the closet and can’t legitimately claim to side with the 2nd Amendment anymore. He has shown his true colors!

  28. JH says:

    Please post my previous comment!!

  29. Katee says:

    Rubio needs to remember we put him in office to do a job for US, not to further is own personal agenda. We want you to not vote for gun control.

  30. Leif says:

    And to think Rubio was one of my top 3 picks for pres in 2016 and Trump was not one of them. Boy was I stupid!!!

  31. Chuck says:

    I actually know (or better said, knew) the asshole and no longer recognize Rubio. The funniest thing is he’s a lifetime NRA member and was the guy Camera Hogg targeted the most at that farce of a so called “town hall” 1 week after the massacre.

  32. Marcos go back to Cuba with the Cuba dicktaker. You sound like you agree with his policies

  33. DAWN WRIDE says:

    Why do you think the Founding Fathers gave us the second amendment? So we could protect ourselves and our families from those evil people who would do us harm or try to take away our liberties. Embrace and respect the Constitution so we can maintain our freedoms that so many, many people have given their lives to protect. Don’t let some cheap politician threaten our liberties, which are God-given!

  34. clem says:

    Marco must be back on the speed.

  35. David Anthony Lelli says:

    What was Rubio thinking? He got scared stiff when that kid blamed him and the NRA for the shooting in Parkland, FL. What kind of president would he have made? What kind of ‘leader’? I hate to think.

  36. Marlon Zmuda says:

    All us OATH TAKERS need to stick together and defend our Constitution……

    • Ruth Webster says:

      DAMN STRAIGHT!!! I am a female disabled veteran, and I ALSO took that OATH!! It wasn’t just for the 7 years I served, it was FOR LIFE!! I may be disabled, but you can BET that if it comes down to it, I will be out there doing what I can to PROTECT MY CONSTITUTION AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

      • William Hayes says:

        Thank You too Ruth Webster for your comment and your service&sacrifices for Our Great Nation. I’m with you on the if it comes down to it. I’ll be out there with the rest of us Deplorables fighting for what’s right, our Constitution and the Second Amendment. God Bless America!

      • John Bloxson Jr. says:

        Ruth Webster thank you for your service I am a fifty Nine year old disabled man but if it comes down to a shooting war I will find a placre to make my stand so that the mobile American Patriots can regroup and kick out the Secular Progressive Humanist Bolshevik American Elitist.I am not mobile but I can plug a gap in the firing line if need be. LIBERTY OR DEATH!

      • Joe says:

        The oath we all took was a blank check we all signed to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic . ” Till Death do us Part” is the only way this check can be cashed . I too am disabled , but nothing wrong with my trigger finger .Thank you Ruth for your service and especially to your commitment to your oath. Joe SGT. USMC 2/9 Batt. 9th. Marines 3rd. Mar. Div. VIET-NAM

  37. Michael says:

    We need more people like Uncle Ted. I live in Florida and if they knock on my door , they better have a warrant saying specifically what they want and not a general warrant because the ‘Red Flag Law’ won’t work. They will have to break in and then, let’s just say it won’t be pretty. They become domestic enemies of the Constitution.
    I took an oath in 1977 and as far as I’m concerned most everyone in Government be it Federal, State or Local are domestic enemies. There wasn’t an expiration date on the oath. And as Yosemite Sam says “If GOD hadn’t intended us to have guns, HE wouldn’t have given us trigger fingers”. Build the ‘WALL’…….
    As John Wayne said in ‘The Shootist’ I won’t be wronged and I won’t be laid a hand on. I know it’s not the exact quote, but it’s close.

  38. Plumlazy says:

    Rubio is a little weasle the sooner he goes the better our country will be

  39. Rivahmitch says:

    So, in the last few years Marco has come to favor amnesty and imperial gun confiscation… I stopped supporting him after that fisrt position and now it appears I’ll have to support primary opponents against him… Sad to have seen a once solid conservative become a Democommie acolyte.

  40. Want My Firearms? Bring Friends Willing to Kill and Die taking or trying to take them. As I do have Friends willing to defend to the death to keep ours! We took an OATH and some social Progressive Communist will need to bring “Lunch”!

  41. Bob says:

    Pelosi ,shumer obami, Clinton’s,Bloomberg,Jerry Brown Soros, and all government officials gone against our constitution need to be thrown out of the United Steates and exterminated.

  42. Wilddog says:

    First of all, anyone with half a brain knows that it was the lack of law enforcement that caused the MSD school shooting, not the gun. The biggest problem with “feel good” gun control laws is two things. First, they never work, bringing on more “feel good” gun control laws that also will never work. Second, even though these laws sound good, given an Obama or Clinton in power, these feel good laws are wide open for abuse when some two bit punk wannabe dictator uses them to force his perverted will against the citizens. Then EVERYONE with ANY kind of a gun becomes a criminal. Then crime runs rampant over law abiding citizens which in turn brings more laws taking away all freedoms then you end up with a country liken to Stalin’s USSR or Hitler’s Germany.

    • Ladypyro1 says:

      Look at the latest to agree gun c ontrol doesn’t work. Welcome Brazil. Murder rates by gun tripled when they gave up their gns and overall crime escalated because the vic tim couldn’t protect themselves. They voted the new president in because he campaigned to get them their guns back, Guess what happen? the crime rates suddenly dropped. I wonder why (Sarcastic )

  43. Todd Pope says:

    We should go to petitions.whitehouse.gov and start petitions for ALL these lawless Hippocrates that are elected, appointed or use their name, position or money to undermine OUR Constitution,Bill Of Rights and have them removed, arrested,jailed or executed for treason. Along with any and all lawyers,judges and law enforcement that enforces or tries too enforce any unconstitutional law. I will sign everyone of them.

  44. The Last Conservative says:

    Think about it … The irreverent,God deniers, mock Him, spit on Him, declare themselves superior over Him … God then removes His hand of protection from them … They experience the things of this wretched world, including death and destruction … They turn around and blame God by saying “how can a good God let this happen ?” Evil and evil-doers are funny things, sometimes !

  45. Randall M says:

    Rubio must have “Cat Scratch Fever”.

  46. George Waluzak says:

    Ted speaks truth,listen,learn and prepare.

  47. Beth Mulvihill says:

    Our 2nd Amendment rights will not be infringed upon and no,we will not obey! Our 2nd Ammendment is to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government that is leaning communism! We will keep our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment a.ong with Bill of Rights!

    • Gary says:

      Sad to say it’s to late already ! Look at NY , CA,IL,MI and DC how they have infringed on the 2nd already but nobody is stepping up because of the big money it cost ? Why can congress or even state level pass a law quickly but it takes years to appeal ? No we have more Muslim that just got voted in that’s against our CONSUTITION and the law of 1952 🙁

  48. Myron says:


    • Allen says:

      Unfortunately, I am not sure if even most Americans can read. Much less know or understand anything about the past. I will use past because if you say history most Americans just yawn and say that has no relationship to the present.

      But, I totally agree with you. Good point.

      • ladypyro1 says:

        Allen, I agree with you. It’s a sad state when the younger generation are indoctrinated in stead of learning for the past. We also should read about the fall of Rome and what caused it.

  49. george says:

    The problem is not the weapon but what caused the weapon to be used in the first place.
    Its stats with bulling belittling and making fun of people
    than those in control, staff, administration, boards, and police all ignore the problem.
    Until the person decides to get even, and than all hell brakes loose!!!!!
    The first thing to blame is the weapon, that never did anything until someone used it.
    solution fix the person who has problems and then correct or stop the bulling, belittling etc. then you will not need to take further action.

  50. KIROJ says:

    Marco move back to CUBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Randall Clark says:

    They will take my guns, when they PRY them from my cold, dead hands!!! Rubio is delirious if he thinks that is something that will pass!!! How about we come and disarm your body guards!!

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Little Marco is nothing more than a New World Order ((the new Roman Empire with it’s many little gods and denial of One GOD)) Troll—-THe 10 steps that lead to America’s loss of Sovereignty require a totally disarmed populace—hell, Hitler & Stalin could never have done Their dirt with a population that was armed and had a CONSTITUTION. AWAKE!

  52. Anyone remotely familiar with history understands, to take total control of any nation you need to do three things. 1. Make the populace as dumb as possible be controlling the educational system. 2. Make them entirely dependent on the government. 3. DISARM THEM! Oh, and it helps greatly if you control the media.

    • Maxine says:

      Absolutely true but it’s too bad for the DemoRino🐀s that we aren’t dumb or dependent on them and we sure as heck aren’t going to give up our firearms. They have already proven that they can’t be trusted. Little Marco is a POS tra_ tOR OUS 🐀.

      • A says:

        Maxine, unfortunately lots of people ARE dumb, that’s because our “education” system stopped educating many years ago. Today it’s called indoctrination. Look at hollyweird, most of them now are commies. Why did we have such tight political races this past year, because we have alot of dummies voting, but also alot of fraudulent votes that the spineless republicans won’t investigate. Nearly everything the dems does, is illegal and they get away with it because of spineless republicans. THANK GOD For TRUMP

  53. Robert Polans says:

    Do they really think guns are our only weapon? I often work with a gunsmith so that one makes me laugh. Actually, we have better weapons than guns, but when you put the two together it makes all bullets like hollow points. It doesn’t matter where, just that you hit them. Ever research poisons? Antifreeze to be exact.

    • There are poisons that are more effective and easier to deliver than antifreeze. Just think about it.

      • Robert Polans says:

        Actually more than just two, but say we go with that. A method I’ve developed and almost perfected is put bullets in a vise, tap not the shell or it may explode on you but, the head. Why is to get dimples not too many. Now soak or marinate the bullets (if you can manage it just the dimpled parts in whichever poison you choose). Now the hard part, loading them. Definitely wear gloves the poison will not just sit on your skin but get into your system, which is fatal, the entire reason that you are using it. Hold your gun in an ‘up’ position finger off the trigger until you are ready to use it. The main reason I was thinking antifreeze is it’s sickly sweet making it easy to spike a drink with leading to a horrible death in 40 minutes and only NASA has the equipment to trace it in an autopsy. If you want, I’ll tell you the dangers of abump stock and how to get around them.

    • Bug says:

      Could u elaborate a little Robert

  54. Mark Hopkins says:

    This isn’t about taking guns from potentially dangerous people. This is about disarming the American citizens so the totalitarian/communist elite dictators can have absolute control over the (in their minds) peons. We the true American people need to organize and make it very expensive for those rotten communist bastards to try to disarm us. If America turns totally communist, freedom in this world is completely gone.

    • Cliff says:


      GREAT POST! You are INDEED correct. All one has to do is look at what has happened throughout history to countries that pushed “gun control” (for SUPPOSED safety reasons) and disarmed their Law-Abiding citizens (and where those people ended up)…. (MOST in the GROUND) Little marco swore to uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES,, so seeing he is attempting to UNDERMINE the CONSTITUTION, (like MANY other RINOS and DEMOCOMMUNISTS) and the OATH he swore, he is technically guilty of TREASON, and needs to be REMOVED from office, arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned to await punishment. (which should happen to ALL OPENLY anti-American- anti-freedom TRAITORS that are INFESTING the Federal and state “governments”.

      • Robert Polans says:

        Never worry about being disarmed or that guns are too expensive. Go on You.tube and look into zip guns. They aren’t the same as when we were kids. These can be anything from glocks to shotguns, all made at home so no paper trail, no way for anyone to know that you have it.

  55. Lt. Robert Polans ret. says:

    Me too Danny and I’d wager many here. The democraps are saying the border crisis is “manufactured.” Well if they mean that they started planning these caravans two Thanksgivings ago, yes. Otherwise, I just spoke with the TxMinuteMen@earthlink.net and yes it is manufactured, but a manufactured coverup. The cartels kill border agents, I’ve heard from too many writing from their hospital rooms, their assessment was all the same “broken arrow” or SNAFU if it’s confusing.

  56. Robby Dunbar says:

    You’re right Uncle Ted
    And We love You
    There’s Republicans that are Democrats
    Just saying their Republicans
    These so called Republicans are helping the Democrats to DESTROY AMERICA PERIOD…………..

  57. Danny says:

    Come try. I took an oath in 1986 which has no expiration date! If or when they come. They are enemies of the Constitution which I swore to support, and defend! Besides the Constitution God gave us the right to protect our family, and ourselves!! God’s Laws are higher than man’s law’s!!

  58. Bob says:

    I don’t trust any of the RINO’S we have now. I have never been nor registered as a Republican or Democrat but an Independant. I think most should be more moderate and don’t believe the media, the Internet, Utube ect will show you there is a definate issue at our southern border, duh!!!

    • Robert Polans says:

      lol me either, since 1970 I’ve been saying our biggest enemy is the US GUVMENT. Cousin Ted might like to research Rubio. He won’t have to look far 6 months or so. Little Marco’s been on Soros’ payroll, or as my friend says a Soros bandit.

  59. Jim says:

    Ask Rubio what happened to CUBA when their guns were taken!

  60. Got to watch the crazy gun grabbers…….You might need it if someone trys
    to break in on you and your family………..If they take your gun the crooks will
    still have thier gun. Cant wait for the law to come the crooks has got you………………

  1. January 28, 2019

    […] Patriot Pulse reported, Rubio introduced so-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation […]

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