Ted Cruz won a massive Supreme Court victory that will drive Democrats crazy

The Left’s frustration with the Supreme Court continues to grow.

Each time the conservative majority flexes its muscles, leftists bemoan the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

And Ted Cruz won a massive Supreme Court victory that will drive Democrats crazy.

By a six to three vote along ideological lines, the Supreme Court struck down a campaign finance regulation limiting the ability of politicians to raise money to pay off loans they made to their campaign out of their own pocket.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz loaned his campaign $260,000 during his 2018 Senate race against Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke.

The FEC limits the amount of personal loans a politician can pay back by raising money from donors at $250,000.

In this decision, the Court handed Cruz a win and struck down all limits on the ability of candidates to pay back personal loans with donor money.

Senator Cruz explained this was a key win to enhance democracy by making it harder for incumbents to fend off challengers.

The average Congressional race costs around three million dollars, and the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law caps individual contributions at $5,800.

That means only incumbent politicians or extremely well-connected insiders possess the networks of donors that make raising millions of dollars in $5,800 increments possible.

Senator Cruz said campaign finance laws are establishment protection rackets to keep incumbents in office.

“The number one priority for Congress is to prevent anyone from beating them. And so this law limits the ability of a candidate to make a loan to his or her campaign and then pay himself back,” Senator Cruz declared.

Senator Cruz declared that this ruling would make it possible for small business owners to challenge incumbents if they can loan themselves the funds knowing they can raise money to pay off the debt.

“And the reason that incumbent politicians want to do that is they don’t want anyone to challenge them. They don’t want some pesky challenger — let’s say some small business owner – to make a loan to put their life savings in, and to knockout the career politician,” Senator Cruz noted.

“The existing rule benefited incumbent politicians, and it benefited the super rich. And the result of this decision today is it becomes a lot easier for citizens to say, all right, I’m fed up with the direction our country is going and I’m going to go campaign and throw the bums out,” Senator Cruz concluded.

Money is speech.

Incumbent politicians use campaign finance reform to insulate themselves from challenges.

And the corporate-controlled media loves campaign finance reform because none of the rules apply to the press.

This means journalists are free to act like Democrat Party activists while campaign finance rules limit the ability of grassroots conservatives to raise the funds necessary to fight back.

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