Ted Cruz went on Fox News and revealed one secret about Hollywood colluding with China

America and China are escalating tensions over the coronavirus pandemic.

But the communist Chinese government has allies in the United States.

And Ted Cruz went on Fox News and revealed one secret about Hollywood colluding with China.

Hollywood studios are dependent on China’s box office to pump up their profits.

Today nearly 70 percent of box office ticket sales comes from overseas and movie studios are bending over backwards to appeal to foreign audiences.

But in the case of China, that means studios censor movies to appease the communist government.

One major example was the movie “First Man” about Neal Armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the moon.

The studio left out Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon because it offended the Chinese government.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and revealed that in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic – and China’s role in how the outbreak started – he was introducing legislation that banned the Pentagon from cooperating with any movie that accepted Chinese communist government censorship.

“We aren’t going to facilitate Chinese communist censorship,” Cruz explained “The problem of censorship is a massive problem within China. China’s own censorship and coverup of this [coronavirus] pandemic helped produce a 257,000 deaths worldwide and when it comes to Hollywood, Hollywood is not an innocent bystander here.”

“Hollywood is fully complicit, Hollywood works with the Chinese censors; Hollywood has been willing over and over and over again, there’s so much money at stake,” Cruz added.

Cruz cited the example of the studio removing the flags for Japan and Hong Kong from Tom Cruise’s character’s bomber jacket in the Top Gun sequel to avoid offending China as a reason why the Pentagon should not cooperate with movies studios that kowtow to China.

“Pause to think about how many Hollywood producers like to virtue signal about their courage and free speech and artistic integrity and yet they happily try to edit out the fact that Freddie Mercury is gay? It’s extraordinary,” Cruz added.

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