Ted Cruz just shut down Oprah with four brutal words

It seems like every celebrity in America is latching onto the current civil unrest to push their political agenda.

That’s because the Left knows that politics flows downstream from the culture.

But pushback finally arrived and it happened when Ted Cruz just shut down Oprah with four brutal words.

Oprah Winfrey used to be one of the most unifying celebrities in America.

The popular talk show host appealed to Americans of all races through an inclusive message and personal story and self-made wealth.

But now Oprah is another racial scold lecturing Americans about how “evil” and “racist” they really are.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz ripped a video Oprah shared as “what utter, racist BS” where Oprah attacked white people for “having their whiteness,” which Oprah claimed “still gives you an advantage.”

Leftists of all races nowadays subscribe to the theory of “white privilege,” which many argue is actually the Left being racist.

If Oprah claims whiteness gives some Americans an advantage over others, that is the language that white supremacists and other racists traffic in.

But this racist language never receives any pushback in popular culture.

In fact, it is encouraged.

Ted Cruz had enough.

Cruz and other critics of the social justice Left argue that by the Left constantly telling Americans that whites have “privilege” they are really sending a message to minority groups that they are inferior.

This is wrong and racist.

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