Ted Cruz just made a prediction about impeachment that Trump won’t like to hear

Senator Ted Cruz is a leading conservative in the U.S. Senate.

Which is why the left funded such an aggressive campaign to topple him in 2018, but ultimately failed.

Now, Ted Cruz is making a big prediction that President Trump won’t like to hear.

Cruz witnessed firsthand the outrage of the left in Texas.

In a deep red state, his leftwing opponent nearly defeated him because he was able to tap into the Democrats’ mob anger.

Now, Ted Cruz is predicting that the Democrats will attempt to impeach Trump once they take power in the House.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told students Thursday that Democrats might move to impeach President Donald Trump now that “some of the angriest voices on the left” have been elected to the House of Representatives.

“Today is a deeply divided time. There’s an anger. There’s a rage that I think isn’t healthy,” Cruz said during a speech at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. “I think it isn’t good for our country that the anger that we’re seeing — we saw it in this last election and we’ll see it in 2020 — that anger and rage tearing us apart corrodes our democracy.”

Cruz expressed similar sentiments in November, warning that Democrats’ anger will drive them to the polls, especially in Texas. On the weekend before the midterm election, he cautioned that their anger is so mobilizing that “they’ll crawl over broken glass” in order to try to vote Republicans out.

There are many elected Democrats in the House that have openly stated they want to impeach President Trump.

Nancy Pelosi downplayed impeachment on the campaign trail.

But even though she will become Speaker, she is not driving the Democrats’ ideological bus.

Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will put impeachment on the top of their agenda.

Their ultimate goal is to erase Trump’s presidency and accomplishments from the history books.

Ted Cruz’s warning should not be taken lightly.


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145 Responses

  1. Patricia A vaughn says:

    The American people are being ridiculed by Democrats, disgraced and appalled ,other countries are laughing ,us is a better country then impeachment everytime something happens its impeachment, take control of our govt again ,realese the beasts for treasonous acts polosie and others must be fired .

  2. jim dandy says:

    The stupid left is playing in dangerous waters .The commie left may bite off more than they can chew????/

    • dan says:

      jim dandy, I am inclined to agree. I am filled with rage at what those commie m*****f###### are attempting to do. I hope a lot of others are well.

  3. Stephen Serafin says:

    Impeaching a POTUS is about as easy as doing a Recall Petition for a local politician. For those of you who may have participated in such as attempt knows that what I just said is Bullsh!t. To the Democrats who might be reading this—TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT! and watch your career go down inflames just like those Democrats who voted for Obamacare in districts where people were adamant against it.

  4. Craig Murphy says:

    Well, Blotto O’Reilly is apparently an engaging person while Ted Cruz is not even though I support him. Second, Blotto got about $25 million from Hollywood and elsewhere. He was a Robert Redford type candidate. ” There’s got to be a better way. ” But he never tells us what.

  5. Realzee says:

    Words <<< Mean 'thangs' , Cruz. STFU.

  6. Glenda Kee says:

    I sincerely believe the dems will try to impeach President Trump in every possible way. I do not believe they will be successful in doing so. He has done nothing wrong. Almost all of the dems., are corrupt and they will do everything in their power to avoid just how corrupt they have become, to be public knowledge. Those who are corrupt, know very well, that it is just a matter of time until all is out in the open. Well I pray it is, for we all have a right to know the truth.

    • James Scaggs says:

      Oh they will impeach just because facts will not matter evidence will not matter and the truth well why allow that to get in the way of a lefttist radical agenda .They know it will lead to nothing they know the Articles of Impeachment will be DOA in the Senate,this is simply to keep the usefull mindless mob that voted for them happy.Trump needs to continue to stack the courts,the Senate GOP needs to silence the Dems make them a non factor in the Senate.Ginsburg will not last two years,not being cruel but simply saying what everyone else is thinking,And do what is very good at playing the house like a cheap vilolin, keeping the house leftist showing their stupidity which they are also good at

  7. Bruce says:

    Donald Trump is a racist and rapacious moron who has DONE NOTHING for the US. I hope the Democrats Impeach his Lying Stupid ASS.

  8. GySgt. Lew says:

    The Democrats will not Impeach Trump.. They know how much he has done for this country – they just wish it had been a Democrat who has done it.

  9. Cynthia Smith says:

    It is time for ALL AMERICANS to stand Up and support our PRESIDENT! HE has already ACCOMPLISHED more than OBAMA ever did ! OUR GREAT NATION is stronger and more respected than it has been in a long time ! MAY GOD Bless AMERICA and Our PRESIDENT!!!

  10. M says:

    Hey real zee,
    fake zee commet is full of lies and inaccurate stats. Least they could do is better job of writing and report good stats!

    • zee* says:

      Bwar Har har M. ‘fako zee’ IS No ‘Match’ for the ‘Realzee’. Haha.
      You Know !!! Just catch the * ‘my man’. Capish.
      fyi; ‘fako zee’, Does Not ‘bother’ me 1 iota. ‘fako’ Has No Command
      of the ‘English Language’. NOR ‘CODE’ .
      ( even tho, some of my post may seem ___ ba-da. ) Just MUST KNOW ‘Code’.
      ♥ U. ♥USA. ♥Patriots. ♥ POTUSDJT.

  11. Richard Daugherty says:

    It is time for our so-called representatives to work for the American people. Enough nonsense. Get your Aesssss behind you fools!!

  12. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Dems impeach Trump? They WILL try, and they WILL fail. People are getting tired of the leftist bullshirt.

    • Randall M says:

      Amen. We are tired of the leftist bull crap. I say, Let’s git it on! I, for one , am ready for some fun and games.

    • YUP,
      The poll could be interpreted in either direction. Impeachment is a process. Win or lose you still were impeached. But, the left will be unsuccessful with their efforts to stop President Trump from undermining their deep state activities. I call it the basement. We know it is down there in the dark hiding and stealing the very essence of our Country. It would be nice to get all of that crap out of the basement.

  13. Mike says:

    Let’s see what the Mueller investigation reveals, if there is evidence that he colluded and or committed treason then he should be impeached and those that assisted should be jailed. If it reveals nothing then we can get back to MAGA!

    • Carl Smith says:

      Mueller has a ton of evidence against the wrong person. Even with a Dim Wit majority the ‘evidence’ must first be sent to the POTUS for rebuttal. I say let the special council throw his best and then the Senate can do a REAL investigation of the Dim Wit’s attempts to unravel the Constitutionally Elected POTUS. If there are any Americans that are still watching the Comedy news network or msLSD and believe anything they spout then America will be ready for Next Revolution. Remember there are a lot of Sexist , Racist, Misogynist, Homophobic, Deplorable Dregs of Society that cling to our Guns and our Religion to ‘REFRESH THE TREE OF LIBERTY’ and many including me TOOK and OATH to Protect and Defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and unlike Politicians Our Oath means something and has NO Expiration date. And that is my real name –MOLON LABE.

  14. Don says:

    I don’t doubt they’ll try but IF 2/3 of the Senate passes it, it’ll be time they’re made to answer.

  15. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    I am sorry to say, but being a former democrat, the only thing the party has going for it is anger, violence and idiots………….Someday, the people will wake up and find that the things that they a blaming the republicans for are things that the democrats are doing. This is like a misdirection., You say that they did it and then the republicans say NO, the democrats did it, and t looks like they are coming up with an excuse and appear stupid. This is a democratic dirty trick that they have perfected. Even Nancy Pelosi stated a how to during an interview. Leak info to the press, then come out with the allegation and site the press release. The same as released by the democratic party. In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, SHAME, SHAME SHAME………..

  16. trapperwv1 says:

    Patriot pulse is dead wrong on this, and so is Cruz, the dems no that even if they brought it up for impeachment, they still have to have “high crimes and misdemeanors” to even consider it. What are they? Even if they proved collusion which is in the toilet now, that is not even a crime. The other half of this it takes 2/3 of the senate to convict the impeachment , plus an actual impeachment process for a real crime is an extreme embarrassment for the country which the dems do enough of as it is.

    • William J Vital says:

      You do have to remember that the Democraps lie BIG-TIME so who knows what they will accomplish…I know they will try.

    • cheryl says:

      Your 100% Right but what is just amazing is how spineless some of these Republicans ARE!! It is like they are either afraid of Democrats or THEY benefit monetarily if the Dems are in control!! Sort of like thick as thieves! Which is why I think Trump has fought BOTH sides since the beginning! The only thing as important to Republican besides MONEY is EGO and they like winning! Trump has been able to give some of them rock star status like McConnell & Graham.. but as quick as they take their bow for the voters they stab Trump in the back! Like right now McConnell is buckling over the wall, Graham is making a big deal out of our dealing with Saudi Arabia, and Ryan he is just flat out two faced!! He is all of a sudden aligning himself with Romney! Gowdy is the one that gets me trying to compare Ivanka Trumps 100 emails that were NEVER classified to Clinton’s 33K Classified emails that she destroyed! I admire the hell out of President Trump for all that he has personally sacrificed… I just HOPE that the American PEOPLE continue to stand tall FOR him and fight ALL to keep the thieves from stopping his agenda, which IS OUR agenda!

  17. Truckman says:

    Trump has a lot of stuff on some powerplayers of the democrats and they do not want that info released and I would not doubt he has obama’s records hes been hiding from the public all these years people forget Trump is a successful rich businessman who is used to finding out stuff in order to stay ahead

  18. Betty says:

    Good for Ted Cruz!

    • M. OConnor says:

      I think the American people even those who dislike Pres. Trump will not stand for an impeachment that is built on hate, they will want undisputed facts. It is time for the dems to start cooperating to make the country better, after all that is what they are getting paid to do.

    • zee* says:

      Hi Betty. What up.

      • zee* says:

        ps. Betty. i would really like to ‘jawbone’ W/you over
        a’ cup o java’, or whatever. Buttt, we prob. Not in
        same area to meet. 0h well. You Do Have ‘some Good
        points’ . Stay ‘In’.

        • Randall M says:

          why you don’t pick a different name fake zee. Your libtard mind can’t come up with an original thought? See that is what happens when you watch too much Fake news, Your brain cells die. Pretty soon you guys will be drooling vegetables in a wheel chair lookin’ for someone to wipe your Butts.

          • Realzee says:

            Randall M. the Realzee IS a PATRIOT. So IS zee*.
            Do not be fooled.
            ‘Betty’ Is a v. special case.
            >Also, HAVE NOT viewed msm Since 2003, When
            ‘press’ Displayed Going Rogue W/ a hate campaign.
            Easy now. Must learn ‘code’. You will feel better when
            you learn ‘code’. btw: diff names are deployed.

  19. Phil in TX says:

    I believe that the Democrats will TRY to impeach President Trump, and they may succeed in the House, but unless they can get enough “Never Trumpers” to cross over in the Senate, they will ultimately fail. Just in case, though, the Republicans need to keep heavy pressure on their ranks in the Senate to prevent that. Also, everyone that has a Republican Senator needs to let them know that they are being closely watched by the electorate, and if they fail to support Trump they run a very real risk of losing their next election.

    Phil in TX

  20. President Trump helped Ted Cruz to win the election in Texas Now, Ted Cruz says his fantasy dream to impeach the hand that help Cruz Tribe’s habit!

  21. Daniel Mount says:

    President Trump has done nothing wrong at all to be Impeached. These Democrats are nuts totally Crazy.

  22. Daniel Mount says:

    These Anti-American, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Christian Democrats should all be arrested for High Treason all of them in Congress for what they all have been doing. Plotting against the President of the United States. President Trump must send in the Marines to Arrest them all before it’s too late.

  23. Jerry says:

    So what if they do, they will suffer a very embarrassing defeat! The senate will never vote to impeach! It will be just another complete waste of tax payer dollars and it will end just like Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Trump will be president for 8 years and it will only increase his popularity! Where are the high crimes and misdemeanors?

  24. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    It is time to march on Washington and focibly remove the DemoCons/DemoCrims by force if they continue this B. S. About impeachment and complete Obstructionism it is time we cpunter punch the DemoCrap Mobs and take back our nation from the DemoCrims!

  25. Buddy says:

    So the Democrats are now planning to introduce a bill that will allow anyone to walk in off the street and vote. Not to mention it would greatly restrict the Republicans ability to receive campaign funds. Folks, this is how nations fall to dictatorship.

  26. michael j wyatt says:

    With Nancy Pelosi now back in charge of the House, with her hit list of over 85 items and an army of over 200 dems at her disposal to pursue them, we can expect to see the level of political assaults on the president to rise exponentially. Pelosi is too smart to let the impeach-mad Left rise to an actual charge and trial. She can keep the tease going on and add to her hit list with Congressional investigations but actual impeachment does not fit her game plan. She will try to keep President Trump stymied with myriad investigations up through the 2020 elections, and then try to close out the Trump administration in 2020
    God bless the president with the strength, the tools and the people to resist this onslaught and overcome.

  27. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Damn! voter fraud which should have been investigated if a proper investigation had been conducted I can guarantee there would be election officials behind bars and the GOP would still hold the House.

  28. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Anyone who votes Democrat experiences scramble brainwave activity.

    Get all those less than worthless individuals who who indoctrinated by scrambled brainwave activity teachers and quite a few injecting, smoking, or ingesting Psychotropic and Psychedelic drugs away from their televisions where their already gelatinous brains absorb more complete nonsense on the magnetic carrier wave that the drivel (i.e.) propaganda, complete lies spewed by the LSM is absorbed.

    Start with getting rid of those teachers who promote a Communist sharia ideological society, our nation has already been severely infected by that terminal pandemic once our borders are wide open their will be no stopping the spread.

  29. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • M says:

      You need to do some reading, N!!! You are mixing apples & potatoes in your anger!!!
      For beginners, Communists & Nazis are very different from one another!!!

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      N, just what proof do you have that Trey Gowdy is a RINO he has been very outspoken about his disdain of the Witch Hunt, have you forgotten about the Peter Strzok hearings the way he exposed Strzok for the traitor he is?

      I know of no evidence that would be grounds for labeling Senator Gowdy as a RINO, which by the way those still using the term RINO are behind the times they are Rats, every bit as anti-law and anti-Constitution as the Democrats.

  30. Navy PO2 says:

    The Demoncrat Party is a left wing hate group!

  31. Linda says:

    It would be nice if the Dems would go to work for the American people
    And stop all this wasteful time and money including the Mueller witch hunts, so much to get done
    Come on Dems stop this crazy nonsense
    Do something better for American

    • Ray Helberg says:

      They won’t though. They are Hellbent on destroying America just like the Thug Obama

    • Fred says:

      Clinton was impeached successfully and remained president.
      Impeachment does not necessarily mean the end of the presidency

      • M says:

        Fred, You are correct. If the Dems manage to push impeachment through the house, they will never get a vote of 2/3 of the Senate necessary to force DJT from office.
        Will be the same scenario as with WJC.
        would be a huge waste of time and money!

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        Impeachment is nothing more than being charged with a crime and if found innocent by a jury of their peers in Clinton’s case the Democratic party they are acquitted.

        As for this impeachment nonsense is not 2/3 of the Senate in favor of required for that to happen, unless the Rats again display their true colors to those who elected them that will not happen.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Never going to happen because if Trump keeps his promise which was part of his campaign platform he will continue to push for term limits and that is something those who benefit greatly as federal politicians never want happening.

  32. Nancy says:

    When the people that are against our President open their eyes and smell the roses they will continue down this path of hate and discontent. The leaders of this outrage won’t be satisfied until they have a civil war on their hands. God please protect our nation from this angry mob. They waste more time complaining than working for the people that put them or rather hired them to work for we the people. The money they get in wages is wasted and should be denied them because they are not working for the people.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      There was a time when federal politicians were only paid for the time they were attending a Congressional session their arrogance became unimaginable when they were bestowed the privilege of a fixed yearly wage, considering what they receive in bribes and stock options for those they work the hardest for they seriously do not need to be paid by the Common Good.

    • These democrats need smelling salts not roses to wake up. I’ve never realized we had sooo many fools till the mid terms took place. I tried to flip a snowflake laying out all the names,dirty deeds and facts about the soft coup on Trump but she only scolded me in return said I was waisting her time. I told her to kiss my ass then and that’s that!

    • These democrats need smelling salts not roses to wake up. I’ve never realized we had sooo many fools till the mid terms took place. I tried to flip a snowflake laying out all the names,dirty deeds and facts about the soft coup on Trump but she only scolded me in return said I was waisting her time. I told her to kiss my ass then and that’s that! This isn’t a duplicate comment!

  33. stan says:

    Ted,it does not matter what the left will try to do . What are you going to do? You should back our President this time around and make yourself more popular.

  34. Helga Miller says:

    I can still hear Maxine screaming every day “impeach Trump, impeach, impeach”! Since the Election she hasn’t been as vocal. She must be satisfied with the outcome of Congress! Just try it, you black b..ch and you will face the wrath of the Right!

  35. Charles Johnston says:

    If Trump is impeached, Pence becomes President. Pence then pardons Trump and appoints him Vice President. Pence then resigns and Trump becomes President and then appoints Pence as his Vice President. Liberals heads explode.

    • June says:

      What goes around, comes around! That would be funny, if they tried that!

      • william says:

        I would hate to be the next Dem president with one or 2 houses held by the Rep.

      • reality check says:

        You must live in a state where recreational marijuana is legalized – – and must have had some in your morning bran muffin! Pardoning by the president can ONLY include federal crimes, and Mueller has been sending out some charges he has come across to the state. Trump will be up on several charges in NY state for tax evasion and his foundation. One way or another, Trump is out as president in 2020.

        • M says:

          Thanks for an informed comment, reality check!!

        • D.A.N. says:

          Here’s a reality check for you. Anything Mueller turns over is tainted. None of it has to do with what he was appointed for. And as what he was appointed for is not a crime in the first place, it is an illegal appointment. And before you think that Bill and Hillary are off scot-free, they have a Fed Prosecutor looking into their foundation and their actions.

    • Robert Hahn says:

      Hello. A very interesting scenario. Love it. No “double jeopardy” about the bogus-impeaching for another go-round?

    • Bobi says:

      Great scenario! LOVE it!!!

  36. I don’t think they have the votes to impeach the president. The new Democrats coming in are a new breed. The don’t want the same things Polosi wants. They are more moderate then the leftist of the past. They might even work with the president towards bettering the country. That would be a welcome change and the people might start respecting the Democrat party if it continues in that direction.

  37. Lunchladie says:

    I see the hate and anger in our country. The democrats are the ones that insight the hatred they continually stir the pot and it started with our past president when he had no respect for the military or our law enforcement. I think that the democrats with give impeachment a shot but it will be a huge FAIL!!!! The dems do not want to focus on or fix the issues our country has. And the former president is totally out of line going around criticizing Trump. Obama needs to realize he is NO longer president. I think Trump is a president of the people and that he is working hard to fix the ills of our country. I for one am grateful for the action he took at our border. The true focus for 2020 is to fix our election system to eliminate voter fraud. From what I have read it is pretty rampant across our country and has been for a very long time.

    • Robert Hahn says:

      Lunchladie: Hello. You covered a bunch of topics.
      “impeachment”, of course, on what basis ? Certainly nothing of substance. Trump has not committed Federal crimes, but the demoncrats have ! Because the demoncrats hate Trump ? No substance there.
      “voter fraud” ? The demoncrats (includes “hitlary) have committed Federal crimes on election laws.
      Yeah, need a gag order against the “bogus-prez” obummer. He should zip his lie-ing mouth before his REAL birth certificate becomes the “smoking gun” to have him “stricken” from the REAL prez list, and imprisoned with moochelle on a desert island, and all his bogus pensions and Federal bennies cancelled and his bank accounts and property seized to pay-back pensions paid so-far and the bogus “prez and sinnit paychecks”.
      Voter Fraud: NO illegals to vote, despite that “water under the dam” in kalifornia already. We need Citizens Voter ID, and that IDing to include the voter district that applies.

  38. Gail says:

    First off he has done nothing to get impeached. Ever since the impeachment of Bill Clinton they have been chomping at the bit for a Republican impeachment . But I am sure if they were able to impeach one . They remove the president . But they left him in because of the dignity of the office . He was suppose to have been removed. One could only hope that one day republicans would learn to quit looking for ways to destroy themselves and their base . When people make predictions there will be some who take it as the gospel . Cruz had trouble because people haven’t forgotten the fact that he and Glen Beck were on the border last year giving illegals Christmas gifts . While our military families were barely hanging on . Millions of American children were living in the streets because of the Obama takedown . And Remember Mr Cruz words and actions do come back to haunt you and you sure had a lot of them . Shut up and help our president get America off its knees. With a battle and war looming I would think you would be ready to work . Remember you are suppose to work for America.

  39. Tony Bell says:

    As Sun Tuz, one of the most brilliant military strategists, states in his book The Art of War, never interfere with an enemy that is in the midst of destroying it’s self.
    Perfectly describes president Trump’s handling of democrats and their TDS, and other destructive behaviors.
    Give them space, track their moves, collect evidence, prosecute, and hold accountable. Think 60K+ sealed indictments, John Huber and IG Horowitz.
    God bless president Trump.

    • reality check says:

      Good quote, Tony, but it also applies to the republicans. Republicans have a very fractured party, with the never Trumpers and how venomous and vile are the attacks by the Trumpers to what used to be the leaders of the republican party. Those republicans are just waiting for Trump to fail, and will most likely vote against Trump, so added to how Democrats and others dislike Trump, IF corrupt Trump makes it to the 2020 election, he will lose by a blue tsunami.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Here’s a reality check for you. What happened to the blue tsunami that was predicted for this year. It was more like a blue tinkle. In fact, the GOP did better in 2018 than the Dems did in 0bozo’s first mid-terms. He lost 63 seats in the House while Trump only lost 40. And the GOP gained seats in the Senate. Now think closely about why the GOP lost seats in the House. It was because 40 GOP members retired. So keep listening to the polls like you did this year because your reality will be checked in in 2020.

  40. Elie says:


  41. Tony Bell says:

    Senate will not vote to impeach, since there are no grounds for impeachment. Get over it democrats.
    How about working for the people as “employed” to do?

    • Surly Curmudgen says:

      The Democrat senators will not have the least concern about grounds for impeachment. The question is are there nineteen RINOs who will vote with them as the RINOs will have no concern as well for grounds for impeachment.

  42. a fool says:

    Ted is Wrong!! His envy towards our President is to be Ted’ own reality! Never to wish anyone EVIL! Pray for the Will of God upon our President be fulfilled with Love and Support! Ted, what goes about comes =”As yes sow so shall ye rip!” Thus, always show the Positive side of YOU!

  43. Randall M says:

    Joe sun, you are correct. It will also be the start of the civil war the Dems. want so bad.

  44. William says:

    Why impeach , when he is doing what the majority of the people want?

    • Brenda Choate says:

      Which is the reason they want to impeach him so badly. He is doing what the PEOPLE want, not what the power brokers in D.C. want.

      • Keo says:

        Right on Brenda!
        The left wing dogs and rino’s cannot stand that our Great President Trump has taken his stand on turning our nation back around to her once greatness as a leader in the world. In our household our prayers are daily and often throughout the day for our President as we lift him up before an Almighty God, who has placed President Trump just where HE wants him in these last days.

    • Scott says:

      The Radical Left is foaming at the mouth from rabies. They do not care one bit about the Americans way of life. They want power and the only one blocking them is President Trump! They hate him because he is showing how this country can continue to improve and Americans can benefit. He has exposed the Deep State of bureaucrats who have been abusing this country. These lunatics will go to any extreme to either impeach our president to murder him. Ted Cruz is right about what they will try to do.

    • zee says:

      William, but Trump is NOT DOING WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. This is shown by the polls (60% disapprove of Trump) AND the midterm elections — one of the largest blue waves in the history of America. Trump is only favored by Trumpers and males over 45. The rest of America rejects what he stands for, and wait until all his charges come out. Clinton was impeached on perjury, and it looks like with the Cohen guilty please, Mueller has evidence of perjury in written statements. Plus obstruction of justice (numerous charges), and conspiracy to defraud the 2016 election, plus probably numerous money/tax violations.

      • Rivahmitch says:

        Not at all. Note that the People supported what he’s doing sufficiently that the Rs in the Senate increased. Were it not for “vote harvesting” in Mexifornia (illegal in the rest of the country), they probably would have held the House as well. A good part of the “disapproval” ia for Trumps personal style rather than his policies. As for “all of the charges” they’re all Bovine Scatology.

      • M says:

        THIS COMMENT WAS NOT WRITTEN BY THE REAL ZEE. , It was written by one of the liberal trolls who have invaded this site.

        • Realzee says:

          RITE M. !!! THNX. !
          To E’0ne. (real) ‘zee’ IS a DEFENDER of USA
          & PATRIOT. ANY ‘
          smack ink’ AGAINST USA/POTUS,
          IS NOT the ‘Real zee’.
          ps. To the 0ffender. You Do NOT ‘bother’ me
          one bit. HA haaa. & LOL What else you got ???

          • zee says:

            Hey M. ‘Realzee’ Sleeping when ‘fake zee’ inking. haha.
            >Also ‘fake zee’ Totally NOT MY ‘ink style’ & NEVER
            ‘could be’ . Bwar har-har.

      • Robie says:

        Thanks, zee, for an unformed comment. Wish there were more voters who know the actual facts & not their opinions egged on by Fox news!!

      • D.A.N. says:

        I don’t know where you get your polls but I bet they are the same place that said HilLIARy would be President. Your blue wave was but a tinkle compared to the red wave in 2010. Your side picked up 40 in the House and lost 3 in the Senate. In 2010, the Dems lost 63 in the House. And right now, Trump’s approval rating is ahead of 0bama’s for the same time in office. “The poll found Trump’s approval rating at its highest level for that poll yet, at 47 percent. Obama’s approval rating was 45 percent around the same time in 2010, according to a similar NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken in late October 2010. ” So that shows you don’t have your facts straight.

      • You talk a lot of crap,plus probably numerous money /tax violations. How about shutting your trap until you can come up with some specific FACTS like the ones against the democrats in their soft coup against Our president Trump. Learn the truth watch Hannity on FOX and turn off ALL other news outlets that are numbing your brain.

      • Realzee says:

        FAKE zee Comment.

      • zee* says:

        HI ‘phony fake’ zee. The Realzee Was sleeping at
        time of your fake post.

      • zee* says:

        Hey ‘fako zee’. BUTTT, POTUSDJT >> IS DOING ‘WHAT’
        the PPL WANT. Join ‘IN’. Save your butt. ok? 0K!
        ps. to ‘fako zee’ , ‘I’ Can ‘run you’ ALL 0ver the ‘Place’. lol.
        > Don’t ‘Wast ‘ your (precious ) time . DO GOOD ‘SomeWhere’.

  45. Re says:

    . Hate and corruption are two of the Dems. Probulm. we are trying to right the government and get us on a right track. How anyone in there right mind think they can impeach someone doing good is compleate nonsense.

  46. kathy says:

    if they try they’ll die

  47. Gary O says:

    While the Democraps can dream, this is likely the most ridiculous thing to come out of the Fake News Swamp Media. Mr. Trump is now headed to be one of the most successful administrations ever, yet these mealy mouths can’t stand for America to be successful again. No question this is all a direct result of the actions and inactions of OBUMMER “The Fake Liar President”, and just how much this Country has slid down into the liberal swamp with the media leading the way. Has everyone lost all of their common sense?????

  48. mary says:

    In order to impeach President Trump he first has to do something wrong,now we all Know Hillary is responsible in some way for at least last count was 37 deaths.and former President Obama treason,he colluded with the Russians on the uranium deal,hillary and get this Muller who is I don’t get this investigating President Trump.how did this happen and no -one is saying a dam word.i say shut the investigation down appoint Trey Gowdy ag and turn it over to him he is the most honest one we know.

    • D.A.N. says:

      I would love to see Trey appointed AG. Then maybe the FBI, DOJ, and the Clintons/Dems would learn what the rule of law meant. Comey. Mueller, Rosenstein, Lynch, and the rest better hope that Trey doesn’t get the job.

  49. Sherry Falco says:

    There will definitely be an surprise.

  50. Wallace Hodge says:

    Americans should wake up and realize Russia and USA are in lock step now that tramp trump is the shot caller.

  51. Joe sun says:

    That would be the end of the Demcratic party

  52. MY2Cents says:

    How is that possible when most will be in jail SOON.

    • Merida says:

      I agree! That is probably why this push to impeach Trump now so they can attempt to shut down the 60k + subpoena’s they know they’re names are some of the names on them!

  53. David says:

    They can try then they have a war

  54. David in MA says:

    Those two mentally ill radical black women and a couple of others will try but be shot down, the democrats have, what they think is, 2 more years of Trump and he will be gone and then the democrats can try to put into practice what they set up during those 2 years thinking they will take the WH and senate in 2022……
    Typical communist thinking, a little now, and a little later and greet a final win…. BUT, the democrats fail to recognize 2 things, they will be so un-Constitutional in the next 2 years they will be rejected at the voting booths, and the muslim problem.

    • judith davis says:

      They will cheat at the polls

      • Re says:

        Of course that. Seems the Dems way.

      • You are so right…They just DID it AGAIN anyway….Their STRATEGY = HARVESTING VOTES…..There is NO law or in a law that they can do this, but they did it anyway…..If we don’t stand up to them NOW the next presidential election will be STOLEN again by them just like they did in 2008 and 2012…….!!!!!

        HARVESTING votes = I guess that’s the thing THEY do AFTER the election took place when they are “FINDING” boxes and boxes of UN-counted BALLOTS, which were filled out during the election process by people who work at those Polling Stations, then HIDDEN AWAY until it is proclaimed that REPUBLICANS have WON and NOW they go to a JUDGE who will give them the TIME to COUNT these NEWLY FOUND BALLOTS in order to FIND out so CONVENIENTLY that THEIR so-called democRAT candidate, has WON….It’s ALL ABOUT “cheating” for them…. AMERICA WAKE the hell UP…..!!!!

    • DONNA l GRIFFIN says:

      president trump will be a 2 term president we have to turn this around and make the demoncrats the party that no one wants to be a part of.

  55. James P Hutchins says:

    The American people won’t stand for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

    • Randall Clark says:

      EXACTLY JAMES!! Predictions are like BUTTS!! EVERYBODY HAS ONE!! Impeaching the president, would cause a CIVIL WAR, the LIKES that NOBODY has ever seen before!!!

      • DONNA l GRIFFIN says:

        randall clark it will make the boston tea party look like a church social.

      • Lew says:

        And one the libturd democRATS can,t win.

        • Rivahmitch says:

          I’d suggest that nobody will “win” such a war because the damage and loss of life will be horrendous. That doesn’t mean, however, that it won’t happen and that people shouldn’t pick their side and prepare for it. Preservation he Constitution and the Bill of Rights are worth killing and dying for. Those who are unwilling to kill and die for their rights, freedoms and property will inevitably and deservedly lose them. Semper Fi!!

      • reality check says:

        Time for a reality check, folks. Cruz is correct and the House will have those charges and evidence to impeach Trump. But “impeach” only means put on trial . . . by the Senate . . . it does not mean
        “removal.” NO president has been removed from office by the Senate, though many have been impeached.

        But, if the Trumpers are foolish enough to launch a civil war as you threaten, since impeachment is a legal process, if you are ignorant to even try that, you will be met by federal troops and have to face them for insurrection and treason. The last Civil War did not turn out very well for those insurrectionists, did it?

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