Ted Cruz just made a prediction about impeachment that Trump won’t like to hear

Senator Ted Cruz is a leading conservative in the U.S. Senate.

Which is why the left funded such an aggressive campaign to topple him in 2018, but ultimately failed.

Now, Ted Cruz is making a big prediction that President Trump won’t like to hear.

Cruz witnessed firsthand the outrage of the left in Texas.

In a deep red state, his leftwing opponent nearly defeated him because he was able to tap into the Democrats’ mob anger.

Now, Ted Cruz is predicting that the Democrats will attempt to impeach Trump once they take power in the House.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told students Thursday that Democrats might move to impeach President Donald Trump now that “some of the angriest voices on the left” have been elected to the House of Representatives.

“Today is a deeply divided time. There’s an anger. There’s a rage that I think isn’t healthy,” Cruz said during a speech at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. “I think it isn’t good for our country that the anger that we’re seeing — we saw it in this last election and we’ll see it in 2020 — that anger and rage tearing us apart corrodes our democracy.”

Cruz expressed similar sentiments in November, warning that Democrats’ anger will drive them to the polls, especially in Texas. On the weekend before the midterm election, he cautioned that their anger is so mobilizing that “they’ll crawl over broken glass” in order to try to vote Republicans out.

There are many elected Democrats in the House that have openly stated they want to impeach President Trump.

Nancy Pelosi downplayed impeachment on the campaign trail.

But even though she will become Speaker, she is not driving the Democrats’ ideological bus.

Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will put impeachment on the top of their agenda.

Their ultimate goal is to erase Trump’s presidency and accomplishments from the history books.

Ted Cruz’s warning should not be taken lightly.

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145 Responses

  1. Patricia A vaughn says:

    The American people are being ridiculed by Democrats, disgraced and appalled ,other countries are laughing ,us is a better country then impeachment everytime something happens its impeachment, take control of our govt again ,realese the beasts for treasonous acts polosie and others must be fired .

  2. dan says:

    Go suck a big one, moron.

  3. dan says:

    jim dandy, I am inclined to agree. I am filled with rage at what those commie m*****f###### are attempting to do. I hope a lot of others are well.

  4. jim dandy says:

    The stupid left is playing in dangerous waters .The commie left may bite off more than they can chew????/

  5. ALICE says:


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