Ted Cruz just gave AOC the epic take-down she has deserved for years

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is trying to bring socialism to America.

Yet somehow, she is allowed to sit in the U.S. House while promoting such a treasonous ideology.

And Ted Cruz just gave AOC the epic take-down she has deserved for years.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cotez’s surprise election in 2018 was perhaps the biggest win for the far-left of the Democrat Party in decades.

For years, they have had wacky outliers like Bernie Sanders who have promoted their ideology.

But they have largely been laughed out of the room, and seldom challenged due to their lack of major influence.

Ocasio-Cortez conversely was able to defeat the third most powerful Democrat in the House, and bolster up a once-fringe far-left movement pushing to move America down the road towards socialism.

Since getting elected, she has challenged the Democrat establishment, along with Republican leaders.

But she has also continually proven that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

She proved that again during a recent Twitter temper tantrum.

It isn’t uncommon for the Senate to go on recess for holidays.

But Ocasio-Cortez claimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissing the Senate ahead of Thanksgiving is something surprising, and attacked him for it.

“People across the country are going hungry, COVID is set to explode, and Mitch McConnell dismissed the Senate last week,” she Tweeted. “I don’t know how these people can sleep at night. I really don’t.”

But in response, Ted Cruz was having none of it, pointing out that it was the Democrats who are filibustering coronavirus relief.

“Why is your party filibustering $500 billion in COVID relief?” he questioned in response. “And Joe Biden is cheering them on. Thinking that blocking relief somehow helps Dems win Georgia.”

Ocasio-Cortez tried to get back at him with a very ignorant response.

“The House doesn’t have filibusters,” she replied to Sen. Cruz before continuing, “We also passed several COVID relief packages to the Senate that not only include >$500 billion, but also prioritize helping real people as opposed to Wall St bailouts the GOP tries to pass off as ‘relief.’”

Cruz points out her ignorance in a brutal checkmate:

“[Ocasio-Cotez] seems not to know there are Democrats in the Senate. Or that Joe Biden (also a Dem) is publicly calling on Senate Dems to continue filibustering COVID relief because he thinks it will help them win Georgia.”

She clearly wasn’t ready to play ball with Cruz, who destroyed every point she made.

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