Ted Cruz had a surprising answer on the best way to combat voter fraud

On Wednesday, a joint session of Congress will meet to certify the results of the Electoral College.

Several Republican Senators plan to object to the results, citing widespread allegations of voter fraud.

And Ted Cruz had a surprising answer on the best way to combat voter fraud.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is one of the Republicans planning to oppose certification of the Electoral College results.

On Sunday, Cruz campaigned in Georgia for Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

There, Cruz told a group of reporters that he implored a crowd of supporters that the best way to overcome voter fraud is for Republicans to vote in such overwhelming numbers that the Democrats can’t cheat to steal the election.

“What I just told this crowd and what I think is the best answer for Tuesday is the best answer is to win by a big enough margin that nobody can steal it, and so this is a turnout election at this point,” Cruz explained.

Senator Cruz added that anyone upset with the results on November 3 and believes the election was stolen from the President needed to bring their family and friends to the polls to make sure legal voters carried the day.

“I think the answer if you’re unhappy about [the general election] is not to stay home but show up, bring your friends, bring your family, and end up with a big victory Tuesday night. I hope that’s what we’re gonna see,” Cruz added.

Some Republicans are worried that the rank and file won’t turn out in the Senate special elections because they believe that due to Democrat voter fraud their vote will not count.

Ted Cruz traveled to Georgia to make the case that Republicans can overcome Democrat fraud if everyone votes.

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