Ted Cruz gave Elon Musk a warning about Hillary Clinton that you won’t believe

Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchasing Twitter upset the Left’s apple cart.

There is fury on the Left.

And Ted Cruz gave Elon Musk a warning about Hillary Clinton that you won’t believe.

Elon Musk recently tweeted out a letter published on Russian state media falsely accusing him of being a Nazi due to the fact that a company he owns called Starlink supplied communications equipment to the Ukrainian army.

Musk mocked the letter by pointing out they misused the term Nazi.

But then, in a nod to how critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin turned up dead by suspicious means, Musk tweeted a joke about dying under mysterious circumstances.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz chimed in and joked that if Musk should ever end up in jail, he should not let Hillary Clinton visit him.

This was a clear reference to deceased alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein supposedly committing suicide in his Manhattan jail cell in the summer of 2019.

Few people believed that story due to the lapses in security and the fact that Epstein died before his trial revealed the secrets of the rich and powerful men who traveled and partied with him.

Epstein stood accused of sex trafficking underage girls to his private island aboard his “Lolita Express” plane.

Bill Clinton was one of the famous men who traveled with Epstein and allegedly visited his island.

No one accused Bill Clinton of doing anything untoward with an underaged girl, but after Epstein’s death, “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” became a rallying cry to Americans skeptical of the official story.

It reminded many of the Vince Foster suicide that spawned conspiracy theories about how Foster – who served as Deputy White House Counsel – was murdered and supposedly having an affair with Hillary.

The Clinton’s never shook this story, and it became a running joke in conservative circles anytime someone associated with them died.

Now with Elon Musk in the crosshairs of Russian state media, Ted Cruz dusted off the “Clinton kill list” jokes to have some fun at Hillary’s expense.

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