Ted Cruz dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for this criminal conduct

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a mess of lawlessness and corruption.

But matters are spiraling out of control.

And then Ted Cruz dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for this criminal conduct.

At a press conference, Texas Senator Ted Cruz hammered Joe Biden for the failure to enforce the federal law making it illegal to protest outside of a judge’s home.

“I think, unfortunately for the Left, the law is viewed as optional,” Senator Cruz declared. “If they disagree with the law, they refuse to enforce it. Whether it is the federal criminal law that protects these children or whether it is the federal criminal law that protects Supreme Court Justices.”

Senator Cruz drove home the point about Democrats inciting hatred against the Supreme Court Justices over the potential striking down of Roe v. Wade.

Despite the fact that a left-wing lunatic was arrested for attempting to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh, Cruz noted that the White House refused to condemn protesters demonstrating outside the homes of Justices in violation of federal law.

“We saw just yesterday a man arrested for attempted murder of a Supreme Court Justice. That crime was actively encouraged by elected Democrats,” Senator Cruz continued. “Chuck Schumer went to the steps of the Supreme Court and threatened the Justices. The White House actively encouraged protesters to go to the home of Supreme Court Justices, despite the fact that it is there’s a federal criminal prohibition on doing so while a court case is pending – the only time that I’m aware of where the White House, literally from the White House press room, has encouraged the ongoing commission of a felony.”

“And even today, the Department of Justice has not arrested the protesters that are violating criminal law on its face because the President and the Attorney General agree with their politics,” Senator Cruz added. “Well, the law is meant to be applied regardless of Party.”

The Democrats and corporate-controlled media want to downplay the attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life.

That’s because the assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh undercuts the Left’s false narrative that the Republican Party is empowering a white supremacist domestic terrorist movement.

Democrats plan to make that the centerpiece of their 2022 Midterm election campaign.

But the reality is that the Democrats are forgiving of political violence by their silence about the assassination attempt against Justice Kavanaugh.

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