Ted Cruz dropped the hammer on CNN with one truth about how they cover Trump

Fake news CNN has just 31 days left to try and defeat Donald Trump.

The rhetoric on the network is only getting more partisan and over the top.

And Ted Cruz dropped the hammer on CNN with one truth about how they cover Trump.

Fake news CNN anchor Chris Cuomo invited Ted Cruz on his program under the guise of discussing Cruz’s new book about the Supreme Court.

Instead, Cuomo wanted a rumble.

Cuomo immediately launched into a series of falsehoods about the President refusing to denounce white supremacy at the first Presidential debate despite Trump doing so three times.

The fake news anchor then listed off a list of the media’s biggest lies about the President calling neo-Nazis very fine people.

“He did it in Charlottesville. He did it with David Duke. The old Ted Cruz, who he called Lyin’ Ted, when he wasn’t insulting your wife and your father, tweeted, ‘Hey, you’re better than this, Mr. President.’

“What happened to that Ted? I don’t know if he changed or did just you changed, for some reason, Senator?” Cuomo asked Cruz.

After some back and forth where Cuomo rudely interrupted Cruz and spoke over the Senator, Cruz hit Cuomo with the truth about what is going on at CNN.

“Chris, there was a time when CNN actually cared about being journalistic and talking about facts. Donald Trump broke you guys,” Cruz declared.

Donald Trump’s election mentally broke the Left.

The media – and fake news CNN in particular – have completely abandoned pretense of objectivity in pursuit of partisan revenge against Donald Trump for winning the 2016 Presidential election.

But in the process of trying to destroy Donald Trump they have only destroyed themselves.

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