Ted Cruz blew the whistle on Chuck Schumer’s plan to give illegal aliens the right to vote

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden have a plan to rig every election in America.

Republicans are warning this is a national emergency.

And Ted Cruz blew the whistle on Chuck Schumer’s plan to give illegal aliens the right to vote.

Republicans in both the House and the Senate are calling H.R. and S.R.1 the “Corrupt Politicians Act”.

Conservatives contend this bill will allow Democrats to rig elections by mandating universal vote-by-mail where over hundred one million unsolicited ballots will be sent to voters before every election.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz warned that the bill could disenfranchise legal American voters by making it easier for illegal aliens to get caught up in the mandated automatic voter registration programs the bill provides for when they get drivers licenses.

Cruz noted that the bill removed any legal penalties for illegal aliens that got added to the rolls via automatic voter registration.

“The Corrupt Politicians Act is intended to register illegal immigrants to vote, and the text of the monstrous bill reflects that. It provides that illegal immigrants who are registered to vote, even though it’s against the law for them to vote, will face no legal liability because they will be automatically registered to vote,” Cruz wrote in an op-ed on the Daily Caller.

Cruz also pointed out that the bill made it more difficult to root out voter fraud by illegal aliens by gutting voter ID laws in the states and making it more difficult for states to purge their rolls of ineligible voters.

Ted Cruz also explained that the “Corrupt Politicians” Act facilitated voter fraud by allowing for ballot harvesting schemes, which Cruz stated would allow Democrat operatives to collect ballots in group settings and throw out Republican votes.

“This bill also mandates ballot harvesting, which means that paid operatives from the Democratic National Committee would be going to nursing homes and collecting votes, potentially throwing out votes they don’t like. Ballot harvesting is a gateway to corruption, and the Corrupt Politicians Act is an invitation to do it,” Cruz added.

Republicans are united in opposition to this bill because they contend that it will turn America into a one party state like the old Soviet Russia where only Democrats can win elections.

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