Ted Cruz admitted one thing to Tucker Carlson that will leave you speechless

Tucker Carlson recently called out Ted Cruz for comments he made about January 6.

That led to a confrontation.

And Ted Cruz admitted one thing to Tucker Carlson that will leave you speechless.

Tucker Carlson called out Texas Senator Ted Cruz after he referred to the January 6 riot as a “terrorist attack.”

Carlson noted that Cruz adopted the rhetoric of the Biden administration, which in turn declared a new domestic war on terror against Trump supporters.

Tucker Carlson warned his viewers that if conservatives like Ted Cruz would not defend them from the federal government treating them like enemy combatants, the Republican Party was hopeless.

The next night, Cruz appeared on Carlson’s show and admitted he made a mistake in calling January 6 a “terrorist attack.”

But Carlson wasn’t buying it, and he pressed Cruz on the fact that as a Harvard-trained lawyer, he chooses his words carefully and he did not use Democrat Party talking points like “terrorist attack” haphazardly.

And in fact, this was not a one-time slip up.

Cruz repeatedly referred to the melee at the Capitol on January 6 as a “terrorist attack,” which was just the type of rhetoric Joe Biden latched on to in smearing Trump voters as domestic terrorists and violent extremists.

Ted Cruz recently claimed he was a frontrunner for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination if Donald Trump didn’t run.

Cruz based that claim on the idea that Republicans tend to nominate the runner-up of the previous contest.

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney all won the GOP nomination after coming in second place in the previous Primary.

But Cruz knew he damaged himself badly with his comments calling January 6 a “terrorist attack.”

And that was why he tried to play clean up on Tucker Carlson’s show.

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