What a survivor of the Florida shooting said about gun control will leave you speechless

The media has turned the shooting in Parkland, Florida into a runaway gun control train.

Survivors of the shooting are taking to cable news to make their feelings known.

And what one student said about gun control will leave you speechless.

If you only watched CNN or MSNBC, you would think every student at Majory Stoneman Douglas High school is now a gun control activist.

But not every survivor shares the anti-gun views of the liberal media.

Kyle Kashuv appeared on Fox News and blasted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for smearing the NRA and blaming guns when it was his deputy that was on campus and failed to stop the shooter.

The Daily Caller reports:

“It absolutely outrages me that at the CNN town hall, we had the sheriff who was virtue signaling against the NRA and against guns when he didn’t even act properly,” Kashuv stated. “The armed officer at our school waited outside with the sheriff and his men for four minutes and let my classmates die while he stood outside and waited.”

“He didn’t do his job properly, and then he turns around and says guns are the issue when he failed to act properly.”

Kashuv stated Israel “absolutely needs to resign after what happened here.”

“He failed to act on so many different levels,” he continued “And him himself is responsible for this massive failure.”

“This could have easily been stopped both by the FBI and the sheriff’s department had they acted.”

The media is deploying students who share their views as human shields in order to label anyone who disagrees with the anti-gun agenda as an immoral bully for picking on children that survived a school shooting.

But the fact of the matter is support for gun control is not universal.

And the pro-gun students have every right to speak out as anti-gun students and be treated with the same moral authority.

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33 Responses

  1. Don King says:

    Obviously, based on the philosophy of taking responsibility for ones own action, labels you as not being a progressive/democrat.

  2. jayme sousa says:

    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrzHuCWsl0g&feature=youtu.be
    A Sunday evening News report(Fantastico – Brazil), re-capping the weeks events. This report details a “gun running” operation from Broward County, FL (Miami, specifically) to Latin America (and Rio de Janeiro, specifically). On 2/24/2018 A Brazilian multi-millionaire, having purchased his American Citizenship with some of his millions, was arrested at Rio de Janeiro’s Airport with a cargo of water heaters. The water heaters (purchased at a local Miami Home Depot Store) were full of machine guns calibre AK-47. This shipment was destined to Rio de Janeiro’s slum section where the week before, a massive uprising and blood bath ensued.
    The duo of “Barbieri and Francisco” were American citizens, naturalized under “undisclosed” circumstances. They lived in luxury, a large estate, tucked away from any “prying eyes.” From this locale, in Broward County (under the Sheriff’s watchful eyes) both Brazilians operated a world-wide “gun running” operation.
    LINK: http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/02/16/two-years-after-olympics-brazilian-military-takes-crime-ridden-rio-de-janeiro/
    In this video is detailed the violence and subsequent police confrontation with slum-dwelling criminals who control ALL drug distribution in the city.
    Lastly, there isn’t a peep out of American MSM about this operation conducted by Brazilian secret police. It was informed to American FBI, CIA, NSA, State Department, Homeland Security, US Embassy in Rio de Janeiro…(crickets). Even Broward County, law enforcement knew of this “gun running operation” and did nothing…not-one-single-thing about these shipments of high powered, military grade weapons around the world, Latin America, and even USA. Folks, that’s AK-47’s. This shipment had over 60 military grade hardware hidden in water heaters. USCIS awarded these criminal Brazilians with “American Citizenship” knowing full well about their nefarious “gun running” operations. See, these two criminals had extensive (as long as ones arm) law enforcement indictments and sentencing in and around Rio de Janeiro, yet nothing was done.
    Conclusion, There sure is something very, very fishy going on in Broward County Law Enforcement, Courts, Immigration Courts, ICE, USCIS, Naturalization Services, Citizen Visa Program et al. This, on the heels of Las Vegas shooter with 43 Military Grade weapons (crickets). Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128

  3. Chivis says:

    Demonrats Not Gun Control. No, No No

  4. David in MA says:

    The one good thing with this shooting is that the shooter is still alive………….., and can be questioned, I just hope any questioning is done by the book so that later there can be no claims the shooter was threatened or tortured.

  5. Jarhead says:

    First we must stop the worldwide savage murders shown by over 35,500 radical Mu-Slime attacks since 9/11, which creates “Copy-Cats” trying to out do the radical Mu-Slime terrorists. Even if it takes a small NUKE on Mecca to wake these freaks up – – so far the USA has done NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA to slow or stop these Bat-Dung-Crazy animals and if we don’t act they will continue.

  6. David says:

    It’s the EASY answer to say it was: a) the officers making a WRONG DECISION b) the Gun’s fault; while SOCIETY ‘banishing’ God from the schools to have SHOOTERS step in to fill the vacancy he left is the REAL PROBLEM!! [ithe problem will resurface, eventually, until God and his morality come back into the schools.

    • Pirana says:

      god dosen’t exist . It’s your wishful thinking. Only YOU can prevent things from happening.

      • bj says:

        You don’t believe in God because you never tried to find Him. You can find Him if you go to Him in a humbled manner and ask Him to lead you with the help of the Holy Spirit.

      • Bob Fox says:

        Pirana, it appears you judge everything as wishful thinking unless you agree with it but if you think about it…believing in a Creator is in line with your own personal experience. Your experience reveals to you a wrist watch implies a designer, a house implies a designer, a bridge implies a designer, etc. etc. etc. Your experience tells you some designs are more complex and intricate than others and require different levels of knowledge and brain power. Beavers can make dams but they can’t make a Hoover Dam. There is complex, intricate design in the universe and DNA but man did not design them. Why not apply your experience to the design of things man can’t design and tell us all how they came about?

      • Ken says:

        I guess you think we were all just dropped on this earth by some unknown entitey. Show us the source of our great humanity, blemished as it is, as proof of science proliferation.
        As flawed as we are, we need our faith to sustain us.
        If you have no faith, you are responsible for everything good or bad that happens to you. That is a lot of burden to place on your shoulders my friend.
        God, or whoever, Bless you with prosperity.

        • Richard says:

          “If you have no faith, you are responsible for everything good or bad that happens to you. ”
          Taking responsibility for oneself, what a concept .

          • Don King says:

            Obviously, based on the philosophy of taking responsibility for ones own action, labels you as not being a progressive/democrat.

    • Patti says:

      Your so right David!!!

  7. I applaude Kyle Kashuv for telling it like it REALLY is and was.I would wager he knows that these childrens temperment also has a problem and removing them from guns would be a good thing. Especially whedn you can not count on 4 Sheriff’s to do the right thing instead of hiding. Maybe now they will install metal detectors and have police with them at ALL times which should save lives. Also if teachers etc notice that some children have ISSUES then they would get them the help they need.

  8. Jerry says:

    Why are we focused on the gun and not the shooter? The shooter like practically all other shooters of the past have been on prescribed mind altering drugs. Maybe we should concentrate on the psychiatrist and their damaging drugs.
    What should be done with arming teachers is to select teachers who would like to serve as a Sheriff or Police reserve officer. This would give them training on weapons and other police responsibility.
    The best way to deter a gun is another gun. Only a fool would pull a gun on a police officer unless the fool wants to die. How many shooters would want to walk into a school knowing the minute he pulls out his gun there would be several other guns pointed at his head.
    Gun control is a bigger issue than meets the eye. It is a move to disarm the country and open the door to an invasion from within or from another country.
    We must hang on to our guns at all cost.

    • Bert Prol says:

      Spot – on! One more thing: In addition to the two things you mention, the Founders put the 2nd Amendment in place so the PEOPLE would be able to take the government out if it became an oppressive regime (something the left is really pushing for). Incidentally, ANY law that seeks to limit or abridge this fundamental RIGHT is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Also Rights are not privileged or licensed! We as citizens of the US must be vigilant, Because the “privileged class” commonly known as politicians are working to insure their position, and are not working to do the job “We the People elected them to do. We need term limitations, and we need them NOW, before the charlatans in Congress do more damage! I’ve said enough; I could say more!

    • Patti says:

      That’s right Jerry! So true

    • NavyDoc says:

      Damned Skippy!
      From my cold dead hands…
      Right on Jerry, right on.

    • cliff says:

      All one has to do is find an OLD un-revised HISTORY BOOK to see what happens to the PEOPLE, when their GUNS (their only defense against a TYRANNICAL “government”) Is taken away . Does Nazi Germany ring a bell?? China?? USSR?? History WILL repeat itself IF “WE THE PEOPLE” do NOT stand up for our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS we too will be “ELIMINATED”.

  9. Bill says:

    This whole fiasco in the Florida shooting was allowed to happened! FALSE FLAG???
    1) mayor a democrat
    2) previous mayor first African American Muslim woman.
    3) Sheriff Israel a democrat.
    4) take your pick 23-45 complaints by individuals on Cruz and sheriff and FBI fail to take responsible action or any action.
    5) 4 deputy sheriffs never entering school building while shooter inside killing students.???
    6) school safety officer (deputy sheriff) never engaged and was outside while active shooter inside.???
    7)this sheriff displays a complete dereliction of duty and action!
    8) sheriff also displays anti gun support.
    7)if true about sheriff providing gun training to Muslims at Mosque, despicable!
    8) Broward County is a Democrat controlled community! Gee, who would of thought!
    How come these shooting are in democrat controlled communities????.
    Why are democrats in unison, along with MSN , demanding Gun control????
    There is a lot more to this story and many others that is being withheld from the public? Why?? Why are democrats supporting sanctuary cities? Why are democrats harboring criminals and refuse to cooperate with ICE agents??? Why is congress so quick to vote on more gun restrictions????? Why is so much information always withheld from the public??? Everything points to a complete failure of sheriff and FBI to take appropriate action with so much evidence pointing to this individual was about to commit this crime??? The democrats ignore all the evidence, this hedious crime should have never happened, but was allowed to by their own democrats! Very Sad! Very pathetic!

  10. MARCO POshar says:

    little incompetent sherifff Israel is got to go ,,,,,,

  11. Francisco Machado says:

    In the school’s falsely perceived self interest an arrangement was made with law enforcement to treat lawbreaking by students as mere behavioral irregularities, not to book them or indict them. Supposed desired result? that the “developing” youth would have no criminal record. An actual result was that there was no record for background checks (that the falsely labeled Liberals want to strengthen) to access. Cruz could therefore buy a gun over the counter in a retail outlet instead of having to seek one out on the black market or steal one, either of which might have put him in law enforcement’s sights before the tragedy. How about those Liberals backing up enforcement of existing laws – they never seem to bring up the failure of law enforcement, even though it was spectacularly blatant in this instance.

    • Jake says:

      Right on, that was the issue with the sheriff deputies, they are told to step down and that needs to be at least Fox News would be putting that out there and haven’t seen it yet?

  12. Irene Grooms says:

    We must not let these who want our GUNS WIN THIS BATTLE.

  13. Roger says:

    Finally a young man that can and does think for himself. We all know the real reason for more gun control and as long as we have guns they are terrified that they have to abide by the Constitution. Gun control has nothing to do with safety of anyone. It’s all about government control first with guns then with every aspect of our lives. Look at what happened in Germany in the late 1930’s. That led to total dictatorship by a mentally deranged man. Why did Obama want gun control? And they want to improve NICS when it’s controlled by FBI. They have done such a great job preventing the latest school shooting. We should really trust them or BRO as both are just as or more responsible than the young mentally ill shooter.

  14. James Stamulis says:

    Not only what he stated but come to find out this sheriff gave gun training to a radical Islamic mosque! That’s right this so called anti gun POS gave training to would be Islamic terrorists but wants real Americans disarmed and he is too cowardly to go in and save those kids! Our pathetic politicians are trying to steal our gun rights when the blame falls on the FBI and this fake sheriff department who ignored 39 tips this guy was dangerous. Tell your politicians if they vote more gun restrictions they don’t get your votes.

  15. CaptTurbo says:

    Good to see that they are not all indoctrinated little snowflakes.

  16. Guns don’t pull the trigger, psychotic people do. Alcohol and Planned Parenthood murders more human beings in a year then all the shootings in this country combined together. So why don’t they get rid of alcohol and Planned Parenthood. Car accidents kill more people so why don’t they do away with vehicles. Come for my guns and I guarantee the extinguished ammo 1st. The rise of state militia will rise and keep that from happening. In 93 or 96 they tried to take guns away from a town in Illinois (which wasn’t publicized) as a government experiment. It failed. The militia told the government to screw off and they left.

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