Supreme Court SHOCKER: Donald Trump just got dealt this big defeat

Democrats were cheering.

No one expected this result.

And that’s because the Supreme Court just dealt Donald Trump this big defeat.

The Supreme Court upheld an Appeals Court ruling allowing Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee to gain access to Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Back in 2019, Democrats invoked an obscure 1928 law to force the Treasury Department to fork over Donald Trump’s tax returns.

But Trump administration Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin ignored the request because it lacked legitimate legislative purpose.

Things changed once the Biden administration took over.

Donald Trump sued to prevent the administration from handing over his tax returns.

However, after a three-year-long legal battle, the Supreme Court refused to hear Trump’s challenge and paved the way for Democrats to get their hands on his tax returns.

The Washington Post reports:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied former president Donald Trump’s efforts to block the release of his tax records to a congressional committee that has sought the information for years.

The court’s order means that the Treasury Department may quickly hand over six years of tax records from Trump and some of his companies to the House Ways and Means Committee.

There were no recorded dissents in the court’s order. As is often the case in emergency applications, the court did not state a reason for denying Trump’s request.

Trump argued that the Democrats’ subpoena lacked a legitimate legislative purpose and that their only goal in obtaining his tax returns was leaking them for political gain.

Now Democrats can comb through Trump’s returns and leak damaging stories to the press at opportune times about Trump taking legal tax breaks to drive down the amount he owed.

Democrats and the press pitched a fit in 2016 when Trump did not release his tax returns.

Trump explained he did not release them under legal advice.

Leftists lost their minds and began inventing conspiracy theories about how Trump would not release his tax returns to hide evidence of secret payments from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg eventually closed down an investigation into Trump on tax fraud charges after coming to the conclusion that he had no case.

Now the Democrats can finally get access to Donald Trump’s tax returns.

And it remains to be seen how they will use them for political benefit.

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