Stormy Daniel’s lawyer just pulled one legal maneuver that could end Trump rallies forever

Proven by disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti, only the craziest attorneys will represent Stormy Daniels.

Her cases are never about substance, but rather about getting media attention.

And her latest attorney just pulled one legal maneuver that could end Trump rallies forever.

Stormy Daniels has an impressive history of attorneys.

Her most well-known attorney, until she brought him to court for allegedly embezzling money from her, was Michael Avenatti.

Avenatti is now serving a jail sentence for charges of attempting to extort $20 million from Nike, while he also faces charges from Daniels and other clients alleging similar crimes.

In Daniel’s case against Avenatti, and all her other legal matters, she has retained Tulsa, Oklahoma-based attorney Clark Brewster.

It isn’t shocking that Brewster is also a liberal wacko, and he just proved it with his latest lawsuit, which does not involve Daniels in any way.

He is suing to try to shut down, or severely lower turnout for Trump’s upcoming rally in Tulsa.

The rally is already expected to be unheard of in size, with well over one million tickets being claimed for the event, which can only seat 19,000 people.

Brewster is working with fellow Tulsa-area Attorney Paul DeMuro on this case.

The two claims that event is a “super spreader” event for coronavirus and is demanding that the event be subjected to intense safety requirements in order to be allowed to continue.

If forced to meet that standard, the event certainly would not be allowed to continue, at least at the size the event is expected to be.

Currently, the Trump campaign is requiring all attendees to sign a waiver stating they will not sue the campaign or the convention center if they catch the virus.

But the chance of that happening is slim to none anyway.

Millions of liberals have hit the streets for Black Lives Matter protests across the country that have devolved into riots.

Nobody has been following social distancing, and aside from the lawbreakers, many are not wearing masks.

There has been no evidence showing that these events have caused an uptick in cases.

But to the Left, conservatives gathering is somehow more dangerous than liberals.

There hasn’t been an attorney attempting to force Black Lives Matter protesters to adhere to standards or shut down their events.

If one did, the media would smear them as racist.

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52 Responses

  1. Peter Welthy says:

    The implication in the very question, is that there is some authority with the power to restrict the activities of free people. There is no such authority. Neither shall there ever be.

  2. Lind says:

    This Corona Virus BS is nothing more than political! You never hear of people having bronchitis, pnemonia, or flu. Eveytime someone is tested have you noticed its always Covid 19. Nothing to fear but fear itself. The demoncrats will try to still this election by any means possible. Now lawyers are going to use fear to try and stop a Presidential Rally. People hang in there! Stand up, speak out, and be affirmative with your first amendment rights.

  3. WildManDan says:

    By “scumbag” I trust you are referring to Trump, correct?

  4. TrueDemocrat says:

    Largest rally ever? Trump couldn’t even get 7,000 people in a 19,000 arena. The “overflow” area where Trump and Pence were supposed to speak was dismantled even before the rally began. It shows the days of Trump’s overflow crowds are done. Trump’s keeps crowing the pandemic is over with, but even the Trumpites know that is not true. They don’t want to get Covid-19 just to cheer Trump.

  5. enubus18 says:

    Avanti is disbarred and in jail and Trump had his rally in Tulsa! What kind of funky article is this?

  6. Alan says:

    Stormy is a hooker ,so what be gone already.there is no money to be made..

  7. Papa Bear says:

    James, Different scumbag.

  8. JACOB R. QUIMPO says:


  9. Patricia says:

    GO TO HELL! You will not stop our president from doing his rallies so you scumbags can continue your filthy agendas!

  10. Eliot says:

    The rally already happened! This article is dated and is presented as news! I want news, not an article of someone trying to prevent a rally which already happened!

  11. Pat says:

    Stormy get over yourself. We all know you were after him for fame and money. You lost get over it.

  12. James says:

    I thought this scumbag was supposed to be in prison.

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