Stormy Daniels’ lawyer could be in deep trouble after this email was released

Porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti is a mainstay in the fake news media.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, CNN and MSNBC have given him nearly $175 million in free publicity.

But now Avenatti is eating his own words after issuing this threat.

Avenatti recently released a report attempting to disparage one of President Trump’s lawyers, Michael Cohen.

He claimed that Cohen received possible fraudulent and illegal payments from foreign countries.

The problem was those payments were made to a different Michael Cohen. As of this article, we have not seen any retraction or apology from Avenatti.

Instead, Avenatti flew off the handle at The Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller released an email from Avenatti with the subject line “Cut it Out,” threatening to sue the news organization for exposing his own shady past.

The Daily Caller reports:

Avenatti’s past is littered with lawsuits, jilted business partners and bankruptcy filings. People who have worked with the lawyer described him to TheDCNF as ruthless, greedy and unbothered by ethical questions.

Dillanos Coffee CEO David Morris claimed last Tuesday that Avenatti never paid him for over $160,000 worth of coffee that Dillanos supplied to Avenatti’s company. “So @StormyDaniels hot shot lawyer Michael owes my small company @Dillanos $160,179 for coffee,” Morris wrote on Twitter. “He talks a big talk about integrity. We trusted him.”

Fox News also reported that Avenatti owes $1.2 million in personal federal taxes, $4 million in taxes from his former law firm partnership, and his law firm itself at one point owed $2.4 million.

No doubt his countless media appearances have helped line his pockets.

And the fake news media are more than willing to dish out the dough to anyone who will disparage President Trump, no matter what their underlying motives may be.


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44 Responses

  1. Annette says:

    He needs to pay his taxes and coffee bill. He is not a very good lawyer to do that but then we knew that. Why IRS doesn’t get him is beyond me. That is not a small sum. If that was you or me we would be behind bars so why isn’t he?????

  2. William Brummett says:

    if it a stunt then why did trump pay her off

  3. Patricia Wheeler says:

    Daniel’s lawyer is so crooked. Why do we have to pay taxes if this rich dude can owe over a million $$$ and not have to go to jail? It seems to me the middle class are ALWAYS the ones to get screwed. The rich keep getting richer and a lot of the poor are unemployed free loaders using our money for alcohol and drugs. Come on lawmakers; get to work on a fair and equal program! I’m almost 81 years old and can’t even get the medications I need so how is that fair?

    • William says:

      The tax structure has always been this way & the samapplies to most every other segment of life.
      The taxer-do I think should have had more befefits to the low income class as well as the middle class. After all they really do all the work for less in wages.
      If the rate for taxes were raised, as I’d have liked for the top earners to say 35-38% and that upward adjustment for the rich was applied to the lower class, I really thing the economy would hav improved even more than it has. I was taxed 31% on my VA\SS retirement income which is ludicrous. BTY I’m lower middle income class too.

      • William says:

        samapplies. big typo should have been same applies….

      • True Believer says:

        William how can that be unless you made additional money over and above your VA/SS$. One doesn’t even have to file if that is all you get and have to exceed the amount by 25% (which amounts to if married filing jointly standard deduction)over and above to have to pay taxes on your SS.

        • William says:

          I use turbo tax and have never had an issue other than not doing either a pc or Mac for specific years over the years. Used since the 80’s. All I know is that when I plugged our numbers I got a big wack. Computes the rate at 31 plus % in reality, but 31% is close enough and it cost us a good chunk of what we otherwise would had gotten back. The status married\joint, not standard decuct though, itemized.

      • Gina Klempel says:

        I wonder if Stormy reports her cash clients ?????

        • William says:

          Sure she would :>Q, just like the lawn maintenance or any other under the table operation or even barter. Cash has always been king. There are still congressmen]womwn that still owe taxes. Yet nothing is done.

  4. Albedamned! says:

    Self serving scum!

  5. Archangel Mikey says:

    Both Stormy Daniels and her lawyer are a couple of bottom feeders. That should be obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes and a few brain cells still firing. She should be arrested for extortion; and, he should be disbarred. A couple of con artists, period.

  6. Wyomingman says:

    You know what. If you or I owed the IRS taxes I guarantee we would not be walking around letting it be known that we owe taxes and have not paid them. We would be whining to our cell mate who would care less. Lock him up and take the whore with him.

    • William says:

      There are about a dozen congressman\women that owe taxes, yet nothing is done. It’s a 3 tiered system for people they arew at the top but should be at tg mottom since they are paid from out mionies. then there are the haves and the haves nots. Trouble is everywhere you look nothing is being done about it.

  7. Robyn L. says:

    I could not vote in the poll being as this is a trick question. I don’t believe its an anti trump lawsuit I believe its for her own personal gain. She’s done this before and even ran for office in 2009. She’s a manipulator and frankly a slut. What kind of woman sleeps with a man she doesn’t want to unless for money or power. Trump seen her coming a mile away that’s why he made her sign an agreement back then. Had he known at the time he would some day be president I think he would of told that money grabbing gold digging slut to hit the road. I didn’t vote for trump because I care about who he sleeps with I care about whats he going to do for this country.

    • William says:

      Any reference to Trump negates your thought, because iy involves Trumps Presidency only because he is now the President. All this happeneed about 5 years ago, long before he was even slated to run the race. Now this action comes up, but why now, to embarrass, yea, to supposedly recind $130k, & drag everyone through the mud (both sides)? This could have easily deen done within I believe the statute is 1-2 years for rescinding an agreement. So that was long over dur an now Trump is in office and pressure is being applied from all sides it seems …So YEA its, political as well as monetary, maybe a book or movie dea, I figure your wanting out of all this with that “attorney”.

  8. It’s difficult to believe that a law school bestowed a legal degree on this man, and that he has passed a bar exam allowing him to practice law. Piss poor lawyer who wouldn’t be on my speed dial.

  9. My2Cents says:

    It seems that the more you owe the IRS the less likely they will put you in jail. why isn’t he in jail for failure to pay taxes Is it who you know? Or who you used to work for .

    Instead of every body being concerned about trumps taxes how about an accounting of how many swamp creatures owe the IRS unpaid taxes. 2 justice systems.

  10. GIGGIJAN says:


  11. Larry says:

    Maybe she’ll give him something he’s not expecting…like the gift that keeps on giving…

  12. Ron Fillmore says:

    Suck it up, buttercup! Your ignorance is showing.

  13. Bender says:

    U guys lost the moral high ground when dump bragged about committing sexual assault on tape and you voted 4 him anyway. Then u lost law and order party moniker when u attacked the FBI and all American intelligence agencies about your mother Russia interference in our election. The fake news come right from white house press room no one in administration can tell the truth. Stick with the state run media (fox) so u can blindly ignore basic facts and remain clueless Putin and his little puppet pres orange like when your blind.

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      Suck it up, buttercup! Your ignorance is showing.

    • jim hunt says:

      Bender You are either drunk or crazy,don’t talk to us about Moral high grounds,I’ve never known or seen a liberal who could define morality,you follow the same line of reasoning that all liberal follow,it was the Russians,or he colluded with them when no shred of evidence has been found to prove anything of the sort,there is far more reason to believe Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians than Trump,plus she is one of the crookedest women who ever lived,how was it that Obama knew about Russian enterference before trump came along and did nothing about it,he has shaded anything that Obama or any dirt bag Democrat has ever done for this country,so keep on whining and crying,we don’t mind and you don’t matter.

  14. Look who’s talking smack when their closets full of nits!!

  15. mark says:

    Here, Here! Walt,

    Well said!

  16. Joseph says:

    The two of them are trash! He isn’t a decent human much less lawyer of stature. What a pig!

  17. Gerry says:

    I think this clown is nothing but a con artist who likes the lime light but has gotten himself in over his head. He’s a BSer .

  18. Walt says:

    Sorry Democraps are the guilty ones in almost all cases. They are criminals like Bill Clinton is a rapist; Hillary Clinton is a loser that is a thief, liar, criminal; Muller is a liar and guilty of Obstruction of Justice; Lynch is a liar and guilty of Perjury; McCabe is a liar, and Guilty of Obstruction of Justice, John Kerry is a loser, liar and guilty of Treason, Obama the worst POTUS ever in American History guilty of Treason, perjury, Obstruction of Justice etc.

  19. Bruce says:

    The Hooker and her “John”. What a team. Both in it for personal gain.

  20. bobb says:

    She is just A wore out hooker trying 2 get some money

  21. jim says:

    Birds of a feather..
    Scum attracts scum.
    D-RAT party and “handlers” / enablers /supporters are scum. And ALL their minions.

  22. True Believer says:

    I love it. You know, anyone who comes after Pres. Trump gets thrashed as well it should be if you haven’t done anything wrong. It all seems to be demoncraps and they get caught. Isn’t it wonderful. The attorney is a sleeze bag just like his Client and then charging Cohen about deposits and got the wrong Cohen. How would you like him being your attorney. I don’t know if you all remember, but during the campaign this Russian thing that is a hoax started and it was supposedly Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer that was supposed to have gone to Russia and Mr. Trump called him into Trump Tower and to bring his passport. Found out he hadn’t been out of the country but had been to one of his kids ball games in California at the time. However, as you will notice the retractions are either never done or if done are on some obscure page that no one sees them.

    • William says:

      For the most part the whole media issue is one sided against Trump. Why who knows, but a guess would be they ‘paid to play’ with corrupt Hillary and feel they got screwed. They should be screwed, and not let into the WH press room at any time, They don’t even report the True facts, hardly ever.

  23. William says:

    Actually you are correct, but w\ Kennedys, actually many of them were chasers as well I believe, & one was a killer. I should have mentioned the water fountain guy but the family is all corrupt as well, ‘kept MAYBE the daughter. I’ve got a lot on Obama from his college years and through now. But that is true ands there is a lot more to the Bi thing.

  24. Joanna says:

    This so called Lawyer is nothing but a damn Sleazy shyster!!!

    • William says:

      I agree, some might refer it as ambulance chasing even with out an accident being involved. Their bottom line is usually all about money, wonder if he got something else as well, lmao. It wouldn’t surprise me at all given the client.

  25. William says:

    IMO, Stormy Daniels & lawyer Michael Avenatt are into all this BS just for the money should there actually be any. So who really cares about what happened YEARS agp before the election, After all, look and all the other affairs Kennedy had and many others in high office, stll ongoing,, referring to the Obama admin voyeur who was way over paid multiple times by him.
    A prostitute, whore, slut or tart, are any really honest?
    IMO that (honesty), also applies to attorneys for they seem to reword things to asppear differently to get a reaction they want that is not necessarily what really happened.

    • Jim says:

      Exactly William. Democrat Presidents with the exception of Jimmy Carter have been skirt chasers for many, many years both in and out of Office. Clinton was a rapist for crying out loud. Obama hung out in ‘Bath Houses’ which are nothing more than a place for gays to hang out and meet new men to have sex with.

    • Lynn Pressman says:

      Amen! U R so RIGHT on.
      I couldn’t agree with U more.

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