Stormy Daniels just revealed her true intentions with this announcement

The left-wing media is going bonkers over porn star Stormy Daniels.

She says she’s not alleging an affair with President Trump just for attention or political reasons, yet she’s a constant fixture on CNN.

But Stormy Daniels slipped up by revealing her true intentions.

Daniels stated that she was going to donate $130,000 to Planned Parenthood, America’s number one abortion vendor, in Trump’s name.

Planned Parenthood spent at least $30 million trying to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Huffington Post reports:

Stormy Daniels will reportedly donate the $130,000 she made in her nondisclosure agreement over an alleged affair with President Donald Trump to Planned Parenthood.

Daniels says she and Trump had the affair in 2006, and Trump attorney Michael Cohen arranged the payout to Daniels just before the 2016 election to silence her ― an exchange that may be illegal. Now, Daniels is fighting in court to get out of the agreement.

The adult film star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, told Penthouse Magazine that if she wins, she’ll give the money to the family planning organization in Trump and Cohen’s names, according to The Daily Beast. Penthouse will feature Daniels in an in-depth interview titled “Getting Intimate With The Most Wanted Woman In America,” which hits newsstands on May 8, the Daily Beast reported.

Daniels is currently on a national stripping tour called “Make America Horny Again.”

In an interview on ABC’s The View, she claimed she’s not doing all this for the publicity because it’s not what she wants to be known for.

But by donating to Planned Parenthood, she revealed the political motive behind her allegations.

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117 Responses

  1. Timothy k Toroian says:

    As far as I am concerned it is Stormy WHO????? The WTF. He screwed a pron star? BFD!.

    • Trudy Hand says:

      If true, that was in 2006. It has nothing to do with now. Cohen,is the one who made the payment. Besides she may say she does not want it to be what she is known for. Then why else would you make it public. It makes no sense what she said.

  2. michael says:

    although i cannot agree with her profession, she is rather attractive and definitely more intelligent than trump!!

  3. Lucy More says:

    If you are a decent will not choose the status she is in..poor children having a mother with that reputation. She could be a good hard working women using her brain not just her body.

  4. Don says:

    She’s a worthless piece of humanity, besides being a liar like her protege Hillary Clinton! She needs to find a hole and crawl in and stay put. Or better yet, move to a country where sex is number one on the list of women’s jobs! It would be better for out country if she would leave.

  5. Mike says:

    I wonder just how many innocent unborn children she hopes to finance their murders with the $130k?
    What a worthless piece of fesses!! I sincerely hope that she doesn’t get a dime!!

  6. john weaver says:

    just another street-walkern on the prowl

  7. Joe says:

    Not really sure what you were trying to say but in my humble opinion when someone “stands up “ after an extended period of time they are probably just looking for publicity or money. And given her chosen profession I guess money after all she is a whore and apparently wants everyone to know it. Hey, maybe that’s it she’s drumming up business. She’s a whore and her profession is based on lying.

  8. michael says:

    she is that business which i do not agree with, but at least she has the courage to stand up to a cheating husband which my wife would ever do!!

  9. michael says:

    although i question her choice of profession, she still seems more credible than trump!!

    • Mike says:

      Why would you question her chosen profession? All liberals identify with whores!
      Let’s see here now! We have a president who was elected by the people and a woman who made her living having sex with anything and anyone, and YOU believe her.
      Says a lot about your character and judgement!

  10. Old Silk says:

    She is not allowed to make a donation in Trump’s name. That said, she will be known for putting out on film (and anywhere else) every bodily orifice in her person for whatever men in the audience wanted to see, their hats in their laps over their hands, all while she pretended to be pro woman, subjecting her little girl to all of it. All that because she is mad that he did not give her a lot of money for her Senate run against David Vitter.

  11. Daniels is like all the other aging so called stars, she is desperate to keep her name in the media so she can keep on being a so called star, if she wins and donates the money to planned parenthood in Trumps name if I him I would sue her for every penny she has and ever hopes to have for using my name without my permission

  12. gary says:

    well CNN you claim to be a news organization. How about reporting news instead of your hatred for Trump. Wolf stop being a part of the conspiracy

  13. MARK says:


  14. Patricia says:

    Stormy loves money more than the truth. She is a disgraceful, aging b……that is only out to increase her purse. I turn the TV off every time this crap comes up. This is between Trump and Melanie and not the rest of the world. So disgraceful of the media to make this anything more than it is…a whore looking to make her last effort for profiting her purse.

  15. Albedamned! says:

    Remember she splayed her legs for fame. She is capable of “anything.” Her last shot at fame.

  16. John Harvey says:

    You remember how we used to joke that a coach who lead his team to victory in the regular season, only to get killed in the post season, should be replaced by Linda Lovelace, because she wouldn’t choke on the big one? Few people today know who Linda Lovelace was, but we now have a new one–good ole Stormy!

  17. Ellen Dale says:

    OMG….What an A**H*** this bimbo is…. This is actually laughable….If the Dems think this is going to make a difference for President Trump they are in for a rude awakening….I see an increase in his ratings….Thank you Stormy!!…..

  18. Al says:

    Why does’nt she give the date& day not just the year? I’ll tell you why. She would have to know were he was on those dates& day.Witness may tell a different STORY!!!!

  19. Susie says:

    As a woman, quite frankly, I don’t give a damn whether or not Trump had sex with her. Especially, 12 years prior to his presidency. That’s between Melania & her husband. Everyone else, mind your P&Q’s.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      We all (at least those of us with common sense) realize that the mainstream news media detest Donald Trump and is pulling out all stops to do anything and everything they can to turn the American people against him. Hell, that crowd would welcome Adolph Hitler if he would say anything bad about Trump. What is even more revealing to me about this entire situation is how differently the media regarded Bill Clinton with Monica, Paula, etc. and how they are going after Trump. I voted for Trump and plan to do so again.

    • Grace Allen says:

      Susie: I agree 100%. What is all this going into the past to make this accusation. She is really, truly a non-issue as far as I am concerned.
      The person I feel sorry for is Melania. She appears to be a truly classy person but listening to the media because she modeled and posed
      provocatively when she was young they cast aspersions at her yet not one media type seems to care what Stormy Daniels did and does for
      a living. I don’t get it.

  20. Joan Arnold says:

    I feel so sorry for her daughter, she will be bullied for what her mother is.

  21. Susan Dix says:

    She has no morals, but yet she gets rewarded and is treated like royalty.
    The MSM fawns over her but hates our President.
    How come her child isn’t taken away from this trashy women.
    She is exposing her daughter to her filthy lifestyle.
    IF Stormy was threatened, her daughter was endangered.
    IF she is on drugs, as some have suggested , again her daughter is endangered.
    IF she brings strange men home, her daughter is endangered,
    Why doesn’t anyone care about her child?
    Instead, they glorify this gold-digging harlot!

    • Elliot Aronin says:

      Morality? You are defending the disgraceful, mysoginistic,racist, Anti- American, Anti Human MORON. He has been a Putin -Puppet who has invaded our cyber-space to disrupt our elections? Putin specifically said he wanted to help Trump, because he knew tha t
      he could comp,etely control the intellectuat midget, which he has done successfully. Trump ignored the 100% Congressional
      vote to add sanctions to Russia, despite our entire Intellingence agencies, proving that Putin was severely damaging our country.
      Putin told Trump to dismantle our State DEpartment- which Trump DID. There are practiclly NO State Dept. employees left.
      Morality? Trump cheated on ALL his wives, and explicitly expressed his desire for his daughter- even on the Howard Stern show,
      They both referred to Ivanka as a “great piece of a—-. “Morality? He has cheated everyone he has ever done business with.
      Trump “University”? Trump was convicted of FRAUD and was committred to repay25 Million Dollars. And a One miilion Dollar
      penaly to the State of New York. He has been in 3500 lawsuits. No U.S. bank will do business with Trump, because they do not trust him.
      The ONLY bank he can deal with is Deutsche Bank (Under Russian Control). He has not supplied his Income Tax returns,
      (unloie every President & Candidate before him- WHAT IS HE HIDING? No financial Statements from him either. WHAT IS HE HIDING?
      Morality by Trump? You must be kidding. Not even a single decent lawyer will do business w ith him, beause they do not trust him.
      He does not lsten and does not even pay his bills.
      What possible reason is there to support this fraud- he is DANGEROUS!

      • Sanjosemike says:

        I understand your antipathy toward Trump. His philandering ways did not engender a sense of morality or confidence. He is certainly a very strange man.

        Yet, he is centering our Country in a good direction. I too would not have selected him.

        May I remind you that General George Patton was very likely mentally ill, Yet, he was one of our few generals FEARED by our adversaries.

        I leave you with this peculiar thought: “Sometimes Providence does not send us the person we would have selected, but rather the person we need.”

        Not to suggest any possible comparison but Jesus himself certainly was a strange man; and he CERTAINLY was prone to suicidal self destruction.

        I am not smart enough to understand why or how we got Trump. He probably does not know either.

        But this “feels right.” Perhaps later both you and I will understand.


        Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

      • Ben says:

        Enjoy wallowing in your hate. Idiot

  22. JIM PINTER says:

    Just more BS from “Spermy Daniels”

  23. JIM PINTER says:

    Just more BS from “Spermy Daniels”!!!

  24. Martin Boisvert says:

    JFK boinked a lot more women while President. He and Bill Clinton did lots of sexual stuff while in office. Oh wait, they were Democrats so its ok.

    • Betty Armstrong says:

      Great Point. Whoever started this is crazy. A 1 night stand for money, is prostitution. An affair is continuing an on going sexual activity, with 2 people. Spermy Daniels is a wh___e, sells her body for money. Did she claim this windfall on her taxes???? My guess would be NO. Someone need to check this our. IRS needs to check this out! Wait a minute, Libs won’t let that happen. She is one of those things that there is no end to.

  25. Jim says:

    The so called affair is only the business of Trump and His wife if in fact it actually happened. What is illegal about getting a no disclosure agreement concerning this so called event ?
    This is just another accuser looking for a book deal and dollars. If her signature is original, she should be charged with violation of the order period. All the rest of her statements
    are BS.

  26. bernie says:

    she is a cheep cunt…….

  27. Joe says:

    Really, she’s just another whore looking for a free ride. She could have said no but instead she took the money.

  28. WILMA SMITH says:


  29. Wayne says:

    It’s a shame any of this type of smut is a headline subject. Did Trump get some strange, possibly. More men do than don’t. Does she have any class? Absolutely not! Not because of her profession but for playing for publicity at the expense of the President of the USA. I mean FDR, JFK & Clinton, this is nothing new. She should be ashamed. Was Trump in the right, hell no. But she took a cheap shot and will go down in history as cheap. No honor, no self esteem and very little money for her trouble. Not to mention the government will keep an eye on her until she dies. What a waste of life and potential.

  30. R J Bee. says:

    If it wasn’t for LOW class – she would have NO class at all

  31. HELEN says:

    She cannot get film jobs (no pun intended) anymore because she’s too old and is hoping to make some easy money where she’s not on her back or her knees. Someone found a photo op where she had a photo taken with Trump and she took the opportunity to try to blackmail him through his attorney. I’m sure she has someone behind her who orchestrated the whole thing. 12yrs ago? Seriously?

  32. michael says:

    she has every right to reveal what happened!!

  33. Jon says:

    She is a whore who cares what she says not me.

  34. Dolores says:

    You can’t trust anyone that would appear in CNN.

  35. Tim Shepperson says:

    Why else would this woman do this except for money and book and movie deals. Her attorney isn’t much better he’s nothing but a ambulance chasing scheister.

  36. Janice W. says:

    Don’t care what she claims. I am convinced that she is doing all this for the fame and notoriety. Probably hopes to get a book deal or a movie offer. Planned Parenthood (NOT) and the DNC are like a dog chasing its own tail. The federal government takes our tax dollars from us and then use portion of it to support Planned Parenthood. They then turn around a donate a portion of it democrat political campaigns.
    If they have enough money to donate to political campaigns then why do they need government funding? If you support the sadistic ghouls that torture and murder babies then vote for a democrat in November.

    • John says:

      You’ve asked a valid question there. I would also like to know the answer to it.

    • Sanjosemike says:

      Janice, according to research, about 12% of those who experience NDEs get a “life review” of how their actions while alive affected others. They actually EXPERIENCE the pain they caused others.

      I cannot even imagine how an abortionist would experience this.

      I am not particularly religious, but I would counsel them to STOP immediately and beg forgiveness of the souls they murdered,

      I say this as a person who fears for the perpetrators as much as their victims

      sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  37. Herbert Chapman says:

    I would like to know if she is self employed ? If so she should be paying income tax, Social Security Tax, Medicaid and State Business Lic. Even if she is employed by someone else she should be paying the first three.

  38. zebra dun says:

    Lordy, Lordy, Stormy is pushing forty!
    No more Starring in such memorable films such as Toxxic cumloads 6!

  39. kenneth erb says:

    this is christian america ,this is what the church dose also , and then when they get caught , oh i am sorry and go to confession and everything is cleared, it’s been going on by the people that has founded this nation, what is it that people don’t understand

    • Caroline says:

      Kenneth, if you confess to something wrog and do it again, the confession is null and void and you can’t confess the same thing again and again. It doesn’t work that way and too bad you didn’t research this before spouting nonsense.

  40. RJ says:

    Since Stormy took money for sex, doesn’t that make her a PROSTITUTE? Shouldn’t she be arrested?


    • Caroline says:

      William, #1 where is her copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement because all parties get a signed copy, and #2 a one night stand is never considered an affair, #3 she obviously is a liar bought and paid to lie and doing a bad job of it, and #4 the picture we have seen of the man who supposedly warned here is a great picture of her husband who must be SOOO proud of his slut of a wife, and I do pity the children and wonder who are the fathers. Same old trick again by the democrats/evil elites have failed before and this one failed right out of the gate.

  42. Anastasia says:

    My opinion is she is a low class individual and it’s a disgrace for this country’s media to be continually providing time and publicity to such a disgusting woman. Very poor example for her to parade on TV. All she is interested in is getting $ in her pocket. If she didn’t like it why did she parade herself in front of the world. I blame the media but they haven’t anything better to do.

    • Jackie says:

      Totally agree that she’s low class & doing this for money but blame main stream media for keeping this non-story front page. I’m sick of seeing/hearing about this slut!
      Many good points made in comments as if she took $$ that makes her a prostitute; why is it worse for Trump than for Clinton, Kennedy,etc — oh yes, they’re Dems so it’s okay for them!! Maybe if we all wrote the media outlets telling them we don’t care & are sick of having this non-story take up our news they’d get the message & relegate Stormy back to oblivion where she belongs!!

  43. All I can say is when is she going to come up with one story. Last round she claims that she didn’t come forward because she did not want her husband to know, really, so did not want money for her service, she did not want to do it with him, and she didn’t enjoy it. If this is all true, why in the world did she do it, sounds like a wet Dr****. its time she come out with the truth.

  44. Pat says:

    Nothing but a SLUT!!!!

  45. Mike W says:

    She is on a tour stripping around the country – what was she doing before – sitting on her old wrinkled ass wishing she had some money?

  46. Notalib says:

    If she needs money she should ask CNN and all those who keep putting her on to interview her. They eat this trash up. Don’t we have more pressing issues than Stormy ? Not in the minds of CNN and others.

  47. Bob Rice says:

    I doubt that Donald is dumb enough to pay (or have his lawyer pay),$130,000 for a $20.00 saturday note hooker,thats banged half of california……

  48. James Benton says:

    Ole stormy don’t have the $130.000.00 that the lawyer gave her to give to planned parenthood or any body else and that’s the reason for the hoax she is perpatraiting now.she is old and broke and rode hard and put away wet to often and she knows it and it has scared her into the actions.jgb

  49. Ann says:

    This piece of trash is a disgrace! She had the gall to say she cared so much for her daughters..she is a tramp who doesn’t deserve to be called a Mother. She has spread all of this verbage on T.V. & she cares for her children! Give me a break. A whore is a whore any way you want to spin it. She is being well paid and that is all she is after.$$$$
    Anderson Cooper has a sick mind just like everyone at CNN!

  50. Gail says:

    Half of California has had her . Like CNN she thinks people think she is revelent She must be pretty bad at what she does if she has to disgrace herself by trying to make sure she’s responsible for killing little babies .She might think it’s funny but God doesn’t .

  51. Bob Hunt says:

    This has been is a piece of work, I think she should just fade away and go back to her old job! I don’t know or care how much she is getting paid to dis the President but in the end it will not be worth it!

  52. gary says:

    What is the big deal with having sex with a sixty year old man. She must have been awfully horny

  53. Joe says:

    Whatever happened did so BEFORE DJT became president. That being the case, isn’t what Stormy doing nothing more than BLACKMAIL? The bottom line now is: a) she is profiting by the media coverage she is getting, and b) the liberal media is printing all it can to harm the POTUS

    • Sam says:

      I want to know who is funding her bitch with Trump . I know this lawyer didn,t wake up one morninmg and say lets get Trump by way of Stormy . Democrat money pushing this BS .

  54. James says:

    The demoncrats (the left) can get a lot of milage out of any story except anything to do with killary. There is enough about hitlery (treachery, treason thievery, murder) to write many books (best sellers), but the left don’t want to hear about her, they just want to know, “what happened”.

    PS. Patriots voted

  55. JOE T says:

    If she was paid for a non-disclosure agreement and has now disclosed the meeting, besides returning the money, what was the penalty for breaking the contract?

  56. Merion says:

    In any day, she would be nothing but a slut.

  57. Hydro says:

    I’m betting if everything she has allowed to paenetrate her not so private area was to reverse themselves – she would resemble a porcupine

  58. Thom DeMars says:

    Thou sh all not near false worries …HUM , WHO SAID THAT ?

  59. S says:

    If planned parenthood can give a $30 million campaign contribution why are they receiving government funding?

  60. BILLY miller says:


  61. ernaldo says:

    The w/hore is of course, digging for gold….and will you dullards STOP asking me if Trump should resign, its getting stupid!

  62. Bob @ says:

    wow, her popularity will surpass megyn kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Michael Taylor says:

    Maybe he did, Maybe he didn’t have an affair with her….But, he did NOT do it in the Oval Office as BJ Clinton Did…I believe she is Fake News, trying to get attention and force another Fake Scandal…Soros Money Behind her, and these Moron FAKE News outlets eat it up, with No Backup to the claims they report..They Hate Trump because he Destroyed their Corrupt, Lying, Murdering Baitch Hillary…Deal With It LIB Puppets of Soros, Obama and Clinton….Pathetic POS Morons…

  64. Pam Dunn says:

    The SLUT needs to crawl back into a toilet and flush THREE TIMES its a long way to the sewer treatment plant.

  65. john says:

    This slut gives other tramps a bad name, waits a dozen years to open her mouth? well can understand that considering what shes had in there.

  66. Mike Baumgartner says:

    CNN uses Penthouse magazine as a credible source? LOL

  67. She wants to write a book,asume that she says they has sex one time only,how many pages should that take.

    • Lolajmay says:

      Eneida Medina, they keep calling this an affair; I would call that a ”ONE NIGHT STAND”. Then she wants to donate the money to Planned Parenthood; I’m wondering how many times she has used their service? Did they threaten her if she keeps getting ”treated” there, so she needs to pay up? She is nothing but sleazy for bringing this up now, just when she needs more money, and THEN I wonder who is paying her more to get this sleazy information out at this convenient time. THEN, she says she doesn’t want her child to see or hear all this dirt? Shae has a strange way of showing that, by keeping herself right out there. OR, she just wants to show off her fake boobs; is that all it is? Nothing for her to be proud of, any way you look at it!!!

  68. Mike H says:

    She’s a tramp. The demCommunist party is paying for her to keep her self in the limelight.She’s getting paid that’s all she cares about.When this is over they’ll pull some other Tramp out of the dirt somewhere else and come up with some new scam.

  69. Melissa says:

    She’s just in it for the money and notoriety.

  70. William Keyes says:

    I wonder how much the demonrats are paying this whore to do what she is doing, I’ll bet a pretty penny.

  71. Tim Toroian says:

    I don’t believe all this horse hockey was her idea. I think I smell Soros in the background.

  72. Joe says:

    She’s a tramp looking for more money. She got paid, just like every other performance and now she can see more. Women just keep digging till they can get it all

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