Stormy Daniels just announced this bombshell against Trump

The leftwing media just can’t get enough of porn star Stormy Daniels.

She’s playing them like a fiddle.

Now, she just made an announcement that Trump didn’t want to hear.

Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, has filed a new defamation lawsuit against President Trump on the porn star’s behalf.

CNN reports:

The lawsuit filed Monday by Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, in federal court in New York targets Trump’s tweet on April 18 dismissing a composite sketch of a man who the adult film star says threatened her over her alleged affair with Trump more than a decade ago.

In that tweet, Trump called the composite sketch “a total con job.” The lawsuit says Daniels suffered damages in excess of $75,000.

“By calling the incident a ‘con job,’ Mr. Trump’s statement would be understood to state that Ms. Clifford was fabricating the crime and the existence of the assailant, both of which are prohibited under New York law, as well as the law of numerous other states,” Avenatti wrote in the lawsuit.

“It was apparent that Mr. Trump meant to convey that Ms. Clifford is a liar, someone who should not be trusted, that her claims about the threatening encounter are false, and that she was falsely accusing the individual depicted in the sketch of committing a crime, where no crime had been committed. … Mr. Trump made his statement either knowing it was false, had serious doubts about the truth of his statement, or made the statement with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity.”

This is rich.

The whole reason that Daniels is even in the news is to destroy Trump.

Even she admits her alleged affair with President Trump was consensual.

In an interview on ABC’s The View, she claimed she’s not doing all this for publicity because it’s not what she wants to be known for.

But she’s clearly out to get Trump.

And the media will jump at any story – especially one as salacious as this – to ruin Trump’s presidency.

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75 Responses

  1. a fool says:

    This woman knows no shame ~ void of Self Respect! PITY!! Sorry for her children! Pray, they will not grow up to be like her!

  2. dandy says:

    2 of a kind

  3. Dad Al says:

    Trish has a problem with reality, anybody with half a brain can see through this women. If you think otherwise you must be a demo lib who would do anything to hurt the President.
    Or maybe she is a “me to” trying to build up there reputation.

  4. Trish says:

    BLUE LIVES MATTER and yes you are right but Donald J. Trump is “RED” President so you have a mixed letter of different things as Blue Lives are Democratss!! Are you old enough to vote? Do you know the difference?

  5. Trish says:

    She’s not a liar as pictures have been shown with her and Trump and wonder where you have been? She isn’t the only one as he feels he owns most women’s bodies and can do anything he desires! How about the poor woman on the airplane as his hands were all over her. She finally moved to a different spot!! She’s not a prostitute either and never has been so where have you been as pictures were posted with this evil man!!!

  6. Trish says:

    Why wouldn’t she get a lawyer for something like this? How do you know for a fact she is a prostitute since you see seem to judge so fast? Trump is such a liar and has had many women thinking it’s his right to do whatever he pleases to do on any woman when he desires which is a pity as I’d take my shoe and knock him good and maybe get some brains in his head once and for all!!!

  7. William Keyes says:

    I wouldn’t say she’s lying, but I would say her lawyer is probably a crook.

  8. William Keyes says:

    This lady is a prostitute and probably is falling on hard times since she is aging and her boobs are starting to sag big time. She’s in this thing for her retirement fund, no doubt the demonrats are paying her and her scum lawyer handsomely.

  9. Dolores says:

    Don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tied of these idiots trying to take our president down. First one in a long time the is trying to get our
    country back on track.

  10. Dorothy says:

    It’s not Hillary, hate to say it, but it is SOROS. And by the way, the composite of the man who threatened her was her ex-husband. What a joke. Defamation of character…she has no character she’s a prostitute out to blackmail the President.

  11. Dolores says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it very much if the democrats are behind this. They are out to get Donald Trump anyway they can. And yes it needs to be investigated.

  12. Dolores says:

    Everyone has a right to a lawyer, but the ones who would defend this prostitute is not of a good kind.

  13. Louise says:

    I agree with you,this scandal is being paid
    By someone. Is it the Democrats????
    Someone needs to investigate this story!!!

  14. truckman says:

    Just think of what kind of life she is creating for her child with all this news and her name in the news as a whore in adult movies and still in adult business I guess doing same thing don’t know but how can she raise a child separate from all this and the mental problems it can cause a child

  15. Gerry says:

    bender —- stick your head back up your a** where your brain obviously resides !!!!

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