Stormy Daniels got hit with a jaw-dropping legal bill that made her regret everything

Stormy Daniels went after Trump and failed.

Now she’s paying for it.

And she just got hit with a jaw-dropping legal bill.

President Trump’s attorneys are requesting $800,000 in legal fees and penalties from Stormy Daniels.

She lobbed a fake defamation lawsuit and then went on a worldwide publicity tour.

Breitbart reports:

An attorney for President Trump requested the court obtain $800,000 in legal fees and penalties from porn star actress Stormy Daniels for her unsuccessful defamation lawsuit against the president.

Attorney Charles Harder said his firm spent more than 500 hours and $390,000 in legal fees defending the president and asked the court to press for just as much money in sanctions to deter “frivolous defamation cases.”

“This action is virtually unprecedented in American legal history,” Harder wrote in court papers. Daniels “not only brought a meritless claim for defamation against the sitting president of the United States, but she also has engaged, along with her attorney, in massive national publicity.”

U.S. District Judge S. James Otero did not issue an immediate ruling, saying that the firm’s request for the legal fees was reasonable but that the firm went overboard on the hours spent working on the case.

As we reported, the porn star claims her lawyer Michael Avenatti filed the defamation suit against her wishes.

Daniels raised at least a quarter million dollars from never-Trumpers via the crowdfunding site GoFundMe.

But facing a potential $800,000 legal bill, it looks like she won’t be able to hang up the stripper shoes anytime soon.

The left thought they could bring down Trump with a washed up porn star.

But their plan backfired and now she’s stuck footing the bill.

Do you think it’s fair that Stormy Daniels should pay for her frivolous defamation lawsuit?

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58 Responses

  1. Judy Skeens says:

    Yes, Stormy should pay. .. She’s reaping what she’s sown.
    She need to earn her money the honest way, not bye destroying someone life.

  2. Doc quam says:

    her lawyer Ava whatshisname turned out to be big crook too

  3. Jack Gajda says:

    Yes it is francesca and all the above should be in jail…

  4. francesca says:

    And stress it may have caused Melania! Not that Melania is shallow minded, but it must have caused her waste of her precious time!

  5. francesca says:

    Justice for all, isn’t that what a civilized, democratic country is about? Are the above mentioned above the law? Well I never!!!

  6. Donald says:

    Should throw her attorney in jail for his stupidity also! Stormy and the idiot attorney! Pay up losers!!

  7. Jack Gajda says:

    You’re on to something there Louis because, the METOO people aren’t happy that they lost the Kavanaugh case so, they probably would be willing to put some cash up again…

  8. Louis Velez says:

    Time to call Opra, Hillary, Nancy, and the me too folks for 800,000 which is nothing to put up for this crowd

  9. howard buckley says:

    HAHAHAHA stormy looks like your back on those scabby knees and blistered throat on a corner to make a few bucks. HAHAHA.

  10. Jack Gajda says:

    I’m with you, Nick…

  11. Ernest Lane says:

    I agree 500 hours _may_ be excessive (but the judge should ask for the details), but she _should_ have to pay for the President’s lawyer fees. The only question should be how much. But 500 hours may, in fact, be totally justified.

  12. Nick says:

    Okay justice got her if true, what about Clinton’s, Sharpton, holder,Obama, and the rest of the bandits in government. Where do some POLITICIANS get all their wealth, investigate and lock up.

  13. Mike Flanagan says:

    Serves the Beaitch right …Now it time for her lawyer to pay the Piper.

  14. john says:

    And the ugly, worn out pervert will have to use cash, got nothing else anyone wants!

  15. Jack Gajda says:

    I agree, susan…

  16. Wyn says:

    If he truly did file the lawsuit against her wishes she should contact the State Bar. At the very least anyone running his information would discover he had a complaint against him – but I think he might be disbarred if she can prove it, and show how much it’s now costing her.

  17. susan says:

    She and her attorney should find a good hiding place…………..pathetic they both are….

  18. steven louton says:

    Poor Horny Daniels she is going to have to give a lot of BJ’s to pay that bill! LOL LOL

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