Steve Bannon lowered the boom on the Speaker of the House with these four words

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Steve Bannon wasn’t happy one bit.

The former Trump chief strategist and War Room podcast host thought a close ally betrayed him.

And Steve Bannon lowered the boom on the Speaker of the House with these four words.

Conservatives were furious that Speaker of the House Mike Johnson followed the path of John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy before him by passing a clean continuing resolution to fund the government on the backs of Democrat votes.

209 Democrats and just 127 Republicans voted for a continuing resolution that funded the government at the levels set when Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ran both Houses of Congress until early next year.

The continuing resolution contained no spending cuts and no border security policy changes.

It was a complete and utter surrender to Joe Biden and his socialist agenda.

This isn’t what conservatives were promised when Johnson assumed the Speaker’s gavel.

Johnson was still in the honeymoon phase after taking over for the deposed Kevin McCarthy.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz led the rebellion against McCarthy because McCarthy passed clean continuing resolutions to fund the government at spending levels set by Democrats with a majority of Democrat votes.

In a post on social media, Steve Bannon declared Johnson was “now on the clock” and had until the next funding deadline to secure the wins on spending cuts and border security that conservatives were promised.

“This was a Surrender/Cave to the UniParty—it can’t be looked @ in any different light —only win was the dropping of all the Supplemental Ukraine funding….Speaker now ‘on the clock’ with 75 Days to achieve ‘Conservative Victories,’” Bannon wrote.

Bannon also criticized Johnson for copying McCarthy and trying to cover his right flank by appearing on Fox News and spewing a series of right-wing talking points to gaslight conservatives into forgetting that Republican leadership once again rolled over and died for Joe Biden in a spending fight.

“You told us yesterday and you running up on Fox all the time. You spend way too much time on Murdoch’s news. Murdoch’s news does not run the deal. You should understand that your predecessor was on Murdoch news all the time and you saw what happened to him,” Bannon added.

Johnson has until January to come up with a plan to cut spending and secure the border or he may be the shortest-serving Speaker of the House in history.

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