Stacey Abrams is in hot water because of this criminal scheme

Rumors are flying around the political world that Joe Biden will announce socialist Stacey Abrams as his running mate when he enters the Presidential race.

But now a giant red flag from Stacey Abrams’ past just emerged.

And she is in hot water because of her links to this illegal activity.

After Stacey Abrams lost the Georgia gubernatorial election, she founded a nonprofit group called Fair Action Fight.

The group claimed it supports voting rights, but in reality Fair Action Fight exists to support voter fraud by eliminating election integrity laws such as having voter ID.

But now that Abrams’ name is surfacing in the presidential contest, Fair Action Fight’s spending on behalf of Abrams is coming under scrutiny.

And if she enters the race, it could raise some serious legal questions.

Fox News reports:

On Wednesday, a GOP-affiliated group called the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, or FACT, filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service. The group pointed to roughly $100,000 worth of Facebook ads featuring Abrams, an advertisement for a “Stacey Abrams Fundraiser” that featured Fair Fight Action’s logo, travel for Abrams’ post-election “thank you” tour of Georgia and a professionally produced “highlight reel” of Abrams footage on the group’s website.

The complaint argued Fair Fight Action has been supporting Abrams’ political ambitions, not advocating for voting rights. That would be a violation of tax law that forbids political 501(c)(4) nonprofits from providing a “private benefit” to a particular person or group, according to a copy of the complaint provided to The Associated Press. The group typically files ethics complaints against Democrats but also has targeted some Republicans, including North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, a leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

If she runs for federal office and it’s determined that the group laid the groundwork for her campaign, donation limitations could retroactively apply to Fair Fight Action, legal experts have said.

Socialist Stacey Abrams is one of the most radical politicians in America.

She supports gun confiscation and illegal aliens voting in elections.

Her radical policies would pose a giant obstacle to Joe Biden should he follow through and name her his running mate.

Legal questions about her corrupt campaign practices would be the final straw to doom that ticket to defeat.

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