Speaker Pelosi used one word that proved to everyone she lost her mind

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sees the walls closing in on her political career.

The sense of inevitability is leading to an increasingly unhinged Pelosi.

And Speaker Pelosi used one word that proved to everyone she lost her mind.

At the Aspen Ideas Climate Conference in Miami, Pelosi launched into a bizarre rant about the Republican Party being a “cult.”

“You don’t want me to get too political here, do you?” Pelosi asked.

Pelosi then began ranting and raving about how Republicans defended the American energy industry from the Democrats’ Green New Deal Agenda to combat so-called “climate change.”

“I mean, the fossil fuel industry, they weigh in so significantly,” Pelosi continued. “I mean, how could it be that nobody in the Senate cares about climate?”

Pelosi’s rant about Republicans wanting to expand production from oil and natural gas sounded ill-timed as fuel prices reached another record high under Joe Biden.

That is when things got strange.

Pelosi claimed she wanted Republicans to “take back the Party” from what she described as a “cult.”

But the way Pelosi described how “Republicans” could take their Party back was by adopting the Democrats’ positions on supporting abortion and the Green New Deal.

“So rather than saying, ‘Well, we have to defeat them,’ no, let’s just try to persuade them. I want the Republican Party to take back the Party, take it back to where you were when you cared about a woman’s right to choose, when you cared about the environment,” Pelosi added.

Pelosi claimed a strong Republican Party was one that was essentially indistinguishable from the Democrats on all the major issues.

“Hey, here I am, Nancy Pelosi, saying this country needs a strong Republican Party, and we do, not a cult, but a strong Republican Party,” Pelosi concluded.

While Americans are concerned about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, Pelosi is also over the age of 80 and oftentimes appears confused or not on top of her game when speaking in public.

This is likely Pelosi’s last term in Congress.

Polls show Republicans will easily clear the bar of flipping the five seats necessary to oust Pelosi as Speaker of the House and win back the majority.

And while Pelosi is running for another term, due to her age and loss of her leadership position, few believe that Pelosi will actually serve another two years in Congress.

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