Social Security checks could stop being sent because of what coronavirus caused

Coronavirus has forced the U.S. economy to a screeching halt.

Because of this, there have been series consequences.

And now Social Security checks could stop being sent because of this.

Millions of Senior Citizens rely on Social Security to survive.

But due to decades of irresponsible spending, the system is on the brink of falling apart.

President Trump has made great strides towards slowing this, but due to both Democrats and Republicans dipping into the Social Security fund for many years, it is an uphill battle to save it.

And now, with coronavirus forcing nationwide lockdowns of the economy, things are becoming worse than ever before.

A new estimate now shows that the Social Security system could become insolvent by the end of the decade.

Previously, it was estimated that the program would run out of money by 2035.

But now, with coronavirus putting a strain on the U.S. economy, that model shows the system collapsing before 2030.

This is caused by tens of millions of workers becoming suddenly unemployed, and a flood of older Americans who lost their jobs beginning to draw benefits as soon as they’re eligible.

Serious work needs to be done to save the program, which will likely require the ultimate phasing out of the program over time.

But without that work, the system will collapse entirely, removing the sole income stream for millions of American Seniors.

Rep. Steve Womack, the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee, likened the coming crunch to bailing “water from a sinking boat when you’ve got alligators nipping at you. And the alligators are Covid-19.”

“This is a train wreck that’s going to happen and you can see it coming,” he continued.

Social Security has previously faced serious strain during times of economic hardship.

Most notable was during the recession a decade ago, which resulted in a 5 percent bump in eligible adults claiming Social Security six months early.

The government predicted that the fund would run out of money in 2037 at the time, which was four years sooner than predicted before the recession.

This shows just how volatile the system is.

Younger generations are already accepting the fact that the safety net they are forced to pay into now will almost certainly no longer exist when they reach the age to receive it.

But now, many who paid into it for their entire lives, who are receiving benefits now, have to worry that those checks may stop flowing in one day soon.

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196 Responses

  1. Ted says:

    For starters, if the government would stop sending money to foreign countries, stop paying for illegal freebies, send all illegals back to where they ran away from, and stop the politicians’ overpriced retirement , then they can take care of the citizens of The United States Of America who really deserve to be taken care of. After all it’s OUR money!!!!!!

  2. I believe that all Presidents, Congress, Senates return the money we earned so we could survive the high medication and medical prices raised by the Government over time so they could afford Ice cream for $13 a pint or overwhelming Rich homes that all Americans had to loose from their Social Security and many of us started in $1.90 an hour as I did in nursing and raised 3 children on what I could afford.

  3. Lisa Tyree says:

    If you get your financial stats from Social Security Works you will find that the Republicans lie about the insolvency of the disabled & retirement programs of Social Security.
    Their goal is to eliminate it, that’s why they do that.
    Social Security Works actually does the research, so they know what they’re talking about.
    They say that we can pay out benefits for a longer time, at a higher percentage of the total, & even to more recipients.
    They’ve even written a book about Social Security.
    They’re an organization that fights against Republicans for SSA recipients. Sometimes this even means working with Democrats.

  4. Ronnie Funck says:

    The first thing the government was raid the interest the SS Fund was earning which is substantial.The next thing they did was change the rules and started taxing SS receipients money which had already been taxed once. I call that double taxation. Elected officials enacted all these changes on their own for their own selfish use hidden in shameful legislation in the dark of night. Remains a sad and shameful day these people elected to represent us turned their back on us because of power and greed.

  5. trapperwv1 says:

    This is the reason we need to replace every congress person and as many senators as possible with fiscally resposible people that will keep America American and protect our citizens first.

  6. paul says:

    leave s/s alone and use it as it was suppose to be.

  7. Donna says:

    When you give people some power ,they over indulge. Just like previous presidents as Obama, took those funds and dedicated them to other pork barrel spending. And who’s paying the price for those bad decisions…the senior citizens who were demanded to pay into it!! If this money had been left along and er
    raised interest for 40 yrs, the money could have kept every one on the system debt free. And enough to,last until a real old age. But they have given our money to people who don’t deserve it and especially to illegals coming here for a hand out!! So I say,have them pay it back from their checking accounts or start deducting from their payroll and especially those who took the authority on their own to pass laws to withdraw from Social security without putting it to the voters for approval.

  8. vantine jr says:

    USG needs to restore the funds they have used from the SS coffers with the interest it would’ve accrued had it remained where it should have, just the same as I am required to do for the monies I have used from my own thrift savings plan when I needed down payment cash for my home mortgage. Hmmm…. Once again I am feeling the old double standard poker being shoved up my ass..Didn’t like it the 1st time and have liked it less and less every time since,.. Enough is way way more than enough of the old hot poker. I am old, tired, and more and more appreciating the
    ” GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH” adage many real American patriots have abandoned. MAGA

  9. Sherry says:

    Either take what china owns on America’s soil and make it All American tax payers owned and con-gress touched it! Take con-gress pay to build it back up. Wasn’t their $$$$$$$ to take.

  10. If they do that there will be a war in Washington! there over 5,0000,00000,0000 people on Social Security .I for one has been working for that money over65 years and I won’t every red cent of it.

  11. Yank says:

    Congress has not worked for 3 1/2 years on their elected jobs so scrap them! lol Stop the “dipping” into the Social Security. Those dipping into it have probably never paid into it. If vit is true that The Democrats paid for the impeachment through our Social Security, they need to be horse whipped, point blank!

  12. Rob says:

    Limit all politicians pay with 35 thousand dollars max and no politician makes more than the President who also has a cap at 150 thousand, no politician has ever done any thing for Americans to justify the salaries that they get paid not one they create laws that allow them to get more and more money while not doing anything especially life time politician Pelosi and worthless money waster Adam schiff

  13. Billy Warren says:

    Better idea. Lets phase out congressional pay to 33% plus all their free perks.
    No prolonged vacations etc. Maybe if they had to work harder they Might come to appreciate working folks and why they get angry when congress tries to take away earned/paid for benefits.

  14. Jan Dobrosielski says:

    It applauds me that social security could go broke. US citizens paid this since you began to work . Me 18 yrs old until I was 65. We are entitled to that money. You had no business dipping into social security. That was our savings account. Being like me taking from your accounts and stealing it. They give money for everything else. It’s time to put our money back. We worked hard for that money. Some people do not have savings accounts, only social security to live on. Do you want them to live on the streets? It’s a shame to think such a thing. It just upsets me that this is our retirement, not something you are giving us. We paid into this. It is ours.

  15. Jackie says:

    Just work the Congress half year, that’s all they work anyway. Are they trying to kill off us seniors. What is going on. Gid help us, that’s my livelihood and I worked for it 38 years.

  16. Bessie says:

    I agree its time our government pays back OUR SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY that hey used and pay it back with INTEREST. That money belongs to WE THE PEOPLE who have had it deducted from our pay checks all the years we worked and from those who are still working. IF I OR ANY OTHER CITIZEN TOOK MONEY THAT BELONGED TO SOMEONE ELSE WE WOULD BE SITTING BEHIND BARS.

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