SMOKING GUN: This secret meeting shows how Barack Obama plotted against Trump

Barack Obama was not happy when Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

But now Americans are learning that Obama took active measures to try and ruin Trump’s Presidency.

And the smoking from this secret meeting shows how Barack Obama plotted to take down Trump.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the Barack Obama Presidential Library for all documents relating to a January 5 Oval Office meeting where the former President met with then-National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and FBI Director James Comey.

“The records we are seeking go to the heart of the Obama administration’s efforts to undermine the incoming president, Donald J. Trump, and tie up his new administration in a phony scandal,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wrote in a statement. “And the Obama Library is part of the same National Archives system that is subjecting President Trump to unprecedented harassment about Trump White House record keeping practices.”

In his book, Comey memorialized when Obama discussed the infamous meeting between President-elect Donald Trump, Comey, Clapper, and other Dee State figures.

Comey wrote:

Obama did not appear to have any reaction to any of this—at least none he would share with us. In a level voice, he asked, “What’s the plan for that briefing?” With just the briefest of sidelong glances at me, Clapper took a breath, then said, “We have decided that Director Comey will meet alone with the president-elect to brief him on this material following the completion of the full ICA briefing.” The president did not say a word. Instead he turned his head to his left and looked directly at me. He raised and lowered both of his eyebrows with emphasis, and then looked away. I suppose you can read whatever you want into a wordless expression, but to my mind his Groucho Marx eyebrow raise was both subtle humor and an expression of concern. It was almost as if he were saying, “Good luck with that.” I began to feel a lump in my stomach….

The January 5 meeting was where Comey informed Trump of the existence of the Steele dossier in a move to intimidate him into backing off his criticisms of the FBI, CIA, and NSA for pushing the Russian collusion hoax.

Comey’s implied threat was clear: we have our hands on the dirt that can ruin you – so back off or else.

Trump refused and CNN used the pretext of Comey discussing the dossier with him to declare it was now newsworthy and publish a story revealing its existence.

After Buzzfeed published the dossier in full, it was off to the races with the Russian collusion hoax.

But thanks to this lawsuit, Americans may finally get a real picture of what Obama knew about the plot to frame Trump for colluding with the Russians and what role he played in helping the conspiracy move along.

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