Secret documents show how Joe Biden will start World War III

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Joe Biden’s foreign policy has seen America suffer one humiliation on the global stage after another.

But his next disaster should worry every American.

And these documents show how Joe Biden will start World War III.

President Joe Biden keeps escalating the war in Ukraine and refuses to seek a peace deal.

Instead of trying to end the war, Biden is looking to pump another $61 million in taxpayer money into it by sending weapons to Ukraine to prolong the conflict through at least this year.

The risk of prolonging this pointless conflict – Ukraine isn’t a viral national security interest for the United States – is creating a scenario where one mistake leads to a missile landing on the wrong side of a border and there is an all-out war between NATO and Russia.

A shooting war between NATO and Russia would lead to nuclear war and the end of human life on Earth.

Classified documents from Germany published by the German newspaper Bild show Europe preparing for the possibility of war between NATO and Russia in 2025.

BILD described a scenario that shows Russia, by July, could begin launching ‘severe cyberattacks’ in the Baltics, drawing dissatisfaction from Russians living in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,” Fox News reported.

“Then in September, clashes could escalate, according to the classified documents, and be used by Putin as a reason to launch the next phase called, ‘Zapad 2024,’ which is described as a large-scale military exercise involving about 50,000 Russian troops in Western Russia and Belarus,” Fox News also reported.

Bild reported that Germany is preparing for a massive mobilization of Russian troops and missiles in a territory right along the border of NATO countries.

“According to the documents, Russia could then mobilize troops and mid-range missiles to Kaliningrad, which is a Russian territory located in between the NATO countries of Poland and Lithuania,” Fox News also reported.

And – of course – the globalists in NATO are claiming the Russians will interfere in the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election.

Bild also reported that by December, Russia could use the U.S. Presidential Election as an opportunity to disburse more propaganda of border conflict or riots with numerous deaths, to fuel violence in the Suwalki Gap, bringing on unrest,” Fox News also reports.

Former President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to end the war.

Joe Biden declared he would pour money and weapons into the conflict as long as it takes.

And if he gets his way there may be nuclear war with Russia on the horizon in 2025.

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