Sean Hannity went on TV and told the one truth that should send Obama to jail

Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the Russia Collusion Hoax is nearing a conclusion.

The news does not look good for Barack Obama.

And Sean Hannity went on TV and told the one truth that should send Obama to jail.

Attorney General William Barr stunned the Washington, D.C. establishment when he announced he would conduct his own investigation into the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax.

That angered many in the Fake News Media because Barr’s announcement backed up President Trump’s assertion that the Russia probe was a rigged witch hunt.

To make matter worse for the Left, Barr’s investigation appears to have borne fruit.

During a recent broadcast Hannity revealed that his sources told him the biggest bombshell in what Attorney General Barr uncovered was illegal spying on Americans that worked for Donald Trump.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“But more importantly,” Hannity continued, “What will Barr, Durham, come out with in terms of — let’s say the Barr-Durham report? … Or whatever that ends up being. Because I hear that is where the single most explosive bit of information, outsourcing of illegal intelligence-gathering for the sake of circumventing American laws, took place, and a lot of people would be found in violation of spying on Americans against the law.”

Solomon warned that he did not want to get ahead of the Justice Department’s findings, but did say that the Barr and Durham review will provide “a much broader view” of alleged spy tactics than what the IG report will show because they are not limited to what went on in the Justice Department.

Hannity later noted how there is “a lot of activity” in Europe tied to these investigative efforts, including the 16-hour interview conducted with British ex-spy Christopher Steele earlier this summer. He also suggested the United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia were roped into the inquiry.

Steele’s anti-Trump dossier, which was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, was used by the FBI to obtain FISA warrants to surveil one-time Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, an American citizen who was never charged with any wrongdoing.

It is known that the Obama administration used FISA wiretaps and human spies to put the Trump campaign under surveillance.

What is not known is if the Obama administration and the FBI violated the law with this espionage operation.

But William Barr appears on the verge of delivering a devastating answer.

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