Sean Hannity went on TV and told the one truth that should send Obama to jail

Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the Russia Collusion Hoax is nearing a conclusion.

The news does not look good for Barack Obama.

And Sean Hannity went on TV and told the one truth that should send Obama to jail.

Attorney General William Barr stunned the Washington, D.C. establishment when he announced he would conduct his own investigation into the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax.

That angered many in the Fake News Media because Barr’s announcement backed up President Trump’s assertion that the Russia probe was a rigged witch hunt.

To make matter worse for the Left, Barr’s investigation appears to have borne fruit.

During a recent broadcast Hannity revealed that his sources told him the biggest bombshell in what Attorney General Barr uncovered was illegal spying on Americans that worked for Donald Trump.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“But more importantly,” Hannity continued, “What will Barr, Durham, come out with in terms of — let’s say the Barr-Durham report? … Or whatever that ends up being. Because I hear that is where the single most explosive bit of information, outsourcing of illegal intelligence-gathering for the sake of circumventing American laws, took place, and a lot of people would be found in violation of spying on Americans against the law.”

Solomon warned that he did not want to get ahead of the Justice Department’s findings, but did say that the Barr and Durham review will provide “a much broader view” of alleged spy tactics than what the IG report will show because they are not limited to what went on in the Justice Department.

Hannity later noted how there is “a lot of activity” in Europe tied to these investigative efforts, including the 16-hour interview conducted with British ex-spy Christopher Steele earlier this summer. He also suggested the United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia were roped into the inquiry.

Steele’s anti-Trump dossier, which was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, was used by the FBI to obtain FISA warrants to surveil one-time Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, an American citizen who was never charged with any wrongdoing.

It is known that the Obama administration used FISA wiretaps and human spies to put the Trump campaign under surveillance.

What is not known is if the Obama administration and the FBI violated the law with this espionage operation.

But William Barr appears on the verge of delivering a devastating answer.

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114 Responses

  1. O bama is the biggest fraud ever perpertated by a phony president. His birth in Kenya is still up for grabs. Obama should be placed under a political microscope to determine just what a liar and a fraud he is.
    Obama has left a stench in his wake as a so called president. Obama wasn’t happy with just being a phony president he wanted to wreck the country and turn it into a dump of wrecked capitalism. Obama was and is a common street thug promoted by the Dem party who is another entity of corruption and ill will.

  2. KeKe67r says:

    What the affirmative action baboon did was worse than Watergate, “Jail time, Boy.”

  3. Caroline says:

    Mr. Barnes please make a list and show it ,at least 6,000 of the false and misleading statements. I’ll be waiting.
    I have heard CNN and other left leaning ” People ” say the same .
    What was said.??

  4. D.A.N. says:

    So Fred, you just admitted you are a racist Democrat. Because in 1962 there were still Jim Crow laws in affect. As for open to immigration, we still are. Just it has to be legal immigration and not border jumpers or people who overstay their Visas.

  5. D.A.N. says:

    A bit slow? If he was any slower he would pass a snail going backwards. He still thinks Obama was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  6. Alan Barnes says:

    How clever of you. My mother has been dead for about 14 years. Your brain has probably been dead for most of your adult life.

  7. Alan Barnes says:

    Would you please document even one treasonous crime actually committed by President Barack Obama. What is one element of President Obama’s agenda that is anti-American: The Affordable Care Act? The rescue of the economy from the collapse under George W. Bush?
    What evidence do you have that Michelle Obama is a “tranny”?
    Less name calling, more facts, please.

  8. john says:

    It might not you but it will for me. If The Greatest Mr Trump would have done this to a democrat he would have been destroyed by them. Stop being nice and help put these Scum Bags in Jail and not a vacation brother. You write a very nice story these scum bags will never help our great country just tear it down you haven’t seen nothing yet wait ,and see what they do to us. Dream on Mr nice guy

  9. john says:

    You don’t even what that word means. MAY be your moma does, she must be having scatological with Obama’s brothers.

  10. john says:

    Sounds like your mother is having sex with Obama and friends. Alan Barnes

  11. john says:

    Great come back said it perfect my white brother.

  12. Allen Williams says:

    Hello dannyo66,
    I wish I could go talk to them like you said. But again, I am just a little guy that served his country during Viet Nam and I have a very rewarding job as an Instructor for Aircraft Maintenance at Vance AFB, Enid Ok which is the best base in all of AETC (Air Education Training Command) I am so busy training personnel to service and give maintenance to our Air Force, I don’t have the money or time, to take off and go talk to them. But I do have one thing, that no one in this day, can take from me. MY VOTE! That is how it is supposed to be done. All the auguring and bickering that is happening, will be decided by my and your votes. That is how we decide who is in charge for the next four years, including the President and all the Senators, and Representative in Congress. Our votes are the only thing that matters, and as the saying goes, “Majority Rules”. Instead of arguing and bickering, talk to your friends, family, neighbors, about the Republican Ideal and show them how our economy has prospered since President Trump came into office, despite all the things the Democrats have thrown at him. And, the good things the Senate has done to improve this country. For once in a very long time our Military have the means to truly keep defending this country and other countries in need. We didn’t have that under President Obama. He cut the military drastically and I witnessed a huge downslide to what the Military could do, under severely reduced budgets. The bottom line is, somehow we need to as Republicans and Democrats “Agree to Disagree”(We did that “Back In the Day”) We to join in and solve our problems at hand. The Border between U.S and Mexico, Terrorist Acts, Reasonable gun control, (center on the gun user/buyer, (not the American People as a whole in general) More mental health checks when buying weapons or even ammo. Some how we need, both sides, to bury the hatchet and work squarely together to keep this country of our in Greatness. And we can only do that if we decide to work together, giving a little here or there and gaining here or there on important country issues. Only then, when we do, Our Country will be continue to “Be Great Again” I hope I made some sense about this. Very Respectfully, Allen Williams Viet Nam Vet, 1971-1975… I understand. :o)

  13. Allen Williams says:

    I agree with you Captain Spalding. WELL SAID!

  14. Allen Williams says:

    Thank You Margie, for the kind words for my service to this country, and for seeing that I am only speaking my heart about this madness that is going on against our President, our Senate. We Republicans (all) need to join together, and come together with the Democrats and agree to go back to work together and fix our countries problems. None of them from the President on down have the right to get paid for their jobs, for finger pointing, accusing each other of bad, and basically doing everything else that they are not supposed to be doing as our Representatives of the citizens of this country. There are so many issues that need to be solved on all sides of this country. They need to start earning their pay and quit behaving like little brats! Mommy he/she is touching me….!!! :o) God Bless, Allen Williams

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