Sean Hannity went on TV and said the one thing about CNN that no one could believe

CNN wants Sean Hannity off the air.

So-called reporters at the fake news network play up every Left-wing protest of Hannity’s advertisers to try to get him kicked off the air.

But Sean Hannity went on TV and said the one thing about CNN that no one could believe.

A viral video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo threatening to throw a man down a flight of stairs — possibly killing him — exploded on Monday.

Cuomo acted like an animal after the man called him “Fredo.”

Surprisingly, Sean Hannity defended Cuomo on social media.

Cuomo apologized, but on his show Tuesday Hannity doubled down and claimed Cuomo had nothing to apologize for.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Last night on Twitter I defended Cuomo – he did not start this – because I don’t support harassment of any public figure,” said Hannity. “Especially in front of their children and their family and their wife. No person in this country should be taunted because of their political beliefs or opinions and with that said, Fredo was designed to be an insult.”

“I wonder if this is what the left means when they talk about toxic masculinity,” joked Boothe, bringing up the memes and humor behind the incident while adding that it’s not “cool” for people to come up “and heckle you” when out with family.

“I’ve been through very similar things myself,” said Hannity, adding that he “kind of admired” Cuomo for standing “up for himself.” (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Getting Hit On All Sides For Insisting ‘Fredo’ Is An Ethnic Slur)

Referring to the fact that he knew Cuomo while at CNN, Hannity said he “doesn’t deserve this.”

Many viewers were stunned.

CNN would never extend this courtesy to Hannity if such a video of Hannity acting this way ever surfaced.

The only thing CNN hosts would have done is find a way to leverage the video into forcing Hannity’s sponsors to drop his program and force Fox News to fire him.

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55 Responses

  1. Spanky says:

    cATHY. What you see here is a man who knows if he stays with the losing team he won’t have a job in 2020 he’s an opportunist just like cheeto man he knew that to get elected he had to utter two simple words PRO LIFE and BAM look what happened he’s as PRO LIFE AS SATAN so pitiful people like you can’t see or understand that but hey stupd is stupid does stupid things

  2. Blue says:

    You’re right, hell, he’s Fredo for life with such a classless exhibition!

  3. Kath says:

    I disagree with Sean, he acted like a moron and he’s the one who should apologize for threatening that man.

  4. Will T says:

    That’s what I thought as well. Setting an example even if the Dems will never reciprocate, and showing himself to be the bigger man.

  5. h lee says:

    Simple: Hannity has virtue. cnn and associates have none.

  6. Karl Hand says:

    First off, the questions in the poll are a little too stilted, IMHO.

    Secondly, threatening violence is no way to deal with criticism. If you are in the public realm you should expect to deal with it. I find humor to be the best weapon in such instances.

    So, I have to disagree with Hannity’s assessment. As for an apology, I think that would be smart from a legal perspective. BUT, you shouldn’t apologize because of pressure, but because you realize that maybe that wasn’t the best example, for your children and your viewers.

    It is always better to err on what is right, then what is wrong. That said, I find the views of the Cuomo family to be repugnant as they demonstrate liberal elitism.


  7. Robert Polans says:

    WAs Fredo out of line? No, he’s always a nutjob who sticks to his water guns. I didn’t see him defending SaraSanders or Pam Bondi when they were being harassed (not that they needed it). What’s an apology gonna do? I agree with Ron the left will try to get away with whatever they can. Take Beto O’Rourke please before he hurts himself. Only this one is a tranny tyrant which makes him kind of comical. Have you noticed that ALL the leftie loonies are tyrants?

  8. Raffa says:

    In call for,different political views we are all entilied to.Cuomo was right to do what he did.

  9. John Flynn says:

    How about THREE generations ago? Excellent flick!! And I don’t think Fredo is an ethnic slur in the least….

  10. John Flynn says:

    Judy, agree with you 100% on Hannity’s disturbing mannerisms with his guests. Those “life experiences” are a bore to keep hearing over and over, too. I know I agree with him on his viewpoints and that makes his show bearable, but just that. In general though, I feel he has the best guests of any channel….

  11. Milton K LaDue says:

    Very seldom do I disagree with Sean Hannity. This is one of them.

  12. Judy says:

    I’m done watching Hannity. Defending that foul mouthed roid raged jerk. Bye bye HANNITY!

  13. ILCon says:

    I think Fredo over-reacted, and the label is acccurate. He just proved it with his response. I would love to see him charged with A&B, but he is protected member of the Cuomo crime syndicate, so is likely to get away with it. THAT is wrong! The only strategy I could see for Hannity is if he gets assailed by some leftwingnut in public and he defends his space or his family and punches someone out, he avoids the appearance of hypocrisy. Fredo was way out of line equating ‘Fredo’ to the n-word. Sticks & stones, Fredo!

  14. Art Crosby says:

    I Wish fredo would talk to don lemonhead like that,Instead of looking like a deer in the headlights and lemonheads bit.. while dons Preaching to him!! Semper Fi

  15. Dave Mack says:

    Like Hannity, he is entitled to his opinion but I totally disagree with him on fredo and his thug response to the other person. Fredo should be charged with assault and battery for threatening and touching the other man. But fredo is a privileged elitist CNN bs artist that constantly takes cheap unflattering remarks about Trump and all other repubs., or real conservatives. The apple- fredo – didn’t fall far from the wrotting apple tree . FREDO COUMO sounds right.

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