Sean Hannity slammed Joe Biden with a devastating reality check that everyone needs to see

Joe Biden found himself in the middle of another mess.

There is no easy way out of this debacle.

And Sean Hannity slammed Joe Biden with a devastating reality check that everyone needs to see.

The November jobs report dropped like a massive thud.

In the month of November, the economy only added 210,000 jobs, falling far below the 578,000 number analysts predicted.

Despite the measly number of jobs created, Biden touted the jobs report as “incredible news.”

Hannity ripped Biden for stunting economic growth through trillions of dollars of new spending that caused inflation to skyrocket as well as caused a labor shortage by supporting programs that pay workers to stay home.

“The November jobs report was abysmal, falling well short of every projection — keep in mind we’re already facing a severe worker shortage, record-setting inflation, insanely high gas prices, stagnant growth, and now it appears to be getting even worse,” Hannity declared.

Hannity noted Biden’s infamous campaign promise of wanting to shut down the virus and not the economy – but the exact opposite has happened.

“Wait — I thought Biden promised to shut down the virus, not the economy — what happened?” Hannity added.

Hannity excoriated Biden for trying to lie his way out of responsibility for his failed economic policies.

“One big problem for Joe, you can’t lie your way out of a crisis,” Hannity continued.

Hannity also highlighted the physically-sick Biden hacking and coughing his way through another bizarre speech where Biden appeared once again in cognitive decline.

Polls show more Americans disapprove than approve of Joe Biden as President.

The disastrous November jobs report is not going to change that fact.

And nor will – as Hannity pointed out – Joe Biden appearing physically and mentally ill.

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