Sean Hannity made one impeachment confessions that no one could believe

As part of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt, they are trying to destroy all of President Trump’s allies.

Now Sean Hannity is in the crosshairs.

That forced Sean Hannity go on TV and make one confession that no one could believe.

State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent became the second impeachment witness to claim Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other State Department officials intervened with Fox News host Sean Hannity to get him to criticize former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitich over her ties to Barack Obama’s Deep State.

Hannity refuted these reports on his Fox News show and demanded these rogue Deep State agents stop lying about him.

Mediaite reports:

“He also testified I was talking about the former Ambassador of Ukraine,” Hannity noted. “I’m going to spell it out for all of you one more time, I suggest you read my Twitter account. I don’t know anything about that lady. I have no idea how to pronounce her last name.”

“I never talked to secretary Pompeo or anybody at the State Department about her or anything else,” Hannity claimed. “I don’t know anything about her. I would advise you all very strongly, I’m saying this in a nice way. All of you had better stop lying about me, you now have been told the truth again. Stop lying.”

“In fact according to our own research, [Yovanovitch] was mentioned in passing four times on this show,” the Fox News host mentioned as an aside, a rather stunning admission. And, in fact, back in March, his show did a lengthy segment about alleged Ukrainian corruption where Yovanovitch was criticized by job title or mentioned by name several times. . .

Democrats don’t just want to take out President Trump.

They want to muzzle all of the President’s supporters to make sure their impeachment witch hunt goes off without a hitch.

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71 Responses

  1. Leon Keller says:

    Thank you Mr. Hannity for publicly speaking out about the demoncraps lies .

  2. I think we should wait till Biden becomes the Dems candidate. Then we can prosecute him
    Just like they are doing to our Commander in Chief

  3. Clyde says:

    And we all know your deep hatred. Ms. Munchkin got you pinned to a T. What a lonely person you must be.

  4. Mary Kelly says:

    You want to know about slavery better check out Hillary’s lifestyle she wants keep secret. she has teen age girls she has sex with provided by her Muslim friend.

  5. Mary Kelly says:

    You know you need to prove all those accusation about Trump otherwise what you say shows your poor character.

  6. Uncle Hoppy says:

    If CNN would stop lying all the time then Trump wouldn’t need to attack them.

  7. Uncle Hoppy says:

    And we all know you’re an idiot troll like the redman.

  8. Debbie Downer says:

    The democrats want your money so they can dole it out to other people in exchange for their votes. Democrats have been playing that game for decades.

  9. Mark the 2nd says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head about ih8er Ms. Munchkin. Very good narrative.

  10. Mark the 2nd says:

    I think he loves blue so much because he has “blue balls” you know no self respecting woman would take up with a little commie worm that has no intelligence, morals or intestinal fortitude. Yes, I’m sure his balls are bright blue… Unless he constantly “pleasures” himself while listening to the bumbling communist morons he worships.

  11. Mark the 2nd says:

    You’ll be seeing a hell of a lot more red soon. I love red. Red is the most prominent color on our flag. Red is the color of the fire that will cleanse the blue, rotten moldy scum from our nation. Red is the color of the blood of patriots who have given their lives to establish our once great REPUBLIC. Red is the color of the blood of patriots who will reestablish our REPUBLIC by destroying the cancerous blue rot that has been defiling our nation from within. Your time grows short DemonRATS, you’re about to get a very heavy dose of RED radiation.

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