Sean Hannity is about take down The New York Times with this ultimatum

Sean Hannity is ready to go to war with the Fake News Media.

So-called “reporters” spent weeks sliming Hannity and other Fox News hosts with smears about how they tried to get their viewers killed by downplaying the coronavirus.

And now Sean Hannity is about take down The New York Times with this ultimatum.

On April 18, New York Times columnist Gina Bellafante published a column blaming Fox News and Sean Hannity for a man who was a regular Fox viewer taking a cruise on March 1 and dying after contracting coronavirus.

The thrust of the column was that had Fox News and Hannity taken the coronavirus more seriously from the start the man would still be alive.

Many Americans reacted angrily because the story was a shoddily researched and written hit piece.

In fact, the comments Bellafante cited from Hannity came after the man went on the cruise.

But Hannity was not about to let this smear go unchecked.

Hannity retained famed lawyer Charles Harder who promptly fired off a letter to The Times accusing the paper of smearing Hannity and demanding a retraction and an apology.

“You falsely state and falsely imply a connection between Mr. Hannity’s on-air comments and Mr.Joyce’s decision to take a cruise,” Hannity’s letter to four Times employees reads.

“But what you fail to mention is that Mr. Hannity’s comments could not possibly have influenced Mr. Joyce’s decision because he embarked on his cruise on March 1 (according to your report), while Mr. Hannity made comments on March 9, which you claim influenced his decision,” the letter stated.

“Moreover, you were fully aware that this was the actual timeline, and in order to mislead your readers and support your false narrative, you withheld the date of Mr. Hannity’s comments from your story,” Harder added.

Harder also noted the other sneaky tricks The Times pulled with this story, like how editors “underhandedly edited that story to include a statement from Fox News which disproved your timeline, without notifying your readers that you were correcting or retracting your original false statements.”

Hiring Charles Harder is pulling out the big guns.

Harder put the left-wing gossip site Gawker out of business by winning a massive lawsuit against the liberal publisher in a case involving professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and a sex tape.

Hannity bringing in Harder is his way of telling The Times they are in for a costly legal fight if they don’t correct this fake news.

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