Sean Hannity exposed one truth about Joe Biden that you need to know

Joe Biden is the all but certain Democrat Party nominee for President.

But Democrats and the Biden campaign are trying to hide one reality from the American people.

Now Sean Hannity exposed one truth about Joe Biden that you need to know.

During a recent campaign swing through Missouri, Biden only spoke for seven minutes at events.

After his victories on Tuesday night, commentators suggested Biden run a “front porch campaign” that candidates ran in the 1800s where they would not travel the country to make their case to the voters and would instead invite the public to listen to them speak from the front porch.

Sean Hannity asked on his recent broadcast of his nightly Fox News program if Democrats and the Fake News Media wants to hide Biden from the public because of allegations about dementia and his obviously frail mental health.

“So, I’ll ask again, does this 77-year-old guy we’re watching every day now, does he have the stamina, does he have the strength, does he have the focus, the alertness, the mental focus, mental toughness, and the mental stability to be president?” Hannity questioned.

“It’s so bad that the Biden campaign are trying to cover for quid pro quo Joe. Trying to keep him out of the public spotlight,” Hannity added. “In other words, they’re hiding him from the world. A great campaign strategy. Hide your candidate. We can’t trust what he’s going to do or say. A disaster.”

Democrats are taking concrete steps to hide Biden from the public.

Fake news CNN and the Democrat National Committee agreed that both candidates should remain seated at the next debate since many top Democrats believe not having to stand for two hours will allow Biden to preserve his strength and focus all his attention and hold back any gaffes or misstatements that would only add to the speculation that Biden is senile.

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