Sean Hannity dropped a bombshell that signed the Deep State’s death warrant

Barack Obama and his allies’ criminal wrongdoings during the 2016 election won’t stay hidden for much longer.

Multiple investigations are underway looking into how the Russia Collusion Hoax started.

And Sean Hannity delivered the bad news when he went on TV and dropped a bombshell that signed the Deep State’s death warrant.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz is investigating possible FISA abuses when the FBI obtained a warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Attorney General William Barr said the probe will be done in May or June.

Sean Hannity broke news on Thursday when he claimed sources told him Horowitz may in fact be done with the report and that it will be “devastating” for Deep State operatives like James Comey and his henchmen.

The Daily Caller reports:

Sean Hannity claimed his sources told him the Department of Justice has concluded an investigation into possible Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuse, and the results are “devastating.”

“I have sources telling me that [Michael] Horowitz perhaps is even finished with his report and certainly, [Attorney General William Barr] has been briefed on what is coming,” the Fox News evening host said, adding that he believes three FISA warrants issued against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page were illegal.

Hannity issued the declaration twice on his Wednesday night show, according to the Washington Examiner. He raised the assertion for the second time when he was conducting an interview with South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is also chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Spygate” is one of the worst –- if not the worst –- scandal in American political history.

The Obama administration faked a counterintelligence investigation to use the FBI to try and destroy his political opponents.

That is third-world banana republic type stuff.

The American people deserve answers no matter how uncomfortable the truth is.

And the public may be on the verge of finally learning what happened in the 2016 election.


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126 Responses

  1. billybob says:

    Patriot Pulse, where you watch in equal parts hilarity and horror at the trump cult’s daily circle jerk, blatantly exposing themselves to be the most delusional, ignorant fools on this planet. You have no idea of the extent to which you soil yourselves every time you say something. The poster children for the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Yeah, you can look it up, but it may be way over your little malfunctioning heads.

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      How about the Stockholm syndrome you retarded fascist/communist O’Sambo monkeys have been infected by for the last 12 years or so. You morons are still licking his ass and he’s counting on $hit for brains idiots like you to eventually make him emperor. You can look it up but I doubt any of you soulless retards have the intelligence to do so.

  2. Alex says:

    This is exactly the same as the BS story about Hilaria$$ caught lying on camera…, BFD!
    Not a dam thing will ever come of it!

  3. steve says:

    why did I get twenty emails of the same article only minutes apart ? It’s not like it was even news, it’s been on post for days /weeks .

  4. Mary says:

    On a Conserative Buzz article HEADLINE REPUBLICAN THROWS TRUP UNDER THE BUS. REPUBLICAN Justin Amash a never Trumper is calling for him to be Impeach. The real reason is that he knows he can not beat him in 2020. Even if he did he wouldn’t know how to do the things that President Trump has done for this country. I use to think that the day that Jesus was coming back to fix this nation was very very soon but after we got the right person in as our President I think God did send him just at the right time to help him get his National back in Order. People are saying GOD BLESS AMERICA is a hate speech but it isn’t the person who wrote GOD BLESS AMERICA was asking him to bless this nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA THE LAND THAT I LOVE STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER THROUGH THE NIGHT FROM A LIGHT ABOVE. What in the request is there hate. NONE

  5. Jack-RI says:

    I love it that the Dems are in denial! It will make watching them go down for all their LIES so much more fun! Coming soon, at a U.S. Attorney General near you!

  6. Guns Nuts of America says:

    Hannity is another carnival barker, yeller, and liar. He is paid by Fox to spew his hatred and kiss Trump’s ass. Don’t you people understand that, you can’t all be that stupid.

    • Lance says:

      I can only tell how incredibly stupid you are!

      • Martin Duitz says:

        Lance, does this idiot realize the last thing Fox wants to do is pay for pro Trump support. Fox has been moving left for at least 2 or 3 years, maybe more. I certainly haven’t watched Fox for several years with the exception of election results. With the exception of just a few, they now push left leaning folks.

        • Yea dudes, this “Guns nuts” idiot is like the rest of the dingbat libs that have their heads up their asses…….Hannity has people that work in the government on his show that are exposing all these “Wingnuts” that are screwing up our country………..Go for it Trump and fix this mess.

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      We’re definitely no where near as stupid as you are, libretard nuts of America. Hannity has more intelligence and political savvy in his toenail than you do in your entire little communist pea brain. I’d sure as hell rather kiss President Trump’s ass than O’Sambo’s or HitLiary’s or any of the demonRATS that are infesting and rotting our government from within. Go away idiot, you’re far to stupid to be posting here.

      • Guns Nuts of America says:

        Hey Hoppy, you need to leave these sites. You truly know nothing, your spelling is pathetic, your knowledge is even worse, and your intelligence is non-existent when you believe Fox, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, and right wing rags and websites, perhaps even Nazi ones.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          My spelling is perfect asshole. Fascist/communist Nazi morons like yourself should leave the country. I’d be willing to bet my IQ is at least 50 points higher than yours, and that’s a very “conservative” estimate. The ultimate demise of you and your kind is very near, however you’re far to stupid to realize it. Anyway, put on your vagina hat and go f–k yourself. That’s what you commies are really good at.

        • Jack-RI says:

          Talk about limited mental acuity, it seems there is only ONE idea in your post, said three different ways;
          1. You truly know nothing
          2. Your knowledge is even worse, and
          3. Your intelligence is nonexistent

          WOW, how do you STORE all that KNOWLEDGE?

      • Marty says:

        Mark, this asshole is a troll. He gets paid for each reply he gets. Just ignore the the soros idiot.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Thanks Marty, I should’ve known. I’ll no longer respond to the communist moron.

        • Jack-RI says:

          You guys, there’s nothing wrong with expressing our differences of opinion, but is it really necessary to sling insults at each other all day? All that does is negate our opinion, and prove how really oblivious we are to the facts! Don’t fall for it!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      We aren’t, but anytime you want to look at stupid, you need to walk no further than the nearest mirror

    • Kimberly Thorpe says:

      Your Name says it all…….Nuts!

    • Byron R Sosebee says:

      Uh No, that would be you and All of the other DemoNcRat Ilk!

    • Hey Nuts Guns of America – I like the NUTS part. Stop drinking the liberal cool aid and wake up – this was nothing more to take down of a dully elected president. Hannity is far right – but he is RIGHT.

    • Roger Kuhn says:

      You are one of the people I have talked about since 2009, that have an IQ of 20 for your airhead vote for your criminal Democrats, and for your response here. You need to look back and see if you went to school, but your parents may not know because they had your dirty ass born in a garbage pail. THE BEST PART of you ran down your dads leg…. Boy !

    • John Gross says:

      might be but much smarter then you demo’s!

    • Dora says:

      Guns Nuts of Hell your name does show you are a Fruit and Nuts category. You are no American you wish for communist don’t wish just leave you JACKASS.

    • Mary says:

      You’re the Stupid one that’s been brainwashed by CNN.
      YOU’LL soon find out how wrong you are.
      Even that I feel that, you will continue to be in complete DENIAL.

    • Carlos says:

      Hannity is one of the last true conservatives left on what used to be the only conservative cable news outlet. The 2 cheese dick Murdoch boys are destroying Fox but Hannity keeps reporting the truth that liberal media ignores, you stupid f***ing moron!

  7. Joe Salcedo says:

    I know the time is now going to know…right now every thing is wrong with left.. go to prison number is Obama and Clinton and the followers. Period..

  8. steven jacobs says:

    nobody will seriously challenge the Deep State.
    The best I can hope for is Comey, Page, Strozk, McCabe, Rosenstein and Weisman in prison.

    • Ronald Simpkins says:

      It’s really very simple, how do you want to live? Do you want to be a person that believes the democrat irrational story or not. Do you want to believe the ‘fake’ news or not? A person with an iq. of over 80 will not tolerate being lied to constantly, it may take a while but eventually they will awaken to what is really going on. You are slowly but surely being taken over by the power hungry and dishonest democrat party taking your freedoms and putting you into jeopardy. They want power and control, that’s it.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Really, Steve! Where have you been? A fellow by the name of Donald J Trump and a small group of those helping him walked into this melee with eyes wide open to tackle taking down both the one world global government and the deep state establishment traitors working with them to destroy the last hold out against the new world order, from within.
      This goes far beyond a democrat president spying on a republican opponent. The congressional investigative committee has already ferreted out enough text messages,. leakers, e mails, etc. to prove beyond a shadow of doubt – this whole thing started out as a case of the INSIDERS (one world global government, aka the new world order and deep state establishment traitors) against the OUTSIDERS (which includes all American Patriots who desire to remain Americans with freedom, liberty & justice for all).
      INSIDER Obama was working with INSIDER Hillary and other deep state establishment INSIDERS inside the CIA, NSA, FBI & DOJ * others to throw the election to Hillary to pick up where Obama left off and to totally destroy this nation from within and betray us into being forced under the rule of the elitists behind the new world order passing down their dictates through their tentacle called the UN!
      Insider Hillary’s post meltdown rant of “We’ll all be swinging from the gallows if that fb wins” should tell everyone that she was so frightened by the knowledge she could lose the election, she told us the truth that she and all those other DSE traitors were well aware they were guilty of treason and also knew the penalty for it. Are we going to let them get by with false flag events like 9/11/2001, which was one of the crimes 2 former FBI agents accused Robert Mueller & James Comey of
      “working hip to hip to block investigation or and cover up, when Mueller was FBI director. Why would the FBI director and a top agent be blocklng investigation or covering up crimes if they were not connected to them? Why did GHWB (who was CIA at the time & POTUS later, plead guilty to his part in JFK’s assassination human trafficking before his death. Why has GWB flipped , pled guilty to his part in 9/11/2001, helping his father cover up his crimes & human traffic and spilling on the new world order and DSE?
      If Barr is as straight as he looks to be now, the trials for most of these INSIDERS will be for treason, crimes against humanity, and as enemy combatants of this nation – which means many of them will never see prison – because they will be getting the same sentence as 2 other INSIDERS have already received.
      Amazing how many of these known DSE traitors are/were lawyers. isn’t it? Instead of wondering if the FBI & DOJ will survive this being INSIDERS & traitors = one wonders if the entire legal profession will survive this criminal activity that has been going on for decades or will it go down in SHAME?
      Not sure but think Papa & son were both lawyers. Both Clintons were lawyers. as were both Obamas – but all 4 of them voluntarily turned in their license to avoid the scandal of having them revoked. Look at all the others who were lawyers and appear to be INSIDERS & traitors: Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Weissman, Baker Sally Yates & others. Anyone know if Clapper & Brennan are/were lawyers?

      • btt says:

        Famous Last Words: Until they “BREAK THE BACK OF AMERICA” they cannot accomplish their ONE WORLD ORDER…….

    • Jack-RI says:

      I’m glad you listed COMEY first! He’s the SLIMIEST of them all! He should SKIP prison and go directly to HELL for what he did to this country! Crucify him!

  9. Perry G. says:

    In my travels I have seen some very filthy disgusting gas station toilets. As rancid as they were, they pale by comparison to the toilet that comprises the entirety of the Democrat Party, a.k.a. “The Establishment”, and the ‘deep state’. It is as though the gates of hell have opened up and spilled most of Satan’s minions all over the place, and President Trump is seemingly fighting the “giant snake” alone. We need to rise up and help President Trump, and let him know we’ve got his back.

    • Rick Spruill says:

      In addition to going after these snakes. Starting with Bernie Sanders…Let’s investigate every damn politician that went into office broke or just average and a few years later they are millionaires. Let’s find out where that money came from. Follow the money. Check their tax returns…lol

    • steve says:

      Amen, brother. We have an opportunity to redeem our founding fathers vision !

  10. Donna says:

    We need to get the criminals out of our government in every department. Corrupt FBI, CIA, IRS, Congress and the others. We need to put integriry back into our government.

  11. Elizabeth Jenkins says:

    Get um!

  12. Johnc says:

    The Agent’s do what they are assigned to do by their management, assuming it was legally approved. Management should be prosecuted and agents who knowingly violate the law should also be…

  13. I SEE THAT TRAIN COMING..COMING AROUND THE BEND..Yep time to unleash the Blood Hounds…

    • T pac says:

      Time for the FBI and DOJ should start kicking down doors at 5AM and hauling all the criminals and their families off to JAIL with the Chumps from CNN there.
      Many need to be locked up

  14. Stone Jones says:

    This is “Fake News”. Why not because the Obama administration wasn’t involved, not because the FISA report was known to be false but the investigation, not because the Clintons and her campaign wasn’t involved up to their noses. It’s fake because nobody in DC will raise a hand to bust the people involved, they will all get a walk. Two years ago when the FBI realized the Russian Dossier was BS, they would have done something, but didn’t. Today will be no different. I love my country, it’s my government I do not trust.

    • Steveur says:

      You must be “Stone-d”, try not to start inhaling early morning.

    • patricia rentz says:

      This is a new day and time for revenge and justice and not like the Democrats, Trump will get the TRUTH and do the right thing. Don’t give up yet, not all of Washington is corrupt and besides the truth and the way to handle it is on the right side now.

      • 2004done says:

        Pat: “not all of DC is corrupt” I believe EVERYONE who’s been re-elected, AND their staff, and publicists, and party controllers have been tainted by mere association. I consider Ron Paul to be an “originalist,” but I can’t even trust him after his wading in the swamp where they tried to alligator-roll him. [‘re-election”. does NOT mean freshmen haven’t been corrupted already, just couldn’t guarantee they’ve been corrupted]

  15. BitinDawg says:

    Sean Hannity and Rush Limbo are both Zio-Compliant. They dare not reveal the power and influence of the Zionist Deep State, lest they themselves be shutdown and denied air access.

    • Jay L. Stern says:

      Proof? Not “poof,” or “oops” but ANYTHING credible. Your comment sucks. You thow assertions, lies, distortions. Why? Huh? Why! You don’t have to be a religious Jew to be a Zionist. That is a label that I proudly, defiantly wear! What do you wear? Maybe “the Emperor’s new clothes?” You bare it all to the world and what everyone sees is downright ugly and puny.

    • Marty says:

      Dawg, you don’t have a clue. Go back into your dawg house where you can hide from the real world.

  16. Mike Flanagan says:

    All politic-ens and their appointees should serve two terms first as elected or appointed second against the wall with a firing squad.

  17. Marty says:

    Especially them!

  18. Danny says:

    My guess is, it’s another waste of taxpayer’s money. Guilty or not NOTHING will be done.
    This crap has been going on forever and I’ve personally seen almost 80 years of it.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      I fear that you are correct. I will be very surprised if anyone goes to jail, unless they’re a true conservative.

    • Jack-RI says:

      Danny, it has NEVER been this bad! And I believe that the guilty parties WILL be brought to justice. I haven’t ALWAYS felt that way, but there’s a new SHERIFF in town, and his name is BARR! He stands for law and order, so if I felt like mine was one of the names on his list, I would be getting my affairs in order! You will soon find out what President Trump’s life has been like since he announced he was running for president, up until this very day! You just couldn’t help yourself, so now it’s time to pay the piper!

      • Will says:

        I for one sure as the hell hope that you are right . I am so tired of hearing about it . If we have had to be put threw all of this and everyone walks , it is time for WAR right here in river city.

      • Marty says:

        Jack, I believe you’re right and I’ve already bought the popcorn.

    • patricia l clem rentz says:


  19. neo says:

    IF ANY body broke the law they should be tried and sentenced accordingly ….PERIOD.


    • DR. RICHARDS says:

      You are right William, each Treasonous member of the Senate should be prosecuted along with Trump and much of his obstructionist administration. Until they are all in prison our country will never be safe. You know it, and so does they great majority of intelligent Americans. I don’t know how Republicans can look in their mirrors or sleep at night considering the discord and divisions they have created in our beloved Country not to mention the immorality of the issues they support and and profit from: DISGUSTING

      • Pat says:

        The ‘immorality’ of the issues??? You have NOT seen 1 republican walking up and down the streets in a “Vagina hat or Vagina costume” THATS DEMOCRATS, you have not heard of 1 republican “CRY room” or safe place with coloring books! THAT IS ALSO DEMOCRATS! You have not heard of any Republican voting to keep abortion clinics, and biggest of all NOT 1 REPUBLICAN WOULD VOTE FOR KILLING BABIES AT BIRTH OR SHORTLY AFTER!!! THAT IS ALSO DEMOCRATS!! You want to talk about DISGUSTING??? YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF DISGUSTING! Obama and all of you henchmen have set racis back 100 years , and accuse everyone of it, that does not agree with you! You have created such HATE as I have never seen in my 77 years of life —and these are the changes youhave created in our beloved country, you ignorant fool!!

      • Helga says:

        you are so wrong, dr. richards! do your homework on the issue and see the demon.rats exposed. but CNN won’t report on it, of course! maybe you should change channels and get informed. unfortunately trump is surrounded by Neocons so he needs to watch out! just check out his accomplishments so far in spite of the constant democrats opposition. shameful, indeed! If you really loved your country you’d be more patriotic and not endorse zionist fascism.

      • Will says:

        FU , DH YOU commie bastard

      • Jack-RI says:

        Three words…….dirty, Dirty, DEMS!

      • Jack-RI says:

        I SEE, I guess you would’ve preferred to have HELLARY as your president? That tells me one very big thing….,,,,you are just as SLIMY as SHE is! Good luck DIRTY DEM! You’re going to need it when half of your politicians are in JAIL!


      • Jim Tierney says:

        The fact that you refer to yourself as Dr. tells me quite a bit about you. I have worked with doctors (medical and PhD.) my entire life, and I’ve been retired for sometime now. I can only recall very few doctors that called themselves, and insisted on being called doctor. They were the most arrogant, SELF righteous, and narcissistic people I’ve ever met. In light of your comment I’m quite confident you fit into the very few category. Since you support leftist policies you have no basis to even speak of morality as you can’t know God or his ways. BTW, God’s laws are morals. I feel very sorry for you and pray for your eyes to be opened.

    • Bumperkm says:

      Add to the above, the judges who block efforts to advance the security of the United states.

  21. Katherine Knudsen says:

    Get the popcorn ready.

  22. Carl says:

    I hope to hell all the traders involved go to prison.

  23. Daniel Mount says:

    All of these Democrat Politicians and Democratic Governors, as well as Democrat Mayors, should all be sent to GITMO for the Military Tribunal. Also Barack Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Harry Ried, Susan Rice, All of the rest of the Obama administration. All guilty of High Treason.

  24. dennodog says:

    If Horowitz is finished…then release it and cut off all this “mystery” bullshlt . He can only investigate “job related” infractions anyway, Barr will have to prosecute any criminal stuff. This b.s. is getting old. It’s time to come out with “the bats” and start clubbing them like they’re canadian baby seals. As we see time and again, the democrats NEVER hold back. They even will lie, if necessary, as they’re doing now (Kavanaugh ring a bell?). If the R’s don’t go “medieval” on these mutts, then it’s time for a new party, or even better, a new government.

    • 2004done says:

      dennodog: Maybe Horowitz just wants to wait to release his IG report like mueller did, AFTER the elections were compromised by all the well-publicized leftist speculations

  25. EVERARDO ARCE says:

    They will be completely STOPPED!

  26. Robert Nance says:

    Public execution for all of Deep State. Prefer hanging.

    • will says:

      good idea

    • Ed Watts says:

      With a short drop so they kick and dance around for a while.

      • Nah, Folks… It probably wouldn’t “flay”… They’ll just “wriggle- out-of-it”, probably, by claiming some kinda’ TWISTED, “cruel and unusual punishment” B.S.: “Well… ya’ know, ropes are pretty, damned rough… and they might scratch our ‘perfect’ pencil-necks on the way down… Now, HOW WOULD THAT LOOK, TO AMERICA, when we’re ‘lying-in-state’ under the Capital Rotunda Dome, huh… HUH??” Then… SOME OBAMA-APPOINTED JUDGE WOULD VERY LIKELY AGREE & STAY THE EXECUTIONS… INDEFINITELY! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

        • Oh… And don’t keep suggesting “Firing Squads”, EITHER… We’d only be handing them the opening for another lame excuse: “See, bullets are made out of LEAD,… Al Gore and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say that Lead is toxic to ‘The Environment’ – AND THE HUMAN BODY! – lead-poisoning, [like, ya’ know?]. And… THAT would take TWO YEARS off of the TWELVE we have left to stop ‘global climate hotting’… er… ‘colding’? er… IF we don’t spend 93-TRILLION DOLLARS to save the Planet!” Uh, yeah, sure… okay… And… YET-ANOTHER CORRUPT ‘JUDGE’ KICKS IT OUTTA’ THERE! — EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

        • Will says:

          Then hang that F“ing judge the next day

    • bldawg says:

      I would prefer public execution by firing squad of loyal American citizens executing their second amendment right to protect their life and families lives from the worst violent criminals America has ever seen. There could be door prize tickets given to all legal US citizens to have the honor of removing theses scum from the planet once and for all.

    • Jay L. Stern says:

      Wanna retire the National Debt? Sell tickets!

  27. Murphy says:

    This is why they tried to destroy Trump. And kept after him once he was elected. Now we know exactly what hilly was confessing to when she said on election night if he f——— wins, we are all going to prison!!!

    • Richard says:

      Save tax payers ‘ money…. Assemble the Firing Squad.

    • Well, actually, “Murphy” she said – to slightly paraphrase: “If that f**ker wins, we’re all gonna’ HANG!” – But, I’m afraid that’ll never happen either, for the reasons stated here earlier (Please see my comment about “Rope-use” versus “Cruel and unusual punishment”, ABOVE – THANKS!) — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B

      • Will says:

        Well in that case lets all make her dreams come true , I`d love to see that old skank kicking like a gut shot bunny , hanging from a rope

  28. CG says:

    liberals and queers are bunch of dumb assess,,, (democrats)

  29. Bill says:

    This fight will go to the streets before it is over. These dirty traitors will use every resource they have to stop Trump from getting anything done. Including using the dumbed down libs and illegals as cannon fodder by inciting them to violence through the globalist media..

  30. Mike says:

    Its nice to see that in the long run, justice prevails. There were a lot of losses in WWII before we started to win. Sometimes its disappointing, and sometimes outright infuriating, but right eventually wins over evil.

    • Eric says:

      Justice hasn’t prevailed yet!!! Let’s wait and see if anyone even goes to jail,…. Given the crimes that we KNOW have already been committed and documented to have happened, carry some SERIOUS jail time, there should be several people serving MULTIPLE year prison sentenced ! ! ! The ring leaders behind this (Obama and Hillary) will under no circumstances ever see the inside of a prison cell. However, Strzok, Page, Holder, Lynch, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, maybe even FISA Court Judges, even Wray (who is obstructing justice as we discuss), should serve years in prison. Trying to rig an election, then trying an illegal coup, sedition, treason,…… ALL OF THESE USED TO BE SERIOUS CRIMES ! ! !

  31. Robert says:

    Thank God things turned out the way they did in this past presidential election by the grace of God! Stay alert America. The leftist are trying very hard to destroy America from within, stick to your core values God ,Country and the American Way and don’t give these nut jobs an ounce of power.

  32. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Between the IG and the AG we can hope all the deep state slime including Obama and his collection of henchmen will be living in 6 X9 living quarters. I will not rejoice until the actual reports are made public.

  33. Rich Knauer says:

    Espescially obama and clinton!!!!!!!

    • Judy says:


  34. Cindy Murphy says:

    The guilty should get a One Way Ticket to GITMO. No get out of JailFree card.

  35. GySgt. Lew says:

    Prosecute everyone involved in the “Deep State” cover up….. Lock them all up….

  36. Brian Fisher says:

    Hang the dirty, corrupt SOB’s!!!!!!!!

  37. Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

    We keep hearing the of the death of the “Deep State” but it’s alive and still kicking. I fear this BS will just keep going on and on. It’s to much fun for people to continue railing against. Our nation is on it’s death bed and doctor is on vacation.

  38. Mark Hopkins says:

    What we’ll have if the demonRATS assume power, are evil fascist/communists with no morals, no empathy, no scruples and no problem destroying our Constitution and rights. If we let these rotten communists gain power, the United States will effectively die. Make no mistake, it CAN happen. It WILL happen if we aren’t vigilant. Don’t let the jackboots of fascist/communism stomp down on your throats. Be aware and arm yourselves accordingly.

    • John says:

      I live in Colorado where they elected a GAY governor. Control both houses and are passing every law they want. Colorado used to be a GREAT state. We need to close the Colorado boarder’s and send the Californians and Hollywood home.

      • Nancy says:

        I thought of retiring in Colorado, but not any longer. It’s really going downhill fast.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        I agree with you 100% John. I used to travel all over the United States for vacations and business. Now, with many “states” going communist I won’t set foot in any of them. It’s as if we no longer have a United States, we have a bunch of little “countries”, some are communist and some are relatively free. I live in a “free” st.ate and stay completely away from the communist states.

    • Will says:

      As long as there is blood pulsing threw my veins , we have been fighting this crap for more years then most of the living today , and we did not survive this long by throwing up our hand . These SOB`s can die just as easily if not easier than us . Keep the faith and stand your ground .

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Thanks Will. There are many of us that stand ready. Many of us are organized and provisioned. We are watching and waiting.

  39. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Democrats motto, is win elections by any means possible even if it’s done by illegal means. They tried it with the 2016 election and are frustrated when those tactics didn’t work with Donald Trump.

    • Thomas Wayne Kidd says:

      Obomer stole r the election twice using software which was found in use in Texas in 2016 election but nothing was done about it. Doesn’t that seem rather strange?????

  40. Marty says:

    If those responsible for this hoax are not prosecuted, we can expect the same crap when the demonrats next hold the White House. All those deep state traitors must be legally held accountable.

    • Conservative Senior says:

      Including the obamas and the clintons.

    • John says:

      I have friends that say that their parents were Democrats. Too bad the can’t see the difference between then and now.

    • John Flynn says:

      Marty, you seem to imply the Demos are ever going to occupy our WH again. This whole collusion/conspiracy we are going through may very well bring the Democrat Party down and out…..for good. Other parties, meanwhile, will be forming (they’re now parading as Dems, IMO) but can’t/won’t take elected offices for years to come, if then……

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