Saudi Arabia just issued a stark warning to Joe Biden about oil prices

Joe Biden wants Americans to believe that Vladimir Putin is to blame for the current surging gas prices.

Thankfully, Americans seem to be wiser than Biden gives them credit for and they’re not buying his lies – neither are some of the world’s biggest oil suppliers.

And Saudi Arabia just issued a stark warning to Joe Biden about oil prices.

Saudi Arabian officials are known for being cautious in the statements they make – knowing full well even a small comment can swing the price of oil and shake up the global market.

But even they’ve had enough of Joe Biden.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia declared that it “won’t bear any responsibility” for a shortage in global oil supplies after a barrage of attacks by Houthi rebels out of Yemen affected production in the kingdom.

The statement came as Saudi Arabia remained in lockstep with OPEC and other oil-producing countries in a deal that limits increases in production as energy prices skyrocket in the wake of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

“The international community must assume its responsibility to maintain energy supplies” in order to “stand against the Houthis,” the Foreign Ministry was quoted as saying by the Saudi Press Agency.

Americans are facing record breaking gas prices and Joe Biden continues to try and pass the buck.

Over the weekend, Yemen rebels launched a series of attacks against the kingdom’s oil and natural gas production, which led to a temporary drop in oil output.

Drone and missile strikes ignited a fire at a petroleum distribution tank in the Saudi port city of Jiddah – the extent of the damage remains unknown.

Biden condemned the strikes and pledged to support Saudi Arabia.

According to a senior official in the administration, the United States has transferred a large number of Patriot anti-missile interceptors to help Saudi Arabia defend against the attacks.

The attacks marked one of the most intense Houthi barrages on the kingdom since 2019 when two key oil installations were attacked and knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s total oil production.

A statement released by the Saudi government said that the repeated Houthi attacks are affecting “the kingdom’s production capacity and its ability to meet its obligations, threatening the security and stability of energy supplies to global markets.”

Joe Biden has made such a mess of the country that he’s hoping to place blame on anyone but himself.

Biden may even be hoping for a World War right now to take the attention off of his repeated failures and maybe even secure a few votes for the upcoming midterms.

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