Sarah Palin sent one tweet about the Kavanaugh vote that had everyone wondering

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Over the past few years, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has stayed out of the spotlight.

But that all changed when she sent one tweet about Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski voted no on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Her vote was canceled out by Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), a “yes” vote who was attending his daughter’s wedding.

When word got out that Murkowski would be the lone Republican “no” vote, it caught Sarah Palin’s attention.

Palin sent a tweet teasing a potential 2022 challenge to Murkowski.

This isn’t the first time Murkowski has bucked conservatives.

In 2010, Murkowski lost the Republican nomination to Joe Miller, a Tea Party candidate supported by Palin.

But Murkowski refused to accept the will of the voters.

So she mounted a write-in campaign largely funded by unions and Super PACs.

Murkowski ended up maintaining her power winning less than 40% of the vote.

Murkowski is lucky she doesn’t have to face the voters this November.

But Palin will still be a formidable challenger in 2022.

Do you think Palin should run against Murkowski? Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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94 Responses

  1. Imelda Wilson says:

    Have you stopped crying yet?

  2. zee says:

    What re UN Ambassador ___
    >Any0ne come back & looking ???

  3. zee says:

    YES, Absolutely, Sarah Palin.
    I Also SEE YOU 2022 ‘from my
    House’ IN MI. DO IT> ___ &
    Thank you. WE ‘the Thinking PPL’
    NEED YOU. the ppl of Alaska Should
    be Ashamed re Murkowski . PPL in
    Alaska Need More Info & then, THINK __

  4. Sue says:

    We all know kavanaugh is innocent. Stop beating a dead horse and do your friggin’ jobs.

  5. Charles says:

    We all know who the ass holes and liars are bing, if the shoe fits, all republicans know how to do is name calling and they add nothing to an intelligent conversation

  6. Since Murkowski is in trouble in Alaska because of how she voted, maybe they will remove her and Palin could take over. Palin isn’t a RINO.

  7. russell says:

    Jerry Amen

  8. 2bears says:

    You go Sarah, kick her liberal ass !

  9. marleen davis says:

    And your comments are so grown up with no name calling, right TJ? Nothing like a typical hypocrite who can dish it out but can’t take it. Now, you may in private do the usual liberal thing and waa waa because you don’t like what happened. Good bye

  10. John Gross says:

    your right demo’s do it all the time!

  11. LPaul B says:

    If the way they treated Kavanaugh doesn’t deserve a nasty claw or two, then what does?

  12. Jerry Hampton says:

    At least Sarah Palin has the guts to stand up to people who try to bully and vote her own feelings. Ms. Murkowski is too easily intimidated to be a representative.

  13. I see the nasty claws coming out. Why don’t you go to another country and let the rest of of us live without your meanness and stupidity!

  14. Brian says:

    Who needs to grow up tj?

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