Sarah Palin sent one tweet about the Kavanaugh vote that had everyone wondering

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Over the past few years, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has stayed out of the spotlight.

But that all changed when she sent one tweet about Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski voted no on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Her vote was canceled out by Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), a “yes” vote who was attending his daughter’s wedding.

When word got out that Murkowski would be the lone Republican “no” vote, it caught Sarah Palin’s attention.

Palin sent a tweet teasing a potential 2022 challenge to Murkowski.

This isn’t the first time Murkowski has bucked conservatives.

In 2010, Murkowski lost the Republican nomination to Joe Miller, a Tea Party candidate supported by Palin.

But Murkowski refused to accept the will of the voters.

So she mounted a write-in campaign largely funded by unions and Super PACs.

Murkowski ended up maintaining her power winning less than 40% of the vote.

Murkowski is lucky she doesn’t have to face the voters this November.

But Palin will still be a formidable challenger in 2022.

Do you think Palin should run against Murkowski? Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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97 Responses

  1. zee says:

    YES, Absolutely, Sarah Palin.
    I Also SEE YOU 2022 ‘from my
    House’ IN MI. DO IT> ___ &
    Thank you. WE ‘the Thinking PPL’
    NEED YOU. the ppl of Alaska Should
    be Ashamed re Murkowski . PPL in
    Alaska Need More Info & then, THINK __

  2. Sue says:

    We all know kavanaugh is innocent. Stop beating a dead horse and do your friggin’ jobs.

  3. Since Murkowski is in trouble in Alaska because of how she voted, maybe they will remove her and Palin could take over. Palin isn’t a RINO.

  4. Jerry says:

    Lisa, at least come up with a legitimate reason. You think Justice Kavanaugh lacks the requisite judicial temperament? You are either a liar or stupid. Judges are mostly prima donnas. Especially Federal District and Appeals Judges. You accuse any District Judge of sexual assault in junior or senior high school and you will be lucky to avoid, contempt, jail or death itself. Senator given what the asses in Congress put this good man through, he could have been much, much angrier. So, your excuse is really, really weak. You know after writing this I have reconsidered my choice. I do not think you are stupid enough to blame a crucified man for crying out in pain. No, I think you lie.

    Sara Palin for Senate in Alaska, you need to be retired.

  5. TJ says:

    You repukes just have to keep your mouths going even after your despicable win
    Always calling names and degrading others. You are sick in the head and heart. Can’t you just let things go. You have no morals, no common sense, a brain that gas been scrambled and heart made of stone. Accept your win and hope on. Grow up…

  6. Cheryl Gehrke says:

    Yes Murkowski has to go right now. She is an ugly democrat who cheated to become a republican and now she thought she could get Kavanaugh out. Haha stupid democrat, no matter where you hide we will know you according to your works and we will vote you out,. Go back to the democrats. that is where you belong. I hope someday you will have to prove your innocence after somebody accuses you of doing something bad.

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      At least Sarah Palin has the guts to stand up to people who try to bully and vote her own feelings. Ms. Murkowski is too easily intimidated to be a representative.

  7. ASC says:

    Murkowski had to have her Daddy appoint her to the Senate to get there and then leveraged her incumbency to stay there. Alaska has voted for a Democrat for President exactly ONCE in its history. She is a Republican in name only. Palin beat her Daddy for Governor – this would be a grudge match – take the gloves off ladies. Let’s see if Alaska, who has more men than women, believes in the rule of law or if all women should be believed even if there is no corroborating evidence. The power to accuse is the power to destroy unless we preserve the rule of law.

  8. Philip Ken Freeman says:

    morecocksky has to go NOW !!!!

  9. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Do you think Sarah Palin should challenge Lisa Murkowski in 2022??

    OH YES

    because murkowshi is actually a demonic democrat who deceptively & successfully ran as Republican

    and now she a Republican voting damage result

    trying to destroy our TRUMPing Republican successes, though thank God unsuccessfully

    this is the TRUMPing Truth
    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

  10. James C Green says:

    I will send money to Alaska to support Palin in a Senate bid. Obviously Murkowski “doesn’t get it.” Therefore, she needs to go.

  11. Rex says:

    Alaskans should start a recall effort against Senator Murkowski why wait another four years. She looks like a deer in the headlights. Alaskans have a lot at stake. People all over America will contribute to get her recalled Now Is The Time.

  12. Rowdy says:

    I think Palin should replace Sessions right now. Or maybe Jeanine Pirro.

  13. Charlie Liebert says:

    It’s time start a recall petition for Murkowski

  14. Carlos says:

    No, she didn’t thwart the will of the voters, only her GOP base that rejected her. I hate the bitch but let’s be honest. She won a statewide election, something many Tea Party upstarts who won primaries in blue states were unable to pull off back then. It’s also very difficult to knock off an incumbent US Senator. Murkowski’s infuriating 40% win reminds me of Bill Clinton’s 43% win. It was made possible by the POS Perot splitting the conservative vote for Clinton, aided by millions of stupid Americans, and too many lazy Eskimos and drug addicts in AK for Murkowski. Palin can beat her but will have a massive barrage leveled against her and her white trash kids.

  15. Just Bill says:

    I find this hard to believe as, in 68 years, I have never met an Alaskan that supported near full-term abortions and to put political dogma over a child’s life. Kavanaugh is in and how his detractors will pay in later years as you don’t dish a mans family without payback. yes YOU.

  16. N says:

    Get out and vote for the GOP in November to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrats liberals!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of president Trump let’s keep it that way!

  17. James Williams says:

    I think the Alaskans should have a RECALL vote on Murkowski NOW and elect Sarah Palin to finish her term!

  18. Jim says:

    Vote for Sarah Palin, she is smart and experienced and believes and trusts in God. She is also related to some great American presidents, artists, writers, actors, and world leaders: Franklin Roosevelt, Edith Carrow Roosevelt, George Bush, Dan Quayle, Nathaniel Gorman, Winston Churchill, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Humphrey Bogaart, Chevy Chase, the Baldwin brothers, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and many more who all possessed great leadership,skills, and wisdom and shared a common faith and belief in God that has been proven and survived the test of time.

  19. Chuck says:

    Palin in 2022! Yes!

  20. Chuck says:

    Plain in 2022! Yes!

  21. Allen says:

    I hope when she gets home tonight her mother crawls from underneath the porch and
    bites her in the A$$. SOB. Wake up Alaska, I remember lots of good work Sarah did for
    her people (all of them) and how she negotiated with the oil companies for her people. Run Sarah Run !

  22. Agnes Holloway says:

    I would vote for Sarah Palin. At least she wants America great again

  23. B Taylor says:

    She is just like the Faker in Az, a fake and totally a liar, just like her father.

  24. Steve says:

    Through these very challenging start up Trump months we now have a pretty good idea what and who will be the direction for this great country moving forward. Congratulations to us so far for hard work that has paid off for the future of our children.

  25. Richard McClure says:

    Murkowski might not have ever held office if it hadn’t been for the Corruption of the Democrats in 1913 with the passage of the 17th Amendment and changed the Constitution from Elected by State Legislature to Popular vote.

    Democrats controlled the 63rd Congress (1913–1915) after sweeping the 1912 elections. President Woodrow Wilson implemented a long-held belief that the executive should be the nation’s legislative leader.

    • EricSr says:

      Amen . They shifted the balance of power with the 17th and it was never really confirmed , as only 45 states were counted and this is a sham that was perpetrated on the people.

  26. Terry J Brennan says:


  27. Sonia says:

    As far as I am concerned, Murkowsk needs to retire, along with her moderate philosophy. She pretends to be a conservative but her true colors show. Instead of looking at the whole picture and the future of our Republic and Constitution, she erroneously looks at the end of her nose to protect her Native population vote (anti-Kavenough according to his decisions concerning Native Americans) for her future as a Senator. Shame on you, Lisa for being a turncoat. We are all Americans. Sarah Palin will give you a run for your money for the future of Alaska and the our country on the whole.

  28. Robert Hanby Jr. says:

    Don’t quite know how i can do this but will try and pull a Democratic trick and vote in all states all Rebublican.

  29. Steve says:

    I think Sarah should run. At least you can count on her vote, unlike the RINO that represents Alaska now. She is always a thorn in the side when crucial legislation needs to be passed. So right now we really don’t have the majority. Keep voting conservative and just may we can keep the ship headed in the right direction.

  30. Ernie Worley says:

    Sarah, You go girl, I love your tweet!!

  31. Deanna says:

    “In a major legal and political defeat for big labor, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Wednesday that state government workers cannot be forced to pay so-called “fair share” fees to support collective bargaining and other union activities.” FOX News
    Maybe this recent ruling will help stop the Lisa Murkowski’s in our country from jerry-rigging elections? Take away their money…take away their power! All the radicals/protesters you see in the news acting crazy and violent are paid for, in one way or another, by George Soros and his cronies! Money, unfortunately, equals power. Our government/supreme court needs to be forced to ban this kind of ridiculous tampering. I don’t begrudge millionaires/billionaires their wealth. I do however begrudge them using that money to make my and my fellow Americans votes useless at the polls! That seems to go against my constitutional rights as a citizen.

    • Michael says:

      Deanna. Well spoken!If Soros and company were unable to buy protesters armed with pre-printed fascist signs and posters the leftist media would loose attention and might have to focus on real news.
      This country is not well served by propagandist misrepresentations funded by wealthy anti-Americans.

  32. Bill Littleton says:

    Mur-COW-ski is done! She betrayed to Republican Party and has shown her true colors. She fell for the lie and smear tactics and is therefore incompetent to represent the solidly Conservative State of Alaska. I’m all for Sarah Palin running for the Senate seat. She would be great! Give’em hell Sarah!

    • Carl Pyzowski says:

      Right on Bill Littleton!!! I am of Polish decent and have always been proud of my heritage. I am assuming that the ski at the end of her name could mean she is also of Polish decent. This is the first time in my life I am ashamed to claim my heritiage. If this person could be so underhanded and crooked she is a disgrace not only to Polish people but the nation. Muskowski, you should be ashamed of yourself for what you did.

    • Ernest Worley says:

      She betrayed the GOP LONGGG before that, Back when she STOLE the election, from the rightly elected person.

    • George Welch says:

      mur-cow-ski is not a lame duck, but a dead duck.

    • Chuck says:

      The only way she loses in 4 years, long enough for stupid Alaskans to forget, is if she’s challenged by a strong opponent with name recognition who’ll go for the jugular and has a record of success. Only Palin can check off those 3 boxes.

  33. Nazz says:

    Palin collected her millions$$ and now she’s bored. If she can’t keep her family in line, what makes you think she can do any better in Congress. Drain the swamp and leave the trash in the trash, not the recycled. She’s an embarrassing idiot and hooked on pills.

    • Bing says:

      Your an idiot. And obviously a left wing asshole.. Bunch of Damn liars and underhanded crooks

      • Charles says:

        We all know who the ass holes and liars are bing, if the shoe fits, all republicans know how to do is name calling and they add nothing to an intelligent conversation

    • Hydro says:

      It is eviden’t you are a loser yourself. It is also obvious you are a far left liberal Democrat. Right now it pleases me you and your unscrupulous party just found out honesty always wins. That is something you would know nothing about. Get ready Big Red is coming for all liberal ilk in November. Merkowski isn’t suppose to vote her opinion she was elected to vote her constituents wishes. She tried to hide behind 14 SDemicratic lawyers who promised to support her next election SHE IS A RHINO and will be sent home just like Flake, Corker and Ryan. Enjoy your last two years – suggest you move your seat to the other side of the aisle where you belong.

    • Dan says:

      That was just stupid

    • Shecky says:

      lol….typical useful idiot!

    • Tom Foolery says:

      …using your criteria, every filthy millionaire ‘crat should be impeached and replaced, because they all have family problems, they’ve all made millions (off of taxpayers, not legitimately as Palin has done) and they are all trash, as evidenced by the past 3 weeks.
      Drain the swamp of traitorous rinos AND crappy ‘crats.

    • Michael says:

      I guess NAZZ is a nickname for nasty minded liberal who resents Ms Palin. Which burrow does NAZZ call home?

  34. Barbara Cook says:

    I am glad to hear that Sarah Palin has her eyes on 2022. She will be wonderful and I can’t wait to see her campaigning during that time.

    GO SARAH PALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will be the greatest thing to see!

  35. tauchera says:

    Yeah! Glad to see Palin back in the game-GO PALIN!

  36. Sandi K Gattis says:

    Alaska needs to out this weasel and put someone with real balls in charge!!

  37. Joann says:

    Lisa Murkowski just declared her own defeat. Couldn’t happen fast enough, why was she a republican in the first place?? She is part of the “Face Of Evil”. The dems are welcome to her.

    • James Wilson says:

      Why can’t the RNC throw this and other RINO trash out of the party. They can call themselves what they want, but the RNC won’t back them, and they don’t sit with the GOP.

    • Harvey D Schneider says:

      Joann – – As I understand the article Murkowski ran for re-election and lost the primary. She ran as an independent in a write campaign and somehow won. She calls herself as a Republican, just as McCain did but was, as McCain was, a progressive.

      In 2022 she will have to run for re-election. Palin and Laura Ingram are two possibles to run against her. Murkowske is probably hoping that her conduct on this confirmation vote will be forgotten or forgiven in four years. I hope that it isn’t! She lacks a smiley face and does have ” A Face of Evil as you note!

  38. geo wilson says:

    The two biggest surprises during this Kavanaugh mess were Lindsay Graham and Susan Collins. They stood up and made their statements. they were cogent, forceful and effective. Something we should be able to expect from our elected leaders. Then we get to Lisa Murkowski. She was none of the above. Her shilly-shally approach to this decision making was less than satisfactory. She said that because this was a difficult decision, she couldn’t make it, so she said no. Because somebody made a charge against the candidate, that charge automatically excluded him from consideration.
    Well, baby, difficult decisions are part of the job. If you can’t perform the job you said you wanted, then hit the bricks. You are not qualified. One of the tenets of the Constitution you were sworn to protect is the presumption of innocence. You failed again. Ford’s charges could not stand up to scrutiny, but still you disqualified the candidate. You do not belong in the Senate. You are not qualified.

    • Cindy says:

      I agree 100% we can now know the hearts & minds of those in office wasting taxpayer’s money without an inkling of care for the ones who’ve placed them in office! I’m so happy to know #Sarah Palin is running for the Senate in 2020! Please spread the word! Thanks 😀

    • minnie says:

      Amen geo.. Well said.

    • Jeffrey A Sampson says:

      Well put kudos!

    • truthistruth says:

      can we get an “Amen” or a “witness?” Boy, what a group of cult followers! Geo Wilson, you failed to notice is that the presumption of innocence ONLY APPLIES TO CRIMINAL PROCEDURES, NOT EVEN TO CIVIL CASES!!! You right wingnut amaze me how you continue to bleet the same sheepon messages, not matter how WRONG they are.. Even Trump thought “Drain the Swamp” was stupid, but his cult followers loved it. You guys CAN’T handle when even another Republican disagrees with you, which is why your future is bleak. Plus, you are a party just of old white males, so that narrows your scope and your longevity.

      • Hydro says:

        You have another thought coming soon. Sincerely hope when you ear crow the feathers go down easy. It is obvious you are a sad individual to agree with anyone who believes anything goes as Long as you push your sorry point across. It is very hard to believe anyone who could ruin a mans reputation, career , threaten his wife send death threats to a 10 year old is not human to start with. You will answer for your retiring one day. I feel sorry for you.

      • Chris says:

        Truthistruth, for someone who accuses Republicans of being mindless drones whose time has come, you need to be more original in your arguments and not parrot what all the talking heads in the MSM are saying. If anyone is finished, it is the Democrats who demonstrated that they are following the Sal Alinsky play book. The politics of personal destruction was on full display and it really turned off a lot of Democratic voters like my mother-in-law, who is an American of Asian decent as she says. She is planning on going down to the local county clerks office and registering as a Republican and she will tell them that she is part of the Walk Away movement from the Democratic Party. In the words of Ronald Reagan, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democrats left me. The sixties radicals who came off the street in the 72 convention are killing the Democratic Party. I am a white male married to an awesome Asian lady and we have three beautiful children who are the future of the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has no future because it’s members practice abortion and they aborting themselves out of existence. The movement to allow non-citizens to vote will fail. When you have to import people to ensure your ideology survives, you are not representing the American people or American values like innocent until proven guilty, which does not only apply to criminal cases, it is an American virtue.

        • truthistruth says:

          What flavor Kool Aid do you you like best, Chris? First of all, abortion rates did not increase with Roe v. Wade, the only real affect was a 40% drop in maternal deaths – -the number terminating remained steady. Second, look at the numbers – – the whites are not having the more children, it is minorities — many of which are already here. The white rate is BELOW replenishing levels. Third, yes the Democratic party has progressed and changed as has the Republican party. In the 1960s, we supported the Civil Rights movement and then the Equal Rights Amendment – -who has MUCH more women in office and hopes to get more — answer – the one who had four (4) female senators on the Judiciary Committee while the other side had ONLY OLD WHITE MALES. Your party is welcome to the south if the pivotal issue is white supremacy – – the Democrats believe all people are created equal.

          • Tom Foolery says:

            You are one monstrous idiot…”the Democrats believe all people are created equal” what a joke!!
            They believe the only people created equal are people who think the way they do, say what they say, do what they do and generally become a grovelling, brainless, indoctrinated zombie…like the idiots on display in the senate for the past 3 weeks for instance…and idiots like you…endlessly repeating garbage from demented late night tv morons…
            Today’s ‘crat crime syndicate believes that NO ONE has a right to an opinion that does not agree with theirs…’crats are fascists and bullies, with no concern for facts,truth or even common decency…and everyone who STILL doesn’t see it after 8 miserable years of ohbummer and 2 years of anarchy and obstruction are either in a coma or just as evil.

      • Tom Foolery says:

        …why don’t you learn some basic grammar and spelling…ask your nazi collaborator benefactor, soros, to put a little cash into educating you stupid, brainwashed, indoctrinated loons…but if he did that, of course you twerps might learn how to think for yourselves and eventually become useful members of society, as opposed to the complete waste of oxygen that you are right now.

    • Jane F Myers says:


  39. DrD 78 says:

    Does she get votes from the cemetery stones? Money from the unions and Pace can buy a lot of advertisements and votes!

    • Mark says:

      Murkowski is a brainless idiot. Her speech on the Senate floor was painful to watch. Her reasoning was non existent. Rambling blather. Drivel.

  40. DENNIS says:


    • Mark Voorhees says:

      Dude slow down you don’t want a bunch of moose running around with venereal disease,….or worse ! It would destroy the moose population and spread to other species….she is infected with a terminal disease…liberal brain rot…I think a lot of the media has worms ….to sick to contemplate

    • Richard Hyde says:

      Dam you know how to serenade a soul God bless you

    • K. Shine says:

      Have his way with what? His dick? That’s why that piece of nothing was being investigated. For assault, for being agressive. That wasn’t a real investigation, that was a joke like the number 45 sitting in office.

  41. Bill says:

    Go Palin take that b- – – – – off the map. We don’t need libtards in the

  42. BajaRon says:

    The way Liberals viciously attack Palin tells you a lot about how good she would be in the office.

    Palin was the only reason I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket. McCain was an extremely bad choice for the Republican party. I don’t know why McCain didn’t run as a democrat. He certainly voted as one.

  43. BajaRon says:

    For the life of me. I do not understand how Murkowski maintains her advantage. Though what she does can’t be a surprise to anyone. It is never anywhere close to what she campaigns on.

    She campaigns as a conservative. Then serves as at least a moderate liberal. I just don’t get how she is able to do this time after time and get away with it.

    • Gerry says:

      You need to ask the morons who keep voting her into office that question !!!!!

    • truthistruth says:

      Murkowski is what Republicans used to be, thoughtful and fiscally conservative. What moved was the GOP, that was taken over by the radicals that would pick someone as DUMB as Sarah Palin (former Republicans had many that were very smart) and would continually HIKE up the deficits (will now be $800 BILLION this year alone) and cause long-term problems for the American economy. As one prominent Republican asked ” WHEN are Republicans going to quit being the party of stupid?!?

      • Tom Foolery says:

        Compared to the ‘crats currently stinking up congress, SarahPalin is a genius,…
        …the deficit is where it is because of the traitorous partially black, homosexual muslim racist and his incompetent lackies.
        …why don’t try reading a book and learning some facts instead of wallowing in the excrement of the late night tv propagandists…your asinine posts are an embarrassment.

      • Kassandra says:


    • Carlos says:

      It’s a 3 part reason the bitch stays in office. Many Alaskans live in remote areas and want Obamacare. Then there’s the lazy Eskimos and meth addicts who don’t work and for whom she secures the handouts.

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