Sarah Huckabee Sanders just shut up CNN’s Jim Acosta with one tweet

No reporter has made a bigger fool out of himself than CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta.

He has outed himself as little more than a partisan hack.

So when he whined about not being able to ask a question, Sarah Sanders shut him up for good.

Time after time inside the White House press briefing room Acosta goes on long-winded anti-Trump rants.

But now he’s taken it too far.

Acosta thinks the world revolves around him.

But the truth is the White House has other business to take care of than listen to his self-righteous ranting.

Patriot Pulse has previously reported on Acosta’s unhinged and clear political bias.

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59 Responses

  1. Jim should be “Accosted” should not even be allowed in the White House, what a sorry piece of scum he is!!

    • KATHY says:


  2. KAZ says:

    Thank you Mrs. Sanders for your true ability to put these clowns in their place with common sense responses. CNN definitely needs their license revoked as they are just fueling the “subversion” fire. Keeping the Obama/Clinton “narrative” going. A free press is needed that does REAL informative news so that the REAL issues can be brought to the people. Not this “Obama/Clinton” drama.

    • Bill Wilson says:

      All of these self-righteous, self-important, ultra-liberal ‘journalists’ should be easy to put down. They all have a one-track mind and when logic is used against them their mind derails.

  3. I have to retract my vote. Let him keep asking his asinine questions. Let him and the Clinton News Network show the world what they really are. A__holes.

  4. Steve says:

    Good work
    Someone has to stand up to these frauds

  5. Donl says:

    Acosta is the type of guy that can pi** you off 10 seconds after meeting him, after that it’s all doom & gloom.

  6. O Olon says:

    Way to go Sarah…………………….u keep on keeping these idiots in line.

  7. JLM says:

    My last sentence should have had “intentionally omitted.”

  8. JLM says:

    acosta and megyn
    kelly should share a daily program; it would be better comedy and even more dumbness on display than the morning joe.

    [Capitals on names were intentionally to show complete lack of respect for these ‘deplorables.’

  9. Cathy Pellegrini says:

    we don’t have true reporters anymore , they are just columnist they report their point of view not the facts . Just little puppets.

  10. Owen Grant says:

    What difference does it make? Nobody pays any attation to him, or CNN.

  11. Richard says:


  12. Teresa says:

    It’s fun to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders .. Girl Power it is .. brains brains brains …

  13. michael says:

    Let CNN stay. It is fun to watch Sarah destroy him. She also does it without skipping a beat!

    • Irene says:

      Exactly. Just let him keep on spewing his stupidity, that makes CNN each day going further down and son they’ll probably go backrupt. Stupidity and liars don´t have and must not have a place among educated, true-speaking people. So just let him keep on with all his fake news and stupid questions. Nobody listens to him.

      • JLM says:

        At first, I thought acosta should be excluded from conferences, but Michael and Irene are correct–by all means ENCOURAGE this fool to remain to help show cnn for what it is. It indeed is great comedy. Sarah is the best ever to deal with the [de]pressed (thanks to Rush Limbaugh for the term).

  14. Micheal says:

    Acosta is an undeniable ass wagon!!!!

  15. Al says:

    And again Sarah shows why she is in the right place at the right time. I have to say I like intelligent and confident women who don’t have to obfuscate the issues.

  16. Joe M says:

    CNN Consistantly No News

  17. JOHN T says:

    what do one expect from a socall educated mongrel liberal puppy cant take a hint when to stop yapping

  18. cc says:

    No! Let him continue with his Oscar-winning performance of “Jimmy the Idiot”- better entertainment than anything in holly weird………

  19. Ken says:

    Let Jim continue to make a fool of himself. Sarah can handle him.

  20. Jackson says:

    Maybe CNN and little Jummy should go look for some more children to Terrorize like they did to the kid who made the video and the children they used to attack politicians and our 2nd Amendment!!

  21. Martin Korab says:

    Sarah Sanders is doing a beautiful job for the Trump Administration and Jimmy the Punk Acosta can’t stand it. Why doesn’t someone re-arrange his face so it matches his ugly heart and mind ? Why does Jimmy the Punk Acosta pick on Sarah ? Because he is the Punk we are talking about. Martin Korab

  22. Ron Stephens says:

    I was on the verge of voting yes on the poll but given the nation being on the verge of internecine political warfare and CNN”s uncanny ability to lend a slapstick comedy accent to Ms. Hucabee-Sanders’ very good white house briefings I thought it best to vote no.

    • zee says:

      Ron, i can identify w/your point. Madam Press Secretary may be one of the Best Us has ever had. Truly a ‘blessing’ to P0TUS. Just let him sit there for re 30 days. Haha haaa.

  23. ALAN says:

    Let us be very liberal. Let us follow the actions of the fake news outlets.
    Pull all credentials of reporters except those that report fairly and support the UNION. USA USA USA!

  24. Lawrence OBrien says:

    I’d go even further. Pull the credentials of CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC. They REFUSE to print ANY good news and are strictly looking for ANYTHING to carp about. They don’t hesitate to ‘make up’ stories if they can’t find anything so just let them stew in their own juice.

  25. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Post some reasonable “DO NOT ARGUE” rules of behavior

    First offense.
    jerk his press pass permanently , and ban cnn for 30 days.

    2nd offense will be 3 months.

    3rd offense is forever.

  26. Geedub says:

    Good for Sarah. She shouldn’t have to put up with garbage like Acosta and the fake news. Seriously.

  27. David says:

    First, the grace & truth resides within Ms. Sanders which she exhibits daily . Besides being raised right, taught the principals of respect, along with self-investment on ones self she remains a example for all to emulate in many ways. As for Mr. Acosta , that’s a horse of a different color. But one thing is certain, he’s represents the south end of a horse going north. Yet, the greater injustice is the CNN organization. They support, promote, and advocate hate, discontent, subversion, and more, yet the leadership at CNN and the Board of Directors represent the focus of the organization in a the simple point, they are a 3 year not getting the Tonka truck in the sandbox. because they don’t know , chose, or understand how to treat others. So many lessons from their trainers that raced from one ear to the other without stop. Considering the driving force is $, and $ arrive from advertisers, the best message is avoid their products. Nothing speaks louder than no $’s., for that all what they understand.

  28. Wayne says:

    Need two people–preferably vets, one to put a boot in his ass and the other to put a boot in his mouth

  29. Godfrey Buquet says:

    Mr. Acosta was not taught as a child that one can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. What a dunce. Ms. Huckabee has a style all her own and she handles herself well and is very well liked by the public. She is in the right place at the right time and for the right purposes,

  30. RC says:

    I like Sarah Huckabee’s style. She doesn’t take nuthin from nobody and in my opinion that’s good. I know one thing, I’d hate to have her mad at me.

  31. Susan says:

    CNN is FAKE NEWS! Jim Acosta thinks the world revolves around him! Throw CNN out of the press briefings the only thing they do is make up their own news anyway! I don’t know what else they could lie about without President Trump to kick around for no reason other than HE WON THE PRESIDENCY! MAGA

  32. Randy131 says:

    CNN isn’t just liberally biased, they are on the attack in an attempt to destroy President Trump, and if this isn’t obvious to anyone that watches whatever everyone on CNN does in regards to President Trump, then they are either very naïve, or critically stupid to the point of being a moron. If I were in the same position as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, I would never allow Jim Acosta, or anyone from CNN, to ask a question for me to answer, knowing that the only thing he will ask will just be used for more propaganda of no consequence, to use in their “Fake News” stories.

  33. GCKII says:

    CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent and Wussified Jim Acosta is nothing more then a spoiled rotten brat who doesn’t have the faintest clue that the world doesn’t revolve around him! I’ll be laughing my A$$ off when the Clinton News Network goes broke and Acosta is out on his ear crying like a little baby who can’t find his Binky for his suck face lying mouth!!!!

  34. Countrysunrise says:

    Ever since the first press conference, Sarah has done a wonderful job with the press!! They now act halfway civilized, except for Jim Acosta, who STILL doesn’t know the rules. It’s time to show him the door, and either pull their pass, or get someone to replace him, who is going to BE a real reporter, and ask a question, instead of try to get their soundbite for the evening news!!

  35. Steve says:

    Mr. Acosta is a pathetic odious jerk who seems to want center stage and some of the questions seem more like self serving statements with an i gotcha motive that never plays out and he winds up looking as I described in my first sentence. If he thinks what he is doing is journalism, think again if it’s possible for you.

    • Aline says:

      How many times will this retarded demoCRAP / libTURD, get his butt dragged by Sarah, until he SHUTS UP?? The guy is a MORON! Glutton for punishment?

  36. Frank Norton says:

    America has or is becoming a country of none English speaking immigrants who are here for government welfare : Under the banner of :Do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. The English American culture is ashamed to accept welfare and would to prefer to work several jobs at once to pay their way. I worked several jobs together during much my 55 year adult career, and beginning in the second grade worked one or two paying jobs at the same time through grammar school , junior high school and high school

    Today all around me I see people who are not working and don’t want to.

    • Gerry says:

      Frank — the libtard/demoTRASH are trying to take the patriotism,loyalty, pride of being an American out of this country. I believe that was one of obama’s objectives was to bring in as many people as he could who have NO feeling and couldn’t care less about being an American just getting all the freebies that they can. Hopefully with this President and OUR help we can rid this country of it’s freeloaders and haters of our country.

    • Timothy says:

      That’s because they make it to easy for the lazy and uneducated. I recently read a article that said a single mother with 3 children that takes advantage of all programs available to them gets the equivalent of a $48000 job

  37. Bob says:

    Acosta should go to where ever he calls home and in-bunch his panties!

  38. jug says:

    George Washington stopped and held what today would be called a press conference under the old elm tree in the front yard of my 7th Great Grand Father’s House in Wallingford CT.
    Washington was on his way home from Philly after being appointed the Commanding Gereral of the Continital Forces.

    Too bad Jim Assacosta wasnt there for it!
    The “ELM TREE HOUSE” was already 103 years old at the time, having been built in 1673.

  39. Michael says:

    There was a time when Americans pulled together… Those idiots at CNN seem determined to tear it down…like I said before if CNN was around during the Revolutionary war that free’d us from England… They would be trying to stop George Washington and the Continental Army from having guns …lol…you know the liberal press hates Trump because he took away there power to create public opinion through BIG LIE’S…. Or should we just call them Whoppers

  40. Earl J. Wiesen says:

    Jim Acosta appears to be missing a couple of cards in the deck, and I wonder if they sent another person to replace him at these meetings, would things change with CNN or not? I really don`t think so.

  41. Tim Toroian says:

    It is too bad we no longer have many true reporters or news hounds. Part of the problem is their education both morally and grammatically.

  42. GC says:

    Only an incompetent idiot would watch the Clinton News Network!!!

  43. Jerry says:

    I think all press conference should be stopped.

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