Ruth Bader Ginsburg hit Democrats with a jaw-dropping defeat they never saw coming

The Democrats’ total war against Donald Trump is not only failing in Congress.

Now the courts are turning against the Democrats.

And Ruth Bader Ginsburg played a surprising role in a jaw-dropping defeat that Democrats never saw coming.

186 Democrats in the House of Representatives and 29 Democrat Senators filed suit claiming that President Trump violated the emoluments clause by accepting foreign business at his various golf courses and real estate properties.

This lawsuit was part of a multi-front effort by the Democrats to cast as wide a net as possible in fabricating Trump scandals that they could later use for impeachment.

But the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals tossed the case on the grounds individual Democrats in Congress lacked standing to sue.

To rub salt in the wound, the court cited a 2019 opinion by liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Virginia House of Delegates v. Bethune Hill case.

In that matter, Ginsburg wrote for the majority that a single chamber in the Virginia State legislature lacked the standing to sue on behalf of the state of Virginia.

Individual lawmakers could not claim to take action because the legislative bodies they represent could take legal action if they so chose.

“Thus, in its motion to intervene, the House observed that it was ‘the legislative body that actually drew the redistricting plan at issue,’ and argued that the existing parties—including the State Defendants—could not adequately protect its interests.” Ginsburg argued. “Nowhere in its motion did the House suggest it was intervening as agent of the State. That silence undermines the House’s attempt to proceed before us on behalf of the State.”

“In short, Virginia would rather stop than fight on. One House of its bicameral legislature cannot alone continue the litigation against the will of its partners in the legislative process,” Ginsburg argued.

The court citing Ginsburg in tossing a Democrat lawsuit was another brutal defeat for the Left to continue a string of losses that began with the meltdown in Iowa and continued through the Senate exonerating President Trump from the partisan articles of impeachment.

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38 Responses

  1. Roland Keener says:

    If we don’t pay taxes then they will have no money. To give to any of the Benney the muchier and [email protected]@k the Democrats!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. Kay Yetter says:

    The Democrats hatred for this president, is so deep, they are blinded by it. They can’t seem to see, past this hatred, to see what the American People, need from them.
    This is seen, in every piece of legislation they pass that is suppose to be for the aide of the people, during this virus, and attaching items on it that has nothing to do with helping the people in need or fighting the virus.
    Very sad times, for our Nation.

  3. Gayle Clay says:

    The American people are completely fed up with footing the bill for Democrats extravagances. It is we who pay not them. They still receive a more than generous paycheck each month from the citizens of this country that they put last. Taxation without representation still to this day. In their efforts to keep their corruption and money laundering away from the public, they must by any means stop trump from having any investigations of them. Trump is not a politician, trump can’t be bought, won’t conform to their corruption and won’t turn his eyes from the blatent audacity that prevails in the democratic section of our gov. Get him out by any means before all of their intertwined deceit and criminal actions are laid out in the open for everyone to see. Biden and his son are just the tip of this iceberg. If one is corrupt, they all are corrupt, like dominoes they will fall.

  4. MB says:

    Come Nov 2020
    The full spirit within this nation will rise like a sleeping giant being woken
    The truth is sharper than edged sword….
    Karma will be a very painful kick!

  5. ROSE says:


  6. Brian Maes says:

    The left used to get away with this but not anymore. The Reckoning is coming in 2020!

  7. Buddy says:

    How can American citizen believe the government when are not in jail for their tricks. Lying to congress. They are above the law. Only in congress you can get away with and American citizens can’t. If we break the we go to jail for the crime. The way congress is set up they they above the law. They get caught but nothing happens. Don’t believe me take a look at illam the musilem and AOC, and the rest of them they should have kick out of congress but no they are congress and they are above the law. Look. At shifty he leaks lies but has he been punished. What about Polosi no none of them they above the law and we are not

  8. Sharon Jenkins says:

    It’s time the Democrats get to work representing their constituents. WE THE PEOPLE must demand TERM LIMITS.

  9. big boomer says:

    your so right Ed Democrats are selling America out we are becoming country that illegals are coming too. for handouts but soon no more as soon America be like California a mess and broke.

  10. s marcot says:

    this voting rigged voted yes but show none

  11. richard m kulak sr. says:

    I would wish there was way that these do nothing people pay the country all the money they wasted plus interest. I thought they were elected to serve the WE THE PEOPLE and not there selfish needs. I think they have put the SCREWS TO WE THE PEOPLE.

  12. democrats are just showing us that they still lack the ability to grasp the reality of losing.
    Let me mention that hillary should put a end to this, but she knows there’s millions of dollars no longer within a signature reach.
    There’s more corruption to come, and they don’t want anything else discovered.

  13. WGSMITH says:

    For the FIRST TIME in my 54 year voting history I be voting STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET !
    even POLITICIANS in IOWA hate what demoCRAPS are doing in DC

  14. JM says:

    All this about Ginsberg is rubbish. She has been DEAD since Jan 2019. There were/are 2 clones of her – always in the very back of wherever it is that she is reported to be attending because they are not quite look-alike enough to be in the forefront. All the pics of her are of past ‘business’. The decision has recently been made to announce her (current) ‘death’ in order to
    begin to replace her vacated seat. The dems – as always – are out of their freak’n minds about this. The pics and stories of Ginsburg have been propaganda since Jan a year ago.

  15. cathey says:

    impeach Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Waters ,Cortez,Tlaib, Omarand deport Omar

  16. Ed says:

    Our 3rd World Country
    Welcome to the Un-United States of America! They have WON! We have been “fundamentally transformed”.
    We are now tribal. We are black, Asian, LGBT, victims, “undocumented”, an alian, poor, or you name it. We speak ANY language WE please and must be treated just as an American citizen even tho we are not citizens and must be provided with translators, health care, legal services, etc.
    We have a ‘right’ to ignore and disagree with any regulation or precedent. It is our Human Right and trumps (no pun) ALL.
    We used to accept elections but no more. That only worked for over 200 years but we know better now. So as a country we, even a President, can no longer be trusted to even talk to another person, party, even a country without that conversation being completely ‘open’ and thus subject to any and all interpretations persons from you I or anyone with any Interpretation. Yes, terrorists are bad BUT. . .

    “So, the reaction to growing illegitimacy is not sexual responsibility, but abortion. The reaction to drug addiction is safe injection sites. The solution to the breakdown of the family is for the state to set itself up as an ersatz husband for the single mother and an ersatz father for the children. The call comes for more and more social programs to deal with this wreckage. And while we think we’re solving problems, we are underwriting them. We start with an untrammeled freedom and we end up as dependents of a coercive state on whom we depend.”
    William Barr

  17. Paul Riko says:

    Hi – the never say die Democrats will never stop their jealous pursuit of Trump because God has hardened their hearts like what God did to Pharaoh and Nebuchednezzar!! Its a pity that they will never know and its like the blind leading the blind.


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