Ruth Bader Ginsburg confessed something about her future that will leave you speechless

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the Left’s highest profile jurist on the Supreme Court.

Ever since her confirmation in 1996, Ginsburg led the way in trying to impose left-wing values on America.

And now Ruth Bader Ginsburg just confessed something about her future that will leave you speechless.

Ginsburg recently spoke before the judicial conference of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals where she dropped some clues about how the court would rule in some of the highest profile cases of this term and in the future.

And the news was not good for the Left.

Ginsburg said Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation could swing the court in a conservative direction for decades.

And Ginsburg also let it be known that a series of five-vote decisions were coming down the pike.

That warning – as well as her comments about Kavanaugh – had many assuming Ginsburg was warning the Left to prepare for defeat.

The New York Times reports:

She started by noting the most fundamental change at the court. “Justice Kennedy announced his retirement,” she said. “It was, I would say, the event of greatest consequence for the current term, and perhaps for many terms ahead…

…Given the number of most-watched cases still unannounced,” she said, “I cannot predict that the relatively low sharp divisions ratio will hold.”

The biggest cases that the Supreme Court has yet to hand down a ruling on are matters involving the Trump administration adding a citizenship question to the census as well as a question on if judges should overrule state legislatures on gerrymandering.

Liberals wants judges to be able to overrule state legislatures and draw legislative district maps that rig elections for Democrats.

And the Left opposes a citizenship question because they want illegal aliens counted in the census.

Ginsburg’s comments have many predicting conservatives will emerge victorious in both these important cases.

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66 Responses

  1. George says:

    She is a real goat, she has no love for our country, no respect for the Constitution and hatred towards people of faith, someone mentioned that she has no life and will stay until she dies, that shows the extent she will go in this life to defend abortion, separation of God from the public forum, and an enslaved people living under the state. Mark 8:36 says,”for what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul”. It’s seems senseless to put so much effort into doing so much evil, what is the reward? Damnation. “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Alfred Pennyworth, (The Dark Knight).

  2. George Park says:

    Evidently you have never looked at a U.S. Census record. You can go online to and other web sites and they have them ALL from 1790 to 1940. ALL of them ask a question about citizenship.
    YOU are ignorant. Most of all YOU are a RACIST. It’s easy to understand your ignorance. You have never sought out the truth. The Democrat Party was founded by RACIST, has fought against EVERY attempt to normalize race relations in the U.S. since founded: Started Civil War; voted AGAINST giving blacks FULL citizenship; voted AGAINST giving blacks the vote; voted Against desegregation. sent CARPET baggers to harass blacks in the south. FORMED the KKK.; MANY members of the U.S. Senate were former KKK members including the person Hillary Clinton claims as her MENTOR: Harry Byrd- Former leader of the KKK. Dems’s voted AGAINST the Civil Rights ACT. not for it.

    Check your REAL HISTORY. not the FAKE history the DIM’s feed you. All of the above is true. check it out. It was the Republican Party which FREED the SLAVES. GAVE blacks the vote, voted to end Segregation. Voted FOR the Civil Rights Act; Voting Rights ACT, you name it, Republicans supported it.e

  3. Hydro says:

    When Democrats become the last line of defense for this country we will all perish. They haven’t had an honest idea since JFK – they are nothing more than talking heads – they promised the world to their constituents in the 2018 election and have nothing to show for it except their hate for Trump. They are sacrificing American Tax Dollars at our Southern Boarder as we now have over 1.2 million more illegals in this country which we give welfare to, health care to and education. Most can’t speak English forcing bi- lingual teachers to be hired by school districts that claim they are broke and therefore can’t pay a descent wage to our teachers. You can go pound sand for all I care you and people like you have destroyed this country starting with the Fake that occupied the people’s house for 8 years. He has yet to unlock his past but you morons are worried about tax parr’s on Trump. Your all numbskulls.

  4. Colleen La Rose says:

    I thought this broad died….what, did the dems take her to get stuffed & every once in a while take a pic of her?

  5. Lt. Robert Polans ret. says:

    Barry, in my 50-year career in special ops, yes the Democraps have mistreated minorities. You left out Jim Crow, seeing them as second-class citizens, and the sweeping crime bill that jailed so many on whims. If I seem to be liberal, I’m anything but. 3 wars and 5 deployments made me a pragmatist.

  6. Jerry Meents says:

    We have to left and right in the cour supreme court.

  7. Eileen Ross says:

    neo, I’ve been wondering about Ginsburg. I really thought she was dead, and the fact being covered up. That way, it would block President Trump from appointing another conservative.

  8. Barry says:

    Ronald Reagan stated that the Pelosi Family is an old family and the most corrupt political family in the history of the United States, the old video of him making this statement is out there for all to see

  9. Marty says:

    That’s “biddies.”

  10. Mary says:

    Supreme court justice Ruth is letting the cat out of the bag. No she is trying to tell the left that there is nothing that she can do but they might be able to in the upcoming 2020 elections. What she needs to do is retire if she is that upset with everything going on plus everyone knows how outspoken on abortion laws she scared that Roe vs Wade could be overturned . She should have retired in 2018 when she couldn’t fulfill her duties but she’s waiting until the time when the democrats can yell that the position can not be filled by a possible outgoing president. It was different with Obama because he was on his last term of presidency and Trump isn’t

  11. Sherry L Chase says:

    She’s corrupted as she stands with Nancy! They are best corrupt buddies. Ruth needs to go.

  12. The fact that the left is fighting this so hard is speaking volumes. It threatens their voter base as ILLEGALS are most likely to vote democrat in order to keep receiving the benefits that they are not legally entitled to. Benefits that were created in order to help “low to no” income families.

  13. Richard Bushong says:

    The citizenship question has been on every census for decades, the democrats are playing fast and loose with the census info.

  14. Gen.Stewart says:

    We need to send her to the radical muslims to see if they can’t separate her head from her body

  15. neo says:

    Her comments (if she made them…has anybody seen her alive after her illnesses?) published by the New York Crimes said that there will be a lot of 5/4 decisions….there have been a lot of 5/4 decisions for decades ….just to the left….now they will be to the right ….about time.

  16. Barry says:

    I read your post, I see your name, you obviously came here from a 3rd world Country or was born here to parents that came from a 3rd world Country. You probably live in one the biggest welfare states California, New York, or Maybe Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan , as you are concerned about Federal Dollars for large Welfare entitlements

    If you have traveled abroad, then you already know most countries immediately put you in jail if you cannot produce proper documents to prove you are in a country legally.

    Some info for you

    It was the Democrats that fought a war, The Civil War to keep their slaves. The Democrats lost this war and immediately created the KKK to control the black man and terrorize him. It was also the Democrats who created the Jim Crow Laws, look that one up Please. It was also the Democrats who embraced a movement called The Eugenics Movement which began in Europe, and spread to the USA and Canada and eventually Nazi Germany, again look it up Please.

    The Democrats are the true champions, but champions of what exactly ? I have traveled abroad and even spent much time in South America, all the countries I visited will all put you in jail if you do not have the proper documentation to be present in their country…………so why should it be different here?

  17. Vasu Murti says:

    “Liberals wants judges to be able to overrule state legislatures and draw legislative district maps that rig elections for Democrats.”

    NOT TRUE! Democrats are merely standing up to Republican gerrymandering!

    “And the Left opposes a citizenship question because they want illegal aliens counted in the census.”


    Every ten years, the United States government is required by law to complete the Census and count every person in the country. But even something as typically bland as the Census has become controversial under Trump. His Commerce Department is attempting to force households to disclose their citizenship status.

    This will discourage non-citizens from participating—and could result in the loss of everything from health care funding to congressional representatives for immigrant communities.

    Trump’s “all important citizenship question” — the one that will demand respondents tell the government whether they or other members of their household are U.S. citizens — is nothing more than an intimidation tactic.

    A question about citizenship status hasn’t appeared on the survey in decades and is designed to scare away immigrant families and historically-disadvantaged populations from participating in the count. And when these groups are under-reported, their communities — citizen and non-citizen alike — won’t get the funding or electoral power they deserve.

    That’s not a “radical left” talking point.

    In fact, two federal judges concluded the addition of the question is unlawful — one even ruled it unconstitutional. Independent research shows millions of Latino residents would be undercounted in 2020 if the question was added to the survey.

    The Census will determine where $800 billion in federal funds goes — which communities get funding for schools, investments in infrastructure, and more.

    The Census will set electoral representation for a decade. In 2021, after all people are counted, the Bureau will give each state its new population data. This data will determine the number of U.S. House seats each state receives and further inform how the people responsible for drawing maps draw new districts. That’s your representation in government!

    The Census is, in so many ways, the foundation for our democracy and it’s on the line because of the current Administration’s reckless actions.

    If the Census data states receive in 2021 isn’t accurate or reliable, it’s not hard to see what will happen: Funding and voting representation will be skewed for a decade, hurting communities who need help and support the most.

    We can’t let conservatives get away with this. The census has a MAJOR impact:

    It will determine Congressional Districts for the next 10 YEARS.
    It will determine which areas receive more federal funding.
    It will be used as a power grab for Republicans to RIG elections.

    Three judges have already ruled the citizenship question unconstitutional. It is more than a population count. The Census determines the distribution of political power and money from the federal government to our communities. When we aren’t counted, our communities don’t get their fair share.

    There’s too much at stake. Democrats are the last line of defense to protect the Census.

  18. What happened to her vow to move to New Zealand if Trump won the presidency, really wish she had moved there were a lot of people who would have helped her pack, so like every thing else in her career she is a two faced lier and she stays on to utter her rhetoric instead of following the constitution, she thinks she knows better than the actual law

  19. Kathy L Sturm says:


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