Rush Limbaugh went on Fox News and dropped a jaw dropping truth about 2020

Rush Limbaugh rarely makes TV appearances.

So when Limbaugh does it always makes major news.

And Rush did not disappoint when he went on Fox News and dropped this jaw dropping truth about 2020.

Limbaugh appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Thursday night for an extended interview in celebration of his 31st year on the radio.

During the course of the interview, Hannity naturally wanted Limbaugh’s reaction to the second Democrat Presidential debate.

Limbaugh told Hannity that the reaction to the debate was more telling than anything that was said on stage that night.

During the interview, Rush said that what amazed him was that before the debates no one in the Fake News Media or the Washington establishment thought Trump could win re-election.

But coming out of the debate the conventional wisdom flipped on its head and now everyone figured Trump was the favorite in 2020.

“It’s an amazing thing to see how this is all — your guests just before me on this show — stop and think of it — three years ago, about that, nobody thought that Donald Trump could win,” Limbaugh continued. “I’m talking about in the mainstream, the media, the Washington establishment. Nobody thought he could win. Tonight, nobody thinks anybody on that Democrat debate stage can win. In just three years we have gone from a candidate that everybody was laughing at and thinking had no prayer and wasn’t even serious about winning to now nobody on the Democrat side is — they’re asking Michelle Obama to get in and save them. If they’re doing that, that’s a tantamount admission that nobody they’re running now has a slight chance or even a prayer,” Limbaugh told Hannity.

The combination of unimpressive candidates promoting unpopular and far-Left policy positions are positioning the Democrats in the eyes of the American people as a radical party putting forth a group of unqualified candidates to take on Donald Trump.

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  1. Connie Mays says:

    Me too. Except that I’m a woman and I did not serve in Viet Nam, but I did live through it. And had four uncles all of whom served in WWII, all came home safe. And I was a JFK Dem and loved him, thought he was great for the country. So of course they killed him. The world was not the same from that point forward. Will never be the same again. I’m almost 70 and I’ve witnessed the moon landing and other miracles. Although I’m healthy, I almost died when I was 30, saved by a miracle of wonderful doctors in Las Vegas NV. But I could die soon and be ok with it. I’m just tired. And death is better than pain. Back to the point – I’m a forever Republican now and I love President Trump!

  2. Connie says:

    Pardon me for the interruption I’m new to this site. Is this what this website is all about? Abortion? I’m a staunch Republican and I’m trying to decide whether I want to visit here but if the politics here is all about abortion, then I’m not interested. Thanks for your kickback.

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