Rush Limbaugh shut down a top Trump critic with this rude awakening

Even after the election, Donald Trump’s haters are still coming out of the woodwork.

The Washington, D.C. “swamp” isn’t leaving anything to chance.

But Rush Limbaugh shut down a top Trump critic with this rude awakening.

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis co-authored an op-ed in Foreign Affairs attacking Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

Mattis claimed he hoped Joe Biden ditched President Trump’s “America First” posture.

Rush Limbaugh shredded Mattis’ ridiculous talking points by noting Mattis was just another swamp creature who wanted to see American greatness subordinated to the globalist agenda.

“That’s what these people oppose! They oppose American greatness. They oppose America first. What in the world is wrong with America first? It doesn’t mean we slough everybody else off. It doesn’t mean we disrespect anybody else. It means that everybody else benefits from a stronger America. The world does not benefit from a weakened America,” Limbaugh stated.

President Trump’s America First foreign policy scored major victories that eluded American Presidents for decades.

Donald Trump made pressuring NATO allies to pay the two percent of GDP toward defense a priority and that number tripled on his watch.

President Trump negotiated peace deals between Israel and Arab nations that led for the first time to a number of Muslim nations recognizing the state of Israel.

And President Trump drew down America’s fighting forces in Afghanistan while striking a peace deal with the Taliban to end the United States’ longest war.

Rush explained that globalists like Mattis hated all of these accomplishments and instead wanted “collective security.”

“‘Cooperative security’ made us put ourselves second and third and fourth and fifth, by design. That is exactly what happened during the Obama administration. That was its purpose, and these people loved it. For whatever sick reason, these people loved the devaluation of the United States of America. They loved the devaluation of the United States as a superpower, as an economic power, as a military power — and for what?” Limbaugh added.

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