Rush Limbaugh revealed something about Barack Obama that changed everything

The 2020 presidential election is heating up fast.

It seems like every Democrat in America is jumping in to the race.

And Rush Limbaugh just revealed something about Barack Obama’s 2020 plans that changed everything.

The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limited Barack Obama to two terms in office.

Everyone figured when he left office in January 2017 that he was finished with professional politics.

Rush Limbaugh does not believe that to be the case.

The top rated talk show hosts believes Obama has a plan to win the White House in 2020.

WorldNetDaily reports:

Limbaugh noted Obama has been stingy with making personal appearances for candidates, and the “dirty little secret is that if Obama endorses you, you are toast. Ask Hillary.”

“But I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, folks. I think they want back in. I think Obama wants back in. He can’t go back in. So how does Obama get back in? Very easy: Michelle (My Belle) Obama. I think what they’re doing is putting together her campaign. They’re strategizing how to limit the field, how to do damage to all those people in the field, and the right time for her to enter the field.”

He pointed to Michelle Obama’s new book as one indicator.

“I don’t think they got anywhere near the taste of power that they want. And I think Trump’s presidency, Trump winning, has discombobulated these people in ways that we haven’t even factored yet. And I think Michelle may be the candidate, and she may end up thinking she’s gonna actually be president, but it’s old Barack who wants back in there – and I think that’s what’s happening here.”

Recent polls show Michelle Obama is tied for the lead among Democrat Party presidential primary voters.

While she has denied running, many pundits believe that is all a smokescreen and that she will jump into the race at a later stage.

And that could mean Barack Obama is back in the White House in 2020.

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255 Responses

  1. FRANK says:

    AT the end of 2024 President Donald Trump will go down in history as the greatest president the United States has ever had., Put that in your pipe and smoke it Hillary. Mark my words folks, MARK MY WORDS

  2. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Russians are behind all of this as they said they would destroy our system of government without firing a shot.

  3. Bryan says:

    BRAVO sir! and thank you for your service..I too am retired USAF..23 years…we need to put this country first again…political correctness has just about destroyed us..US

  4. James Barry says:

    Just a reminder the US military now is only 53% non-Hispanic white.

  5. James Barry says:

    I’m sure you are aware that as of this year the US military comprises only 53% non-Hispanic whites
    please tell me in the second Civil War who side will you be on

  6. Obama is an palestinian from his biological father who is Hama’s veteran living in Jemen and enjoy luxury car from US Embassy since in Obama’s time

  7. MSPS says:

    While a terrifying thought I am surprised that it has taken this long for somebody to put the pieces together. I believe this idea may have led to the coup against DJT and why obama was involved with and the reason he set up the survellience against Trump. There had to be a reason for him to be involved in the wire tapping and the russian lies.
    Former Potus’ leave the WH and get on with their lives but not barry boy–why?
    Others have said obama would be too arrogant to run another player in the presidential spot while he takes the second spot. But obama is arrogant enough to do this very thing. It would allow him deniability and still give him access to the keys of the kingdom.
    I thought that hillary would have him to run with her, or if they could slip jarret in somehow but I don’t know about her eligibility. It often occured to me that this very thing is what they were doing with jarrret during obama’s term. She was the president in truth but hiding it behind obama while he himself was free to do the nasty extracurricular things he did. And with her came the MBH. They then they began infesting the United States with radical muslim plants.
    If they could float obama as VP could he become president if the elected president died? In any case there has always been something fishy in obama’s administration, and then, rather than leave office, actively campaining right behind Trump as he goes about his own campaign. Obama is trouble in many ways and people are reluctant to even consider the possibility of him being complicit in this plan but I think it has been in the works from the beginning in one form or another so do not be surprised, just keep you eyes on the ball and never say never. The truth is stranger than fiction and the deep state has very deep dark plans.

  8. sluggo says:

    Totally agree, MSgt.

  9. Rick says:

    For sure pauls first letter to timothy 2: 11-15 just for starters ! If yoh are not required to go you shojld not be able to send other leoples son for the daughters are NOT REQUIRED TO GO zo wbat hou can only ztate that o e time . USMC VIET COMBAT VET. WHAT ????????

  10. Rick says:

    For sure pauls first letter to timothy 2: 11-15 just for starters ! If yoh are not required to go you shojld not be able to send other leoples son for the daughters are NOT REQUIRED TO GO

  11. J &D Fargen says:

    Yes, worst ever in History! Never will he or her ever get there legally! Dead voters Don’t count nor illegal voters ! It would be crooked as hell for that to happen.,!Amen!

  12. Judy says:

    Yeah, with the real gender on it!

  13. Judy says:

    They either bought their way out or murdered their way out!

  14. I agree with you totally Top. I am armed and ready for the coming battle. You are more than qualified to lead and I will follow your lead to free our country again. MAGA and God Bless the USA and all that struggle to be free.

  15. William says:

    I think you mean should never hold the highest office in the land, again.

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