Rush Limbaugh revealed something about Barack Obama that changed everything

The 2020 presidential election is heating up fast.

It seems like every Democrat in America is jumping in to the race.

And Rush Limbaugh just revealed something about Barack Obama’s 2020 plans that changed everything.

The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limited Barack Obama to two terms in office.

Everyone figured when he left office in January 2017 that he was finished with professional politics.

Rush Limbaugh does not believe that to be the case.

The top rated talk show hosts believes Obama has a plan to win the White House in 2020.

WorldNetDaily reports:

Limbaugh noted Obama has been stingy with making personal appearances for candidates, and the “dirty little secret is that if Obama endorses you, you are toast. Ask Hillary.”

“But I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, folks. I think they want back in. I think Obama wants back in. He can’t go back in. So how does Obama get back in? Very easy: Michelle (My Belle) Obama. I think what they’re doing is putting together her campaign. They’re strategizing how to limit the field, how to do damage to all those people in the field, and the right time for her to enter the field.”

He pointed to Michelle Obama’s new book as one indicator.

“I don’t think they got anywhere near the taste of power that they want. And I think Trump’s presidency, Trump winning, has discombobulated these people in ways that we haven’t even factored yet. And I think Michelle may be the candidate, and she may end up thinking she’s gonna actually be president, but it’s old Barack who wants back in there – and I think that’s what’s happening here.”

Recent polls show Michelle Obama is tied for the lead among Democrat Party presidential primary voters.

While she has denied running, many pundits believe that is all a smokescreen and that she will jump into the race at a later stage.

And that could mean Barack Obama is back in the White House in 2020.


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255 Responses

  1. FRANK says:

    AT the end of 2024 President Donald Trump will go down in history as the greatest president the United States has ever had., Put that in your pipe and smoke it Hillary. Mark my words folks, MARK MY WORDS

  2. MSPS says:

    While a terrifying thought I am surprised that it has taken this long for somebody to put the pieces together. I believe this idea may have led to the coup against DJT and why obama was involved with and the reason he set up the survellience against Trump. There had to be a reason for him to be involved in the wire tapping and the russian lies.
    Former Potus’ leave the WH and get on with their lives but not barry boy–why?
    Others have said obama would be too arrogant to run another player in the presidential spot while he takes the second spot. But obama is arrogant enough to do this very thing. It would allow him deniability and still give him access to the keys of the kingdom.
    I thought that hillary would have him to run with her, or if they could slip jarret in somehow but I don’t know about her eligibility. It often occured to me that this very thing is what they were doing with jarrret during obama’s term. She was the president in truth but hiding it behind obama while he himself was free to do the nasty extracurricular things he did. And with her came the MBH. They then they began infesting the United States with radical muslim plants.
    If they could float obama as VP could he become president if the elected president died? In any case there has always been something fishy in obama’s administration, and then, rather than leave office, actively campaining right behind Trump as he goes about his own campaign. Obama is trouble in many ways and people are reluctant to even consider the possibility of him being complicit in this plan but I think it has been in the works from the beginning in one form or another so do not be surprised, just keep you eyes on the ball and never say never. The truth is stranger than fiction and the deep state has very deep dark plans.

  3. Blue says:

    obama was the worst of all presidents, even though our schools have indoctrinated a large part of the population, I’m hoping this he/she of his won’t make it to the Whitehouse. President Trump 2020!

  4. John J says:

    Anti American muslim should be in prison

  5. Jim says:

    Well Obamanation got race relations back to the 1960’s when he was in office. What would he go for now the 1850s? It would be fun though to see her past all brought out and exposed. Be nice to fully expose her/him … whatever. Or shortcut the whole thing, and start the Obamanation investigation and prosecution now.

    • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

      The amount of evidence against the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II is over-whelming. From the very beginning Obama II had been protected by our country’s Communist Democratic Party, as was Adolph Hitler’s Germany SS and the Nazi Party.

      Please keep in mind that the Democratic Party “IS” the Communist Party in America, and their goal is to destroy our nation’s economic system through free hand-outs. And for this to become a reality, they need the invasion of illegal aliens to cement their absolute power over the United States and its American citizens. This act my patriots, will lead to a second Civil War.

      USAF (RET)

      • William Edmiston says:

        I would hope so!

      • I agree with you totally Top. I am armed and ready for the coming battle. You are more than qualified to lead and I will follow your lead to free our country again. MAGA and God Bless the USA and all that struggle to be free.

      • James Barry says:

        I’m sure you are aware that as of this year the US military comprises only 53% non-Hispanic whites
        please tell me in the second Civil War who side will you be on

  6. Ernst says:

    Good possibility Rush is correct about the attempt, but Trump will win. America has had more than enough of the weak, sleazy, duplicitous Obama.





  7. Nunyer Binnis says:

    NO more Clintons. NO more Bushes, NO more Obamas. EVER. Period.

  8. Michael Brown says:

    The Obamas are very popular with Dems and too many Independents but Trump has a straw up his sleeve that no one is seeing. He was in Hanoi with a ready to sign nuclear agreement with Kin Jong Un. Trump stayed up half the night thinking about the deal that would have been a big feather in his MAGA cap but as the night drew on he had another of his moments. Kim is already to have another meeting with Trump and if that happens just before the 2020 he will be a shoe-in. What really scares me is RBG. If she can’t perform her duties for some reason the Dems: gays and Hollywooders might move to Canada and not just promise to.

  9. boo says:

    Obozo was the worst President in history. That puke always bellyached how much the blacks were oppressed, he cried he was a victim! Yeah right!! He has no damn idea how these people were oppressed, and it was a slap in the face of those who suffered the way he carried on!! Even Black people were upset with this moron! I watched the arrogant slime ball walk down to the podium when he was about to do his so called speeches and he would actually swagger up to the microphone…like he was the king of the USA…and what was worse he thought so too! God help us if any of these Obozo followers were to become president!!

  10. Neil Glenn says:

    When George Washington, one of the greatest Presidents ever, left office after 2 terms, he indicated this was what he considered the LONGEST a person should serve in that office. I realize FDR was elected to a 3rd and 4th term, but that was during war-time, and he didn’t survive that last one full-term. But, what a HUGE amount of self-importance and uber-pride Obama must have to think HE should deserve an even longer time than did George! Should this occur, I feel it would PERMANENTLY ruin the US!

  11. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Will Barack Obama be back in the White House in 2020??


    and no matter how the obama’s believe that they’ll successfully circumvent our US

    US 2020 Election to their success

    the very self’deceptive obama demoncrats will be again TRUMPing magnanimously defeated

    and our US TRUMPence2020 Presidential Election Landslide

    Inauguration will ultimately be the unequivocal winner result and that is successfully

    coming again with bigger TRUMPing BANG BOOM WOW

    this is our TRUMPing repeated US Truth!!!

    • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

      As long as the American people understand the Democratic Party’s bible of their adopted “Communist Rule for Revolution” and their sudden preaching of Democracy and Social Justice; you will find their scheme under Item 4. of their “Communist Rule for Revolution” playbook where it states…..

      “Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.” All communist Democrats running for the U.S. Presidency are doing just that in order to regain absolute power over the United States and its American citizens. Trust me!

      USAF (RET)

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        The Russians are behind all of this as they said they would destroy our system of government without firing a shot.

  12. dlmstl says:

    Grabbing the POTUS brass ring has been replaced with the allure of gold and a life style of the rich and famous. Barry and Moochie see a move of this nature to have far too much downside. Once Sasha is out of Sidwell Friends look for a move to SoCal. Thought for awhile it could be Havana where he’d act as a conduit for all the US led inverstors/contractors in the rebuild for a 1% cut of the action. That would have resulted in hundreds of millions, if not a billion. Alas, Trump happened and that option has evaporated.

  13. It’s to late to do the right thing now honey! America is on to Mr. Obama? And his wife Michell is very un-likable. So, that will NEVER work. He will be endorsing whichever Democratic Turd that floats to the top. And he will STRONG-ARM them and regain the WH through whoever gets the top position. They can groom Michell from here to eternity? Nothing will help her win anything. He has a better chance with Bernie or Joe Biden. Neither one of them can Win against TRUMP. He needs to look more towards 2024. What Obama did to America is unforgivable. Micheel will be punished for his numerous faults. The apology tours? ctc. etcx. Uggg

  14. Jack Adler says:

    Rush Bimbo, get a job selling hot dogs!!!

    • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

      Sir, you are obviously a communist Democrat unable to recognize truth when it smacks you right on your face. You should be out on our American streets shouting….. VIVA Communism!!

      I am an American patriot, and no need for you to identify yourself…. we already know what you are.

      USAF (RET)

    • JohnD Dendy says:

      Typical dem response. … Name calling. I can do that too, moron. Get your pointed head out of your butt.

  15. john says:

    If Obama and his wife get back in power there goes the neighborhood

    • CHUCK says:


      • Rick says:

        For sure pauls first letter to timothy 2: 11-15 just for starters ! If yoh are not required to go you shojld not be able to send other leoples son for the daughters are NOT REQUIRED TO GO

      • Rick says:

        For sure pauls first letter to timothy 2: 11-15 just for starters ! If yoh are not required to go you shojld not be able to send other leoples son for the daughters are NOT REQUIRED TO GO zo wbat hou can only ztate that o e time . USMC VIET COMBAT VET. WHAT ????????

  16. john says:

    obama should forget about the election being that he is a erection

  17. Timothy Toroian says:

    But can she answer questions on her own in something like a press conference with sounding ridiculous like the triple-named disease, AOC? AOC sounds like some kind of jungle rot that won’t go away without astringent medication.

  18. Barry says:

    You would think with the amount of king POS Obama corruption exposed in the last few years the LIBERAL LOBOTOMY PARTY would wake up! If Killary is ever indicted she rolls on everybody, patiently waiting!! The Deep State CORRUPTION with Obama/ Soros/Clinton had total control of Mainstream fake news, FBI, DOJ, IRS, FISA judges and the little Uranium 1 deal and the list goes on. Hopefully they can all goes to prison together. MICHAEL Obama may run as king POS brother but he/she will be exposed for the real man it the group. America will not have anymore Obama,Soros & Michael at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. The 3 stooges part III

    • Richard says:

      Obama the gay bastard married to Mike Robinson ( Mike not Michelle) they are gone send to an LGBTQ community where they can play the rest of their lives – if they try to get back in politics send them both to prison for what was done to this Country

  19. Obama says that he wants to retired in Cuba How, now?

  20. Gayle says:

    They have their deep state. And from some of the rumors going around, we may have ours. I hope to the Dear Lord we do. Talk radio has been our only real anchor through all this. Unfortunately the media controls the narrative and if the voter is a dimwit, then he won’t search for the truth. He’ll believe the DemonRat lies. We have had too many politicians that care nothing for the people or the U.S. They just want power and to line their own pockets. We finally have a president who cares and they’re trashing him.

  21. Rocky says:

    Obama may well have pulled off the greatest hoax in the history of American politics. If true, he can plenty of help doing it, many knew the truth but said nothing. His very first order of business after becoming President was signing EO13489 barring release of any of his records. IF he had not been allowed to get away with this none of his other EOs would have come to fruition. As it was, those who knew didn’t care and BOTH political parties had a hand in this.
    If what’s left of America is to be saved it’s going to be up to citizens to do it. we have no one standing up for us other than Trump and a few others. We were sold out by both parties for money, power and votes ! We are going to pay a very high price this.

  22. Frank Nortron says:

    Since Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for NOTHING , perhaps he could actually win a third presidential term for NOTHING also ?!

    • Ronald Hatt says:

      If any Obama, got in, that would be the absolute demise of America……{ Because that’s exactly what he wants}….He “said so”, at the beginning of his first campaign……But, America, was too smart for him, & we will be again!

    • CHUCK says:


      • Pete says:

        Venting does not keep any social oriented person from winning the Presidency. Obama’s first term stressed a new completely transparent term while locking down his travel & education background (a true transparent act). Yet he wins the prize which I can understand. If I were a person of color I would want a person of color as President if for no other reason than an example for my children. The key to denying candidates like Obama is to VOTE for those you want in office.

  23. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    Limbaugh might be right. Based on my lifes experiences these kinds of people are ALWAYS looking for the loophole, angle and some way to dodge and weave their way through the system, because this is what they have done all their life. It is a despicable and honorless method if she runs with her husband pulling the strings. The Reality is that Obama has demonstrated his lack of leadership and skill at improving the US economy which pretty much stagnated under his 8 year reign of NOTHING

  24. Jet Smith says:

    N0 Way will the people stand for the Old Party to come back. The people were sleeping. They are awake Now. Obama and others will visit Gitmo.

  25. Patricia Jewula says:

    Obama and the rest of his CROANIES need to be tried and jailed -Whats taking so long?????

    • Fon morcus says:

      I am with you . One problem ask any Democrat they are all brainwashed. They think obama was a great president. You just cant convinced them . They get so angry if you tell them Donald Trump will be known as one of our best presidents we ever hat . O MY GOD . They just blow up . And want to start a fight . What is wrong with those Democrats.
      They need a wakeup call.

      • Jeff says:

        They sure do! TERM LIMITS, we need to Demand Them!! NOW!!

      • dan says:

        There has been a mega-mass hypnotism on half of the people in this country, started by “I am going to fundamentally change America” or words to that effect, by the mastercon barack berry obama sotero. It was done by Hitler, and replayed to an extent in America. I have never seen such hatred by a group of people. The dumocrats are totally in shock that the beast didn’t win. I truly wonder if space aliens have infiltrated the democrats.

      • Tom Hall says:

        6they dent think his great they fear hissing his the figurehead for the real leader of the mob Sores.And if he falls so do they

  26. Rene Rivera says:

    Nope! it won’t happen. Fool me once; SHAME ON YOU! Fool me twice;, shame on ME!

  27. Rene Rivera says:

    Nope! it won’t happen. Fool me once; SHAME ON YOU! Fool me twice;, shame on ME! i believe we’ve all become a bit wiser in the last 10 years…..

  28. BigJoe says:

    If you really want to see a revolution in this country then let them try to pull a stunt like this. There will be no living with the obamas in the Whitehouse again and we all know that. I would be willing to lay down my life to stop that from happening and I think many others feel the same way.

    • Albert Witte says:

      I’m with you, Joe! There’s no way I’ll allow myself, much else my family, from having to endure one more day of an obama in the White House!

      • I’m also with you BigJoe, I’m a VIETNAM VETERAN, I made it home from there and I am not AFRAID to lay my life on the line again for God and Country as long as our country stays HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. All of us PATRIOTS should start saving up guns and ammo for the coming SECOND CIVIL WAR, Unless of course WE tHE PEOPLE vote all, all, all every last one of those DEMONRAT POS SOCILIST COMMIE NAZI”S MURDERING BABY KILLERS OUT OF OFFICE ..

  29. Donald Horberg says:

    I would like to see the birth certificates of Obama’s children as well as Michael’s.

    • Barbara says:

      Obama’s birth certificate has already been proven to be forged but can’t be proven that he wasn’t born in the USA.

      • Sylvia says:

        His brother sent proof that he was born in Kenya and was published in just a few magazines and I always wondered why wasn’t published everywhere. Like I always wondered how come a person can even be eligible to become a presidential candidate when there weren’t any public records of his birth certificate, school and college/University records. Unbelievable that something like this happens in this country!

    • Irma says:

      Those kids are not biologically theirs. Biological parents are doctors and friends of the Obamas. A DNA test can prove it. The younger daughter has voiced filing suite at a later time on both the Obamas and biological parents.

  30. mwood says:

    if there is any justice obama will be in a cell in cuba long before then

    • Susan says:

      There is NO WAY in hell that man will get back into the White House!! People know what kind of Hatred and Division he has caused our Country! Michael or not, Barrack will NEVER see the inside of the People’s house again! He tried to set up And Frame Donald Trump!! He should be in jail right now! He is so Corrupt there will be things coming out years from now that we don’t even know about he weaponized our DOJ and the FBI! When this all comes out he won’t have a snowballs chance in hell of EVER being in our WHITE HOUSE ever again! So F- Off dude! You and your transgender husband just MOVE ON!

    • Rich says:

      OH NO . . . another BigFoot sighting in our White House? ????

  31. James P Hutchins says:

    obama sucked as president he is a traitor and a moron and a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

    • PatrioTEA says:

      YES, but still, he got elected twice by the duped populace. It is possible that Big Mike is running trial balloons and interference for Barry. I don’t think that “she” really wants it “herself.”

  32. Eva says:

    Ask Valerie, she and her globalist friends, put that nightmare into the White House. No More White House for the O Couple. Enough damage has been done, by Barrack to our Constitutional Republic.
    That is what was standing, in his way, and he hates our great nation, because that sacred piece of document, has been standing in harms way, to protect us. Build that Wall, and Stop Chain Migration. Only President Trump, can do that, and will do that! Must re-elect him, in 2020!!!

    • baylee says:

      Obozo is planning to run ‘Big Mike’ in 2020. that’s why he hasn’t endorsed anybody.

    • Terry says:

      I have no doubt that is exactly what the Obamas are planning. Barack wants to be the power behind the throne. The Clinton’s also appear to have that same idea. We must be vigilant and we must vote. That is the only way we can prevent both couples from realizing their anti-American dreams.

      • Lois Gossman says:

        Yes, we must vote and we also need to ensure there won’t be any fraudulent voting. I may be wrong, but I feel the democrats got the house of representatives back through voter fraud.

    • Lee Della Luna says:

      She and her MUSLIM globalist friends did this. That’s why we now have TWO of them in congress as well as the idiot from the Bronx! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  33. Ray Flaherty says:

    I believe the janitorial staff is unionized, so the one area that Nobummer might be qualified for isn’t available to him. Likewise MOOchie. I don’t think his buddy Soros can spend enough millions to get this pair back into the Whitehouse.

  34. Rose says:

    As long as they have Steven Colbert inviting Moochelle to his show and fawning over her, and other TV shows having her on, they will continue to promote her. Colbert is O Obnoxious. There’s one that should be gone.

  35. That would be the beginning of the Civil War, make no mistake.

    • LOL says:

      Oh p-u-h-h-l-e-a-s-e! There is no way most of you would be willing to face federal troops.

      • James Samuel Scaggs says:

        That’s what the British said about a bunch of farmers, The Germans about the French and the Russian rank and file and whose to say the Army would not revolt either keep in mind those federal troops are not robots either remember 99.9 percent had nothing but distain for Obama and his cohorts

      • E~4 Ed says:

        Your an idiot if you think that the military can in any way follow orders of that kind of action. It too is in the Constitution & to violate it is a Felony as in 30years in Fort Ryley, Kansas, Leavenworth, Military prison where one still bust big rocks into little rocks for freeway patching & building . . .

        • Albert Witte says:

          Don’t forget the protect and defend in their pledge of service! I would say that if they didn’t follow those orders, then they would be in violation of their oath!

      • Jeff says:

        That’s why we have the 2nd amendment. That’s another reason they want “gun control”. Look at Venezuela right now! ???? The people can only defend themselves with rocks and homemade fire bombs!

        • Kenny says:

          Amen, I saw some Texas (I think) congressman say ” Yes I believe in climate change, it happens 4 times a year here in Texas ” LMAO !

    • DAVE THOMAS says:


  36. M.A. White says:

    Obama’s first acceptance speech after being elected, and I paraphrase: America is the best country in the world, now work with me to change it. Only time he’s told the truth about his plan.

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      Of course, all Americans, of every generation need to change it. Obama never said it was perfect, and every generation has to adjust and make changes as conditions change. That is why the genius our our founders is that our constitution is amendable and be a living set of rules that change as America changes. Back when the USA was founded, it was an agricultural nation, and had to change to an industrial nation and then still making changes as we move through the post-industrial economy. Only fools and ignorant people don’t damage the world by foolishly ignoring climate change and the substantial science confirming it, which should cause reasonable people to make some changes for our children and grandchildren etc..

      • dr jd There will always be fools. I look to the word of GOD an pray you do to. America will be there with Israel in the end battle an obuma the muslim hates GOD an Israel . Now if you love obuma more than GOD bless your soul for it will be in hell fire. Find JESUS before its to late.

      • Sidney says:

        There is no global warming, R climate changes never was never will be, it’s only history repeating itself, there will be another ice age before any warming, all this global warming climate change BS is all made up by the stupidity the EPA puts out to keep a do nothing job paid for by tax payers, sorry to burst your bubble, do some real research instead of listening to the weather channel which is a liberal org.

        • Kenny says:

          Amen, I saw some Texas (I think) congressman say ” Yes I believe in climate change, it happens 4 times a year here in Texas ” LMAO !

      • Jerry says:

        Your belief of climate change (man made I presume you are talking about) is mostly bogus. The left has controlled that narrative. I’m talking about leftist Gov’t agencies leftist climate scientists, and the leftist media mouthpieces. Why don’t we hear about those other noteworthy scientists who disclaim the primary leftists narrative? Read the book “Dark Winter” by John Casey. Years of research confirm the findings. You might just learn the primary cause of climate change, and it isn’t man made. It is the constant cyclical activity of our sun. But that of course is a no starter to the left. No politics or money there. Disinformation has been quite successful in promoting the sky is falling narrative, facts be damned otherwise.

      • Albert Witte says:

        Enough of this damn climate change CRAP AND THE PEOPLE THAT ARE PUSHING IT! The earth has gone through changes since the time of it’s creation and that is all that is happening now!

      • E~4 Ed says:

        Your an idiot!

        For at the time of the Revolution America as it became was already the second most capable industrial country on the world only Germany was first with only 7% more production, England was way ~ way behind us & it as in textiles, coal mining, railroad, Beer, & Scotch in all of that 78% was manual labor. Our Mines already had steam~powered mules chugging in the mines to pull the coal, & iron carts out. Our factories where steam~powered then too. When it came to building guns our factories could churn out 55% more rifles than we had at the time of men here. Our Cannon works turned out more 6 pounders for ships than we had ships to put them on. Our brickworks churned out the bricks for 100 homes a day so in the 5.5 work days of a week allowed us to put up great buildings many of them are still up in Boston, New York, Philly . . . we call them Independence Hall, the homes of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Handcock, & even Betsy Ross home & workshop, Betsy BTW became Americas first Woman Millionaire from her government contract, She paid the women who worked for her the very right pay of $25.oo a week way before H.Ford started the $25.oo work week by only 128 years.

        As to our Constitution, most of the ”Changes” where done by the JACK ASS PARTY of them most where repealed like blacks where only counted as 60% person, Booze was diss allowed, then reallowed, & others too but with this kind of history why do you think that people now think more about adding to the Constitution because it may be removed it a short time ?

        Climate Change is total B~S . . . Hell 87% of the scientists who were listed on the studies have demanded that they wanted to be removed from the study because it’s all smoke & mirrors a Jack Ass Party DEMANDED, FAKE, Out Come Report so that the climate fakers can take your money easy. If it’s so so bad why does All Gorski live in a $15,500,000.oo little house he calls it but it has 12 full bathrooms, along with his other 7 houses that he keeps the Lights & heat running even when he is not there. Then to his 5 Bizz Jet’s where the smallest one burns more gas just to take off than you, your wife, your teen daughter & your lead foot son are going to burn 1275 days in your cars, & let’s not forget his 2 little Yachts the little one needs 1355 gallons to top off & no one dares to not top off to go on a cruise because running out of D2 Diesel when out at sea is an act of stupid BTW you do know D2 is a very heavy pollutant with not just Carbon but also Sulfer Acid Right?

        He demands you to be green but does not live where his mouth is, So why do you?

      • Ralph shelley says:


  37. Ronald Rundio says:

    Dr. Jack VanImpe followed Barry and his Blackberry around for the very first two years as POTUS and he concluded that Barry was one of the Anti Christs because he Publicly Persecuted Jesus the Christ over 57 times! His 28 Room House in Wash DC is being used as a Anti-Trump War-room persecuting POTUS in many different ways! Barry and his Blackberry is a Member of the Secret Org called Bilderberg Org., formed in 1954 whose mission is to Form a “One World Government”!! We must be careful who we elect as POTUS!

    • WE NEED VOTER ID if we don’t have that God only knows who will vote.

      • Albert Swan says:

        Yes we need Voter ID and the only way we will ever get it is to start talking it up and make noise on it because those in office now will never support it because most have never done anything but ride the party name to win. Some 30 and 40 year Politicians have been elected because the had a “D” or a “R” before their name. People like Maxine Waters and Sheilla Jackson Lee are dumber than a first grader but smart enough to ride their Color to win. Obama rode his Color to win but for 8Year he ignored those that supported him. All of the old timer African American Politicians and the crooks like AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have used their color to hold their jobs all these years but have never done anything to better the African American Community. If you disagree with me then tell me what has Maxine Waters done in 24 years and Sheila Jackson Lee and John Lewis who makes a lot of racial noise but does nothing. What really has AL Sharpton done for the African Americans? I should be asking what have all the minority Politicians done but fatten up their Bank accounts. That goes for “all” politicians not just African Americans, the reason I Mention African Americans and Latino’s is because those two groups have been used “All” these years just for their vote. If we could see all of their Bank accounts against what they have done for the people we would throw all of them out. They convince the people to vote for them by bad mouthing everyone else. President Trump does not even draw a salary and they all say he does nothing ,,,Well Hello what do they do other than except Lobbyist rewards into the millions and travel first class and take their families get paid to do nothing. this party voting has ruined America, most don’t even know who they are voting for. Millions of Labor Organizations tell their membership vote Straight Democrat and bring your ballot in and we will fill it out for you. And believe me they do it. All illegals know if they want to stay in this country who to vote for. Now do you see why they want Total Vote for a winner, We all know these things but never fight to change them.

        • Jacque Prentiss says:

          Albert Swan pa’lease give me a high 5. ????✋????????????. So so soooo true. They simply DO NOT GET IT.
          Yes others are dumb to this fact to a point but African-Americans are dumber than dumb to a fault
          I knew obamanation was a fraud.
          But they were like “he’s black”. Talking about reaching high for NOTHING, this is the case.

          I said he came out of nowhere, do you know what he stands for. All blank sleights. But “he’s black”.
          He bought a change alright. He & Mike were the most racist & divisive folk ever. They were worse (if that is possible) than Jessie & Al. Mad Max is a joke, Lewis, Sheila Lee Jackson all jokes. They spew hate & lies & use the race card.
          Yet they blindly vote for them.

          They didn’t want President Trump cause he’s a white man & he’s racist. But they wanted CROOKED hitlary, a white woman. Figure that one out.???? It is not only the demoncratic party that keeps African-Americans in a rut it’s the charlatan AA politicians too.
          You are so right as for the 98% of African-Americans who voted for Obama he did nothing but caused more racial divide.

      • Eugene just wanted to say AMEN TO VOTER ID. We have it here in Oklahoma but we are also mostly a republican state.

      • Irma says:

        I know…those in the Caravan!

    • Lois says:

      Does consuming all that conspiracy BS cause you Irritable Bowel Syndrome? This is all garbage and you should take some meds for your paranoia.

    • Baylee says:

      And it ain’t going to ‘big Mike.’

  38. Mel says:

    It is discussing to pick up a magazines and news articles lately displaying the women of this culture, all over Michelle OB like saliva on a Lizzards tongue. It is discussing, that was no first lady, that was a teeny bopper in competition with her teenage daughters. Such bad taste to represent the tidal of the First Lady to our Nation. Between her and first Hillary C, our Country has become a mockery and shows we will allow anything to step into our Nations Capital. Wake up people before it’s to late!!!

  39. John J says:

    We had our token affirmative action administrations which will take decades of Republican leadership to fix, no more monkey’s in our White House

  40. Kay says:

    Tru p will win in 2020 because he is God sent

    • John T Koszalka says:


    • reality check says:

      Just like the Lord sent the huge BLUE tsunami at midterms in 2018, he is guiding us through the lesson we should learn about not trusting CON MEN, like Trump. We have learned this week that the Trump team, especially that corrupt Jared and Flynn, were working to give secret nuclear technology illegally to Saudi Arabia . . . giving the biggest supporters of terrorism in the world, eventual access to nuclear bombs!!!

      • Jeff says:

        You Need a reality check. Potus Trump is the BEST thing for America right now. We need someone like him to stop the liberal dem. morons!

      • Jacque Prentiss says:

        Reality you really need to be checked. What huge blue?? It’s called demoncratic voter fraud. Oh yeah I bet you applauded killing innocent newborns too. Still upset pantsuit didn’t win. What a blessing that was.

      • you’re just another dumbass liberal flapping his lying piehole. wake up. stop drinking the cool aid.

        • E~4 Ed says:

          No No No it’s not Kool ~ Aid it’s the rare & hard to find Jolly Olly Grape, Rootuttin Rasberry, & other Funny Face that I think the last year was packaged in 1973 hence it’s hard to find unless maybe if you go to your grand mom’s & she has a packet or two in that seldom used kitchen drawer . . .

      • Reality check, you are an Ignoramus

      • Dude says:

        Yes a huge Blue tsunami is why we won more in the Senate. 53-47. Not so much a tsunami huh? Your so loaded with BS you need to get a few cases of Toilet paper. You’ll need them.

  41. scooch 'the' pooch says:

    Cover Your Shoulder Real Good, Michael &
    Wear BIG ‘pretty Pearls’ around your neck.

  42. Chuck says:

    That was tried already by Bubba and failed miserably. There’s also a big difference in how The Hag screwed Comrade Bernie via “super” delegates and bought the Yid off with a VT lake house, as well as suffocating the other weak Dems that challenged her. The 16-20 Dems who think (more like dream) they can win are not gonna roll over for Barry and his she chimp. That’s actually too bad because if she did become the candidate, Trump would beat her like a Kenyan drum!

  43. Joe Masefield says:

    Why is everyone so worried about Obama and his dimwit wife? All they did to the America they hate so violently was to weaken its Constitution, enlarge the Federal Government and its agencies to Stalinist proportions, stole billions of U.S. dollars to give to America’s hated European enemies, commonly known as our “allies,” and is on the world record now as “America’s first Traitor-President.” All qualities loved and respected by the Democrats, who believe his dimwit wife will follow in her husband’s traitorous footsteps. Perfectly normal for the scum-of-the-earth Democrats.

    • George W. says:

      Obama is a MORON and an IDIOT, go back to Kenya or better yet take a one way trip to Mars, please take Michelle with you!

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        We drink the poison our minds pour for us, and wonder why we feel so sick.” Atticus.

        The Trumpers are full of venom and hate, it is a party that just tears others down, like Trump did to the other nominees, as his campaign was conspiring with Putin and the Russians.

        • Oldmarine says:

          You are an emotional person with NO Common Sense .
          You ,believe all the democrat’s slop then I don’t feel sorry for you. Nature will do all the Anti-Americans down with human nature getting revenge and them. Democrates have no idea whats in store for them. The Republic will never Fall because of public servants defying the Constitution. There is right and wrong and the left is gambling with human nature and history is proof that evil always looses in the end. ” Government By The People For the People “

        • Baylee says:

          Let’s switch your post around to tell the truth.
          The Clintonites are full of venom and hate, it is a party that just tears others down, like Clintons did to the women he raped, while his wife’s campaign was conspiring with Ukraine , the FBI & CIA to start their coup d’etat.’ See, I fixed it for you. The real truth.
          That hate will destroy you. As will your lies.

        • Irma says:

          Hillary and Obama were the conspiraters. Check it out. Dont fool yourself.

    • John says:

      Because the Democrats have mindless idiots who vote; always looking for free stuff to get ahead. Moreover, they have padded their electoral with undocumented immigrants who have been paid to vote Democrat. Only way to destroy this make up, is to destroy the sanctuary cities and states. Federal government has to tax them into submission, and remove every illegal immigrant from this Nation. Regardless of their standing under the corrupt Obama Administration, of DACA or TPS. These illegal immigrants and anchor babies had their chance to apply for citizenship, but they failed to do so. Enough said.

      • Franklin says:

        Your last two sentences say it all. These illegal immigrants and anchor babies had their chance to apply for citizenship, but they failed to do so. Enough said.
        Democrats call illegals “Dreamers” and call American Citizens “Deplorables”. The so called Dreamers have had years to become LEGAL Citizens, but NO, just want something for no effort.

        • Baylee says:

          My grandson dated one of these DACA kids. She was bought to the states @4. Has no desire to go back, nor to be a citizen of this country.
          I have been tempted to report her ass several times. Don’t know why I haven’t. Probably for my grandson’s sake.

  44. DONWHITE says:


  45. Steveur says:

    Has anyone asked where obama was when 9/11 occurred, who was he with at the time, was he with his terrorist g’damn preacher friend of 20 years? I tried finding statements made by obama of his terrorist friends, makes you wonder.

  46. Jay says:

    Wow, just the thought of those traitors being back in the White House makes me nauseous! There would be rioting in the streets if that happened. Please pray for our country, that is so full of hate. Pray for President Trump, who is disrespected and threatened. He is doing a good job and he loves this country. “From our lips to God’s ears”.

      • Ron Crowell says:

        Yes, Pray to Jesus Christ for President Trump. I believe that GOD is on Trump’s and if that is so, then nothing that man can do will stop him. He is what this country needed at the time. He is a very tough man to withstand what he has in tthe last 3 years. Pray, Pray, Pray and fast for this country.

        • Barbara Johnson says:

          We must Pray! Desperate times are here. We have the only president who can and will fight for our freedoms. Thank you Ron.

    • Shelia says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly! Everyone needs to pray for President Trump daily ! He has done so much and cares so much for this country ! He needs all his supporters to stand up for him .
      Can you image what the Obama’s did while in WH ? And the people (buds) they brought in that have no respect for the country or White House !

  47. Ray Helberg says:

    They both belong in Getmo with the badass terrorist. Obama used the government agencies against Trump and that’s a crime or a bunch of crimes. If Barr doesn’t do something quick he needs his ass fired too. We haven’t had a DOJ for the past 10 years

  48. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  49. Margaret says:

    We don’t even want these traitors in our country!

  50. Dan Gibson says:

    Michelle ? OK … but with all the mounting evidence that we are getting regarding her “gender status”, were she/he to run, the demos would not take the chance of promoting , ummm “her” as the next “1st female POTUS”, would they ?… the rumor and innuendo is leaking out more by the week … is THAT what they want ??

  51. Moochelle would be a puppet in the White House with that muslim butthole pulling the strings. The U.S. does not need, nor will the Citizens tolerate such a debacle.

    • Carlos says:

      With the disgusting downward spiral this country has been taking and the stupidity and cowardice of the American voter, I think we’re gonna someday see a faggot get elected POTUS and he’ll bring his faggot “husband” to the WH. Then we really will have a man & 1st gentleman, LOL!

  52. Michelle is not a “her”, he is a him. We do not want nor need a black tranny in the highest post in the land.

  53. John Sorrell says:

    If she would happen to win, we’re roast!!!!!!

  54. Virginia says:

    The scuttlebutt is that Michael/Michelle Obama is going to make a run for the White House. I hope people have learned a lesson and choose not to vote for her.

  55. Bill says:

    He escaped assassination the first time around when he nearly ran our country into destruction; he probably won’t be so lucky the second time around. The Secret Service will will take him out for us.


    if he does trump will tear him up and spit him out in 3 seconds!

  57. Harvey D Schneider aka The ConservativeOne says:

    In 1962 Democrat George Wallace ran for and was elected to the office of Alabama Governor. at that time there was a one term limit in Alabama as Governor.

    Wallace left office after one term due to the one term limit at the time, but his wife, Lurleen Wallace, won the next election and succeeded him, though George was the de facto governor.

    The one term limit was dropped later and Wallace served three (3) more terms as Alabama’s Governor.

    This could happen with the Obamas. This time, if Michelle runs the Republicans should insist on a copy of her valid birth certificate. Yes, she could run as a woman, but if she is a tranny, a male at birth, the moral issue would lead to her defeat.

    I hope we have seen the last of the Obamas in any elected office.

    • JIM says:

      You cannot really believe the American people are that f–king stupid.

      • Rosemarie Douglass says:

        YES THE ARE YOU SEE HOW THE ACT AND HOW THE BELIEVE the Democrats the party that has blood on their hand and hate America nancy is like hilly a drunk and Chuky likes to stare at little 13-year-old and good old Joe likes to hug little girls so tight and his pants start moving in the front how disgusting are they OBA IS A THUG AND LIYER AND FLEECED AMERICA GOT IN AS A POUPER AND OUT AS A MILLIONARE AUDID ALL THE RICH SENATORS AND HOUSE AND CONGRESS PEOPLE THE GETHING RICH ON OUER TAX MONEY

      • Baylee says:

        Yes, they are that stupid.

    • Julie Metzler says:

      I agree Obama did a lot of damage to our country. He is power hungry.

    • Irma says:

      A birth certificate (if not tempered with) will indicate if she is male pr female born.

  58. Michael Brown says:

    You all need to read 1st and 2nd Kings in the KJV Bible. There is no way to tell who is going to be POTUS in 2020. We can all wish and pray but there is only One that establishes leaders. When I went to bed on election night I was sure the lying Pant Suit was going to be the lesbian in the WH. But God had it written down that Jerusalem had to be the capital of Israel. Had Hillary won that wasn’t possible. I’m not going to speculate on the outcome but I am going to enjoy watching the Dems eat each other in their debates, that is if they have them on Fox. I limit my time on the MSM to mere seconds as I pass by them.

  59. Doris says:

    Oh Dear Lord please don’t let this happen. It’s for sure they will steal the election

  60. Harold says:

    If “Slick Willie” couldn’t get back in as First Husband what makes Obama think he can? Trump beat Hillary in 2916, He’ll beat Michelle in 2020!

  61. Linda says:

    What did everyone think when we put a Muslim in office
    a scary thought, the The Obama’s are losers
    We had 8 years of distructruction under them we don’t need more

  62. Well, we cant let that happen again! We can just talk about it! We must do something about this! The leftist’s would riot in the streets! Talk is cheap! We must ALL stop this!

  63. Jared Bloomfield says:

    I will see the bastard swing from a tree first. That’s a promise.

  64. Randall Clark says:

    I don’t think obama better try to put his husband in the White House!! President trump WILL win RE-ELECTION!! But, if the odumbas get in there, they WILL BE physically removed!!!

  65. Justin Case says:

    God save the Republic from these sleeper communist.

  66. Barbara says:

    I read an article out today that he is pushing for more muslims in Gov. I wanted to reach in that article and ring his damn neck.

  67. Eva Swayne Davis says:

    Ridiculous. ..obama was not a legal president…he wasnot born in the USA…he didnt attend college classes either…

    • Ralph shelley says:

      Manchurian candidate! He will die like Mussolini! Go away!

    • Rosemarie Douglass says:


    • Eva12 says:

      Eva, not only was he born in Kenya, he was born As a British subject, due to citizenship of father of record. Slso, law at the time said a parent had to be 19 to give child citizenship of parent , Ann Dunham was 18. Plus, the POTUS is required to be a Natural Born citizen. A NBC is born to to 2 US citizen parents on US soil. US military bases and US embassies qualify as US soil. He does not meet any of the requirements. Actually, would not matter had he taken his 1st breath in the Lincoln bedroom, he still would not have been born to 2 US citizens. I hope to live long enough to learn exactly who was behind putting him in as POTUS.

  68. Juanita says:

    Obama put Mike so he can run on the 2020 and If she wins he is taking over so he can finish stealing from the American people also to give money to Iran to put us more in debt

    • Blonnlass says:

      Neither anywhere in the U.S. Constitution does it disqualify running for President under another certified name” Barry Soetoro” legally prohibit Gay Muslim Barack Hussein Obama from running for a Third Term as SOETORO!

  69. Riverview says:

    If the Demobrats are stupid enough to make Michael their candidate, Trump will have a field day rout bigger than Reagan’s re-election.

  70. Pat says:

    Obama back in the white house that would be a travesty of justice for America also signaling the end of America t he tryed his best to destroy America scandal after scandal how is it that he is not in jail

  71. Jeffrey Cahoon says:

    Even the very thought of this a-hole being back in the white house makes me want to vomit! It is NEVER, EVER going to happen! If per chance he should however succeed, there will be Civil War, with him being the first casualty! He should be banned from politics FOREVER!

  72. Navy PO2 says:

    My family came here from Ireland in the 1800’s. Maybe I can move back. American has been taken over by hate filled anti-Christian bigots.

    • Ric B says:

      You can move back anytime . . . IF the Irish are foolish enough to have you. Anyone foolish enough to come to that conclusion is not very smart.

  73. Judy Petitto says:

    I totally agree.Michele doesn’t want the job but Obama does.He would really be the president and she would be in name only.She enjoys all the perks and the lavish lifestyle on the people’s dime.Very scary thought.

  74. DR Richard says:

    Why post this trash–I Thnk Yoda would stand a better chance than any democrat but he ain’t no demoncrat and old rush needs to go on a diet and detox–all that junk he eats has poisoned his brain IF he really even made that assinine statement

    • Tom says:

      Rush lives based on making idiotic statements. When called on his lies, he just says that he is about entertainment, not accuracy. But speaking misstatements and lies that foolish people believe is no help to this country.

  75. James P Hutchins says:

    F obama he is a traitor and a racist liberal scumbag trash can who did nothing for the American people and is a traitor and deserves life in prison with clinton.

  76. Michael T Prestonise says:

    Although he never admitted it, BHO was (& still is) a Muslim, homosexual, socialsit, communist anarchist. So, why do the “American people” continue to vote “Democrat”? If you really want the answer, check out ALL the illegal votes in multiple states & you will find “WE” did NOT vote for him – he & his illegal cronies STOLE the elections. Does he want back in? Does a bear sh** in the woods?

    • Anna Maria Brennan says:

      You hit the nail on the head Michael

    • I have always said that he DIDN’T “win”, he was PLACED in the White House…..Just remember all of these ILLEGALS that were bused from State to State….The American people should NEVER, EVER allow THAT to happen again, NOT EVER…..!!!!

      • Well, we cant let that happen again! We can just talk about it! We must do something about this! The leftist’s would riot in the streets! Talk is cheap! We must ALL stop this!

      • Cheryl says:

        That is still happening all over the U.S. Bussing thousands in, some even are wearing ankle bracelets.

      • reality check says:

        You are not very educated, are you Angelika!?! Do you realize how many millions upon millions of illegals it would have taken to give Obama such landslide victories?!? That is just another set of BS claims made by right-wingers who will not face the truth that they are NOT supported by the majority of America or Americans. Trump’s is the ONLY president who has NEVER received 50% approval (or more) in any Gallup poll.

        • Jason Casteel says:

          Hey, reality check. Do you realize how many millions ipin millions of illegal mooches are still here. How many of them are voting illegally. Without voter ID cards, this country is done for. These stupid, ignorant people needto stay g for

        • Jeff says:

          You Need a reality check, you ignorant liberal democrat dreamer. You are so foolish for even believing anything the democrats say. They lie to get power. They don’t care about this country, they only care about stopping Pres. Trump!

  77. Patricia says:

    Again I will comment! What right do these democrat nazis have to try and take Trump off the ballot unless he shows his taxes?! We the people demand Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson , Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest show theres as well!

    • AAAAANNNNNDDDDD what about 00bozo’s RECORDS….STILL SEALED….I want to SEE them………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tim says:

        Again, Algelika, you repeat those tired lies over and over. If one president could seal their records, any other president could open them. You guys live on false conspiracies put out to control those who are not adept at critical thinking.

  78. Cowgirl Diva says:

    GOD help us..! WE have had all the Obamas a FREE COUNTRY can tolerate and still remain a FREE COUNTRY..!!

  79. Hensley says:

    We as Americans who enjoy the benefits of freedom had better keep alert of what is happening. We are to know the spirits and be aware of good and bad. God is in control. We are vessels of the Living God. He does expect us to do our part. Pray for our leaders. Thanks

  80. ncp-nate says:

    I value and respect Rush Limbaugh’s political analysis 99% of the time. I think you have this one wrong Rush. Well, I pray you do. After Barrack Obama’s own admission as a horrible president ” At least one that will go down as a President”, before Trump’s ass whipping to Hillary, that should end his political career. The moment he admitted he himself wasn’t worth a damn as President, that was the most honest thing he had said in 8 years. Whenever he mentioned the word “TRANSPARENCY”, I knew at that very second, I was about to be lied to. AGAIN.

  81. Loren Clobes says:


  82. Perhaps your survey should ask if we thinks that Obama wants back into the white house even though it will be on his wife’s coattails

  83. James P Hutchins says:

    obama is a traitor and a racist liberal scumbag clown who did nothing for America and sucked as president he is irrelevant to the American people.

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