Rush Limbaugh obliterated Chuck Schumer with an impeachment-ending statement

As the king of talk radio, nobody knows how to take down the Democrats like Rush Limbaugh.

For over thirty years he has been destroying their agenda piece by piece.

And he just obliterated Chuck Schumer with an impeachment-ending statement.

With the House officially impeaching President Trump, the trial to remove him now goes to the Senate, where Chuck Schumer is the highest ranked Democrat.

During a recent airing of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show he played a clip of Schumer claiming that Trump said that Article II of the Constitution gives him the right to “do whatever he wants” with “absolute immunity.”

Limbaugh then went on a harsh rant where he picked apart that entire claim, calling it an “abject lie.”

Transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show:

SCHUMER: The president of the United States has spent the past several months telling Congress it has no right to oversight, no right to investigate any of his activities, that he has absolute immunity, that Article II of the Constitution gives him, quote, the right to do whatever he wants, unquote. That’s the president’s words. The Senate has said in the past that the president serves the people, not himself, that he is not a king. Will it do so again or will it shirk from that responsibility?

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is an abject lie. In fact, none of what Senator Schumer said is true here. So, if they’re willing to continue lying about this Article II claim, then what are we to make of everything else that they are alleging? The president has not spent the past several months telling Congress it has no right to oversight. He’s never told them they have no right to oversight.

They have requested documents. They have requested certain members of his staff, and he’s gone to court to prevent that from happening, like every president in the past has. Article II, the president has never said that he has absolute immunity.

Even some Democrats see through the obstruction of justice charge against Trump.

Rep. Jared Golden, who voted for the first article of impeachment, voted against the second article due to how weak the argument is.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the impeachment hoax.

But Democrats are still pushing forward, and won’t stop until they are able to remove Trump from office.

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