Rush Limbaugh just revealed the biggest threat posed by the coronavirus

The mysterious coronavirus is spreading beyond China to countries around the world.

Panic is setting as hundreds of new cases popped up in Iran, Italy, and South Korea.

And now Rush Limbaugh just revealed the biggest threat posed by the coronavirus.

The Fake News Media is desperate to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

Rush Limbaugh believes the media so fixated at driving the President from office that they would cheer on a global pandemic so they could “weaponize” it against Trump in the 2020 election.

That narrative began to take hold when the stock market dropped 1,031 points on Monday after investors panicked as the coronavirus spread beyond China, which many experts believe could cause a global economic slowdown.

Limbaugh noted that the Fake News Media is hyping up the coronavirus as a super bug that kills everyone it infects and that a Mad Maxx style post-apocalyptic dystopia is right around the corner.

“The coronavirus is the common cold, folks. The drive-by media hype of this thing as a pandemic, as the Andromeda strain, as, ‘Oh my God, if you get it, you’re dead,’ do you know what the — I think the survival rate is Ninety-eight percent. Ninety-eight percent of people who get the coronavirus survive. It’s a respiratory system virus. It probably is a ChiCom laboratory experiment that is in the process of being weaponized. All superpower nations weaponize bioweapons. They experiment with them. The Russians, for example, have weaponized fentanyl. Now fentanyl is also not what it is represented to be,” Limbaugh declared.

Limbaugh also pointed out that the media often times races ahead of the facts to stoke fear and panic in order to drive clicks and TV ratings.

“I’m not trying to get you to let your guard down. Nobody wants to get any of this stuff. I mean, you never —I hate getting the common cold. You don’t want to get the flu. It’s miserable. But we’re not talking about something here that’s going to wipe out your town or your city if it finds its way there. This is a classic illustration of how media coverage — even if this media coverage isn’t stacked — even if this just the way media normally does things. This is a hyped, panic-filled version. Exactly how the media deals with these things to create audience, readership, interest, clicks what have you,” Limbaugh continued.

Back at the beginning of January, fake news reporters claimed the President walked America right up to the edge of World War III with his decision to eliminate Iranian terrorist general Qasem Soleimani.

That ended up being nothing more than the media’s attempt to trick Americans into accepting the media’s alternate reality view of the President – that he is a dangerous incompetent on the verge of blundering American into nuclear war with one tweet – as reality.

Limbaugh fears the Fake News Media will try and do the same with the coronavirus.

Right now there are over 50 cases of Americans infected with the coronavirus.

All of them caught the disease while traveling overseas and there has yet to be a person to person transmission inside the United States.

But the fake news won’t let these facts impair their stampede to fool Americans into believing President Trump is too busy watching cable news to pay any attention to the potential pandemic that threatens to wreak havoc on America in the run up to the 2020 Presidential Election.

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29 Responses

  1. CV19 is a flu virus. Like any other flu virus it causes the flu in the folk who are susceptible. So how is it different from previous flu viruses ? Other than the vast amplification that “the media” provides ? Which, has created a pandemonium in the western world, and increased anxiety, which increases the illness. Obviously, it is also being used as a weapon against the Trump administration. Which, suggests that Trump opponents are responsible for the media amplification of this season’s flu statistic hullaballoo.

  2. International lawyer, Anna von Reiz of Alaska reported that prince Philip owns the patent to Corona Viris. The question arises, how is the british territory fareing with CV19 ?

  3. Micky Mouse says:

    Why can the Democrat Party collect Money/ Donations from Foreign Countries that Hate our Friend Israel ????

    I for one am ready to get back to work. The government doesn’t shut down because every year 647,000 Americans die from heart disease, 606,880 die from cancer, 1.2 million dying in automobile accidents, 25,000 to 69,000 dying from the flu. Americans love their freedom and liberties afforded them; but how long must this go on? And what’s interesting is it’s the Democratic governors who are stripping us of our right to live as free men. If this continues, well, nobody’s going to have any money to pay the taxes, both state and federal. Are they going to then resort to property confiscation? It’s like a snowball headed for hell! LET THE PEOPLE WORK, DAMN IT! Enough damage has been done. ENOUGH!

  4. The media is corrupt like the dems, both are so full of hatred it’s unbelievable, devil worshipers.

  5. holtsys says:

    This is exactly what is happening in addition to stock market players getting skittish. This always happens when some type of world event occurs because people will wait-n-see what happens in order to determine their next bet. Yes, the stock market is like gambling.
    This is why the democrats are trying to politicize this and why the media is following their lead or visa versa, who knows. As far as Trump’s response, the CDC was engaged weeks ago to watch this and a pharma company in PA created a vaccine in 3 hrs after decoding the virus DNA. As Limbaugh said, this is not Ebola, nothing like it. Don’t panic regardless of what they say.

  6. Jack Handy says:

    An aside to Post Below: PPL AT ‘The TOP’ KNOW
    EXACTLY What IS Going ON___
    >Do Not ‘panic’. Normal corona flu crap Is rampant Ev’ry Yr.
    > Free vaccines . GAK. Let ‘them ‘shoot up Yourself? W/ Virus ???
    B/cuz ‘they Said So ??? Think re ‘that’….

  7. Rita Hughes says:

    Dont panic that is what Dems want. Trump gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world. They think we are dumb. We will survive this like we have everything else.

  8. Jack Handy says:

    To Punisher: a Really good info post/a bit lengthy just
    got cutt 0ff… So, a repeat In V. Brief.
    >”4″ Proteins Were Analyzed…
    > ALL ‘Global’ Races ARE NOT ‘prone’… “4” Protein SPECIFIC ___
    >a ‘binary’ Was intro’d To Pork ( Remains Active 2 yr/upon ‘ingestion’
    of Pork…Depending 0n Source…
    > China Culled MILLIONS of pigs , Right BEFORE this ‘event’…
    ( I saw a Horrific Wuhan Lab.
    > Chinese NEW YR. Lasts 30 days… ALL Factories/Workers SHUT DOWN…
    EVERY YEAR !!!
    > corona ‘slip’ ??? a Perfect Guise to ppl ‘culling’… History Repeats ie China Activities…
    > Unfortunately, Many Flights 0ut of Wuhan, At THAT ‘initial’ Time ‘transported ppls All 0ver the World
    + the Big Boat… Hope this gets thru… There’s Way MORE…
    >ps. &&& ‘who’ ? Fights “0pen Borders”…

  9. Texas Belle says:

    We have had no deaths in the U.S. yet from this virus, yet the MSM are hyping it to the point that they are talking about schools closing and hundreds of people getting infected. No doubt it is a terrible virus but the death rate is not as much as the regular flu which often originates in China. The flu kills approximately 30,000 every year in this country so why aren’t the MSM talking about it? Because they won’t to hurt Trump by declaring that this will bring Trump’s presidency down like Katrina did for Bush if we even get 100 or so cases. It is scandalous that the Media would use this as a weapon to remove Trump from office when he had nothing to do with the outbreak.

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