Rush Limbaugh is sounding the alarm on a scheme that could end America as we know it

There is nobody speaking the truth on talk radio like Rush Limbaugh.

For more than 30 years, he has been the voice of reason.

And he is now sounding the alarm on a scheme that could end America as we know it.

Without Rush Limbaugh, there may have never been a President Trump.

He was the original voice standing up for America First values to prime America for somebody like Trump.

And after all his time on the radio, Limbaugh is now sounding the alarm on the Democrat scheme to criminalize policy differences and politics.

In his mind, if this doesn’t stop, “we’re done” as a country.

He points out the Democrat response to the Mueller Report could be the start of America’s undoing.

Despite it proving that Trump did not collude with Russia, they are still trying to hang the charge on the President.

Because, despite not having evidence, Democrats continue to tell America that Trump committed crimes, and it all has to do with Trump’s politics.

Transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show:

Everybody with half a brain ought to be outraged with what Mueller did yesterday. But they’re not, because Mueller is an ally in getting rid of a politician they don’t like. They couldn’t defeat the politician at the ballot box, and they couldn’t find any crimes that this politician committed.

So they’re just going to tell everybody they think he’s guilty and that he intended to commit crimes. “But, for crying out loud, we just don’t have the evidence yet! We can’t catch him, but we know he’s guilty. Therefore, because we know he is, he is.” That’s what they are constructing here. If they get away with this — if they get away with the criminalization of policy differences — then we’re finished. I mean, given the assets they have?

They have the deep state. They have the media. They have the power of the federal Treasury. Look at what they’re doing now with open borders, flooding the nation. Hollywood, the pop culture corrupting our society. Academia. Wall Street. They have all of this at their disposal. Right now, all we have is the people on our side and maybe 51, 52% of the country. These people have to be defeated. The people that did this have to be held accountable.

The only thing Trump can do at this point is investigate the investigators.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing by looking into the origins of the Russia Investigation.

If Americans get the truth on just how corrupt the Deep State behind this scheme is, and how they have orchestrated the entire Russia collusion myth to try to overthrow Trump, the Left won’t stand a chance in 2020.

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69 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    I really think the states should find out since they are having to pay to educate their children. Other benefits are being taken away unless you are a democrat Governor!!

  2. Katie says:

    There was no collusion which is why they won’t go to Jail. What Mueller states and what is true are two different things. Basically he told you nothing. the investigation was based on a lie and the funny thing about lies they die.

  3. Katie says:

    I want to know who the bankers are who were funding these caravans. Seems there are 26 of them.

  4. Kathryn says:

    I want to know who the “Bankers” or the funding of the Carvanans. They won’t tell us who but it sounds like it could be our bankers. There are 26 of them. Now who are they????

  5. Rivahmitch says:

    Talk about a “logical fallacy”. The law, like anyone or everyone else, is unable to prove a negative, That’s why legal cases never try to. Someone may beeither “guilty” or NOT guilty” but never “innocent”.. The Mueller witch hunt was unable to identify or prove “guilt”. There was also no proof or evidence produced that “collusion” took place.

  6. Will says:

    WOW..Ronsch…YOU are dumber than a bucket of rocks…

  7. Ronsch says:

    The Mueller Report did not prove that there was no collusion with the Russians. To claim so is a logical fallacy. The Report said they weren’t able to find enough evidence for collusion but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any collusion. Manafort and Stone are going to prison for refusing to testify. It remains possible that there was collusion but they are refusing to testify about it.

  8. Mama says:

    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  9. I said much of what is just coming out 2 1/2 year ago. No one listened, only Twitter. And so I suffered ever since. Meanwhile, they have been progressing in destroying America. Journey to the evil ideology can be slow, but they are working on it and they won’t give up of their own.

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