Rush Limbaugh is sounding the alarm on a scheme that could end America as we know it

There is nobody speaking the truth on talk radio like Rush Limbaugh.

For more than 30 years, he has been the voice of reason.

And he is now sounding the alarm on a scheme that could end America as we know it.

Without Rush Limbaugh, there may have never been a President Trump.

He was the original voice standing up for America First values to prime America for somebody like Trump.

And after all his time on the radio, Limbaugh is now sounding the alarm on the Democrat scheme to criminalize policy differences and politics.

In his mind, if this doesn’t stop, “we’re done” as a country.

He points out the Democrat response to the Mueller Report could be the start of America’s undoing.

Despite it proving that Trump did not collude with Russia, they are still trying to hang the charge on the President.

Because, despite not having evidence, Democrats continue to tell America that Trump committed crimes, and it all has to do with Trump’s politics.

Transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show:

Everybody with half a brain ought to be outraged with what Mueller did yesterday. But they’re not, because Mueller is an ally in getting rid of a politician they don’t like. They couldn’t defeat the politician at the ballot box, and they couldn’t find any crimes that this politician committed.

So they’re just going to tell everybody they think he’s guilty and that he intended to commit crimes. “But, for crying out loud, we just don’t have the evidence yet! We can’t catch him, but we know he’s guilty. Therefore, because we know he is, he is.” That’s what they are constructing here. If they get away with this — if they get away with the criminalization of policy differences — then we’re finished. I mean, given the assets they have?

They have the deep state. They have the media. They have the power of the federal Treasury. Look at what they’re doing now with open borders, flooding the nation. Hollywood, the pop culture corrupting our society. Academia. Wall Street. They have all of this at their disposal. Right now, all we have is the people on our side and maybe 51, 52% of the country. These people have to be defeated. The people that did this have to be held accountable.

The only thing Trump can do at this point is investigate the investigators.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing by looking into the origins of the Russia Investigation.

If Americans get the truth on just how corrupt the Deep State behind this scheme is, and how they have orchestrated the entire Russia collusion myth to try to overthrow Trump, the Left won’t stand a chance in 2020.


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69 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    I want to know who the bankers are who were funding these caravans. Seems there are 26 of them.

    • Katie says:

      I really think the states should find out since they are having to pay to educate their children. Other benefits are being taken away unless you are a democrat Governor!!

  2. Kathryn says:

    I want to know who the “Bankers” or the funding of the Carvanans. They won’t tell us who but it sounds like it could be our bankers. There are 26 of them. Now who are they????

  3. Ronsch says:

    The Mueller Report did not prove that there was no collusion with the Russians. To claim so is a logical fallacy. The Report said they weren’t able to find enough evidence for collusion but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any collusion. Manafort and Stone are going to prison for refusing to testify. It remains possible that there was collusion but they are refusing to testify about it.

    • Will says:

      WOW..Ronsch…YOU are dumber than a bucket of rocks…

    • Rivahmitch says:

      Talk about a “logical fallacy”. The law, like anyone or everyone else, is unable to prove a negative, That’s why legal cases never try to. Someone may beeither “guilty” or NOT guilty” but never “innocent”.. The Mueller witch hunt was unable to identify or prove “guilt”. There was also no proof or evidence produced that “collusion” took place.

    • Katie says:

      There was no collusion which is why they won’t go to Jail. What Mueller states and what is true are two different things. Basically he told you nothing. the investigation was based on a lie and the funny thing about lies they die.

  4. Mama says:

    NOT TOO Late ! Still June 2nd
    Franklin Graham (Son of Billy Graham)
    MR. President & USA.
    TAKE Quiet ‘moment’ & SEND YOUR

  5. I said much of what is just coming out 2 1/2 year ago. No one listened, only Twitter. And so I suffered ever since. Meanwhile, they have been progressing in destroying America. Journey to the evil ideology can be slow, but they are working on it and they won’t give up of their own.

  6. Carl J Bujan says:

    The evidence is over whelming so why hasn’t there been any arrests.

    • Mama says:

      USA does Not operate( so far) W/ Military Arrests.
      like ‘other countries.
      Maybe ‘We Should’. DANGEROUS ‘stuff’.
      Ready for ‘CIVIL WAR’ ???

      • Mama says:

        Trump would no such thing .
        But Remember, Pelosi ‘threatened’
        AG BARR (last week) W/ Sergeant of Arms,
        loosely ‘indicating’ such a procedure, To
        Which AG Barr Replied ” Did you Bring Handcuffs”
        & laughed it off.
        Welll, NOT ‘funny’ IF DEMS Take 0ver. (by Dumb ppl
        voting Dem/ illegals/dead voting/ Rigged votes etc.

        • Mama says:

          Furthermore – the ‘raids’ performed on
          Manafort/Stone Flynn/Assange etc.
          Should be repeated on — You Know Who.
          on At Least 10 !

    • Billy Vincent says:

      Hopefully and prayerfully, there WILL BE !!!

  7. Mary says:

    I just read on Conservative News Reports about Hillary bad mouthing our current president again. She also makes claims that Nancy ‘s tape was altered. I’ve lived for years in a house where a family member was almost always drunk. Nancy looked and acted drunk on that tape plus all you got to do is go back and see how much she has charged to us taxpayers money for the booze. OH I FORGOT HER PETS LIKES THE BOOZE

  8. Mary says:

    If there was any collusion done it was way before President beat the pants off of Hillary during the election. Ex President Obama, ex sec of state Hillary and her husband, and everyone else involved in this ridiculous non sense and didn’t care how much of the taxpayers money just to spread their vicious lies to try to over throw the current administration (called a coup) because the numbers wasn’t crunching up the way they wanted them to in 2016 should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. AT LEAST THIS INVESTIGATION IS BASED ON TRUE FACTS NOT LIKE THE ONE THIS COUNTRY HAS JUST HAD. Further more the government should sue the DMC to get back the TAXPAYERS money and put it back from where it came from the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS’ POCKETS

  9. John says:

    We need to start loudly, persistently and unequivocally sounding off about the Clinton crimes against this country. Bill sold military secrets to the ChiComs and Hillary, while she was Sec. of State sold a huge block of our uranium to Russia and, not long after, the Russians paid Bill a huge sum for a speech and donated a large amount to the Clinton Foundation. This is all tantamount to treason and collusion the like of which has never been known before or since.

  10. Cowgirl Diva says:

    What I would like to know is WHY it is IMPOSSIBLE to arrest all those involved in OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE…the TREASONOUS COUP to overthrow a legally elected President…Donald J. Trump…???? There is more than enough documented evidence..!! THIS is the MYSTERY of the CENTURY…!!!

    • Bob the Builder says:

      You will need a tight case to win against them when they lawyer up. You need them to admit they did it to win, so give it time and they will give each other up.

      • Mama says:

        To Cowgirl. “why Impossible to Arrest’?
        NEED MILITARY Back-up’ . That’s why.
        Hope you ‘know’ ‘the rest of the story’.

    • Billy Vincent says:


  11. David J says:

    Reality Check is a strange name for a anti-American person. Simply a idiot pushing the dangerous propaganda. Once the US CivilWar starts it will cost many lives. So the real reality check is the Democratic Party has gone of the deep ends, All the Democrats want to do is get elected. Whatever happened to the notion of public servant?

    • Kerry says:

      ??Public Servant?? Why, Mr. amd Mrs citizen of America, YOU are the public servants to your political leadership. That is what the liberals believe, the democrats believe and so should you. You, the people of America are the public servants. At least, that is what we want you to believe. It is not true, but don’t talk about that, just agree with us, for our benefit and not yours.

  12. John says:

    I agree with most of the comments what the corrupt Deep State (Demonrats) have done to our country and POTUS should not go unpaid. William Barr if anyone will find out the real facts and hopefully soon so most americans will know before the upcoming election. I stand behind our supposed legal system where a person is innocent unless proven guilty and so far no hard evidence against our POTUS. However, we all know there is/was plenty of evidence against Hillary and look what happens they excuse her like she is entitled? What an injustice so why did we not correct that mistake and indict her and some of these corrupt followers of the Deep State. She actually gets on TV, fake news medias and speeches and bad mouths our POTUS. Of course, she and the rest of the swamp will pay for their crimes one day.

  13. The true motive of the investigated crime, the most essential element, is missing. Thus the crime is and will be continued until the roots of it are removed. We all know that it wasn’t “hate” for our president, but it was greed for power in order to execute one-party system. Even though there is clear evidence, this fact is ignored.

  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Russians have said for many years that they will destroy us without firing a shot. It looks as though it’s starting to happen. They want a communist one world government and if we don’t wake up, they’ll get their wish and Rush knew this and woke up many years ago and has their number.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      You know though it’s true they have meddle in the elections, that is nothing new, they & many other countries meddle in any & everything they think will somehow effect America. But with that said, I personally don’t blame them for what’s going on with the division of the America n people. I blame the dems entirely. Since that other guy (obama, I refuse to address him as president) was occupying the white house, the dems have done nothing but divide Americans. Putin don’t have to lift a finger, as long as the lunatic liberals keep doing as they are, the Americans will always be divided, & I only see things getting worst.

      • Mike says:

        And God strike us all dead if we haven’t done worse. We have never meddled in any other countries election BS Weather for good or bad the CIA has installed Puppet governments all over the world. That’s more than just meddling with Fake news on Face Book and other social media sites.

      • Kerry says:

        Obama, he should have been called and known as the obominator. His living in the White House was as an infection. The White House has finally been cleansed, and I do hope it stays that way. The people of America will decide that, and we must decide on the side of conservative, liberty based, what is best for America to be great political and moral points of view for that to successful.

  15. Saving our country has more problems then what Mueller and Barr are saying…If you think “rare earth” is the only sword the Chinese are holding over our heads then you are dumb as a rock. Currently more than 67% of the drugs we rely on are being produced in China…we have no way of confirming their ethical value or the real dosage in every pill. Those drugs are for heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid and other life-saving medications. As China ramps up their production and their importing drugs into the U.S. economy and they reach 90% within a few years the prices we now pay for important medications will double or triple and we will have no control whatsoever to stop them, regardless of what the House & Senate do to bring down drug prices…being blackmailed by a country when we have allowed them the means to brings us to our knees is what our elected officials have contributed to for decades as many stuff their own pockets in the process as most don’t give a Rat’s Ass about our country or our economy as long as they, like Nancy Pelosi amass $160 million in wealth…we all need to stop them pissing on our leg and convincing us it’s raining…the survival of our country is at stake…so are our individual medical futures…read the book I published entitled: The Illness of Medicine by Michael J. Young, M.D. (

  16. sarge102 says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days now. Unfortunetly I am beginning to see a resemblance between the Democrats and the Nazis. They don’t need a propaganda minister, they have the whole media. They have begun to get into the face of those who disagree, like storm troopers, trying to silence all opposing ideas. Just listen to some of the members statements and the Anti semitism is there. The only thing they lack is a dominate leader like Hitler. May God help us all

  17. Rivahmitch says:

    Many of us felt that the election of Trump was the last chance to keep our Constitutional republic without bloodshed. For all the President is doing, it now seems, more and more, like that wasn’t enough. If the time for killing and dying is near and unavoidable then be prepared. It’s better to kill and die than to become a subject, slave or dhimmi rather than a citizen. Semper Fi!!.

    • Mike says:

      this sounds exactly like the words or manifesto of a domestic terrorist.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I have been listening to all the garbage the lunatic liberals have been spewing since
      President Trump (the best president ever) has come into office, unfortunately from all I hear I agree the only option left is for Americans to pick up arms & prepare for the worst scenario. The dems don’t know reason, so there’s not much of a choice.

    • Tim Woolsey says:

      I got your back brother. I would like to thank you for you service. I am former Army myself. I will stand beside you and protect this country and our Constitution. I took an oath when I signed that dotted line to protect this country and the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! I swore to the oath and I intend to follow it.

  18. Robert Williamson says:

    The investigation of the DOJ and spying needs into the Trump campaign needs to pick up speed. Time is of the essence. Americans need answers and the truth to be revealed. Dirty Democrats need to be exposed and if there is Treason then they need serious jail time. The Democrats in congress are out of control. The swamp needs to be drained ASAP.

  19. RC says:

    Rush has been called into question many times over his career for his numerous inaccuracies and misinformation that he has spread. When called for it, he tends to respond that he is about entertainment, not accuracy. Fake news is the province of Flush Limbaugh.

  20. Bonnie says:

    Where is the logic and truth in our government leaders? If those in Congress so called leaders look at what laws they passed in 2006 on and how it has effect “we the people” they would want to wake up an try to correct their errors but no they want to impeach a President that is trying to help our nation get back on track and they spend all their time trying to get rid of him. It is time CONGRESS GETS THE MOTE OUT OF THEIR OWN EYES BEFORE ATTACKING THE PRESIDENT. THEY CAUSED THE FORCLOSURES IN THE HOUSING MARKET, THE FALL OF HEALTHCARE, AND ALL THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FLOODING OUR COUNTRY. Where or where is the peace, love, kindness, and hope for our nation in these acts? I guess the mote in their eyes says they all need to be impeached for their worthless leadership. All they know is how to dictate unjust laws for our people to destroy us. They spend our tax money on fighting the wrong thing. If they spend that money on protecting our borders and the people within what a greater nation we would be and once again helping others in need also. How do they sleep at night? I know they have walls around them and top security to protect them and yet they deny us of that security.

  21. Gerry Johnson says:

    Limbaugh is one of the few media voices that I trust without question. He is intelligent, well informed, &, most importantly, absolutely uncompromised by ANY political or commercial power.

    • Helga says:

      Count us in as well! Limbaugh is the voice of reason and truth! We need to expose the conspirators and punish them for what they have done to this Country. As an immigrant 53 years ago I am especially horrified that this soft coup attempt could happen here! How could the political climate change so much and our Freedoms undermined day by day??

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I agree with you 100%

    • Dr. Richards says:

      Are you kidding? Rush not compromised by any political or commercial power? Where have you been for the last 20 years? Rush is so locked into the Conservative Republican view he’s unbearable to listen to. In all the years I’ve listened to him bragging about how smart he is I have never once heard him say that an idea or opinion expressed by a Democrat was worthwhile and as far as commercial “power”; do you have any idea of how rich he has become spouting his extreme right wing agenda? You and your bunch are one of the serious problems this country has since you had never bothered to face or seek a reality check on the world and just how screwed in their favor the ultra rich have turned everything. You may trust him but you do so at your own peril

      • Mama says:

        Get 0VER IT. Limbaugh IS USA PATRIOT.
        So what Rush IS Wealthy! HE EARNED IT.
        Apparently You Have NOT. Rush IS Deaf
        &&& AMAZING. You are a ‘punk’ Richards,
        in comparison. NO ‘Match’, Ever. Seems you
        bear/suffer ‘Class Envy’. Too bad.
        I DO NOT. I LIKE
        Wealthy GOOD PPL. See famous quote from Herr Detweiller in’ Sound of Music’.
        Do YOU Defend USA ? 0R Not ___

  22. libra says:

    Rush and Trump–Two real patriots. Just think what could have been accomplished if Nancy was not speaker. She and her commiecrats and America-haters are making life very expensive and unsafe for the rest of us. The country being flooded with illegal aliens because she will NOT do the jobof bring legislation to the floor of congress. she is drawing a salary for this. She needs to be retired to the assisted care facility she so desperately needs. I do not understand why her family permits her to make the laughing spectacle she is day after day. It is negligence and malfeasance TO LET HER CONTINUE THIS OBSTRUCTION OF LEGISLATION. They want to draw the last dollar they can get from the taxpayers.

  23. Karin says:

    Rush is the voice of reason. He pulls no punches and 98% of the time he is correct. (apparently saying right is not PC). The way this came about is in need of an investigation and I just hope we get to see the results just like with Mueller’s diatribe with his Kangaroo Court. If a person was put on trial and had any kind of knowledgeable attorney, with a jury, the attorney would question those member to make sure there was no bias. With the Mueller group not one conservative was on it and Strzok was in the midst of it until he was caught. Talk about loading a jury.

  24. JOE LEWIS says:


    • gretchen says:


    • Jan says:

      Joe Lewis, I presume you have not been following what ‘the deep state’ has done to Trump and America over the past several years. We cannot gloss over this wrongdoing, or it will simply continue! We should all be grateful that AG Barr has initiated an investigation of the investigators. This will certainly invalidate the infamous, illegal Mueller Report!!! We cannot move on, as you suggest, until this wrongdoing is wiped out.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        I could not make any sense of what that Joe Lewis guy was saying….

      • r says:

        It’s the Investigation of the investigators that have the Rats scurrying to impeach! Supporters of the Democrap politicians are the useful idiots that agree with them! No brain, no common sense, no integrity, no honor…todays democrap!

  25. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The leftists and the Democratic Party know that Donald Trump did nothing wrong so they are fabricating false charges against him in their futile attempts to throw him out of office. They will continue to keep on trying to dig up dirt on him all the way to China and they will always come up with nothing. Thanks Rush, you are the world champion whistle blower in exposing these people so we can see their true colours.

    • John M says:

      You hit it on the head. They cannot beat him at the polls. So the only way to remove him is to impeach him. I’m trying to look farther down the road and worry about the 2024 election. Who will carry the torch of justice and prosperity for America?

      • reality check says:

        You are wrong, the polls show Trump is the ONLY president in modern times that has never reached even 50% favorable ratings in the Gallup poll. He has like a 53-56% UNFAVORABLE rating, much of that “strongly disapprove” of Trump. the only reason he won in 2016 was not the popular vote, which he lost by 3 million people.. . . it was the fact that 43% of voters did not vote. But look at 2018, when the vote percentage is high, Democrats win big time, producing the largest blue wave since 1974 when another corrupt Republican (Nixon) was president.

        • Freddie says:

          Hey,reality check,name an honest democrat,just one,in the whole democrat party,all you gotta do,is name one honest,truthful,democrat,you simply can’t do it,because,like a concrete canoe,they don’t exist!!

        • Rivahmitch says:

          Indeed… and it would be interesting to know how many of the votes Hitlery got were illegal. Recently, just in LA, they turned up 1.3 million illegal voters.

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          I hate to tell you *reality check* (your name don’t suit you) but anyhow, crooked hilary could not have beaten a beanie baby in any election. Not even her husband likes her, he probably secretly voted for Trump also.

        • Jimmie Chesser says:

          How much of that win was due to VOTER FRAUD?

        • Eugene says:

          Pinpoint-Accurate Poll That Predicted Obama Wins Says Trump’s in for 2020

        • Billy Vincent says:


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