Rush Limbaugh exposed the FBI’s dirtiest secret

Under former Director James Comey, the FBI engaged in active measures against Donald Trump.

But no one knew just how bad it was.

Then Rush Limbaugh went on the air and exposed the FBI’s dirtiest secret.

During a recent broadcast, Limbaugh explained how the period under James Comey’s watch from 2015 to 2017 would go down as one of the most shameful in the Bureau’s history.

Limbaugh referenced a column in the Wall Street Journal written by Kimberly Strassel where she alleges the DOJ and the FBI are blocking Devin Nunes from viewing documents because they contain the identity of a spy the FBI planted in the Trump campaign.

Breitbart reports:

“That’s what he says. He says he’s not per se interested in the individual per se but rather did they really do this? Everybody, now, that’s been studying this is convinced that the FBI did have an informant and that they planted the informant. In other words, found somebody, got them hired to do work in the Trump campaign, and they were then to spy. And if they found evidence of collusion with Russia, they were to then inform the FBI.

Now, the way to look at this, another way is, let’s just accept the hypothetical. Let’s say they had an informant. They had an informant. They had a spy. Wall Street Journal thinks so. Washington Post thinks so. They had a spy. So they had somebody in there actually spying, looking for collusion, and they still don’t have any! What does this tell you? But what does it say that they even had the audacity to plant an informant in the presidential campaign of one candidate, not Hillary, but Trump?

Well, at the very least, it tells you they really believe this nonsense that the Russians and Trump were buddies and were colluding to steal the election. And that just boggles my mind. Common sense says nobody could pull that off. But they must have obviously thought Trump was trying. This is going to be one of the most embarrassing periods in the FBI’s history, when all of this is finally revealed and the history of it written.”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is stonewalling a Congressional investigation into this scandal.

Trump would have ample cause to relieve him of his duties.

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41 Responses

  1. RG says:

    In my opinion, Mueller and his team are also using the investigation to dig up dirt or anything that could be used against anyone knowing Trump and anyone they think could be pressured now or in future. Basicallyy building on a database Hillary started as first lady when someone gave her access to probably hundreds of FBI files of citizens. We never found out who gave her access, whose records were accessed, what happened to the records, and so much more. The longer the investigation goes on, the more they can dig in to peoples private lives. Conservatives better come out to vote in every election or we are doomed.

  2. C K says:

    I agree. Rush is always right. Love listening to his radio ahow

  3. Jesse says:

    Trump should can Rosenstein but not for not investigating the FBI but for being STUPID. See he was the IDIOT who hired Mueller. Mueller who is not only a RABID Trump HATER but is also a pal of Comey’s. Rosenstein should have had enough sense to NOT hire that TWIT Mueller. That should get him canned alone but when you add his attempt to prevent Congress from doing their job of oversight should get him canned and jailed. Rosenstein blew it when he hired Mueller and doing that oroves he should not have anything to do with the law for life. This latest debacle says he should be fired barred from law of any type for life and stripped of anything his position would get him.

  4. zee says:

    “Mostly’ <<< Limbaugh is 'rite on' . He need to 'untie' the other 1/2 lol. lika pronto squanto ASAP. But Realize, he just Cannot/ Will Not 'Say Certain 'Truths'.

  5. Jed A. Peeler says:

    It’s something when Vladimir Putin can be trusted more than our own FBI, CIA, and NSA! Why Pres. Trump is not fighting back by trying people for treason through the Justice Dept., is something that stumps me. This whole situation has come back to bite the Democrats. Trump should follow through and load up our prisons with these traitors. Vladimir is looking better every day, when compared to your average Democrat legislator!

  6. Jan13 says:

    I just hope when the IG’s report comes out that it says the only collusion was with the DNC, Hillary and the FIB(on purpose). Fire the whole damn bunch and start investigating them for treason.

  7. Joanna says:

    Are you some kind of nut!!! Is that what you read in my comment?!?

  8. Greg says:

    We’re Rudy and Sessions also plants

  9. Mi says: (?)
    Please change the REPLY button on comments. PLEASE make it like/dislike. Thumbs up/down. DONT need a reply button. We know we can reply. REPLY buttons on comments are very insulting to the readers. Please change/upgrade. I enjoy the comments just as much as the news story. Engaging in, agreeing with, liking the comments are just as important & make the news item much more interesting with additional details. NO REPLY BUTTON.
    Thank you.

  10. Chiefatk says:

    What if we all started to say to hell with laws and start to blatantly disobey them as we saw fit? Pick and choose the ones that suit us and ignore the ones we do not! We could claim the Justice department made us do it!!!!

  11. Aja says:

    Mueller has done one good thing. He has given us a peek at what living under tyranny is like. If a man who is not even elected by the people can ride roughshod over duly elected President Trump and anyone who has ever had contact, even very brief contact, with him and spend taxpayer money with abandon with no accountability in order to damage those people in hope of them framing President Trump out of fear, what will happen to the rest of us? When will ours doors be bashed in during the middle of the night terrorizing our children?

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      Very, very astute observation!

    • Shelba J Holmes says:

      B I N G O!!!!!

    • Wayne says:

      All the more reason to keep and uphold the Second Amendment. It is needed to protect ourselves, our families and our citizens from tyranny.

    • Rose says:

      WE need to turn it backon the Democrats, they are the ones who really need to be investigated for wrong doing…..think about all of the charges we would have against them…..ha,ha that would be a good one! They are all so crooked, they can not walk straight!

  12. This “mole” will kill the whole Prosecutor Mueller investigation for no judge will allow a FBI orgaization to spy on a one political parties campaign even after the election of 2016 for it would destroy our Constitution and American “Rule of Law” if they did!!! If they used the fake President Trump dossier to authiorize this, the FBI involved should go to jail for that!! Asst. FBI Director Rosenstein should be fired for this auhtorization!!! He refused to turn this over to Congress to keep his “own ass fron going to jail”!!……

  13. Martin says:

    If Sessions was a real AG he would fire Rod Rosenstein. It is his job to clean up the DOJ and FBI. If he was doing the job he was hired to to do he would order all the documents Congress has asked for to be released NOW and un-redacted.

  14. CharlesWilliamMorganJr says:

    Arrest Comey and try him for EVERY crime committed! Get him incarcerated for three hundred to four hundred years! No bail and NO freedom for this premeditated traitor! Get him OUT of public view!

  15. Ron C says:

    After all of this nonsense…and the good men & women of the FBI continue to kick in the doors in the dead of night, of Trump supporters…
    Have they no morals, can’t they even see a sham for what it is…??? What in the hell kind of people are being hired for a job in the FBI…?

    • Aja says:

      It reminds me of when Obama had the secret meeting with top military leaders and got rid of the officers who said they would not open fire on American citizens. Obama, the Clintons faux charity, the FBI, the CIA, BLM, and IRS are so permeated with evil, power hungry, greedy people that I really think it is best to scrap them all. The Congressmen and women trying to overthrow duly elected President Trump and the will of the American citizens should be behind bars. The same goes for judges who keep reinventing the Constitution instead of upholding it.

      • Rose says:

        Yes, there are a lot of people who are guilty that need to be cleared out,but will they? Those people are busy saying the report does not exonerate President Trump, that gives us a good idea who should be the next target for the Conservetives. These people will continue to get rid o four duly nd legally elected President!

  16. True Believer says:

    As I have said previously, the whole FBI should be shut down and the US Marshall’s take over their responsibilities. Then those who now work for the FBI can apply, be vetted, and hired by the US Marshall department. We don’t need both that is for sure. Snowden should be exonerated and returned to the USA after we indict, convict, and send to prison not only Hillary and Obama but all of the FBI and justice department criminals. I am reading that the report that Horowitz is coming out with on the 18th of May, is going to be even more damning than originally thought and that indictments will follow. Yeah! I love scrubbing with bleach to get out all of the filth.

    • Dolores says:

      The judge should make them release the name of the spy. This has gone on far too long. President Trump is the best president we’ve had in a very long

  17. Stephen says:

    While President Trump could fire anybody he wants under Constitutional Authority, maybe he should let the Republican do the impeachment against Rosenstein. He might be able to avoid the Democrap blow back that way.

  18. Mike says:

    Rush is always right!!! Even when he ain’t..

  19. Joyce says:

    This whole investigation belongs on an episode of get smart, if it was still on. It’s so disturbing and sickening to know that our F.B.I.,i is this compromised. Doesn’t leave very much room for faith to prevail. It has taken us years to get to this point, but I have faith in God to straighten these traitors out..

  20. Ed says:

    The FBI as an agency should owe alegence only to the law, yet n this case they chose a party to support. They ignored all the misdeeds of Hillary, turned a blind eye to overt evidence of taking bribes through her foundation, made a decision not to prosecute Hillary when their job was to only report the facts to the justice department who should then determine to prosecute or not. Then while ignoring the Democrats it appears they manufactured evidence against Trump and manipulated perception of Americans. Why Trump hasn’t disbanded them I cannot tell, and even more so why many of them are not in jail is amazing. How can any citizen ever trust the FBI again? If they were willing to manufacture evidence against a Presidential Nominee, what means would they be willing to go to against another who might know the truth. The FBI is out of hand, and if they will go this far against Trump in a free election, I have no doubt that murder would not be beyond them. How can Trump ever trust their intelligence reports? If something bad happens through the President’s decisions it will all be blamed on him, even when the facts he receives through his intelligence agencies is now suspect at all times. The entire FBI should be shut down now that they have proven through their actions their allegiance is not for the laws of this country. I have to wonder if they are also not involved in these mass shootings they were notified of but chose to turn a blind eye. I think they are using circumstances to manipulate opinions even at the cost of citizens lives, and they shouldn’t be shut down, why?

    • Jim says:

      Ed, most people in the FBI are good, honest individuals who are highly trained and very good at their jobs. Unfortunately in recent years certain politicians have screwed them over and run off the high ranking honest people and promoted those who were willing to sell their soul for promotions and positions of power etc. Those who resisted or would not comply were given assignments in Cheyenne, Wyoming or Adak, Alaska or other unfavorable places without any hope of promotions or improving themselves. Additionally those who were following the Democrat policy were making sure that the hiring was coming out of the most liberal of collages to ensure they would take the liberal stance. The FBI needs to be shaken up from the top down. Promotions should come for those most capable and not to those most politically connected.

  21. Rick says:

    Don’t fire leave him right where he is. Mueller is going to hang himself. The Russian Co. showed up and wants
    a speedy trial. Lets see what discovery evidence he has and how Rosenstein Fed it. Lets get to fisa warrants
    considering Rosenstein signed one and passed to judge. What bothers me most Mueller has about 15 members
    on his team what the hell are they doing? Cleaning up Uranium One and all other vital criminal acts. Last who is
    heading up the AWANS case? You know the fake Pakistani IT Guys that could send a lot of Dems away.

  22. Joanna says:


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