Rush Limbaugh dropped one impeachment bombshell that had Democrats running in terror

The impeachment witch hunt in Congress just took a mind-blowing twist.

Republicans made a decision on how to proceed that no one saw coming.

And then Rush Limbaugh dropped one impeachment bombshell that had Democrats running in terror.

Adam Schiff’s been running his impeachment witch hunt under cover and behind closed doors.

Witnesses are deposed in secret and no transcripts are made available to the American people.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz finally reached his breaking point with Schiff’s sham process and led a brigade of 40 Republicans to storm the secure room where Schiff deposed witnesses and shut down the proceeding in protest.

During his radio program, Rush Limbaugh applauded the Republicans for finally fighting back against the impeachment witch hunt.

Limbaugh stated:

Okay. Good. I’m glad these guys are doing it. I think some Republicans are getting really ticked off about this now. It’s amazing, Bradley Byrne, mad at Schiff, Matt Gaetz, Steve Scalise. My one — and it’s a nitpick, I will admit. And maybe I understand why they’re doing it. You see, I am the mayor of Realville. I am Mr. Literal. It’s another reason I couldn’t make it in Washington. I don’t speak the language. I don’t know how. I’m too literal.

But this isn’t an impeachment. Not yet. And I resent the fact that the media and everybody else is falling in line calling it that. It isn’t. Impeachment is a very dirty word. I mean, it’s a very powerful word. Most people don’t know that impeachment is a process. They think it’s a judgment. Most people think impeachment is a verdict. So when everybody talks about, “They’re in there! They’re impeaching the president!” most people think the president’s guilty and they’re in there finding out how.

Impeachment is the process. There is no removal from office until there’s a conviction, and no president has ever, in the history of the country, been removed from office by way of impeachment. It has never happened. But most people think it’s a verdict. What Schiff is doing is not impeachment. He wants everybody to think it is, and the press is helping immeasurably by calling it that. But whatever this is, it’s not impeachment. It’s an illusion.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media decried this as a stunt that supposedly “threatened national security” because the hearing was held in a secure room.

That’s nonsense.

Gaetz is a member of the Intelligence Committee and understands those procedures.

There is also nothing classified being discussed in these hearings.

Schiff wants them in the secure room because having the meetings in there means Republicans can’t read witness transcripts without a Democrat staffer present, so it blocks the ability for Republicans to leak exculpatory testimony about the President.

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